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There are many people who would like to see the BDSM alternative lifestyle accepted in society. But just like anything else that is different, this is something that a lot of people have a hard time grasping. When it comes down to it, there are many myths surrounding the BDSM alternative lifestyle that make people want to avoid it. But with that being said, when properly educated most people will agree that the BDSM, Femdom and alternative lifestyle is not that bad.

First and foremost, it is important to know that a BDSM alternative lifestyle is something that a person voluntarily takes on. If they are interested in living like this it should be up to them. If society could somehow see past the negative stereotypes that are associated with BDSM alternative lifestyle it would be much easier to achieve a higher level of acceptance.

While most people think that a BDSM alternative lifestyle is nothing more than physical abuse, nothing could be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is that abuse is not common with a BDSM alternative lifestyle. This is only the case in extraordinary situations. And remember, abuse is common in other lifestyles as well such as living in a bad marriage.

It is difficult to say if the BDSM alternative lifestyle will ever be accepted in society. Some people are fine with this as of now, but of course, there are many others who feel that it is not a good idea. The only way that society will ever become comfortable with the BDSM alternative lifestyle is if the myths are put to rest. Hopefully as more and more information is made available, society as a whole will begin to catch on.

We here at hope to lay some of these “myths” to rest with freely available resources, guides, information, and free Femdom study programs meant as a tool to educate people and to further acceptance of society.

Please note: CollarNcuffs and Author copyright extends beyond “last modified” date. Due to software updates our original copyright dates have been altered. Original copyright dates back to 2006-20014

The Femdom Beginner Guides

The Femdom Beginner Guides are set up for those wanting to peruse Femdom BDSM. They are aimed at women wanting to be Dominant and the submissive men (and women) that submit to them - This section of CollarNcuffs is for those Ladies and gentlemen wanting to learn more about a type of relationship known as Dominance and Submission within BDSM Femdom practices. This grouping of resources is designed as a introduction and beginner guides to Femdom Located within the Free Community (see basic outline).

Bondage, Ropes, Restraints

How to techniques, guides & advice for BDSM Femdom Bondage and restraint play with rope

The Beginner's Guide to Bondage: for those just starting out in Bondage. This article covers:How it works, what's the attraction,Rope history, Bondage history and styles through out the world, Safety concerns surrounding rope bondage, where to tie and where not too. Rope materials & selection, such as which type of rope and how long. Introduction basic knots, 4 basic knots that will cover most ties and binds. Simple restraint ties. Putting your four knots to use, ideas to build on. 64 page PDF Download located in Free download section on the (Community)..
Bondage - Why is bondage fun? Lots of reasons. Need some starting points for bondage?
Bondage Safety - Playing it safe with bondage. What are dangers with bondage and safety needed.
Rope Storage - How to store your Bondage rope for longer life and ease of use.
What type of rope - what type of bondage rope should I use?
  Washing rope - My bondage ropes all dirty can I wash it ? what do I use?
Whipping rope - How can I stop my BDSM rope from coming unraveled on the ends? whats this whipping about? (Includes Video Tutorial)
self bondage - If you tie yourself up with self bondage, you'd better be able to untie yourself.
self bondage2 - I want to tie myself up, what now? Ideas for self bondage?
suspension - Suspension bondage, what is it? Do I need special equipment, can I just put up a hook?
Suspension rigging - How do i do it? What do I need?
Dying Rope - How to dye your Bondage rope to the color of your choice
*please note: Many more rope tying Videos and printable instructional PDF are located in Free download section within the Community updated regularly.
Just added 2022: Rope primer 101 a basic starting guide to bondage (Community) & Self Bondage 101 a basic starting guide to self bondage

