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 +====== Chapter 17 ======
 +**In which two jealous tyrants are taken down just one notch**
 +I met Lisa the week before I enslaved Patrick.Mike and I were a technical writing staff of two, faced with the task of turning out fourteen manuals in four months.It was more than we could handle, so Lisa was brought on as a temporary hire to lighten our load.\\
 +A year younger than me, pushing forty, Lisa looked sometimes like a twenty-year-old in granny glasses and sometimes like a sweet little old lady, but somehow she never looked forty.For seventeen years she’d been exploring the North American continent and acquainting herself with its people, supporting herself as a freelance writer.She’d turned out a steady stream of magazine articles about the places she visited, the people she met, even the more unusual episodes of her love life.Occasionally she’d stopped long enough to do some work for hire-a family history commissioned by a Mississippi matriarch, an undercover investigation for a Tennessee newspaper-but she always wound up on the road again.
 +She had friends everywhere, but those to whom she was closest were a couple in Texas-Nancy and Dan.It was they who had received her mail year after year while she was traveling and read it to her over the phone; it was they who handled her bank deposits; it was in their precinct she’d been voting, usually by absentee ballot, since leaving her parents’ home in Idah
 +She had no quarrel with her parents-she used her friends’ address mainly to avoid paying state income tax-but she’d been back home only four times in twelve years because whenever her folks got the opportunity,​ they preached marriage to her.They didn’t condemn her lifestyle as sinful, or harangue her about the dangers of the road, but they were always warning her she’d wind up a lonely old woman with no one to care for her.She liked the way she was living and didn’t want to hear i
 +Then, shortly before we met, Lisa realized that sometimes, when she looked in the mirror, she saw a little old granny lady.Suddenly her parents’ warnings took on new meaning.She panicked, falling into the common fear that age would soon make her unattractive,​ even to men whose experience and maturity were commensurate with her own.She decided to find a husband before it was too lat
 +Silicon Valley seemed the ideal place to look.Lisa valued intelligence and wanted that quality in a man.She aimed to get it by shopping computer companies; the computer industry is known for the mental prowess of its workers.She expected to support herself during the search by picking up short-term writing assignments with the very companies she intended to shop.Efficient.
 +During the four months Lisa and I worked together, she added me to her extensive network of friends; she did an impressive job on the manuals, especially considering she’d never done that kind of writing before; and she made the intimate acquaintance of five of my male colleagues (not Mike-he was already married).None of the men suited her and she moved on to another project with another company.
 +I stayed in touch with her.Every couple of weeks we’d have dinner together or go hiking, sometimes with Patrick, and she’d describe the progress of her search.Her second writing stint didn’t turn up anyone promising, nor her third, but her fourth did.\\
 +The company specialized in computer security.They sold consulting services and they built hardware and software for data encryption and access authentication-the stuff that makes your PIN work in the ATM while keeping it secret from the crew inside the bank.\\
 +Jason was one of their senior analysts.He designed data security algorithms and he went out on consulting assignments.\\
 +Lisa’s relationship with him began with a bang:a whole weekend-unplanned-of lovemaking, cuddling and intimate self-disclosure.By the time I saw her the following Tuesday evening, she was in love. From what she said, Jason was too.
 +Jason, forty-two, had high ideals of what marriage ought to be.He believed in commitment, loyalty and fidelity.He had been married once before, for twenty-five months, to a woman twelve years his junior.The marriage had ended in divorce two years earlier.His ex, whose name he never spoke, hadn’t lived up to his standards.\\
 +He married Miss Ex because he was in love and she seemed to be too.On that basis alone, he assumed everything would be perfect.He was open and honest with her, and he allowed her to handle their finances, figuring that if she used his working hours to manage the logistics of the household, they’d be able to spend all his free time enjoying one another.\\
 +Before marriage, Jason had no debts except his mortgage.His accounting was meticulous, but he handled money casually.He had plenty, so when he wanted something, he bought it with a credit card, then paid the bills in full when they arrived.Right after they married, he and Miss Ex opened a joint checking account with a starting balance of eight thousand dollars, almost all of it contributed by Jason.Another twenty-six hundred went in by direct deposit every two weeks when he was paid.
 +He told Lisa that though the marriage seemed to be going well, there were signs that something was wrong.He didn’t describe them, but he said they were so obvious, he was a fool to ignore them.Still, ignore them he did.He let Miss Ex fool him until he came down with lymphogranuloma venerium.Even then, he ignored the initial lesion and sought treatment only when the lymph nodes in his groin became tender and inflamed.
 +Once his doctor explained what was wrong, he could no longer pretend everything was perfect.Miss Ex had been unfaithful to him, and she’d been lucky enough, or unlucky enough, to pick up a sexually transmitted disease without developing symptoms.He investigated the best he could without alerting her.Their checking account balance was nine hundred dollars and their credit card debt exceeded twenty-one thousand, with two payments overdue.Most of the money seemed to have been spent on cocaine.Miss Ex was involved in at least five separate affairs, and coke figured in all of them.She was fucking two men who supplied her, apparently getting a small discount in return, and she was fucking three other men she found attractive, each time sharing a few lines at her own expense to ensure their continued interest.
 +When Jason’s investigation was complete, he closed all the credit accounts to which Miss Ex had access, closed the joint checking account, and opened an account in his own name.Then he filed for divorce.
