Michael Part 3

King began to push his cock against my asshole, but it wouldn’t go in. He pressed harder, but the knob still couldn’t get inside. Frustrated, he stepped back, picked up a paddle, aimed it between my legs and —— whap! —— hit my balls.

I screamed.

It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t my fault! My asshole was stretched so wide open that, even if I’d tried, my inner muscles couldn’t tighten up enough to prevent his penetrating me.

More lube was quickly applied, not only inside me, but also globbed around the outside. I was as slick as can be.

King then tried for a third time to penetrate me. He pointed his cock against my asshole and leaned hard into me, using his entire weight as leverage. The pain was unbearable. Finally I felt my sphincter open and King’s “royal penis” slowly slide deep, deep inside me. He didn’t ease up until he was fully sheathed.

He let out a long groan and murmured, “Mmmmm. So hot. So tight.”

Then he began pumping. He pulled out a little and pushed back in. Slow, shallow thrusts at first, but gradually his strokes became faster and longer. After a couple of minutes he settled on a steady, leisurely rhythm, which he kept at for a long time. I don’t know how long.

During this time, I was off in a world of my own. It felt so good, and I was daydreaming that a mistress was tenderly loving me using her strap-on. I had long wished to serve a mistress who would love me and take care of me. A woman who I could take care of and belong to. It was my favorite daydream.

Suddenly I was roused out of my sweet dream. King’s thrusts had become stronger and choppier and he was now fully ramming me with hard, deep, powerful strokes.

It hurt a lot, and I desperately wanted this ordeal to end. It was quickly reaching the point where I couldn’t take it anymore.

He was breathing hard and groaning very loudly, but he never let up his pace. He kept on ramming his cock deep inside my ass. Each stroke pulled it almost all the way out and then all the way in again. Faster and faster. Harder and harder. Each thrust more and more painful until my rectum became almost numb from it.

King then held his breath for a long beat, and finally let out a loud, long groan while shoving his cock inside me once more, grinding his pelvis hard against my ass cheeks. And he came and came, his sperm shooting up into my bowels.

After a minute, I felt his “royal penis” shrink inside me, and heard a wet “pop!” sound as he finally pulled it out completely.

“What do you say, slave? What is it you want to say to me after I release my precious sperm inside your lowly body?”

My mouth was dry. I swallowed and croaked out “Thank you, Master.”

“Louder! And speak to me with gratitude and love in your voice!”

I obeyed him, this time saying it the way he wanted it.

“Very good, Michael. I will expect your thanks every time I choose to make use of your body.”

He paused then for a moment.

“Yeeeesss. You’ll do,” he said sternly. “But you have much to learn. I’ll enjoy training you, although I’ll enjoy your body more once it does exactly what I want, in the precise manner I want it done.

“You will learn to instantly open your ass for me, and open it wide enough for my royal penis to penetrate on the first try. I do not abide delays of any sort.

“You will learn to open your throat wide enough to take my cock in deep. I like my slaves to deep throat me completely, their noses buried in my pubic hair, inhaling my royal scent. In fact, if you are fortunate enough to be my chosen slave for the night, that is how you will fall asleep: with your face in my groin and two of your fingers up my ass massaging my prostate.”

At that moment he touched me again, his hands spreading my ass open, and I felt his breath on my wet asshole as he spoke almost dreamily. “I enjoy fucking my slaves. I enjoy being the aggressor, the one with complete control over my slaves’ bodies and over every aspect of the fucking process.” He let go of me then.

“But I also enjoy being the passive recipient. I love the feel of a hard cock up my ass, stretching me open. I often have threesomes or foursomes, with my slaves fucking me or fucking each other for my amusement.”

His voice again gained strength. “You will learn to crave whatever I choose to do to you. For you will have no greater goal than to pleasure me.”

As he was talking, I heard water splashing and knew that my two escorts were washing King’s dick. No one cleaned me. No one untied me, so I was still bent over the sawhorse, waiting for . . . I don’t know what.

“What is your goal, first and foremost, slave?” he asked me.

“To pleasure you, King.” I quickly replied.

I heard King getting dressed and then he instructed my escorts to beat my ass with ten strokes of the cane. They were then to untie me and take me to my room to shower and rest.

“After dinner tonight,” he informed me, “you will be fitted with a large dildo, which you will wear every night while you sleep. Beginning tomorrow, your escorts will begin your rudimentary training: Grooming, massaging, kissing, cock-sucking, cock-receiving, ass-tonguing, and ass-fucking. You have one week to master all these skills.

“One week from today, I will personally test you. If you haven’t progressed to the level I require, you will be punished. Quite severely. Do . . . not . . . fail.”

And with that he left the dungeon.

Silence again descended on the room. That is, until the first loud swish of the cane burned across my ass cheek. On the fifth strike, I could no longer keep quiet and let out a groan. By the ninth, I was crying openly. Finally the tenth strike landed and I was left to cry silently for a few minutes.

Then I heard my straps being unbuckled and I was free to stand up. I stretched my back and then, still naked, I followed my loin-clothed escorts out the door. When we walked through the living room, I heard whispering, as the slaves who were there must have guessed what had just happened to me. My ass cheeks were striped and beginning to bruise, and I could feel the mixture of lube and semen dripping from my asshole and running slowly down my legs.

I felt well used, tired, and worn out. I hadn’t even come, but it didn’t matter since I had lost my erection before King had finished fucking me.

We climbed the staircase to the third floor where I noticed none of the rooms had doors. My room was near the end of the hallway and inside that small room I could see only a narrow bed —— no dresser, closet or night table. Across the hall was the communal bathroom, with its row of toilets and large open shower. No privacy for us slaves, I saw. My escorts told me to shower quickly and then meet them in my room.

When I was done and entered my room, they made me lie down on the bed, face up, and then one of them played with my nipples while the other took my cock into his mouth. The first one told me to watch the cock-sucking carefully and to learn from it. I tried my best, but after a while I couldn’t keep from closing my eyes, moaning and moving my hips, gently fucking the second one’s mouth. I couldn’t believe how good this felt. Somehow, my hands ended up in his hair, holding his head to better guide the movement of his mouth, his tongue, his throat. I found myself literally fucking his face. And he was taking it all with no problem. Could I ever learn to do that?

Then I held his head completely still and shoved my dick down his throat as far as I could. He kept on tonguing me while I came, gushing my all deep into his throat. And he swallowed every bit without leaking a drop.

They both got up off the bed and then escort number one told me to rest, that dinner was in two hours and they would return for me at that time.

I heard their footsteps going down the hall and then everything was quiet.

Was this a nightmare? Was I really the property of that man King? And for how long? I can try to endure it for a little while, fucking and being fucked by men only. But to spend the rest of my life without ever being with a woman again? I wouldn’t be able to face that, I know it.

It’s been only two days since I last fucked my former Mistress, and as bad as that entire situation was, I already missed it dreadfully.

I’ll have to take this one day at a time. Learn what I can. Find out where I am, where exactly this place was. And maybe even find a way to escape this place . . . these men . . . that . . . King.

With this plan forming in my brain, I drifted off to sleep.

(End of Part 3)

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