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 +====== Magnificent Splendor ======
 +The hornets were on the screen door\\
 +A warning of the coming storm\\
 +He didn’t understand the meaning\\
 +Didn’t know he was about to become unborn\\
 +Laying in his easy chair\\
 +Taken by surprise\\
 +She came through the sliding porch door\\
 +Like a raging hurricane\\
 +Knocking him on the floor\\
 +He felt her leather glove\\
 +On the back of his head\\
 +Looked at her boots\\
 +Nothing above\\
 +So black\\
 +Easy to sink into\\
 +And disappear\\
 +Feeling heat\\
 +As lips pressed in\\
 +Her hand pushed harder\\
 +Helping his mouth become one\\
 +With her dominance\\
 +Numbness ensued\\
 +He heard her breath\\
 +Commands whispered\\
 +So close to his ear\\
 +Nothing to fear\\
 +“You’re going to want me\\
 +In such a special way\\
 +You’re going to want me\\
 +Acting on everything I say”\\
 +“You’re going to love me,\\
 +Like you never loved anyone….\\
 +Clothes melted off\\
 +Focus was lost\\
 +As I followed her footsteps\\
 +Whatever the cost\\
 +Knees and hands so cold\\
 +As they crossed the frosty grass\\
 +She walked in warmth\\
 +Magnificent splendor in control\\
 +We entered the realm\\
 +We had never been in before\\
 +She knew it well\\
 +Suspended me with skill\\
 +I felt her warm body\\
 +Against my cold back\\
 +Hands wrapped around\\
 +Over my mouth\\
 +Over my nose\\
 +Hearing only her breath\\
 +Her voice\\
 +Her breath\\
 +Her whispers\\
 +Her whispers\\
 +No fear\\
 +She was there\\
 +I went black\\
 +She woke me\\
 +With her whip\\
 +Saved me\\
 +I thought….\\
 +‘This isn’t how it should be”\\
 +As pain erupted\\
 +Strokes kept coming\\
 +I grew weak\\
 +She inhaled my energy\\
 +My will\\
 +My soul\\
 +She whipped me and said,\\
 +“You need me”\\
 +She whipped me and said,
 +“You want me”\\
 +She whipped me and said,\\
 +“You love me”\\
 +Again……and again…….and again………\\
 +I was somewhere else now\\
 +And heard her bootsteps\\
 +Walk across bare wood\\
 +Only hearing my heart beat\\
 +Feeling my skin throb\\
 +She touched my shoulder sweetly\\
 +My ass tenderly\\
 +“Now”, she whispered softly\\
 +And I knew\\
 +She whipped me…..\\
 +“I need you”, I whispered\\
 +She whipped me…..\\
 +“I want you”, I whispered\\
 +She whipped me\\
 +“I love you”, I cried\\
 +I hung in exhaustion and thought I heard her smile\\
 +She closed the door behind her…and I spent the night\\
 +I had such sweet dreams\\
 +As I hung there\\
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