 +The confrontation that followed was ugly in the extreme, as was the subsequent litigation.Through clever maneuvering,​ her lawyer got Miss Ex almost as much in the divorce as she had already stolen, but at least when it was over, Jason was rid of her.\\
 +By exercising unaccustomed frugality, he dug himself out of debt quickly; the last of it had been paid off two months before Lisa met him.He still dreamed of a happy marriage, but he’d picked up a heavy dose of cynicism and regarded it as a good thing.He was determined never again to be victimized.\\
 +Lisa, hoping to persuade him that she was the One, said she had always expected that when she was married, she would pay her own way as an equal partner.\\
 +“By living on the road?with a man in every town?And I’d just be the guy you slept with between trips?”\\
 +She was so happy he was talking about marrying her, so sorry about the betrayal he’d suffered at the hands of Miss Ex, that she overlooked the undeserved hostility.She assured him she wanted a traditional monogamous marriage as much as he.\\
 +He told her his sexual history.It was what one would expect, given his age-perhaps a bit more extensive in that it included a year-long experiment in communal living, back when he was twenty-four.\\
 +Difficult to reconcile with such an old-fashioned view of marriage, Lisa thought, but he seemed so sensitive on the subject, she didn’t dare question or comment.Instead she drew her own inference-that Jason’s accumulated experience and observation had gradually led him to the conviction that monogamy is the only way. It was what she believed too, with a convert’s zeal.\\
 +She had already told Jason she’d been moderately promiscuous on the road, and she interpreted his recitation of his own history as a request for the details.She started to oblige, but he interrupted her and said he preferred not to know.\\
 +Monday morning he left on a two-day consulting trip and “should be landing in San Jose right about now,” she said. They already had a date for the following evening and Lisa was looking forward to spending the night with him.\\
 +I next heard from her at four the following Saturday afternoon.Patrick and I were cuddling, exhausted, when she rang the phone and said she needed to talk.She sounded depressed, so I consulted with Patrick and we agreed that he’d nap while I tended to Lisa, whom I then arranged to meet at her apartment.I showered quickly, dressed, grabbed my helmet, and rode over.\\
 +I tried to guess what might be the matter, but it was impossible.Things had gone way to fast the previous weekend.By now, Lisa and Jason might be married and separated.I imagined Lisa, living and loving on the road and wanting her relationships to have some depth.Had she developed the facility of getting all her partners to open up so quickly?Was Jason wondering the same and feeling manipulated?​
 +I parked the motorcycle, trotted to Lisa’s door, and knocked.\\
 +“Who’s there?​”She still sounded depressed.\\
 +She opened the door slowly.Everything about her said doom.\\
 +I stepped inside and she closed the door.\\
 +“Hi!What’s the trouble?​”\\
 +“I really screwed it up with Jason.”\\
 +“I’m sorry if it’s going badly.”\\
 +“I had this idea-I really thought it would turn out good, but I just screwed it up.”\\
 +“Do you want to tell me about it?”\\
 +She looked like she didn’t, but she’d asked me over, and it was the end of the world anyway, so she might as well.\\
 +“I tied him up.”\\
 +It was a promising start, but I couldn’t see how it related to her misery.I waited for more. Three seconds…four seconds…\\
 +“And he didn’t like it?” I ventured.\\
 +“I’m sorry.I told you I needed to talk, and I’m not.I’ll start at the beginning and maybe it’ll make some sense.”\\
 +The beginning was Wednesday evening.Jason took Lisa to dinner as planned, then to bed as she’d hoped.Thursday evening was the same.Lisa would have liked to do it again Friday and stay until Monday, but she had too big a backlog of chores and errands.\\
 +“Besides, I had this idea about tying him up.You know…” She studied me as if trying to gauge how far she could trust me, then seemed to remember it was doomsday so it didn’t matter.“I’ve always had these fantasies about tying people up or being tied up myself-sex fantasies.A few times I got to do it, but just a few, because it takes a lot of trust to do that with someone, and I didn’t have the kind of long-term relationships that build that kind of trust.Maybe I could have trusted the guys if I had a regular job and a bunch of friends who saw me every day, but living on the road like that, if someone decided to do a Jack the Ripper on me, it would have been a couple of weeks before Dan and Nancy got worried, and then no one would know where I’d disappeared from, so I had to be real careful.”\\
 +“You could still tie them up, couldn’t you?”\\
 +“I didn’t want to ask.They had as much reason to be scared as I did, with all the serial killers running around, and I didn’t want to make them uncomfortable.Besides,​ then they could say they wanted to tie me up, and it’d be hard to say no.\\
 +“Anyway, I thought Jason would go for it.What I was hoping was that when he thought about it later, it’d sink in that I can be trusted-not just to tie him up, but all those other ways he has trouble with.”\\
 +“Sounds reasonable to me!”\\
 +“So I figured I’d give him a rest last night so if I did get to tie him up, he’d be horny enough to make love to, even if he was a little apprehensive.”\\
 +“Good strategy!”\\
 +“Well, we made up that I’d be at his house at eleven and we’d have brunch, and I brought along a bag of stuff for the weekend, including some rope.The first thing we did after brunch was go to bed, and when we were both really turned on, I told him to wait a minute and I got the rope and I said, ‘Guess what I’m going to do!’And he said, ‘You’re going to spread me out and tie me down?’ And I said yeah.
