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 **Related Articles:** **Related Articles:**
 +[[Floggers]] - How to use a flogger and get it right.\\
 +[[Different strokes]] - Different strokes, for different folks.\\
 +[[A tale to tell]] - Flogger designs and materials\\
 +[[Whip Breaking]] - Whip care & breaking in a new whip.\\
 +[[Spanking]] - Spanking know how.\\
 +[[Bull whip safety]] - A general guide.\\
 +[[Melanoma & SM play]] - know the dangers.\\
 +[[Canes]] - How to use a cane the right way\\
 +[[Florentine flogging]] - Florentine flogging is a two-handed style of flagellation.\\
 +[[Synchronized flogging]] - (Video tutorial) instruction to Synchronized flogging \\
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