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 +====== Hard-Shell Vibrators ======
 +{{  :​hard_plastic_vibrators.jpg| ​ }}
 +Hard-shell vibrators are usually crafted from a hard plastic material. Hard-shell vibrators are ideal for on-the-spot internal or external stimulation. The vibrations of a hard-shell vibrator that is powered by two AA batteries will feel much stronger than those from a soft vibrator that utilizes the same power supply. Hard-shell vibes are easy to clean as well. Hard-shell vibrators are sometimes made of Pyrex (a type of glass), gold or aluminum. These materials can be cooled or heated for added sensations.\\
 +**Hard plastic vibrators:​**
 +  * tend to be stronger than soft rubber vibrators
 +  * are easier to clean
 +  * don’t bend when you press them against your body allowing you to better adjust the pressure of the vibrator
 +  * less likely to cause an allergic reaction
 +**External hard plastic vibrators:​** ​
 +  * can be small bullet or egg style vibrators, or longer wand style vibrators. ​
 +  * They may be battery powered vibrators or electric (plug-in) vibrators.
 +**The main differences between vibrators for external stimulation are:**
 +  * the strength and quality of the motor
 +  * the type of vibration (there is buzzing, thumping, rotating, pulsating, and more)
 +  * the texture of the vibrator (ridges, bumps, smooth)
 +  * shape, size and color
 +  * If this is your first vibrator it is probably best to choose one with variable speed.
 +**These vibrators have several additional benefits.** ​
 +  * They have a weight to them which can be very pleasurable when used for penetration.
 +  * the material makes the vibration resonate in a different fashion, which is noticeable when using it.
 +  * Metal toys also cool down and warm up, adding another element to the sensation.
 +If this is your first vibrator, and you’re looking for something to use externally for clitoral stimulation,​ hard plastic might be the way to go.\\
 +Metal vibrators, while highly prized, do tend to be more expensive and may not be a great idea for first timer
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