 +“So I tied him down.He didn’t try to stop me or anything, so I thought it was okay.”\\
 +“Well, when I was done tying him, I kind of got on top of him and tried to kiss him, but he wouldn’t let me.He set his mouth so it was all stiff and he looked at me with this really grim, stony expression.I just had to back off.And then he asked me why it was so important to have him tied up.\\
 +“I didn’t know what to say.The best I could do was tell him it wasn’t that I wanted him tied up, but that I wanted to make love to him while he was tied up.”\\
 +“Did that help?”\\
 +She shook her head and groaned.\\
 +“I guess it’s an awfully fine distinction for someone as badly freaked as he was.”\\
 +“Oh, it’s no distinction at all.I know that.I was just trying to play spin doctor and it didn’t work.”\\
 +“What happened?​”\\
 +“You mean after that?”\\
 +“I untied him.”\\
 +I looked at her questioningly.\\
 +“I was scared I was going to lose him, so I untied him.”\\
 +I was tempted to ask her how she knew her spin doctoring had failed, but I didn’t want to be giving her the third degree.\\
 +“If you don’t mind my asking, what were you going to do if he hadn’t freaked?​”\\
 +“Make love to him.”\\
 +“Well, let me tell you the kind of thing I do; then you can see if we’re on the same wavelength.”\\
 +That seemed to catch her interest, so I went on.\\
 +“I like to tie up my boyfriends too-the ones who are into it, anyway.What I usually do is something like this:When I’ve got a guy tied down, the first thing I do is sit on his face and have him eat me.That turns him on and gives me a reasonable degree of satisfaction even if I don’t wind up fucking him.Then I sit next to him, facing his cock, and I tell him I’m going to play with it, say for twenty minutes, and if he can keep himself from coming for that long, I’ll fuck him; but if he can’t, I’ll keep playing with it a whole lot longer than he can stand-you know, most men get real sensitive after they come and they can’t take that.”\\
 +She nodded.\\
 +“I know how to stimulate a man so he’ll come even if he doesn’t want to, so I go to it, and I tease him about how he’s turning on to me and how he’s going to come even though he knows what’s going to happen.And what that does, is it embarrasses him, and his embarrassment starts turning him on too, all by itself-it just works that way.So it never takes very long to get him off, and then he’s been trying to hold back, so it’s always a big one. And as soon as it starts, I tease him about that-maybe about having me watch, or how embarrassed he must be, or not getting to fuck me, or how I’m going to torture him now-maybe a whole bunch of things together.I even tease him while I’m torturing him.
 +“What he gets out of it is a really exciting trip that he’ll be fantasizing about for the rest of his life.What I get-well, two things.First I get my femininity affirmed.I prove that he really can’t resist me, and it’s a good feeling.Second,​ like you said, I build a lot of trust that makes for a really close relationship.Once I’ve done that to a man, he’ll trust me to do it over and over, and he does trust me to know he’s turned on by something so embarrassingly kinky.He has no choice; I do know it, and he has to adjust.When he does, he’ll trust me with anything.”\\
 +“If I were to just tie him up and make love to him quietly-you know, let him close his eyes and slip off into his own world-he’d wind up fantasizing the same thing anyway, except then I wouldn’t be part of it because it’d all be in his head.Maybe his fantasy would be a little different-like he’s been abducted by aliens and they’re experimenting on him and they make him come-but there’d be something about losing control and being embarrassed about it.”\\
 +My dissertation seemed to revive Lisa considerably,​ and she answered in her own voice rather than the one she’d borrowed at the funeral parlor.\\
 +“The times I let guys tie me up, that’s just the kind of fantasies I had.And when I tied them up-well, I did let them go off into their own world, and I stayed in mine, having fantasies about doing the kind of thing you just described.I guess I was going to do the same thing with Jason-enjoy my fantasies while he enjoyed his.I hadn’t thought about making the fantasy real.The main thing was to show him I wasn’t going to hurt him.”\\
 +“Well, you did show him that, didn’t you?”\\
 +“I don’t know.I didn’t hurt him, but he acted like it didn’t make any difference.He made me feel I was doing something really bad.”\\
 +“But he does know you didn’t hurt him, and he knows you care how he feels even when he can’t do anything about it.”\\
 +“I don’t think that even crossed his mind.He just seemed so disappointed in me.”\\
 +“What happened after you untied him?”\\
 +“He said if I’d discussed it with him beforehand, he could have gotten into it.I thought we had discussed it, but I was too upset to say so.I got dressed and asked him if I could come back later.I told him I’d be back at seven.”\\
 +“He didn’t say anything else while you were getting dressed and ready to leave?”\\
 +“I don’t think he wants to lose you any more than you want to lose him.He’s probably worrying whether you’re really coming back.I’m sure he’ll be happy to see you.”\\
 +“You really think so?”\\
 +“Well, yeah! People don’t just fall in love for a week and then snap out of it. Sure, he wants to control your relationship,​ especially after what happened with his ex-men are like that even under the best of circumstances-so when you tied him up, he got worried that you were taking control and he did what he had to, to stop you.But he can’t mean to reject you forever; he just wants you to worry about it.”\\
 +She breathed an exaggerated sigh of relief.“I hope so.”
 +When Lisa returned to Jason that evening, he was indeed happy to see her.He comforted her and admitted that, as I’d expected, he’d been worried she might not come back.They fucked and assured one another of their continued love, then stayed together until Monday morning.