Ropes, Bondage knots, Ties

How to techniques, guides & advice for Femdom Bondage and restraint play

Chain Braiding - (Video Tutorial) Chain braiding rope by Two Knotty Boys. Fantastic for Bondage rope storage
Coin V'sCarrick - (Video Tutorial) Double Coin Knot vs. Carrick Bend. A decorative way of attaching two strands of bondage rope together.
Looped Knots - (Video Tutorial) Looped Knots by Two Knotty Boys. A secure way of forming a loop in the standing part of a rope
Challenge Knot - (Video Tutorial) The Challenge Knot by Two Knotty Boys. Fiendishly effective at gripping fingers and toes
Cross Knot - (Video Tutorial) The Cross Knot by Two Knotty Boys. Nonslip properties. Nice alternative to Square Knots on harnesses and other pieces like the Tortoise Shell Bodysuit.
True Lover's - (Video Tutorial) The True Lover's Knot by Two Knotty Boys. Maintain its decorative appearance under submissive struggle.
Snake Knot - (Video Tutorial) Snake Knot by Two Knotty Boys. great for adding decorative flair
Luck Knot - (Video Tutorial) The Good Luck Knot by Two Knotty Boys works well as the center of harness
Overhand Knots - (Video Tutorial) TKB Decorative Overhand Knots by Two Knotty Boys
Double Coin - (Video Tutorial) Knots How to Tie Compound Double Coin Knots. Decorative way of attaching two strands of rope together.
River Knot - (Video Tutorial) The River Knot by Two Knotty Boys
Panel Knot - (Video Tutorial) Tie a Panel Knot by Two Knotty Boys
Trinity Knot - (Video Tutorial) The Trinity Knot by Two Knotty Boys
Flower Knot - (Video Tutorial) The Flower Knot by Two Knotty Boys. Makes for an elegant centerpiece that sprouts off a knot maintaining two loops
Diamond Knot - (Video Tutorial) How to Tie a Diamond Knot by Two Knotty Boys
*please note: Want more knot how to guides for bondage? Additional materials are located in Free download section on the community forum.
Such as harness, Single & Double Columns, Mixed Body Ties & Binds, CBT and decorative, download to keep or watch online.

Ties and Techniques used within Femdom

  How to techniques, guides & advice for Femdom Bondage and restraint play

Tie Off a Suspension Ring- (Video Tutorial) How to Tie Off a Suspension Ring
Solomons bar- (Video Tutorial) How to Make a Solomon Bar
Quick shackle- (Video Tutorial) How to Tie a Quick Rope Shackle.
Rope Pentagram- (Video Tutorial)Pentagram-shaped harness - great for clubs/wicca festivities
Rope flogging cuffs- (Video Tutorial) Two Knotty Boys - How-To Tie - Rope Flogging Cuffs.
Rope thumb cuffs - (Video Tutorial) how to tie rope thumb cuffs.
Cats Paw - (Video Tutorial) how to tie Cats paw by TKB.
Ankle Wrap - (Video Tutorial) how to tie an Ankle Wrap by TKB.
Mod Pearls - (Video Tutorial) The Mod Pearls by the TKB
Hair Tie - (Video Tutorial) how to a hair tie corset by TKB.
Rope Spreader Bar -(Video Tutorial) A simple and fast way to create a rope spreader bar tie.
The Star Back Harness - (Video Tutorial) Harness supports the chest area and can be used to tie off to an object
Fixed& Detached Harness - (Video Tutorial) Two different yet supporting harness ties.
Rope Corset - (Video Tutorial) Watch as the boys of TKB teach this simple and easy to tie rope corset.
Single Limb Cuff - (Video Tutorial)Tie is great for tying your partner to the bed and having your way with them.
The Dragonfly Sleeve - (Video Tutorial)shows you how to do a basic two column tie (The Dragonfly Sleeve)
Rope Panties - (Video Tutorial) Tie Rope Panties by Two Knotty Boys.
Foot Bender - (Video Tutorial) The Foot Bender by the Two Knotty Boys.
Basic Wrap - (Video Tutorial) The Basic Wrap by Two Knotty Boys.
Rope Cuffs - (Video Tutorial) Prisoner Rope cuffs, no getting away this time!
Arm Gauntlet - (Video Tutorial) The Arm Gauntlet by TKB learn how
Zip Snare - (Video Tutorial) How to Ti the Zip Snare by TKB.
Head Cage - (Video Tutorial) The Head Cage by TKB
Arm Shackle - (Video Tutorial) The French Bowline Arm Shackle by TKB.
Rigger Gauntlets (Video Tutorial) Two Knotty Boys - How-To Tie rigger like Gauntlets
Please note: Many more are located in Free download section on the community forum.

