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  • Personal pages, offering, you the user.. an interactive, user-submitted network of friends. Just like MissBonnie.
  • Personal profiles, blogs, groups, photos, music and videos, even personal image galleries.
  • Take advantage of our active forums, chat rooms, E cards, stories, Femdom Galleries, resource pages and friends network to meet, learn, or explore the Femdom and Fetish lifestyles and the interesting people that live them!
  • We have an active forum with over 3250 members, regular contests, give away’s, online Femdom BDSM training programs and Femdom Educational courses and programs.
  • Join in and create your own personal space with your own personal profile URL (just like my space) you decide what you want on your profile, it’s your place to express your own personal style and personality. Leave comments/images for your friends , fully interactive, show the Femdom community ‘who’ you are. Send bulletiens to your friends, share videos and your music choices. View the personal galleries and photo albums of the other members or make your own to share or keep private
  • Post your BDSM/Femdom and Fetish experiences in your own blog, read others thoughts and opinions All blogs are fully functioning with image uploading/comments, and personal templating choices.
  • Create your own Private/Public Groups with which your are moderator and have full control.
  • If you would like to explore the world of BDSM at a closer level we may just have your answer with one of the Free online courses
  • All training courses on are free to attend. Each course can be located in the forum or more details found on StudyBDSM.
  • Reveal a secret to the world anonymously via Shhh it’s Secret (currently offline).
  • Add events in your area to the CNC Event section to attract more participants.
  • Choose an E cards with music to send, free of charge. Ready for you to personalize. Over 600 to choose. Please note for ease of use we suggest IE while sending Ecards
  • Browse our Free Femdom Galleries complete with slideshows, you pick the speed and sizing.
  • Chat rooms with 1 to 1 interaction , join the main room, create your own, seek advise, chat with like minded… maybe indulge in the dungeon for cyber play.
  • Read a user submitted story, catering to all tastes while your paying a visit, or post your own erotic fantasies.
  • Wondering about how to do something, chances are you will find it in our 600+ resource pages.(regular updates) or in one of our online Femdom BDSM training programs and Femdom Educational courses and programs.
  • if thats not enough you we even have games to fill those boring times

Drop in, make a new friend (or ten) today…what are you waiting for !!!!! Dont be shy :)


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