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Fire play in Femdom scenes

Many people tend to forget the basics about fire safety when they do fireplay, probably because of the illusion of control we Doms have while we scene…I don't know about the rest of you out there, but when I am scening, I'm so into control, that I believe nothing can go wrong, 'cause I'm godlike…and nothing is farther from the truth, unfortunately. I've known about at least 2 fires that started 'cause of a fireplay scene gone wrong, and about one sub who got 3rd degree burns 'cause of a dumb mistake. (and no, none of those was with me involved :)

So…for starters, we need to remember that we have to have the basic firefighting equipment ready…a fire extinguisher or, at the very least, a good couple of buckets of water; sand is also very good at firefighting.

We should also remember not to have any flammable objects near the area were we are playing with fire…be smart enough and don't try to do fireplay with the subbie tied to the bed, k? Unless you want barbecued subbie, that is :) Mosquito netting is also a hazard in this kind of scene…it burns fast, sticks to other objects (including skin) and it's very hard to put out the fire on it once it's started.

Also, make sure that if you are gonna tie your subbie down, you have a pair of surgical scissors (the kind with blunt tips but sharp as knifes) handy, to cut her loose in case you need to…subs are worth more than rope, no matter how expensive the rope is :) I don't recommend locks being mixed with fireplay, it takes a long time to get the damn things off when you are in a hurry; so, if you like bondage mixed with your fireplay, please only use ropes and keep the scissors handy!

Now, one more thing people tend to forget when doing fireplay….hair doesn't only smell bad when it burns…it burns FAST as hell…so…be careful with the hair…pull it up and out of the way, cover it with a wet bathcap or something like that, and make sure that whatever you use to start up your fire doesn't get too near her neck.

Another important thing some of us forget is about the kind of chemicals we use to make the fire. I found once a sub who's skin was sensitive to something in the alcohol I normally use for fireplay, and she had an ugly rash for a week :/ So, be careful with the stuff you use for your fireplay, make sure you know what allergies your sub has before applying any chemical to her skin that has the potential of triggering an allergy.

The important part of fireplay safety is to always remember that fire IS a very dangerous foe, and if it gets out of your control, it's better to call the fire station and have to explain what happened than dieing in a charcoal house…this is specially important in places where houses are mostly made out of wood, like in the US…houses burn down fast

Caution: May I please add that the bottom shouldn't be wearing any body lotions either as they are somewhat flammable and/or cause the skin to get a lot hotter than other non-lotioned areas. Also,deep arch's in the lower back, above the sacrum, pool liquids (which any other time is quite nice) but in the case of fire play could become a safety issue if allowed to become a reservoir of the liquid used to ignite regards MissBonnie.

This article is only to be used for suggestions and your own resource, use at your own risk.

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