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 +====== Story codes ======
 +The stories on this site concern people in scenes of sadism and masochism, bondage, discipline, and sexual acts and are therefore adult in nature. You must be of legal age to view the content on this site.\\
 +The stories on this site are either a work of fiction or are based on events that may have happened to the Author. These stories remain the [[copyright]] property of their respective Authors.\\
 +Either the story has been sent to CollarNcuffs to be posted on this site and therefore licensed by the author or where possible the author has been contacted to seek approval for their use, if you see your work here please let CollarNcuffs know if you wish it removed. Removal can take up to 48 hours.
 +====== Gender Codes  ======
 +|F/f|Female Dominating female|
 +|F/m|Female Dominating male|
 +|FF/​m|Multiple Females Dominating male.|
 +|FF/​mm|Multiple Females Dominating multiple males.|
 +====== Fetish Codes ======
 +|Anal|play involving anal area|
 +|BreathBreath|play restricting ​ controlling the flow of air|
 +|Cbt|cock & ball torture|
 +|Cd |Cross Dressing, dressing in the clothes of the other sex|
 +|Chastity|erotic sexual denial|
 +|caution*|story may contain scenes that disturb readers may depict illegal scenes or rape.|
 +|Death|Death of a character in the story|
 +|EP|Electro play application of low current electricity to the body using a special apparatus e.g.: TENS unit for purposes of sexualstimulation| ​
 +|Enema|cleaning out insides with water and tubes|
 +|Mummification|encased within, e.g. plaster, mud, saran wrap, bandages|
 +|Femme|feminization the practice, especially in female dominance, of switching the gender role of a male submissive|
 +|Fisting|inserting hand/arm into vagina or anus.|
 +|Bf|body modification,​ deliberate altering of the character s natural body shape.|
 +|Piercing|piercing of a part of the body.|
 +|Pony|people playing as equines.|
 +|Animal|people playing as various animals.|
 +|Sb|self bondage, tying or otherwise restraining oneself for the purpose of sexual pleasure|
 +|S/G|play involving faeces (scat) or urine (golden).|
 +|Oral |Oral sexual stimulation.|
 +|flog|whip, floggers,​spanking,​ paddles etc.|
 +|D/s|Power exchange.|
 +|Forced bi|Forced bi sexual (same sex partners)|
 +|bi| bisexual same sex partners| ​
 +====== Posting Stories to ======
 +Have Femdom story you'd like to post on​ All stories and poems can me E mailed to\\
 +Stories will posted as time allows.\\
 +By Emailing your story/poem to you are agreeing to the below conditions:
 +//By submitting my writing/​stories/​text to via Email at\\
 +I acknowledge that my submission will be used at their discretion, if the content is appropriate and the copyright is solely mine. That If any art work/​pictures are  supplied (by me) that I own the sole rights to distribution,​ and allow CollarNcuffs.Com to publish it on my behalf.\\ ​
 +I acknowledge that CollarNcuffs.Com is not responsible for any loss and will not be held responsible for any legal undertakings if the above is breeched.\\
 +I acknowledge that will NOT further edit my content {apart from visual aspects} and will publish as received\\
 +I acknowledge that by submitting my writing/​stories/​text that I agree to the afore mentioned terms and conditions.// ​
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