 +Three weeks later she moved in with him.By way of preparation,​ she went through her clips and got rid of the ones that described her sexual adventures.She was afraid Jason would react badly if he found them.She didn’t give them to me for safekeeping,​ or send them to Nancy and Dan, even though all three of us had seen them.She threw them out.\\
 +When her stint with Jason’s employer was done, she paid a visit to the local animal shelter and adopted a dog-a gray female mutt about fourteen inches high with an irregular white spot on one side of its back.She named it Blotch.Though she hadn’t consulted Jason, he didn’t mind at all.He didn’t even suggest a doghouse. Blotch became a permanent member of the household.\\
 +Lisa convinced herself that the dog had to be cared for, so she didn’t look for any more consulting assignments;​ instead she went back to freelancing.She thought it would be easy, but it wasn’t.The road had been a mother lode of material that never tapped out.Jason and Blotch weren’t good for even one article-not an article anyone would publish.She found herself having to compete as one of many competent but dull writers in a buyer’s market, scrounging for the occasional idea that hadn’t yet been done quite to death and trying to make it seem interesting to a gauntlet of editors who knew better.By sheer perseverance,​ she snared a few assignments:​a piece on the Winchester Mystery House; another on computer fraud, slanted toward women without technical knowledge; a third describing the garlic farms of Gilroy.It wasn’t much.After figuring costs for research and postage, she was barely clearing two hundred dollars a month.But at least she wasn’t doing what Miss Ex had done, and Jason seemed pleased even though she came nowhere near paying her own way.\\
 +About once a week, I’d call Lisa from work just to chat.If Jason was going to be out of town on a night I was free, I’d try to arrange dinner.Over one such dinner, when the future of her writing career looked particularly bleak-before she’d sold the piece on the Winchester Mystery House-she sadly described the limitations imposed on her by Blotch.She couldn’t do field research that took her away from home for more than a few hours, she couldn’t ask people for interviews and expect them to let her bring a dog, and if she never sold another article, she couldn’t take a job.\\
 +I was tempted to point out that millions of dog owners live normal lives, thousands live enhanced lives because their dogs serve as eyes or defensive weapons, and only four had been reduced to prisoners like her, but I thought better of it.I could see that the dog’s whole purpose was the shrinkage of Lisa’s world, and I feared that if I made an issue of it, I might never see her again.I didn’t want that to happen, partly because I liked Lisa and partly because I was fascinated by her continuing story in much the way one might be fascinated by a train wreck.I hastily negotiated a compromise and asked why she’d adopted the dog to begin with.\\
 +“I always wanted one.”
 +Having moved around so much for so long, and having grown accustomed to relying on her friends in Texas, Lisa at first made no effort to give Jason’s address to her correspondents.Most of her mail was still delivered to Nancy and Dan, who would open it, telephone her if they found anything urgent, repackage it (even the junk), and forward it with impressive dispatch.This bothered Jason.He felt that by allowing Nancy and Dan to open her mail, Lisa was granting them a degree of intimacy that should be reserved to him alone.He also found their willingness to do all that work, and to pay for the calls and postage besides, incomprehensible in any context save an ongoing sexual relationship.\\
 +Lisa assured him that the relationship wasn’t sexual and promised to give her current address to everyone from whom she received mail.She warned him, though, that it might take a while to get Nancy and Dan completely out of the loop because every now and then she got a letter from someone who hadn’t written in years.\\
 +“Old lovers?​”\\
 +“Old friends.”\\
 +He sulked.She Sulked.Eventually they made up.\\
 +That’s how it was done between them, over and over-how Lisa’s world disappeared,​ one piece at a time.Jason never raged at her, never gave her a direct order.He didn’t need to.All he had to do was be reminded of something Miss Ex had done, then suggest that his reminiscence had been triggered, however obliquely, by Lisa.He’d act hurt, he’d act disappointed,​ and of course Lisa would be hurt too, but in the end it was always she who changed to accommodate him.\\
 +Somehow she managed not to feel tyrannized.In the matter of Nancy and Dan, she brought herself round to the belief that it really was inappropriate for them to open her mail.When she’d got herself thus straightened out, she called Nancy and asked her to forward the mail unopened.Nancy agreed and the mail started arriving unopened-even faster than before, because Nancy and Dan could no longer identify low-priority items with any certainty.A month later, just to be sure, Lisa filed a change-of-address order with the Postal Service.
 +Much as she wanted to accommodate Jason, she couldn’t make herself believe she was sexually involved with Nancy and Dan. She knew Jason’s suspicion was unreasonable-she hadn’t been out of California since she and Jason met-but she justified his attitude as a natural consequence of what Miss Ex had done to him.She seemed to accept the idea that she was morally obliged to atone for the sins of a coke fiend she had never met-that it was fitting and proper for Jason to punish her for her predecessor’s misdeeds.\\
 +To be fair to Jason (and Lisa too), I ought to make it clear that Jason was genuinely in love with Lisa and, except for his occasional fits of paranoia, treated her well.He housed her, fed her, even took her clothes-shopping and seemed to enjoy it. Their lovemaking was always intense and emotional, never perfunctory.They seemed to have only one problem-the ghost of Miss Ex.Whenever Jason found himself in a situation where Miss Ex might stab him in the back, he jumped to the conclusion that Lisa had set him up for the same.At such times, he refused to remember that Lisa loved him.He intentionally forgot that Lisa wanted the best for him and for their relationship.He told himself that because he was even more in love with Lisa than he’d been with Miss Ex, he was that much more likely to overlook signs of incipient betrayal, and he therefore had to be hypervigilant to protect himself from his own proven stupidity.If he hadn’t got mixed up with Miss Ex first, or if he’d decided to give Lisa the benefit of every doubt as he’d given Miss Ex the benefit of every doubt, their relationship would have been truly idyllic.\\
 +(Hey! you ask, How do you know so much about what was going on in Jason’s head?I know because he was so stupidly proud of not being stupid anymore, he told her.)\\
