Have Sex Toys, Will Travel

Taking your sex toys on vacation?

Maybe you’re planning a romantic weekend, or perhaps you’re going on a long business trip. Either way, if you’re flying, you’ll want to make sure you pack your sex toys well to avoid embarrassing situations.

Exercise Caution

When choosing the perfect sex toy to bring, keep in mind the potential for it to look like something sinister. A vibrator that could be mistaken for a hand gun, for example, is not the best item to pack for an airplane trip.

How do you pack sex toys?

  • To every traveler to US the current TSA regulations introduced several restrictions on Liquids and Gels in carry-on due to the current threads. Basically, such items as personal lubricants (KY-Jelly) are allowed on board. You should declare these items to Security Officers at the security checkpoint and they also will be inspected by X-ray.
  • Sex toys like dildos and vibrators are allowed so don‛t worry about it. But you should take some measures to go through the security checkpoint. Electronic devices are required to be removed from the luggage and put into tray before it will be x-rayed.
  • For BDSM items there are some more precautions to take. Generally, sharp objects like knifes, needles or other cutting objects are not permitted. Make the first thing you pack your self-assurance. It’s reasonable — and expected — that airlines will be alert for questionable items. But as Good Vibes’ staff sexologist Dr. Carol Queen states, “it is highly inappropriate, and potentially an act of sexual harassment, for an airline staffer to make a public issue of finding an intimate object in a customer’s bag.”

What if it were a pack of tampons they were examining? You have just as much right to have a dildo in your luggage as you do any personal care item; it is not dangerous, and it is improper for anyone to make it public. Remember that airport and airline personnel are engaging in harassment should they humiliate anyone in regards to sexual matters — be it for condoms, tampons or a strap-on harness in your baggage.

First off, remove the batteries. Even if you think your vibrator is hard to turn on, a little shifting of the contents of your luggage could knock the control to the ON position. You don’t want to explain vibrating luggage to security

Put your vibrators in clear plastic baggies. Airport personnel routinely go through luggage. They wear plastic gloves, but you don’t want those gloves, which have been touching everyone else’s items, to touch your sex toys. Do the employees and yourself a favor by putting each item in a clear plastic zip baggie. This will keep everything clean and hygienic.

Place your vibrators in your checked luggage.

This just removes you from the situation a little bit.
If you bring a vibrator in your carry-on luggage, you’re asking for an embarrassing situation. Security can search your bag at any time–it’s probably happened to you already. They may not take your toy away, but you might feel a little violated. You never know if a man or woman officer will be looking through your bag. Be confident while passing through checkpoint. Keep in mind that you cannot prevent security officers from doing their job. The only thought of someone taking out a phallus shaped in front of everyone can embarrass and scare you to reject the idea of taking your sex toys. However, keeping to general tips is enough to make this procedure as easy as possible.

Tell the officers in advance. One of the best things to do is to ask them to check your bag privately. Airport employees are well familiar with the situations that may evoke embarrassment and are supposed to be neutral to any sensitive item they find. However, saying in advance about your luggage content will save you unnecessary problems.

Be honest. If you finally got into situation where you are asked to explain the origin of your device, the best policy would be honesty. The direct and confident answer “it‛s a sex toy” is the most disarming strategy to finish the procedure fast. Acting nervous or unsure may raise suspicions and that is not what you really need. You might choose to mention that you have a personal item. Anyway even if there would be any inappropriate remarks, you have a right to mention that respect and unbiased approach is also good things to keep to.

Finally, use discretion in what you bring with you. It’s better to bring an inexpensive bullet vibrator or disposable penis ring on a trip than to bring your top-of-the-line rechargeable vibrators. This way, if any of your items are confiscated, you won’t risk losing your favorites.

It’s probably better to leave it in your checked luggage than have to mumble something about it being “a medical device” or wing a lame excuse about a “joke gift for a friend.” Whatever you do, don’t offer a demonstration – that will probably land you on the “no fly” list.

If you think you can beat the system by carrying your sex toys on your person, you might want to think again. Of course, you’ll have to empty your pockets of anything metal and put the contents in a tray, and anything battery-powered like a vibe will be subject to extra scrutiny. Attempting to wear a strap-on through security is risky as well. The bulge in your crotch is likely to draw attention anyway, and if the harness has any metal rivets or buckles, it will set off the metal detector, and you’ll be pulled aside for a pat-down. Likewise for any wearable clit vibrators. The one exception here might be a non-vibrating butt plug, inserted ahead of time. If you enjoy wearing a plug in public, it could help alleviate the tedium of a dull flight and long lines in the terminal.
For any further questions on air travel luggage etiquette, please visit the Transportation Security Administration’s webpage.

Send Them In The Mail-

If you have time, you could also try mailing your toys to the address of your hideaway and have them held for your arrival. However, be aware that if you are traveling outside the country the toys may be confiscated by customs and for goodness sake, make sure to take the batteries out if you do mail them or you may have an International scandal on your hands!

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