How to 's & Techniques, & Guides for Femdom Styled Play

  How to techniques, guides & advice for Femdom & sexual practices

The beginners guide to oral sex -it would be a cause for celebration if we were born with the intuitive set of sexual skills that we all pretend we have. Without stating it outright, our culture—via our parents, the media, and our peers—implies that sex and sexual skills should come naturally, with all but the most advanced techniques being somehow instinctive. You'd never expect someone to hit a perfect tennis serve without lessons and practice or to play a beautiful sonata on an instrument they've only touched a couple of times, yet somehow, most of us come to maturity with the expectation that sexual skills will magically develop in the presence of our naked lover, that this lover will likewise experience a spontaneous onset of spectacular proficiency, and that it will all unfurl as smoothly as a movie montage.

Fist Aid - Most who partake in Femdom (especially the emerging or optimists ) don't think twice about 'after play' or do I have all the 'medical needs' I require should an emergency arise. You more than likely can tell me how much lube is left in the bottle/tube but do you know if your cupboards medical supplies are fully stocked?

How to pleasure a womans breast - This might seem a strange topic to post in a Femdom site but, it amazes me the amount of men that get this wrong

Anal play - How to do anal femdom play..less daunting and less stressful for all concerned
CBT - what's the thrill of CBT ? what's the dangers of CBT ?
Hair removal - Hate hair no excuses now. Here is a way for everyone!
Wax play - Femdom Wax play without burning down the house.
Wax melting temps - Burn the wax not the sub how to get it right first time every time.
Mummification - How too and what to watch out for
Breath play - A starting point.
Capnolagnia - Smoking fetish ideas for scenes
Safe sex practices - Safe sex practice
Unsafe sex practices - Unsafe Femdom practices
Condoms - dedicated to the prevention of AIDS/HIV.
Depersonalization - Depersonalization, long name, easy to do
Sensual massage - How to give a great massage.
CBT Ideas - Cock and ball torture ideas, suggestions and hints.
P spot Milking - Locating and Milking the male P spot (includes Video)
Prostrate Milking Hints and tips: Key elements of a successful prostate massage
tease,Humilate - Want your boy begging for more? ideas and suggestions to build on.
Edge play - What is edge play, how do I do it?
Electro play - The basics, hints, tips, scene ideas
Fire play - Make fire not burns
Figging - The art of Ginger root play
Genitorture - 20 CBT techniques, hints and tips
Sexual denial - The Erotic art sexual denial
*please note: We have many more ideas such as CBT how to videos, resources which are located in Free Femdom Community

Sex Toys and Equipment uses

  A selection of “How to 's” of sex toys and Femdom equipment uses, articles, & reviews

The Beginner's Guide to Vibrators - Vibrators do something no human body can. They move faster, more consistently, and for longer periods of time than any fingers ever could and by simply adding extra stimulation to sex play vibrators can be a wonderful addition to sex and Femdom play. Anyone can use a vibrator, they aren’t made for certain genders or certain kinds of bodies, they’re made for a function. If you’re new to vibrators you’ll find answers to common questions about vibrators, tips on how to choose vibrators, vibrator safety tips, and how to use vibrators for male and females, with or with out a Femdom play partner.

The beginer's Guide to leather care - Our bondage sex toys and clothing bring us so much joy. The better we care for them, the longer they'll give us pleasure. Techniques for you to keep your toys in tip top condition.

Condoms - The beginners guide condoms, dedicated to the prevention of AIDS/HIV.

Anal beads- Ok, I have anal beads, what now, how do I use Anal beads?
first anal toy - I want to buy my first toy, but what?
Strap on Harness - How to use and find the perfect Harness/strapon.
lube - what lube for what occasion?
cock rings - Do i need a Cock ring, how do they work, should I watch for warnings
benwah balls - How do you use these benwah thingies?
Cleaning sex toys - Looking after your toys and safety
Gags - Safety and ideas on gag use with BDSM play.
Clothes pegs/pins - A simple guide to uses
Clips & clamps - How long can I wear nipple clamps? what kind? where to use clamps?
silicone toys - What materials are better for toys
Disabilities & toys - Ideas, hints, tips, resources for disabilities.
Chastity Devices - history of use, hints, tips and ideas.
*please note: Many more ideas, hints, tips and discussions are located in Free Video and PDF download section within the Free Femdom Community

