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Saving Money on Femdom toys

I'm always working on making toys the longer your in the lifestyle the more toy ideas you see..I see them every where and with a little imagine you can turn anything into some thing perverted and fun But that said, there are all kinds of things we can do to have fun and save money (or embarrassment off shopping). The idea is look to at Adult toys that are on the market and gleam your ideas from them ..touch them, feel if at all possible ..think about what you would change or alter can best make it suit your needs…search on the net for pictures and ideas.

Seems like every Domme wants a riding crop. It seems like you have to have one. Don't go to a fetish/adult store to buy one. They'll charge you $20-35or more. Go to a tack shop, where you get riding supplies. What a novel concept, get a riding crop from a riding store … much cheaper. At my last visit they had better ones than I saw at the fetish/adult shop. Plus as an added bonus the choice and range is more varied, and you even get colored variety.

A Bondage safety idea

Do you know about panic snaps? (great things I Love them)
  They're used for horses .. $2 or $3 at farm supply shop. They provide two attachment loops But if the horse - or the bound slave - panics, you pull on the barrel in the centre, and one of those rings springs open and your captive is free. Good in case of an emergency. If someone passes out or has a fit, epileptic or otherwise LOL, you don't want to spend time releasing them. And with the panic snaps you can support their weight while releasing them. In a group situation you can always get someone to hold the person while you release ordinary snaps, but it's harder and sometimes impossible when you're alone.

There are other things you can 'pervert'. Brushes of all sorts, I have a little scrub brush .. A hoof brush, It is stiff, with slightly scratchy bristles. .. $1.49 (From the farm supply shop.)
farm supplies… a drovers whip is about $3/7… its kind of a cross between a crop and a cane…
Saddle girth straps and stirrup's leathers also have possibilities ..I brought an old girth leather it’s a twase strap with a lovely snap and a great little stinger.
One more thing from the farm supply shop. That rubbery gauze they have in various colors for wrapping around horse's hoofs. Its called vet wrap. sticks to itself. I use it to wrap around things, create a handle. Great stuff. (also great for binding)

decorate your bound sub in plastic wrap (Mmm Gladwrap) . I also like polo wraps from the farm store. A set of 4, matching colors, soft, stretchy but not too stretchy.. Good for blindfolding, impromptu binding to a chair. very safe, very effective. Hehe gave me ideas for Easter/Christmas look out Oz I'm bored again.

__ Plastic curry brush, from the pet supply shop, cost a couple of dollars, comes in designer colors, mine is purple. It has a little clip you slide between your fingers to hold it, has all these plastic fingers sticking out the other end, for doing things with your dog's coat. Never mind perversion, I've started using on my head, scalp massage. It feels wonderful. There is also another variety, rectangular in shape, with little indentations for your fingers on the side, big rubbery fingers on one of the flat surfaces, great for massage .. again, it comes in lots of florescent colors from your pet supply store. While your there don't forget pet bowls and animal cages, leashes. a nilabone (plastic dog chew bone) drilled at the ends. thread through leather laces makes a great gag for your playful pup
Kitten collars…make the best cock ring the variety is endless from pink jewel encrusted to black leather studded.
If you want a collar, check out a good pet supply shop before you go to a fetish/Adult shop. I saw a very nice, three inch wide dog collar with huge studs on it, for about $20. Of course, you only get one d-ring to snap things to. Some even have a metal plate for engraving your subs name. give it that personal touch *wink*…choker training collars make great extension points, they have a O ring on both end that fits just about all attachment points (please note I do not recommend using around you sub/s neck)
Added note: Many farm supply stores carry a variety of collars, and whips… as well as a variety of chains, ropes..
Kitchen stores have wooden spoons, cutting boards, make great paddles.
My best “killer” paddle is from the surplus store .. it's a 36“ child size canoe paddle. I paid $8 for it, I can hold it by the end and swing the whole length. I haven't ever tried it full force … but I am told gentle works pretty well. Keep an eye out in discount shops rug beaters. spray paint them if you want colors to match.

