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Arm Gauntlet

Proving the versatility of the Rope Corset, a Rope Gauntlet is simply rope corset tied upon the forearm. Still, as far as decorative Ties go, Rope Gauntlets are perhaps the most elegant forearm ornamentation for men and women alike-when ot comes to ornamentation made of rope, that is. The same technique can be used for wrapping the calves (though we don't recommend it for roping cattle)
Rope Length: 30 - 40 feet (9 - 12m) Rope Diameter: 1/4 - 3/8 inch (6 - 10 mm)

Rigger Gauntlets are essentially a series of half hitches resulting in an elegant and attractive spiral design along the forearm. Relatively easy to tie on one's self, the gauntlets are a great way to “fly your flag” at a play party, or show your rope skills when a partner isn't readily available. Still, whatever your reason for tying the gauntlets, on yourself or on another, the person wearing them will be sure to get attention.

Rope length: 20 - 30 feet (6 - 9m) Rope Diameter: 1/4 inch (6mm) The Arm Gauntlet by TKB

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