Margarite and bobbie 13

The next few weeks were among the happiest of my life. I was back living in “my own” house, with my beautiful wife and her retinue of slaves, of which I was growing fonder every day. There were a few times when I was forced to perform homosexual acts with Ralph or other men whom Margarite wanted to entertain. This was very difficult for me at first, since I had never desired to have sex with a man. Margarite understood this and took special care to explain to me how much it would amuse her to see me sucking a cock. She told me that sucking a boisterous cock to an explosive orgasm was an act of devotion that was perfectly suitable for a submissive sissy like my self. She pointed out that my feminine hormone treatments had been going on for nearly a year, my budding breasts were now peaked with bulging aureoles and my nipples stood at perfect attention even sometimes when I did not feel aroused. My little clit-like penis had not been used to please a woman in….ever? So, really, what was the big deal. Ralph was even more reluctant than I to yield to such an act. After all he considered himself to be a 100 % all-American man and even though he was very tolerant of what he considered to be deviant behavior in homosexual men, he was nevertheless very proud of his own purely hetero machismo. But Margarite knew exactly how to deal with Ralph. She got him drunk, then stoned and simply sweet talked him through the whole process.

Margarite entered the room wearing her black panties, black guarder belt and stockings with matching high heals. Her high rounded buttocks were mesmerizing as she walked across the room. Her sheer black dickey hugged her perfect 36” breasts, its fabric bunched over her stiffly erect nipples. Her movement can not be adequately described- so fluid and sexy yet not at all exaggerated. Ralph had been sitting in a chair lazily stirring his scotch and soda when he looked up to see this vision. Immediately he stood up and nearly dropped his drink, which I quickly saved and placed safely on the end table. As I stood there looking at Ralph and Margarite I knew that they were going to have sex and I found my self hoping that I would be able to watch it happen. Its hard to explain how a cuckold feels in this situation. Since I was never allowed to have sex myself, I craved the opportunity to experience it vicariously by watching. I could also see by the look in Ralph’s eyes that he was helplessly drunk and befuddled by the commanding beauty of Margarite and would do anything if she would allow him to fuck her. She then surprised me by saying, “Bobbie, kneel in front of Ralph and unzip his fly.” I stood frozen for a moment while the implications of her command washed over me in a flood of dread. I had, of course known that this moment would come, but in Margarite’s house I lived every minute as it came and never thought about what would come next, so happy was I to do exactly as I was told and to perform my duties without a care. Her face suddenly lost any pretense of seduction and gained a focus of will that was magnified by all of her feminine attributes. I immediately dropped to my knees and unzipped his fly. “Now reach in and take out his dick!” I carefully tugged at his large penis, made even larger by the heavy apparatus that encased it safely with the brass lock, the key to which was hanging on a necklace and dangling between Margarite’s breasts. After I did as I was told, she said, “crawl over to me.” When I arrived in front of my wife, she began to apply lipstick to my lips. “I think Ralph will be more comfortable if you look more like a girl.” At this moment Lindy walked into the room and did a double take. “O boy, is this going to be good,” she said softly and plopped backward onto a pillow to watch. After taking the key from my wife I crawled back to Ralph and unlocked his penis. Now Margarite merely crooked her left index finger to Ralph and he quickly turned toward me, his penis bouncing and swaying from side to side as if happy to be free again, growing more erect as he continued to stare at her gorgeous body. I turned to Ralph and quickly placed my mouth over his cock. I had no desire to see that look on Margarite’s face again, for it was a look that said, if you don’t do as you’re told I will abandon you in an instant. I knew in that moment that I would suck a thousand cocks to keep her in my life. Ralph began to move in reaction to my sucking- all the while staring at Margarite’s lovely breasts. As he stared dreamily at her he fucked my face harder and harder and she began to talk to him in her most seductive and playful manner bringing him closer and closer to orgasm. He was so drunk and so drunk with her that he hardly thought about me, a man, or at least a sissy, sucking and licking his dick. Just as he was about to come, she told me to stop. Ralph shivered to a stop and groaned as a few little spits of come erupted from the tip of his cock and dribbled down my chin. “Lick the come off your face Bobbie.” Which I did. “Now, guide his cock into me.” She leaned back in her big easy chair and let me bring Ralph’s cock up to her pussy. It had been many weeks since I had been this close to her succulent vagina. With my left hand, I cautiously spread apart her swelling pussy lips and with my right hand I carefully guided the cock into her pussy. Some of the jism from the interrupted orgasm appeared at the mouth of her vagina as pressure from the swollen cock pushed it out. Margarite then cast a superior gaze on me and mouthed the words, “kiss my feet.” I spent a very long time on my knees, kissing her stockinged feet. As her feet moved around in response to the pleasure she was receiving I struggled to keep my mouth on them. In the mean time my tied-up balls ground against the carpet. Occasionally, my lovely wife would cast a glance in my direction, and seeing me writhing around on the floor with my balls grinding painfully against the floor while I kissed and sucked her toes and the bottoms of her feet with a mouth half full of her lovers sperm, she smiled that special smile that always kills me and I could see her falling back into the slow burning ecstasy that sets her apart from all other women in my mind.

When, after an hour of nearly constant fucking and several orgasms, Ralph rolled off of my mistress and came to rest in a drunken heap on the floor, Margarite did not seem to be tired or even a little spent, but instead, had that glorious look of surfeit and superior accomplishment that she often had after achieving another of her sexual goals. She then turned that same index finger in my direction waving it around and pointing to her cunt. I swiftly rose to her still swollen mound and began to lick the voluminous come that welled up in its center. The smell was sharp, a combination of perfume, sweat, wifely secretions and male spunk. Finally I was finished licking and swallowing all of the juices. My face was sticky and a little raw. Margarite then stood up majestically, picked up her panties and placed them over my head completely covering my eyes, walked over to Lindy with her hand stretched out to her. Lindy caught her hand and rose up to follow her into the bedroom. She was finished with me and finished with Ralph and now Lindy would be blessed with her attentions.

As I remained kneeling before her empty chair, my eyes covered with the soft fabric of her fragrant panties I could already hear Ralph’s sleepy breathing. Was I a homo? I didn’t feel any different. My devotion and intense sexual desire was directed to Margarite and to no one else, man or woman and even though I had vigorously sucked cock and swallowed mouthful after mouthful of jism until my whole face was sticky and raw with its residue, I felt relaxed and somehow fulfilled emotionally in that singular way that serving my beautiful mistress always caused me to feel. I remained there for quite a while, my face stuck to the inside of her wet black panties, savoring the feeling until sleepiness overcame bliss and I climbed down the stairs into the basement and curled up on my mattress still wearing my mistresses gift

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