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 +====== Queening stool ======
 +{{  :​180px-queeningstool.jpg| ​ }} A queening stool is a device which is used to facilitate the act of queening. It is a low seat which fits over the submissive face and contains an opening to allow oral-genital and/or oral-anal stimulation of the Domme whilst seated.
 +Since the dawn of time, lovers have used their ingenuity to bring erotic pleasure into each others lives, so it's not just a Femdom toy. First illustrated in Egyptian hieroglyphs,​ queening stools for "face sitting or smothering"​ have down the ages, brought pleasure to millions. QUEENS AND KINGS are delighted to bring you a new range of queening stools. Hand-made, unique and luxurious, each one an original. Enjoy the sensuality and comfort of soft upholstery, pillows and supports. Choose wood, in classic antique styles or 21st century steel. Whichever your choice, the stool will take the strain, and give you hours of effortless enjoyment. Beautifully designed and solidly constructed,​ these queening stools come in various styles and sizes, and for those outside the box, there are queening thrones. Stylish, exciting and versatile
 +//Article MissBonnie (c) Image [[http://​​|Kings and]]​
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