What about those heavy rubber tie downs with the metal hooks, which you use for strapping things to a pickup truck/Ute or onto a motorcycle A friend uses two or three, folded double. Without the metal hooks, of course.

While we're on the topic of getting things cheaper than at fetish shops nipple clamps .. the Japanese clover clamps .. much cheaper at the sewing supply shop .(Aussie version: fabric clamp (spotlight)) They have a little clamp which attaches to the table and holds the clover clamp, used for embroidery or something. Of course, they only sell half a pair, so you wind up with two table clamps, left over. You need to pick up a bit of chain, (choker chain works *wink*) , to join them. Also have similar in local electronics suppliers (yes I'm a geek too)

Pinwheel, play piercing

Wattenberg Wheel. go back to the sewing shop
the Wattenberg's are much sharper than the sewing ones. little prickling sensations. (Or so they tell me). no blood, but definitely prickling… my limits.

And if you want a cheap blindfold, try the drugstore/chemist .. Sleep masks.
I have both a red satin and a purple satin sleep mask, for special occasions.

Want a ball gag? get a practice gold ball .. hard plastic, hollow, with holes in it; put a rope or thong through the holes (leather boot laces work well )You can still breath with it in place. I wound up with a package of six .. anyone want five practice golf ball's? Oz doesn't chew threw them anymore LOL

And since bdsm involves sex, (at least for some people it does), disposable plastic gloves, large, fits either hand. A package of 24 for $1 cents, at the dollar store.

Making simple toys, tool dip

But now for the creative part, where you get to show off in front of people .. making stuff. A friend took a few bungee cords, removed the outer layer and found a whole bunch of tiny rubber strands inside … makes a great tit whip or cock & ball whip.
I liked the idea, so I stopped by my favorite place, the farm supply store, and bought a bungee cord. Instead of little spaghettis, I found a dozen fettuccini; wide strips, maybe half inch wide … Different bungee cords have different insides .. so you can wind up with several patterns. (not to mention colors)

At the kitchen store, I bought some wooden skewers intended for bar b queuing. Little strips of bamboo, a foot long, pointed at one end. Take a third or half the package, wrap a string around one end a few times. I got fancy, and dipped it in red tool dip. You can use it as a stick, tap the skin with it, or you can use the pointy ends, drag that across skin.
What is tool dip? Tool dip is liquid rubber Plastisol
it's stuff you dip your metal tools in if you are working with electric stuff so you have plastic to break any charges
You dip the ends of metal tools into this, and it forms a handle. You can use it to color code stuff (Hint different lengths of rope different end colors), or to whip the ends of ropes. I use it to make handles for floggers and toys.

One thing I did was to dip ordinary, thin kitchen string in the tool dip. I dipped the whole length of the string, six foot pieces. Then folded it into shorter pieces once it's dry, bundled it together with a handle at one end, about a dozen strips, a foot long. It makes a nice stingy toy.

Or another idea rope and dip: take a nylon string about clothes line size; tie knots in it about 1 inch apart then coat the knots with dip, just the knots and DADA anal beads!
I also dipped parachute cord, that's a thin, loose, braided rope, scraped off the excess .. it became very stiff, like a switch or birch. I stuck six lengths together, very stingy, on a bigger scale than the tiny strings.

  The stuff hardens quite hard the dipped rope has some flexibility, but not much.

the container of Plastic dip is about the – half the – size of a tennis-ball can. A pint? like a small container of paint.