 +From her side, Lisa didn’t feel like her life was the train wreck I was watching.The shrinkage of her world was so incidental to her relationship with Jason, I doubt she was even conscious of it.She enjoyed the love Jason gave her, the companionship,​ the attention-and that’s how it was most of the time.Besides,​ she believed she could atone for the sins of Miss Ex-that if she kept being perfect long enough, Jason’s paranoia would go into remission and he’d learn to trust her.She encouraged herself by noticing little improvements-situations in which he’d overreacted last month but not yesterday.Since my own impression, based on the general flow of Lisa’s stories, was that Jason was getting worse, I suspected that his little improvements represented nothing more than lapses in attention.\\
 +After five months in this state of bliss, Lisa and Jason were married.Two weeks later, on a Saturday morning, Dan came between them again. He telephoned to say that a jury summons had arrived for Lisa. envelope was marked, “DO NOT FORWARD,” so the postman left it with him.He hadn’t opened it, but it was obvious what it was, and he wanted to know what to do with it.He certainly didn’t want the sheriff showing up with a warrant for her arrest and searching the house for her.\\
 +Lisa asked him to return the summons with a note saying she’d moved to California more than a year ago and giving her new name and address.He said he would.\\
 +“Who was that?” Jason asked.\\
 +“Dan.Called to tell me the mailman delivered a jury summons for Lisa Marshall.”\\
 +“He opened it?”\\
 +“No, he knows what they look like.”\\
 +“I thought you told the post office to forward all your mail.”\\
 +“I did. He said it was marked, “DO NOT FORWARD.”\\
 +“Why didn’t the post office return it?”\\
 +“I don’t know.”\\
 +“And I thought you told Dan and Nancy to forward your mail even before you told the post office.”\\
 +“I asked them to, yes; but Dan was worried that if the summons wasn’t answered, the sheriff would come looking for me, and he doesn’t want his house searched.That happened to a friend of his, when his wife didn’t show up for jury duty because her mother got sick.”\\
 +“What’s he got there?a bunch of milk-carton kids chained to the walls?”\\
 +She went into a sulk.\\
 +When he saw she wasn’t going to answer, he went on.\\
 +“Look, I just don’t want those perverts calling.”\\
 +She locked herself in the bathroom and he started doing chores.By evening, he was treating her decently and she’d stopped sulking, but the issue hadn’t been resolved.\\
 +When she told me the story, I remarked that it was unfair of Jason to hold her responsible for Dan’s calling; after all, she hadn’t made the call.\\
 +“I know, but after everything he went through with his ex, I can understand where he’s coming from.”\\
 +and how much he needed her, so he felt he had no choice.\\
 +At first he didn’t succeed very well.Whenever he witnessed one of her inconsequential little encounters, he managed to convince himself there was something so outrageous about it, something so different from any interaction he’d observed before, that it justified an exception to his resolve. Lisa never agreed, and Jason wound up taking a great deal of punishment. Forced abstinence seemed to hurt him the most; Jason had changed radically since the days when he didn’t care if Lisa spent three nights sleeping in the living room. When he couldn’t have her, he became so desperate, he’d beg just to be allowed to lick her pussy.\\
 +Despite the punishment, Jason’s thinking didn’t seem to be changing in the way I’d so optimistically predicted, so Lisa decided to give it a nudge.On the particular day she chose, their car had been first in line to use a section of road narrowed to a single lane by repaving, and Jason was having a fit because the flagman had struck up a conversation with Lisa.\\
 +“What are you worried about?” she asked.“Do you think he’s going to invite me to tie him up, and I’ll decide I like torturing him better than you?”\\
 +He was so impressed, he stopped talking and thought about it (she knew him well enough to tell the difference between thinking and sulking).Then,​ over the next few weeks, his displays of jealousy decreased in intensity.He didn’t really make an honest effort to eliminate them; what he did was figure out just how much displeasure he could express without being punished.When Lisa talked with another man, he’d go exactly that far and no further.Lisa knew what he was doing, but she left the threshold where it was; she figured he needed a safety valve and she preferred not to be punishing him.\\
 +I wish I could report an equally happy resolution to the matter of Lisa’s incredible shrinking world, but I can’t.Even though she’d told me about most of the individual cuts, Lisa never acknowledged that her world had in fact been shrunk-perhaps not even to herself.I always felt the subject was taboo, so I never mentioned it.When last I saw her, more than a year after Jason’s enslavement,​ her world was only slightly larger than it had been the day before he tapped the phone.\\
 +The dog continued to hold her prisoner.She wouldn’t leave it home alone for more than four hours, she wouldn’t let anyone else watch it, and the places she wouldn’t take it were coincidentally the places Jason never wanted her to go.
 +On the plus side, Jason had bought a new car and Lisa had been assertive enough to express her displeasure with the hardships she’d endured since selling the camper van.She asked him not to trade his old one, but instead hold on to it for her use.He agreed.He kept it filled with gas too.And to be sure she never ran out, he looked at the odometer every day or two.Whenever he noticed that it had been driven more than a couple of miles, he questioned her, so she never forgot how crazy he was.Still, emergency trips to the store were no longer difficult and she was able to use the public library.Once she even met me for lunch near my office.\\
 +She didn’t go back to writing magazine articles even though the car would have made research easier; instead she continued her experiments with the short story and eventually sold a couple.Her writing kept her busy and she was happy to be published again, but her income barely covered supplies.Though she’d never expected to wind up being supported by a husband, she wasn’t unhappy with the way things had turned out, and Jason seemed to prefer it too.She probably never would have said anything about expecting to pay her own way, except that she always had, and she thought it was what Jason wanted to hear at the beginning of their relationship.\\
 +Once I got brave and asked her whether she still had any contact with Nancy and Dan.\\
 +“Not in a long time,” she said.“I’ve been neglecting them terribly.”\\
 +Lisa’s power over Jason was great indeed, but she used it sparingly, only for things that were really important to her.She knew-wrongly and preconsciously,​ I suspect-that her marriage depended on her willingness to live in a shrunken world.And she adapted.She insisted on her own style of communication,​ but she accepted the necessity of dropping all her friends and making no new ones.She insisted on having access to a car, but she accepted the severe limits Jason placed on its use, even convincing herself that his odometer inspections were nothing worse than an endearing quirk.
