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Kinky Crafts

Making your own Femdom/ BDSM toys

Here are a few items you can make easily and inexpensively for yourself. Maybe you want to be able to construct some toys instead of carrying things with you when you travel, or maybe you like the idea of using things you've made on someone. Either way, here are seven quick ideas for toys you can make yourself from easy obtainable materials. Each of the materials lists tells you what you need to make one of them, but you can make as many as you want the same way.

Bubblewrap Dildo

Materials List:

  • non-lubricated condom(s)
  • some bubblewrap, approximately 8 x10 sheets
  • some duct tape (only need a little)

Construction Details:

First, take the bubblewrap and roll it up (bubble side out for more sensations). Now take the condom and unroll it over the bubblewrap tube you made. Finally, use a little duct tape to seal the condom and you have an instant dildo. Or, if you want to use two condoms, you can skip sealing the first one and just slip the second one over the open end of the first condom now and then roll it down before sealing it with a little duct tape.

Play Tip:

Tell your partner to try to pop as many bubbles as they can (without using their hands of course).

Simple spreader bar

materials List:

  • wooden dowel rod, approximately 1 x24
  • three screw eyes, #6 size

Construction Details:

If you happen to have a drill you can make this easier by pre-drilling a hole in each end of the dowel rod and one hole in the middle. But if you don't have a drill it's easy enough to just attach the screw eyes by hand. One goes in each end of the dowel rod, and one goes in the middle of the rod.

Play Tips:

Ankle or wrist cuffs or other restraints can be attached to the eyes in the ends of the dowel rod. The middle eye and some rope or chain can be used to secure the rod to the head- or footboard of a bed, to a wall, or to the ceiling if you have an attachment point there. [Note: do not use for suspension, a metal spreader bar is suggested for any real weight-bearing play.]

Golfball Gag

Materials List:

  • practice golfball, plastic, with holes
  • piece of leather thong, approximately 24
  • emery board

Construction Details:

First, take the emery board and work on the rough edges where the two halves of the golf ball were joined. (Remember it's going in someone's mouth and you don't want to cut their lips.) Then pass the leather lace through two holes on opposing sides of the ball. Knot the lace on each side of the ball to keep it centered on the lace.

Play Tips:

The ball goes in the mouth, the lace ties behind the head. The holes in the ball allow for breathing, drooling, and some grunting and screaming sounds to escape. Since your partner won't as easily be able to use a safeword (if you use them), you'll need to set up a safe signal instead.

Bootlace Whip

Materials List

  • handful of bootlaces, or the plastic lacing used for lanyards
  • roll of duct tape

Construction Details

Take the bootlaces and fold them in half. If you're using the plastic lacing, cut them into lengths about 3 feet long and then fold those in half. Wrap duct tape around the folded section to make a handle for the whip.

Play Tips

With a variety of plastic lacing colors and some colored duct tape you can make a pretty attractive whip. But remember that this is not a gentle whip, and can be used to cause sharp though not severe pain (depending on where it's used). You can also try wetting the laces before use to add more weight to the tails.

Frayed Rope Flogger

Materials List:

  • three feet of soft nylon rope
  • popsicle stick
  • piece of leather thong, approximately 24
  • Super Glue

Construction Details:

Take the rope and fold it in half with the popsicle stick lengthwise in the middle. Now put some Super Glue on the end of the leather thong. What you want to do is wrap the leather thong around the folded rope and popsicle stick to make a handle for the flogger. Start by wrapping over the end with the Super Glue on it, then finish by adding some glue to the other end and tucking it under the wraps. When you're done just unravel the rope to create the flogger tails.

Play Tips:

While this isn't a very painful flogger, it's good for warming up someone before a heavier flogging or for bringing someone back down after one. The tails can tangle pretty easily, so tie a knot in them when not in use to keep them under control (hitting them with a little spray Static Guard will help with that too).

Clothespin Zipper

Materials List:

  • six to eight clothespins (or more)
  • silk cord, or plastic or leather lace, 24 (or more)

Construction Details:

This zipper can be made a couple of ways. The traditional way is to pass the cord or lace through the metal spring in each clothespin and knot the cord on each side of each clothespin. This gives you a reusable zipper that stays together for next time. The other way to make a zipper is to simply clamp each clothespin over the cord. While there is nothing keeping the clothespins on the cord, they will still all pull off at once.

Play Tips:

Make these with sets of different sized clothespins. You can string a lot of the little tiny ones on a cord to torment places where the big clothespins don't work as well. Tie several strings to one control cord and pull that one to remove all the sets at once.

Black Jack Cane

Materials List:

  • some clear vinyl tubing, 1/4 or 1/2 inside diameter, 24 long
  • two to four erasers from the ends of pencils
  • big handful of BBs (copper, steel or both)
  • Super Glue
  • roll of duct tape

Construction Details:

First put some Super Glue inside one end of the vinyl tubing. Now stuff one or two erasers inside the tube to seal that end. Trim the eraser even with the end of the tube. Turn the tube around and pour the BBs into the other end, almost filling the tube. (Twirl a piece of paper into a funnel shape to make pouring them in easier.) Put a little Super Glue inside this end of the tube too. And now stuff an eraser or two into this end, trimming it even with the tube end again. Wrap as much duct tape as you want around one end of the tube to make a handle for the cane.

Play Tips:

Depending on the diameter of the tube you'll have either a stingier or a thuddier cane. If you use both steel and copper BBs you can add them in layers for a nice visual effect in the clear tubing. Add colored duct tape for a more custom touch. You can also fold the tube in half and duct tape the whole length of it to create a nice thuddy blackjack.

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