If your after more flex I might also suggest liquid latex…might be more flexible…I haven't ventured into this a lot its still a work in progress lol .
Anyone like canes? Mini blind rods work pretty well. As do cane garden stakes if you get creative on the handle they can look and feel quite effective.
I made one using the fiberglass rods you join together to assemble a dome tent. The fibreglass rods are too thick, not flexible enough .. too much of a whack. But I think a fishing rod would be great ..
Just I would like to suggest being careful with fiberglass… it will shatter, or crack causing terrible cuts and splinters…I have tried the last segment of an old deep-sea – or surf – fishing rod. The plexi does bend
a lot. a friend of mine uses blank fishing rods as canes, dipped in tool handle stuff.
I dipped tiny plastic rods, about 1/16 ” , and used the dip as a bundler to make an instant handle. It all looked great, but the rods broke, shattering in use. :(

For those without a partner, I have a suggestion :) Go to the supermarket and buy leather boot laces :) The pack quite a sting and make a delightful “swish” as they go over your shoulder for self flagellation:)

I have four leather thongs, folded double, attached to a key ring. Makes a nice fetish decoration to wear at my waist, and a convenient portable toy.

I bought a spool of that kind of leather and braided 4 foot lengths for a handle about 8“, leaving the rest loose… a flogger… quite effective, cost about $10

Making a soft rope flogger, hard rubber flogger, simple short whip. A rope flogger can be nice .. softest thing around. It needs to be nylon, other plastics are nasty. Unwind the rope into strands. Unwind the strands into yarns. unwind the yarns into threads. Now there are 140000 loose threads instead of 8 or ten ropes. Makes a soft thud .. learned that from one of the local munch group.

If you have the luxury of living in a big city, where the garment district has tassel shops. get a fine nylon tassel of 100s of individual ends that swish, and a you have a stinger. (some stores also stock silk)

A rubber flogger. A bicycle inner tube, cut into lengths, about two feet long. Split the tubes. Open into not-very-flat panels, and cut into strips joined at one end. Glue the joined end onto a handle with rubber cement. Makes a healthy whack.

and a short whip, made from leather thongs, braided together. If you made a bracelet from bits of plastic when you were eight, you know the basic knot … google for “wall knots”. You can either reverse direction at each stage, or keep going in one direction, I like that, gives a spiral effect. The whip starts with eight thongs, every 6 rows I take one out of the set, forcing it into the middle core. Eventually, the thongs run out, I push them into the middle to make a spreader bar from a tension rod with the spring removed… drilled a series of holes in it and insert a bolt to make it adjustable…. bolt chains on each end for cuffs… whole thing around $20 (cuffs dog collars) or a broom handle cut down with eye bolts…shorten the same design ..join two.. you have a hogtie

My favorite idea from a web page … licorice strings … first you whip him, then you eat the evidence (yummy)

ice Dildo …. have a cardboard tube, say from a roll of toilet paper, standing up, with a condom hanging down inside … the open end of the condom wrapped around the top of the tube. Put some water into it, put in the freezer.

When you take it out of the freezer, make sure you run some water over it or do something to take the edge off, slightly, you don't want freezing cold to damage the skin. Hint add a few more condom if you feel its too cold.

I have a very thick leather belt I got from the Salvation Army store. I remember getting the strap in the principle's office. This feels very much like that. I think it cost me $3

feather duster (tickler)…I like those big ostrich feathers too\\
I like climbing stores you can get wide webbing, buckles, Velcro all kinds of things

And recently at a Fashion Center store in Melbourne, they had a sale of silky rope, purple colored. 10 yards for $5. Amazing… I got 20 yards.

I have a pair of tweezers I bought at an electronics / mechanics surplus store. The zigzag kind, normally closed, squeeze to open Makes an interesting nipple clamp, doesn't squeeze very hard .. $2 they also sell them at jewelry supply shops. they're called 'cross-lock tweezers.'

dental picks?? Not a sex insertion toy .. don't insert anywhere use them for skin .. sensation control .. tease a person's skin with the pointy parts
..the list is endless and you are only limited by your imagination…its not how something looks ,its how it feels, and how you feel when you use it…look around your home ..or shed I bet your getting ideas ..have fun ..experiment ..enjoy that’s what its all about and if you get a good idea feel free to share it ..include a picture if you want we'd love to post it and give you credit

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