 +Could Lisa have regained the freedom she’d enjoyed at thirty without losing Jason?​Probably most of it, but I don’t think she wanted to.The only credible explanation for Lisa’s train wreck is that her life was scripted, much as Ralph’s was.If she lived to forty, she was required to marry into a shrunken world, and she recognized Jason as well-suited to the complementary role.There turned out to be a few burrs in the fit, and Lisa used the techniques of female domination to file them down.I count this among my vicarious successes, but I wish I could have freed Lisa from her script rather than just helping smooth the burrs.Unfortunately that’s not what she wanted, and I certainly wasn’t going to take it upon myself to force freedom down her throat.
 +Kathie, another woman with a jealous husband, was something else.I’d met her a decade earlier, when I took a job with the company she worked for.During my first week, I saw her only in passing-a lanky figure, six foot two, large hands and feet, long straight hair, pretty face, no makeup, faint scars; T-shirts, faded jeans, work boots, a tool kit hanging from a men’s wide leather belt.Her only concession to convention was an unneeded bra.
 +I asked about her and learned that she was the person who kept all the office equipment running-computers,​ printers, copiers, everything.The company had a lot of it for those days, and Kathie was something of a legend.Most of the machines were intended to work together, and there had been a time when almost none of them would even work separately.They’d been bought from different vendors, and every service call turned into a finger-pointing contest; it took days to get anything fixed, and the repairs didn’t last.Kathie asked for the opportunity to set things right, and the head honcho said yes.Contrary to expectations,​ she succeeded, and succeeded quickly. Now all the machinery was hers, and she took care of it without help.
 +On Tuesday of my second week, a few minutes after eleven, my office mate headed for the men’s room as was his custom.Kathie walked in ten seconds behind him and closed the door.\\
 +“Do you party?”\\
 +“I smoke grass when I get the chance, but that’s about all.”\\
 +“That’s what I got.You want to go out at lunchtime and catch a buzz?”\\
 +“Sure!Just come get me when you’re ready.”\\
 +And so we became drinking buddies, with an improvement on the drinking.We’d go out two or three times a week, pick up sandwiches and sodas, then drive someplace where no one could see us (Kathie knew a dozen good hideouts near the office) and eat our sandwiches, smoke a couple of joints, and drink the sodas.When we’d been out about fifty minutes, we’d drive back to the office and resume our duties.Every couple of weeks I’d buy an ounce from her.I used most of it with Matt and our friends, but I carried one joint back to work each day so I could share it with Kathie and not be a mooch.\\
 +As we ate and smoked, week after week, Kathie told me about the world in which she lived-a world completely alien to me.I picked up quite an education, and it struck me more than odd-spiritually significant,​ I’ve often thought-that the reason all this fascinating knowledge came my way was that I was in the habit of wearing jeans and T-shirts, and “looked like I party.”\\
 +Kathie grew up fighting on the streets of Philadelphia and fled west by thumb at the age of seventeen, living on money she’d made selling dope.Her first week in San Francisco, she met Rick, then twenty-two, also a dope dealer.She became his live-in lover the same day.Rick had a day job in a home-improvement chain store, and many of the people who bought drugs from him lived in Silicon Valley, so when the chain opened a new store here, he applied for a position as manager of the automotive department and got it.He moved south, taking Kathie, whom he had wed five months earlier, and their three-month-old son, Sean.\\
 +They settled in the sort of seedy area where endless comings and goings would be well tolerated.Kathie,​ who hated pretense and saw it everywhere, was comfortable there and got along well with her new neighbors.A few of them seemed trustworthy and were willing to take care of Sean for a reasonable fee, so Kathie decided to get a job.She figured office work would bring her in contact with people who needed a reliable source of dope, and indeed it did.She also found that she enjoyed the novelty of getting a paycheck. By the time we met, though, her main reason for working was that she liked the responsibility.\\
 +She’d started out doing clerical work, but it was too easy for her and she got through it so fast that she was always left with spare time, which she contrived to spend with the techies.There was always at least one who was willing to teach her some of his skills and jargon, and she wound up learning a great deal about the workings of small computers and other office machinery.\\
 +After changing jobs a few times, mainly to expand her drug clientele, she found her niche, and there she intended to stay.She could dress and act as she pleased, and she was convinced that no other company would have her unless she agreed to become a phony.\\
 +Over the years-Sean was nine now-Rick had become increasingly jealous.He suspected and hated every man with whom Kathie worked.He had never met one, but no matter.It was a class war thing, really-the same hostility Kathie felt toward women who wore conventional business attire-but it was stronger, and it came out as jealousy vented in Kathie’s direction.It was a royal pain (in Kathie’s words), especially since she wasn’t at all inclined to stray and Rick had no evidence on which to base his suspicions.\\
 +Over lunch she would tell me the stories. I remember one that said it all:Kathie was in the habit of showering before work.Almost every morning, Rick would come into the bathroom and say something like, “Get your pussy all scrubbed up, now, so you’ll be all nice and sweet for Jim and Brian and Sergei.You got a big day of whoring coming up.”In the evening, he’d follow up with more of the same.\\
 +It was crude, it was ugly, it was pointless.Unlike Jason, Rick never hinted that Kathie might pacify him by doing things differently.He was insecure, and he was going to take it out on Kathie, and that’s all there was to it.
