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Hello my name is MissBonnie, the owner and host of CollarNcuffs.
I am a lifestyle Domina practising my craft in outer Melbourne Australia, I am not a proDomme so please don't not offer to pay me. I currently own my Darlin oz [for 20 years ongoing.] I have been actively involved in my chosen lifestyle for my entire life.

Straps floggers and whips that sting, these are a few of my favourite things......


Being cognizant that Femdom may take many forms, I enjoy domination ranging from the gentle to the severe. It is a thrill for me when a submissive willingly hands the reins over to me so that I control his mind and spirit along with his body, and recognizing that doing so is a singular expression of trust in me, I take such a responsibility seriously. The difficult task of truly relinquishing one's free will to me can yield rewarding results, cathartic and illuminating, and I find particular pleasure in stripping away the defences and self-conceptions [and deceptions] that cloak the inner being, so that my submissive and I may together explore the uncharted depths of his submission.

While some men need only to be reminded that submission is an essential aspect of their inner nature, a dynamic which can be explored without significant pain, I am certainly willing and able to utilize a variety of implements of correction and rigorous procedures to deal with naughty boys and recalcitrant males who require firm behaviour modification. My preferred implements for such "corrections" are leather straps and whips that have been made for me according to my exacting specifications.

As a disciplinarian I am, fair but firm, and I do possess the techniques and skills required to bring my submissive to the limit of endurance.

However I also enjoy more sensual, less intense forms of corporal play which, rather than being "punishment"[for correction] will leave my submissive relaxed and euphoric. I am quite capable of doing both.

While I respect limits, if my submissive[s] wishes to overcome and transcend some of their limitations will find me to be empathetic and yet willing to push those limits if it is desired and appropriate.

I am not looking at present for real life subs or slaves but I do sometimes seek online entertainment from the boys in our Taste of Cyber entertainment programs. At present I will only play online with those whom have completed our Taste of cyber programs--[So please dont ask me in the CHATROOM to be your Mistress, unless you have completed the program.]
I am polite and considerate, and I do expect the same of those who contact me.

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