Margarite and bobbie 11

Six months went by. I was so busy with all of my duties that I hardly noticed the time passing. Margarite and Ralph were spending a lot of time alone together. Most nights their bedroom door was closed by seven O Clock and only opened after that to receive drinks and snacks. Lindy and I would sit together in the living room watching TV and listening to see if either of us was needed for anything. Lindy had been taken to the piercing studio shortly after our last group get-together and had both of her nipples and her labia pierced. This was very painful for her and many weeks were spent nursing the sensitive and angry red looking nubbins that had been so alluring when I first saw her. Each time the pain subsided Margarite would change the gauge of her nipple rings, gradually making them larger and larger. several times I noticed that she was quietly crying in the near darkness of the living room. but I said nothing because I could see that see was trying to hide her reaction to the pain. It was sad to see the powty skin beneath her eyes that was visible during the day when she was doing her chores and not seeming to notice the pain. Her beauty had been so unmarked and innocent, only recently. Her skin had been so smooth and tender, with vestiges of baby fat. Now she seemed much older, probably because she couldn’t bring herself to use any make up at all. Neither Ralph nor Margarite had called for her sexually in many weeks, except occasionally to make her watch them making love. Lindy said that Margarite liked to see her nipples try to swell in response to the visual stimulation. also, the tender red skin around and above her labia would swell in tumescence when she became aroused. A confused look would crawl across Lindy’s face as she struggled with the conflicting feelings of deep sexual arousal and irritating pain from the piercings. When she told me this I could picture Margarite’s face, the curious blend of emotions as she watched the effects of her domination of a slave. On one layer it said, “I am your ruler and your goddess, suffer in your devotion to me.” On another it said, “I understand and honor your commitment,” and on still another it said, “I suffer with you and feel your pain.” I’m not sure that Lindy understood all of this but it is testimony to my enslavement to Margarite that hearing her tell me these things made me feel something much stronger than sympathy. It made me feel jealous.

It was not very long before I was given the opportunity to suffer in much the same way. It delighted me when I was told on a Sunday to be ready to go to the Violet Wand for piercing on Wednesday. I was not told what would be pierced and did not ask. This was part of the perfection of my devotion to my Mistress. Her will would be done and knowing or not knowing was immaterial. It was only in the waiting room that she told me that the upper flange of my penis would be pierced and fitted with a ring that exited at the mouth of the penis. A second piercing would be made at my belly button. With rings attached in both places, the piercings would serve as an ornamental chastity device. She emphasized ornamental as a reminder of what she had said about me in front of the others, that I, of course didn’t need to be prevented from having sex because I was essentially a eunuch anyway. She whispered all of this in my ear and grasped my balls firmly with her right hand as she spoke to me. There was no question of my refusing; I had not said no to Margarite since the day I met her and since our marriage I had obeyed every wish and every command.

After carefully reading and signing a disclaimer and looking through some literature describing after-care, I entered the “operating room” and lay down on the table. I was completely naked at Margarite’s command. She wanted to watch my complete reaction to the event and consider my entire skin surface to be the blank canvas of my emotions. The embarrassment of lying there naked in front of a stranger, who did a double take when he saw the size of my nipples and areoles and smiled knowingly when he noticed my shaven penis and balls (not to mention the tattoo), the fear of the pain I was about to be subjected to, and the uncertainty- all were sending various messages through my body. Demurring blushes and goose pimples competed for space on my body. My genitals were small and bluish, when the piercer grasped my limp penis and stretched it toward him, placing the tip in a clamp that held it tightly from both sides. He then slid a lubricated, but very cold device about one inch into the tip, while I shuddered with the unfamiliar sensations. Looking to my left I gazed up at Margarite, who was clearly enjoying herself. Normally this procedure involves a local anesthetic, but I was given none by her orders. She said that she was interested in seeing if I would cry or not. “On the one hand,” she told Ralph and Lindy, “He’s a real pain slut- I’m sure he’s going to enjoy himself. On the other, he is a little wimpy and there is a good chance he’ll start feeling pretty sorry for himself sooner or later.”

I was already very close to that point when the piercer looked at Margarite, as if waiting for her OK and, after seeing her nod slightly, closed the sharp end of the device tightly into place, quickly piercing through the skin and cartilage in the flange of my penis. It was several seconds before I started to feel anything. But the pain grew steadily from zero to one hundred, coming on like a freight train, tears were running down my cheeks within a minute. A bright flash went off and I turned toward Margarite in time to see her lowering her camera. We’ll all have fun with this little snapshot,” she said, chuckling. I looked over at the piercer and noticed that he had a very sober look on his face. I think he was feeling guilty for having caused me so much pain. With the efficiency of a surgical nurse he continued with the cleaning and bandaging. He wouldn’t let Margarite talk him out of desensitizing the area around my belly button. He told her that he had seen enough and would not continue if she refused to let him anaesthetize me. reluctantly she acquiesced, and the piercing was completed.

Almost a month went by during which I could do very little in the way of bodily movement without considerable pain. I began to wonder how I could have desired such a thing. Again, Margarite insisted on enlarging the piercings. This was something she could do herself. Fitting the larger ring into the opening in my skin was thrilling for her because she could feel me twist with pain at the slightest push of her fingers. Very delicately she slid the ring into the hole and pushed at a rate that she could see was tolerable, but even then the pain was extraordinary. Finally, after several weeks, we achieved the diameter she wanted and the entire device was fitted on to me. A substantial nickel ring bit into the flesh below my navel. A steel chain of three links was connected to the nickel ring in my penis by a small lock. My penis stretched upward and lay flat against my lower belly like a gooses neck. It looked pretty silly and Margarite loved it, although she said that metal was probably over-doing it for someone like me- a pink ribbon would be more appropriate.

After my piercing were healed Lindy and I were both called into Margarite’s bedroom frequently. She and Ralph would perform sexual acts with each other exaggerating their bliss in order to torture Lindy and I. First we would be commanded to insert butt plugs into each other, which was exciting in and of itself. then we were required to kneel beside the bed and watch as Margarite would suck Ralph’s cock very slowly and seductively. First she would lick the shaft languorously from every side, then carefully fit her lips over the huge glistening head and suck in her cheeks to touch it everywhere at once with the inside of her mouth. then slowly she would descend the shaft with one smooth stroke, until her mouth rested snuggly against the mound of his ball sack. Up and down his shaft, she would slide her mouth, pumping harder and harder. If she glanced at me and saw me struggling with a pulsing hard-on and on the verge of tears from the pain, she would flash a quick look of triumph and return to her task with renewed enthusiasm. I would suffer like this for hours as she and Ralph traded positions, replacing one orifice for another. Lindy was over her pain, but was given a new challenge- that of not cuming for an indeterminate time. So, she suffered more from frustration than anything else. Occasionally I would see her chuckling at my predicament, but I could see that her enthusiasm was thin, she so wanted to be a part of the action. The two months since her piercing had been the longest she had gone without an orgasm since she was in high school. After the two love birds completed every act their imaginations could come up with and their bodies could achieve, they would rest peacefully together, gazing off into contented space, while Lindy and I would remain in our kneeling positions nursing our pain and frustration. “You two sad sacks may go to bed now.
And Bobby, your leaking cum. Clean yourself up and swallow every drop, honey. Good night slaves.”

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