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Challenge Knot

You guessed it; this knot is a “challenge”. Still, it's a beauty and celtic elegance make it a noble addition to a rigger's arsenal of flat knots. Whereas most of the knots preciously described lend themselves to one another, this knot stands alone. Don't be intimated by this knot's uniqueness or its name for that matter. It's very doable and you will impress your partner and wow people once you tie it in front of them-or better yet, show them how it's done.

Elements of this knot lend themselves to a variety of beautiful flat knots, the Long knot and the Temple knot, to name a few. Still, it is also quite useful in its own right. Fiendishly effective at gripping fingers and toes, it is our favorite knot for connecting rope to an extremity. Beyond this, its most useful quality it also makes a beautiful addition to a chest harness or decorative wrap.

Challenge Knot by TKB

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