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 +====== GROUND RULES ====== 
 +you WILL ALWAYS have to customize oral sex for your Mistress each person has a distinct set of preferences,​ and there'​s no getting around that but for the basics we suggest you read our [[eating pussy 101]] article. But regardless of who your partner is, there are some base guidelines that lay the foundation for great oral sex.\\  
 +  * The primary ground rule has to do with attitude. In a Western, rationalist culture, it should come as no surprise that sex is often treated as a linear progress: "​Partner wants orgasm. If I perform actions x, y, and z, they will result as quickly as possible in orgasm."​ But when has an itinerary ever made something more fun? The first step to giving truly memorable cunnilingus session is dropping the single-minded concern that your partner has an orgasm. Instead, try refocusing your energy on your partner having fun—at every stage of the process. 
 +  * There are a few ground rules that need to be practiced constantly during oral sex. The first of these is that you should be using your hands, whenever they'​re not being used to prop yourself up, to caress and touch your partner. Oral sex centers on the tongue, but your hands and their ability to stimulate your lover by caressing, penetrating,​ massaging, and stroking should never be forgotten or overlooked. 
 +  * The third basic ground rule is to keep reestablishing eye contact the entire time you perform oral sex. Make an effort to be constantly open, aware, and responsive to all of your lover'​s signs and signals. This is the best way to give truly satisfying oral sex. 
 +  * A few oral sex preliminaries. In addition to your general hygiene, pay particularly close attention to the following areas: Make sure that your lips are soft and supple to the touch, and apply cocoa butter or another moisturizer or lip balm to them if they feel rough. If you have facial hair of any kind, make absolutely sure you have a fresh shave before performing oral sex. If the hair has grown out long enough to be soft, fine, but a forty-eight-hour-old shave is downright inconsiderate. Finally, if you plan on using your hands extensively—as you are hereby encouraged to—either make sure that your nails are clipped close to your fingers or be hyperattentive to how and where they touch your partner'​s skin. And before you go down, brush those teeth. Brush 'em long and hard. Their bacteria can give her problems later. 
 +  * Another basic has to do with rhythm. Unless your partner is having a wild hormone surge, her genitalia will be easily overstimulated by sudden movements. Oral sex should always begin with light, gentle touches, kisses, and licks on and around the genitals to prepare the area for heavier stimulation.\\ 
 +**Article:​** tomcat (Edited: in conjunction with MissBonnie and MissBitch)for the [[the beginners guide to oral sex]] ©  
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