BDSM Femdomme Spanking, Whips, Floggers, Impact play

  A selection of 'how to 's, articles & reviews, how to spank, How to use a whip in Femdom, how to use a flogger, Femdom impact play

Floggers - How to use a flogger and get it right.
Different strokes - Different strokes, for different folks.
A tale to tell - Flogger designs and materials
Whip Breaking - Whip care & breaking in a new whip.
Spanking - Spanking know how.
Whipping guide - A general guide to whip play.
Bull whip safety - A general guide.
Melanoma & SM play - know the dangers.
Canes - How to use a cane the right way
Florentine flogging - Florentine flogging is a two-handed style of flagellation.
Synchronized flogging - (Video tutorial) instruction to Synchronized flogging
Need more advice or videos? Many more ideas, hints, tips and discussions are located in Free Video and PDF download section within the Free Femdom Community

General BDSM and Femdom resources, Articles and Reviews.

Buyers guide - Buyer beware, a guide to making Adult purchases on line
Basic D/s terms - Just what the name implies, the basic terms of Femdom.
  Dictionary of terms - Talk like the lifestylers all the terms you need to know.
Our emblem - Want others to know your kinky here's how! (works for MissB)
fakers - Spotting fakes and players online
Fantasies - We all have what is normal?
BDSM - A term which describes a number of related patterns of human sexual behavior.
Gorean - A short brief page on its origin.
gorean lifestyle - Much has been heard and written about the Gorean Lifestyle, but sadly, not everyone who speaks or writes about Gor has an idea of what Gor actually is.
Aftercare - What to do after your scene/play ends?
subspace - What is it? (also in sub resources)
sub space drop - Understand what it is.(also in sub resources)
Emergency training - Emergencies how will you respond
sub V's slave - Differences between sub and slave (also in sub resources)
Sexual fetishism - The sexual attraction to material and terrestrial objects
Parties Etiquette - BDSM Parties Etiquette
Corsets - All about corset the wonderful garment worn to mold and shape the torso
The Corset - A Symbol Of Powerful Female Expression
Leather Lingerie - How to Have a Great Experience
Protocols 4 D/s - Protocols in Dominant/Submissive Relationships
golden_shower -Also known as water sports
S&M - This article is about sadism and masochism as aspects of BDSM
*please note: Many more ideas, hints, tips and discussions are located in Free Video and PDF download section within the Free Femdom CommunityWhy not come join us! Get the information you need to succeed!

Submissive resources, Articles and Reviews

  How to techniques, guides & advice for submissive men and slaves

Collar meanings - BDSM Collars mean different things to different people
Chivalry or weakness - Submissive traits, chivalry or weakness?
10 commandments - Subs if you can do this your Mistress will be pleased.
subspace - What is it?
sub space drop - Understand what it is.
degrees of sub - Food for thought, where do you see yourself and your submission.
sub V's slave - Differences between sub and slave
starting out sub - You're submissive, so what now?
D/s Marrage - How do I introduce my vanilla wife to D/s and start a Femdom marriage.
multi-orgasmic - Any man can become “multi-orgasmic”
On Being Submissive - does Erotic submission and desires undermine their masculinity?

studyBDSM - Don't forget we also have various Free Femdom/BDSM educational and emotional support programs on CollarNcuffs as well as various other features.
We can help you if you wish, you just need to reach out. Our community forum also offers mentoring and free cyber submission entertainment programs for those would like 'a taste of cyber submission training' or programs such as “Help me find my Mistress, Domme Are you a new Domme? Let us help you, build a support network

Female Dominant resources, Articles and Reviews, How to Dominate a man and more

How to train a slave or submissive techniques, guides & advice for the New Domme or Mistress

  Aftercare - What to do after your Femdomscene/play ends?
10 commandments - Dommes keep your subbie happy.
Top hints and tricks - Need new ideas or just a little help with Domination skills.
Mistress primer - Want to be the best Mistress?
fledgling Dommes - I think I'm a Domme, how can I find my way? How to become a Mistress answers?
starting out Domme - You're Domme so what now ? How to start out Femdom relationships.
sub husband help - So you've just found out your husband is submissive, where do you go from here
Punishment - How do I punish? What should I do? What do you punish?
sex talk - It is a well-known fact that particular voice can arouse even more than actual stimulation
Diffidence - Fear of not being up to stereotypes, lack of self-confidence and lack of skill in scenario planning
BBWs - Men Who Love BBWs Admirers or Fetishists?
Inner Mistress - Waking up your inner Mistress
tease_humilate -suggested ideas and activities for Dominant Women to use on their submissive men
studyBDSM - Don't forget we also have various Free Femdom/BDSM educational and emotional support programs on CollarNcuffs. We can help you if you wish.
Such as FREE PROGRAM: Help, my husband wants me to be his Domme and FREE PROGRAM: Femdom 101 for those just starting out with Femdom needing to learn the basics in Female Dominance. Please join our COMMUNITY to request access, all access is 100% free.