 +In response to Kathie’s complaints, I offered first sympathy, then my usual prescription.Though I knew less about female domination at thirty than at forty, I taught Kathie more than Lisa, simply because Kathie and I spent so much time together.Kathie usually listened with interest, interjecting questions and comments that reflected a high degree of understanding,​ but sometimes she became irritated by the suspicion that my techniques were based on an affectation of femininity rather than on femininity itself.Affectation was anathema to her.I did my best to dispel her discomfort, but it returned from time to time, and even when she was most at ease with my advice, she seemed disinclined to take it.\\
 +Kathie might have tolerated Rick’s abuse forever, but she got word he was having an affair with a woman at the store, name of Carol.The rumor was, Rick and Carol were getting together whenever they could, but they had a standing date for Wednesday evenings.Kathie believed it.Rick had been out every Wednesday for three months.He’d accounted for the time by saying he was delivering drugs, and indeed he might have been, but not for as many hours as he was gone.\\
 +The next Wednesday evening, Kathie came home to Sean and fixed three hamburgers.Kathie and Sean started on two, and Rick arrived while they were still eating and had the other.As soon as they were done, Sean left to visit a friend; then Rick undressed and went into the shower.When he came out, he handed Kathie her evening ration of abuse.\\
 +“You have fun with the jokers at work?Get yourself knocked up yet?”\\
 +While he was rummaging for clean clothes, Kathie came up behind him, reached her right hand between his legs, and grabbed him by the testicles.She squeezed just a little.\\
 +“Real slow now, walk over to the bed.And don’t even think about getting loose.”\\
 +When he got to the bed, she changed hands so she was holding him from the front.Then, to be sure, she brought her right hand around so she had one testicle in each hand.\\
 +“Okay, turn around and sit down.”\\
 +He did.She knelt on the floor between his legs.\\
 +“Now move back so you’re lying down. Keep going till your head is all the way to the edge of the bed.”\\
 +She liked the way he followed her orders.Even more, she liked not having to take his usual sarcasm.\\
 +“Good!” she said when he’d complied.\\
 +He was lying on his back with his legs apart, knees bent, feet flat on the bed with his toes at the edge.She was kneeling on the floor between his legs, a hand wrapped around each testicle.\\
 +“Put your pillow under your head.I want you to look at me when I talk to you.”
 +He did.
 +“I’m sick of taking all your shit!Your balls are mine, and they’re going to be mine!And you’re going to show me some respect!Am I right?”\\
 +“All the way, Kathie!Sure!”\\
 +“You’re going to stop accusing me of screwing around at work.Is that right?”\\
 +“I didn’t accuse you.I just asked, because I know everybody wants you and I get worried.”\\
 +She tightened her grip.\\
 +“Aagh!Okay,​ I’ll stop!”\\
 +She released the pressure.\\
 +“And you’re going to be my sex slave, too, aren’t you?And do everything I say.”\\
 +“Good!You can start by jerking off!Right now!”\\
 +“I can’t!Not with you holding on to me like this!”\\
 +She squeezed hard. He doubled over on his side with a loud scream, kicking her in the head. She didn’t let it bother her, or so she said.\\
 +“I’ll squeeze ’em till they pop, you fuckin’ bastard!You do everything I say, or your voice is going to be higher than mine!”\\
 +“Okay,” he whimpered.\\
 +She relaxed her grip again.\\
 +“Now, slow! Get back like you were!I’ll give you a minute to catch your breath ’cause I’m such a nice person-but no more shit or I’ll fix you good!”\\
 +He rolled onto his back.She waited until he’d relaxed as much as he was going to.\\
 +“Here, I’ll even get you started.”\\
 +She leaned over and took his cock in her mouth, using her tongue to stimulate the head.When she was satisfied with the result, she let go.
 +“Even like this, you can’t help turning on to me.Get started before I do something that hurts!”\\
 +He did it.\\
 +“Embarrassing,​ isn’t it?” she teased as he came.\\
 +When it was over he cried.\\
 +“I’m going to let you go, but don’t try anything or you’ll really be sorry!Don’t ever talk to me like you’ve been, either, or think you’re going to get out of being my sex slave, because if you do, you’re going to get hurt real bad!Understand?​”\\
 +“I didn’t mean nothin’,​” he sobbed.\\
 +She let go and he turned on his side with his knees drawn up, still crying.She went out.\\
 +When she returned, he was gone; Sean was back.After a few minutes, the boy went to bed; then she did.Still later, Rick came in, lay down next to her, and fell asleep.\\
 +The next morning was like any other, except there was none of Rick’s usual sarcasm.\\
 +“Weren’t you worried what he might do later?” I asked.\\
 +“No, he knows I can handle him.Back when Sean was in first grade he tried something.Got mad and hit me.Well, there was this lamp?on the table?made out of clay?with a lampshade?​”\\
 +“Well, I picked it up and broke it over his head.Yeah.Blood everywhere.Then I drove him to the emergency room to get sewed up.That’s the last time he ever tried anything.”\\
 +“Yeah, I got three inches on him too.I’ll be okay.”
