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This site promotes the concept of “BDSM Rights”

  We hold the belief that people who's sexuality or relationship preferences include Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, or Sadism and Masochism (“BDSM”) deserve the same human rights as everyone else, and should not be discriminated against for pursuing BDSM with consenting adults.

This page links to off site ongoing campaigns, BDSM-specific organizations, other human rights groups, and documents.

Campaigns related to specific abuses of the human rights of BDSM people.


“The Home Office has begun a process to make it illegal to possess extreme adult images. … Backlash is the campaigning organisation bringing together individuals and activist groups to oppose this legislation.”


“On Wednesday 26th July 2000 in the UK began the start of a violation of human rights by an employer. So far it has resulted in the dismissal of someone because of so called 'inappropriate activities', that is involvement in BDSM. This list was set up as a place where people can be kept up to date with the progress of that case, find out how they can help with the 'fight' and as a general resource for others, in both the UK and other parts of the world, that find themselves in similar positions.”

Revise F65

“A European network built to work towards the removal of Fetishism and SM as psychiatric diagnoses from the ICD, the International Classification of Diseases published by the World Health Organization (WHO). The initiative was started by the Norwegian National Association for Lesbian and Gay Liberation (LLH) and is supported by the European region of the International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) and the European Confereration of Motorcycle Clubs (ECMC.)”

BDSM Organisations

Organisations with an ongoing role in promoting the rights or civil liberties of BDSM people. National Leather Association

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