Polyamory and Ethical Non-Monogamy

Polyamory, often abbreviated as poly, is often described as consensual, ethical, or responsible non-monogamy.
Polyamory - The basics of Poly
Polygamy - BDSM Relationships: Is Polygamy Compulsory?}
poly_relationships - An Introduction to Polyamorous Relationships
Poly resources - Want to find out more about polyamory? Links also aimed at therapists and health-care professionals who want to learn more about polyamory
Poly bookshelf -what's on your poly reading list?
Please note: We also offer poly usergroup support.

Free Complete Ebooks

sexual power Women - A complete Free E-book with 20 chapters, no stings attached. In which the reader is invited to take an inventory of herself for the purpose of gauging how well female domination might suit her. Read the account of Georgeann Cross's adventures in the gradual process of real life domination of her partner and see if it sounds a bell for you. The insights she provides are helpful to anyone who is trying to figure out if Dominance and submission is a true part of their sexual make-up. Also helpful for anyone wanting to understand the dynamics of this kind of sexual relationship.

Switch resources, Articles and Reviews

How to techniques, guides & advice for switches in Femdom / BDSM

Switching - Don't box me in! I'm a BDSM switch
Successful Switching - Can switching be done in BDSM?
Switches & BDSM - So whats this BDSM switching thing?
Please note: CollarNcuffs is strictly Femdom only. Switching while a very real thing is not part of a Femdom dynamic unless you are female-female relationship. Men ONLY have one role with Femdom that of submissive.

Relationship and Dating hints,tips,articles for R/T & online

How to techniques, guides & advice

Dating red flags - Meet someone and want to move it to real time, what to watch out for in femdom relationships.
Beginning real time - Where do I start? Going to your first munch, what to wear, what to do.
Warning signs - Is it right I'm treated this way?
Seeking a ProDom - Advice from a ProDomina on how to find your perfect match.
Finding a Domme - Do you need to find Mrs. Right and not just Miss Rightnow try some of these ideas.
fakers - Spotting fakes and players online in the Femdom world.
D/s & Children - How can I do this with children?
kink and kids - What do I tell my children?
Online Cyber - How to find an online cyber Domme.
Cam play - Cam play pros and cons, hints and tips for Femdom and BDSM
  Sell Yourself - How To Write An Attractive Online Dating Profile
Dating site terms - A starting point in trying to figure them out
BDSM break ups - Break ups can become messy, femdom relations are no exceptions
New partners - Before Playing With Someone New in Femdom
Civility N Incivility - Civility and Incivility in the BDSM Scene
Poly Relationships - An Introduction to Polyamorous Relationships
Cams for Couples - Webcams are not only for individuals
Exploring Fantasy - Exploring Sexual Fantasy for Couples: Using the Internet as Training Wheels
Kitchen kink - Home made 'sex toys' for Femdom online activities.repeated in Pervertibles & Craft ideas
Love At First Site - Match-making has come of age.
Ethnic Differences - Negotiating Racial and Ethnic Differences Online
Online Affairs - Online Affairs Are They Real? Are they wrong?
Online Sexuality - Online sexuality a place to grow
Recovering - Recovering After an Erotic Line is crossed
Online play - Sexual Fantasy Online: Is Honesty Always The Best Policy?
  Flirting Online - The Art of Flirting For the Social Networker: How to Transition from Online To Real Time
Social Media - The New Social Media and Relationship
BDSM Munches - How do I find my local scene in the USA
studyBDSM - Don't forget we also have various Free Femdom/BDSM educational and emotional support and education programs on CollarNcuffs. We can help you if you wish.