 +The following Saturday afternoon, Sean went out with his friends, leaving Kathie and Rick alone.She sneaked up on him again and caught him in a hammerlock, then fastened his hands behind him with a pair of handcuffs she’d borrowed.\\
 +“What do you want?I didn’t do nothin’,​” he whined.\\
 +“You’re still my sex slave, remember?​”\\
 +“Yeah, okay.”\\
 +“I like when you can’t help turning on to me, so I’m going to make it happen again.”\\
 +“I wouldn’t have tried to stop you.What do you need the handcuffs for?”\\
 +“Oh, I think you would have tried to stop me.Because I’m going to lay you down and fuck you, and if you come before I say, I’m going to shave off all the hair you’ve got, from your waist to your knees.”\\
 +She backed him up to the bed and pushed him down.He started crying again.She could imagine why, but she didn’t say anything.She worked his jeans off, then got undressed, ate him until he was hard, and fucked him.I’d told her what to expect, but she was still surprised by the intensity of his orgasm.\\
 +“I really move you, huh?Maybe it’s even worth losing your hair for.”\\
 +She climbed off him and got a pot of warm water, some shaving cream, a couple of disposable razors, a towel and a washcloth; then she cleaned him up and shaved him.Finally she rolled him over and undid the handcuffs.She felt bad about the bruises-she hadn’t thought about that-but she knew that what she’d done was necessary.\\
 +During the following week, she heard that Rick and Carol had had a couple of big fights and broken up.Rick seemed distracted for a while, but continued to treat Kathie respectfully.\\
 +In no time at all, their sexual relationship settled back to its former tedium.Kathie never again reminded Rick that he was her slave, nor did she tease him anymore.She acted as if nothing had happened, and so did he.It makes sense, in a way.Kathie was never really comfortable with sexual intimacy.She tried my techniques only because they promised to end Rick’s affair and stop his abuse.When that had been accomplished,​ Kathie’s new role became a liability.A dominatrix has to talk to her slave, especially about sex, and Kathie didn’t want to do that.She wanted a relationship in which sex would just happen-quietly,​ mechanically and without emotion-often enough so she wouldn’t have to think about it.She didn’t want to get horny and be distracted from the things that were important to her, and she certainly didn’t want to fall in love and get pulled into a truly intimate relationship with its attendant risks.Indeed she had many of the attitudes toward marital sex for which men are notorious.Rick had always suited her perfectly, satisfying her physical needs without getting really close, and she intended to let him continue.
 +The techniques Kathie used during her four-day career as a dominatrix are obviously quite different from mine, and I don’t recommend them.If the average woman were to do what Kathie did, she’d get killed, beat up, or arrested for domestic battery.Kathie’s position was highly unusual.She wasn’t going to get beat up because Rick knew she could outfight him.She wasn’t going to get killed or arrested because Rick was a professional criminal and had fallen into the habit of evaluating every course of action in terms of its potential for attracting the attention of the police.Most men don’t operate under such constraints,​ and even some who aren’t brutes will turn violent after a stunt like Kathie’s.\\
 +But though Kathie’s position was highly unusual, it’s not unique.I’m sure there are other women who can use her techniques, who can succeed with her techniques, who can succeed only with her techniques, who need her techniques.For what it’s worth.
 +  * **[[Chapter 1]]**// In which Patrick is enslaved//
 +  * **[[Chapter 2]]**// In which the author gives an account of herself and this work//
 +  * **[[Chapter 3]]**// In which we examine the Loop//
 +  * **[[Chapter 4]]**// In which we examine the anatomy, the physiology, and some of the psychology of male sexual response, from a practical point of view//
 +  * **[[Chapter 5]]**// In which the reader is invited to take an inventory of herself for the purpose of gauging how well female domination might suit her//​(Trustworthiness - Empathy - The ability to communicate effectively ​ - The ability to act strategically - A talent for teasing- Attractiveness - Confidence)
 +  * **[[Chapter 6]]**// In which we explore the advantages a man may find in being a woman’s love slave// (-Sexual excitement - Love-Intimacy - Escape from responsibility - Permission to reject overwork-Motivation-Knowing what’s expected-Avoidance of performance anxiety - Altered consciousness)
 +  * **[[Chapter 7]]**// In which we meet a couple that eschews female domination but still makes good use of some of its techniques//​
 +  * **[[Chapter 8]]**// In which we consider the logistics of bondage//(- Comfort, food, drink and drugs-Positions,​ materials, knots, toys and safety)
 +  * **[[Chapter 9]]**// In which we survey some of the ways a man might be persuaded to accept sexual slavery in a new and uncommitted relationship//​
 +  * **[[Chapter 10]]**// In which we continue our survey by tracing two unusual routes to female domination//​
 +  * **[[Chapter 11]]**// In which we make a microscopic study of some valuable psychological techniques//​(-Suggestion - Staging struggles for control - The ultimate tease-Attention)
 +  * **[[Chapter 12]]**// In which we conclude our survey by looking at relationships with no history of sexual penetration//​
 +  * **[[Chapter 13]]**// In which we address the ugly problem of violence//​(-Bad men-Countermeasures - Wearing the black belt
 +  * **[[Chapter 14]]**// In which we note that marriages are different//
 +  * **[[Chapter 15]]**// In which the first of many young wives take charge//
 +  * **[[Chapter 16]]**// In which Ralph loses eighty pounds//
 +  * **[[Chapter 17]]**// In which two jealous tyrants are taken down just one notch//
 +  * **[[Chapter 18]]**// In which we contemplate some insurmountable obstacles//​(- Retarded ejaculation - Childhood abuse-Sex role - insecurity - Alcoholism)
 +  * **[[Chapter 19]]**// In which the A-Frame loses a victim//
 +  * **[[Chapter 20]]**// In which we look to the future//
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