and they met 08

She extended her arms out and snapped her wrists, the blanket floating down like a lazy cloud, landing on the floor behind him and the gentle breeze caressing his skin as it touched down.

“Alrighty handsome man, turn yourself around, bend at the waist and face down. I want that sweet ass in the air”, she helped him get turned and held on to him as he lowered himself. His ass still in the air displayed and at her disposal. His arms still tied behind his back, the leash on his cock and balls pulled taunt. She got on her knees behind him and then he felt them being pulled tighter as she began to undo the knot. He felt a sadness as his cock fell forward hanging straight down from his body, still hard, still aching with need. It was as though she let him go, he was enjoying the tightness she had created and wanted more of the same.

The cold gel soon got his attention. He felt her finger tip press into the goo and slide down the crack of his ass. He shivered at the cooling sensation and the strength of her finger tips as they slid up and down his ass, stopping occasionally to play with his hole, with her other hand cupping his leather strapped balls that were so tight and heavy with cum. She squeezed and massaged his hairless balls all the while working his sweet ass rubbing and caressing that tight hole. She lowered her mouth to his tight ass cheek, licking and kissing and nipping at it. He began to moan and gyrate. Humping the air, so bad he needed to drive his cock in her. She really was trying to drive him insane, he was sure of it. He had thought their first meeting would be a wild fuck fest, just get it out of both their systems, she had told him it would be as much. But he’d already waited, been denied to many hours with her so far. Even though it had seemed like he’d just arrived he knew the day was dwindling away, the sun was fading and it didn’t shine in the window like it had been a short time ago and through it all he was sure he was losing his mind.

“Please Mistress…”, he again pleaded.

“Charles you know I own this ass and I have limited time with it. So be warned right now I’m going to take my time and enjoy every minute I have with it. Don’t worry baby, I’m going to fuck you real good!”

And with that he felt her slender finger enter his now relaxed asshole, at the same time she squeezed his tight balls. He finally had what he’d waited so long for. He felt her inside him, stretching his tight ass slipping in and out, he was feeling more and more relaxed.

“How’s that feel naughty man?” She asked

“ohhhhh Mistress…” was all he got out. She chuckled.

“Oh yes indeed, you like having that ass fucked don’t you naughty man?”

“Ohhhh Yes Mistress”, came his reply in between moans of pleasure.

She slowed enough to insert another finger as she stroked in and out, fucking his ass he began to push back against her. His humping growing urgent.

“Mistress, pleaseee may I cum…I feel like I am going to cum.”

“Ohh you better not even, I’m not through fucking you yet. Besides we aren’t finished with this little conversation either.”

He groaned in pleasurably agony. “Mistress, I am having trouble controlling it.”

The gates of hell on his cock weren’t preventing what was happening inside. Her massaging his balls and milking his prostate together were creating exquisite sensations that he’d never in his life felt.

“Beg for your orgasm Charles, beg me. Tell me who owns you, who owns this sweet ass. Tell me you’ll always be there for my use and at my whim.”

“You do Mistress, you own me you always will. Please let me cum, please fuck me hard and fast. Pleaseeee.”

“Awww Charles, my sweet, sexy slut. You beg so well”

Harder and faster he pushed against her hands, his asshole gripping her fingers and squeezing them tighter with each push. His hips thrusted his gated cock into the air, fucking a cunt that wasn’t underneath him. Her finger tips gently brushing his organ with each thrust he made.

“That’s it slut, fuck it. Harder, faster. Lets see you spill your load” His moan started low, deep in his chest, his breathing was frantic and his ass was enjoying pleasure he never thought he could feel, thought impossible to feel.

She felt his body start to tremble, she stroked his inner organ and squeezed his balls, massaging them, pushing them up into his body ever so slightly and he started to cum. The hot liquids streamed from the tip of his cock and his knees felt weak. So much so he thought he’d tip over sideways. The sensations he had were so intense and still he wasn’t sated yet. It felt extremely good, but he wanted more. She slowed her hand to match his pushing until she gently slipped from his ass. Her fingers sliding up and down his crack again. Gently pushing his hole as it remained open. Slipping the tip of her finger in and out.

He was trying to catch his breath and she got up and went back the hall again, this time he heard water run. She returned immediately and had a wash cloth in her hand. She wiped him clean of all the excess gel and undid the arm binding. Rubbing his arms, his shoulders. Helping him to roll over on his back. She had a long look at his cock, the tip still shiny with his hot juices. A big puddle laying where what would have been under him if he hadn’t rolled to his side. She slid her hands down his ribs, along his hips, crossing over the tops of his thighs and down his inner thighs the rest of the way. She nuzzled into his neck, kissing and licking with her tongue. Her eyes on his cock to watch it twitch in it’s state of hardness that hadn’t subsided yet.

“Tell me sweet man, how are you feeling now?”

“OMG, Mistress! Wonderful, but strangely still in need. I feel good, but still have the urge and want to cum. I am sorry, I’ve failed you.” He dropped his eyes unable to look at her, he felt ashamed.

“Failed me?! Silly man how do you figure? You still need to cum? You are still hard. How can you possible think you’ve failed me? You lay here a minute catch your breath, stretch your self out and I’ll be right back. Then I’ll show you just how much you’ve succeeded.”

She leaned over and kissed him on the mouth again, and again went back the hall. He heard more water running and this time when she returned she was totally naked except for his locket, but it was missing the keys. He didn’t see her take them off, but then he hadn’t seen her from the front very much so far today.

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