Contracts,Negotiations, Rights

How to techniques, guides & advice

D/s Contracts - What are D/s contracts? and how do D/s contracts work?
Contract Sample 1 - An example of a simple D/s contract.
Contract Sample 2 - A more complicated example of a M/s contract
Contract Sample 3 - An example of a temporary BDSM poly contract.
BDSM Rights - Know your rights with a Femdom relationship.
Safewords - Do you know your safe word with your Mistress/submissive?
SSC v's RACK - Safe, sane and consensual V's Risk-Aware Consensual Kink
Limits & negotiations - Both Dominants and submissives can express limits. What are your partners?
Partner check list - A list a great place to start to get to know your partner or open up communication channel.
Abuse and P.E - Abuse and erotic power exchange, know the dangers.
Explicit Implicit - Explicit Consent / Implicit consent Play considerately and consensually.

Want some printable contracts and helpful negotiation forms? We have many downloads within the 100% Free community walls covering many different areas and styles.
2022: Just added an assortment of sample downloadable contacts such as puppy play, sissy maid service, chastity all free and customizable.

Dungeon & Playroom Furniture

Pervertibles & Craft ideas, Building Plans and Resources

Key ring (chain) -A kinky easy craft idea to let others know your kinky side.
Pervertibles - I can't afford BDSM toys, what can I do ?
  Craft Ideas -something a little more personal? what better than a play item you constructed.
Craft Ideas 2 - Embarrassed to purchase in a sex shop, no credit card to buy online, DIY your own
Shrews fiddle - Building plans for a shrews fiddle.
Saw horse - Building plans for a Femdom horse.
Cane building - Building instructions to making canes for BDSM play
Rubber cat of 9 - How to make a rubber cat of nine tails.
Bugle Cord- (Video Tutorial) How to Make a Military Bugle Cord TKB
Rope Flogger- (Video Tutorial) How to Make a Rope Flogger
Rope Web - (Video Tutorial) How to Build a Rope Web by TKB
Rope Bit Gag- (Video Tutorial) The Bit Gag by TKB
Spreader Bar- (Video Tutorial) How to Rope Wrap a Spreader Bar by Two Knotty Boys
Rope Collar - (Video Tutorial) collar with Rope by Two Knotty Boys
Rope ladder - (Video Tutorial) Make a rope ladder
Rope Blindfold- (Video Tutorial) How to make a Rope Blindfold by Two Knotty Boys.
Fist ball gag - (Video Tutorial) Monkey fist ball gag. Tutorial
Rope whip- (Video Tutorial) How to make a rope whip
Ball Gag - (Video Tutorial) Bondage Toys – Making a Ball Gag
Bit Gag - (Video Tutorial) Bondage Toys – Making a rope Bit Gag
Kitchen kink - Home made 'sex toys' for Femdom online activities(repeated: relationship realtime & online)

*please note 2022: Many, many more are located in Free download section on the community forum.


The Admin team and roxanne have compiled a FREE to use set of resources and articles that we hope will help you. Whether you are just experimenting as a cross dresser. Just looking for ideas or a little support.

If your creating or interested in creating a more feminine appearance, are considering passing, going out in public, taking pictures to share, or just want to look more like a woman and adopt more feminine traits and mannerisms, or contemplating introducing your partner to CD, seeking relationship advice, articles, and support…this usergroup might have the answers or support you need. Please check the community forum for how to access this FREE group and resources.

Once inside you find many resources, videos, PDF to keep, print or read. Articles such as Hair and wig care. Maintenance, styling and much more. Makeup and beauty tips, dressing and much much more. We all understand life is increasingly stressful these days, especially if you are trying to live two lives in one. So give yourself lots of time to feel like a woman. Need help with your makeup hints and beauty tips…We can help and will help.

Lingerie hints and tips. Romance tips and support: it can be a real shock to come home unexpectedly to see your man wearing your tights, and maybe the rest of your kit as well! Maybe he looks terrible, maybe he even looks (or could look?) better than you feel you do! Either way, you are far from alone. Read men and women's thoughts on CD romance and relationships.
Please check the Community for how to access this FREE group and FREE resources.

Sex and Sexuality

What do you know about sex? What do you know about sexuality?
We hear about sex and sexuality almost every day on Femdom sites,but much of what we hear is inaccurate and can be confusing when the sexual basics aren't covered. A basic understanding of sex and sexuality can help us sort out myth from fact and help us all enjoy our Femdom lives more. We are all sexual. We are sexual from the day we are born until the day we die. Our sexuality affects who we are and how we express ourselves as sexual beings.

Even though we spend our lifetimes as sexual beings, it’s normal to have many questions about sex and sexuality. And this is good because the more we know about sex and sexuality, the better we are able to take charge of our sex lives.
We hope these pages give you the information you need to better understand your own sexuality.

Ten Questions And Answers About Fetishism “Fetishism” is a term that scares many people. Fact of the matter is, most of us have at least one fetish.
Ten Questions and Answers About BDSM There are many misconceptions about what BDSM exactly is. These are the ten most frequently asked questions and the answers.
Ten Questions and Answers About BDSM and STDs-Sexually Transmitted Diseases still spread rapidly, despite information campaigns. Alternative lifestyles are often seen as “hazardous”. Are they? Not more or less than any other group. But different ways require different approaches.
Sadorexia - the Latest Sexual Trend and Danger- Sadorexia” is fast becoming a new trend, especially powered by discussions on the Internet.
“Sadorexia” is a term used for forced slimming or fattening in a sexual partner. It can quite easily reach the danger limits and maybe just as dangerous as erotic strangulation. We do NOt support Sadorxia at CNC
How To Find Real Sex Information- For years the adult industry has been the number 1 business on the Internet and it still is one of the major players. As a result, if you try to find any serious information about alternative sexuality or even mainstream sexuality, the first fifty or so Google result pages will be packed with porn site links. So what do you do?
Male Sexual Arousal & Desire- Men fantasize about sex, during sex. And often about sex with anyone but the partner they are with. That is not a problem. In fact …. it is normal.
Feeling Trapped- It is not uncommon for men to feel trapped in their relationship. This, unfortunately, is often confused with the proverbial “midlife crisis”.
Hidden Sex Organs - The Tailbone-Your body has lots of hidden secondary sex organs - one of them (often overlooked) - is the tail bone.
Men and Sexual Fantasy-Men fantasize about sex, during sex. And often about sex with anyone but the partner they are with. That is not a problem. In fact …. it is normal.}
Men Can Have Better Sex-Step out of the sexual ratrace, get the monkeys off your back and have much more fun in bed.
How Not-Kinky Are You-“Vanilla” is a term used frequently by those, into more or less alternative lifestyles, for those, who - according to them - are not. The question however is, does “vanilla” actually exist and isn't vanilla actually the new sexual minority?
Kinky Sex Sells-it's either it is Bill Clinton's, Madonna's career or mainstream television soap series - add a touch of kinky sex and it sells.
Common Relational Problems In Alternative Lifestyle Relationships- More or less suddenly discovering your “other” interests may cause serious problems in your life. What can you run into and how to avoid the traps.
What Is Erotic Power Exchange-“BDSM” is a powerful and often misunderstood term. Erotic Power Exchange is a better description. Erotic Power Exchange magnifies the power element, present in every relationship.
MEDIA & BDSM- Media does not exactly help, when it comes to the image of alternative lifestyles. However, that is not always their fault
Are "We" Different- People in most alternative lifestyles either consider themselves to be different, or the rest of the world thinks they are different. The question is: are they?
Help, My Spouse Is Into Kinky Sex- Quite frequently spouses are confronted with a partner who suddenly discovers other interests. What to do?
Is Erotic Power Exchange A Culture -Alternative lifestyles are frequently labeled “sub-culture.” Could it be erotic power exchange is much more than that?

We Are Always A Work in Progress

At present this section is a work in progress and by no means covers all the topics of BDSM / Femdom. Would YOU like to help write topics? This is a community site and without YOUR help WE will fail. Give it go! You never know maybe you have some ideas already. Some topics we would love to see listed here are things such as; How to tell your SO, scene ideas, how to be the perfect bottom, toy making instructions, how to Femme your sub, protocols, cuckolding, Fetishism, switch advice, articles on gender issues. The list is endless. HELP us make this site a success, and make this site yours. We are a Community, without you there is no UNITY in the word commUNITY!

Would you like to write for collarncuffs and help us help others write us an email; or drop by our Free commUNITY and ask a Moderator how you can help.

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