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First Aid Kit for Femdom Use

“Love is giving someone the ability to destroy you and trusting them not to” Admin's signature line

Most who partake in Femdom (especially the emerging or optimists ) don't think twice about 'after play' or do I have all the 'medical needs' I require should an emergency arise.

You more than likely can tell me how much lube is left in the bottle/tube but do you know if your cupboards medical supplies are fully stocked?
Safety: is this responsibility of each person in the Femdom scene. Communication, physical and/or verbal, is a must during a scene to assure that the scene is not being taken to a dangerous level. It is your responsibility to know your play-partner as well as to disclose any medical problems and physical/emotional limitations you have that could lead to complications during a scene.

A first-aid kit should be kept in your toy bag if you travel to play parties Preferably two: a larger one for home and a smaller one for travel. Though all play spaces should be equipped with a Safety kit do not assume that one will be available, take your own!

Safety is an awareness of your surroundings and a healthy fear of unstable situations. By it's very nature, an emergency is an unstable situation.If everything were truly under control, nothing bad would've happened in the first place. Remember to play safe!: MissBonnie

Below is a list of suggested materials for both a First-Aid kit and an Emergency Kit for a play space. Links are also provided at the bottom of this article to assist in learning First Aid procedures and techniques.

Latex Allergies

Safer Sex practices are not foolproof but they are necessary to understand and use. The links included at the bottom of the page have a wonderful database of information to assist you in learning the tips and techniques to safer sexual contact and play.

However, what I have not been able to find in any of the materials that I have researched is an idea of what to do if you or your partner are allergic to Latex. Non-latex gloves, dams, and condoms have not been proven effective in protecting a person from AIDS or other blood pathogens. I have addressed this issue with many Physicians and the AIDS Awareness groups and was again told that Latex is the only barrier recommended to assist in stopping the spread of such disease.

In order to both be protected and not suffer adverse reactions to Latex I recommended a double or triple layer of protective barrier, be it condom or gloves. If the 'giver' 'fucker' Top', pick one, is allergic to Latex, a non-latex product can be used under the latex barrier to keep the latex off the skin. If the 'reciever' 'fuckee' 'bottom', again your choice, is allergic to latex place the non-latex product over the latex barrier to protect his/her skin. If both of you are allergic, sandwich the latex in between non-latex products so that neither party comes in contact with the latex.

Double wrapping is always recommended even if there is no allergy to latex. Things do break under the stress of passion and the safer you are the more fun it can be made to be!

First Aid Kit

What's in your Femdom First Aide Kit:

  • First and foremost a First Aid Book
  • Uses:Clearly explains how to handle basic problems.
  • Condoms Spermicidal and non lubed/spermicidal
  • Uses: Covering dildoes, birth control, safer intercourse, oral sex(non lube/spermicidal)
  • Alcohol Pads
  • Uses: Temporary play piercings, cuttings, accidental cuts/abrasions, toy cleaning(on a lesser scale)
  • Latex/Nitrile/Other Gloves and/or finger cots
  • Uses: Fisting, anal finger play, blood play, switching between anal and vaginal play.
  • Dental Dam
  • Uses: Vaginal and anal oral sex
  • Safety(paramedic) scissors
  • Uses: Mummification, cutting of rope/leather/material restraints, cutting of clothing worn on the body
  • Band aids and general first aid bandages
  • Uses: Cuts, abrasions
  • Alcohol
  • Uses: same as alcohol pads; however, on a larger scale
  • Peroxide
  • Uses: Cleaning of toys, wounds
  • Arnica Gel(some people are allergic to Arnica)
  • Uses: to stop swelling and inflammation
  • Alternatives: ice gel pack covered in cloth
  • Vitamin E and K cream
  • The pure, edible kind with no scents or mineral oil added.
  • Uses: Is great for wound healing and for the general drying out of the skin that can happen during a scene.
  • Heparinoid (LASONIL is the brand I use)
  • Uses: Diminishes chances of bruising
  • Water
  • Uses: Fire play(wax, fire), re hydration. (hand washing, if theres no tap handy)
  • Panic Button
  • Uses: top passes out, emergency situation, or if you play partner has established medical conditions.
  • Mobile (Cell) phone
  • Uses: portable for scenes not close to a house phone/land line, for use when playing with a new partner
  • Safe call friends phone number.
  • Uses: When playing with a new partner can be used in case of emergency, or to check in your safe.
  • Safe words
  • Uses: in scene to stop play (remember to ask for a safeword.
  • tip: If your playing with constant partner it could written on the box lid
  • Small flashlight or chem (glow) sticks
  • Uses: in the event of power loss…the little LED lights on a head band are awesome, bright light and both hands free.
  • Tip 1 Additional uses poorly lit publicly play stations. where detail is required.
  • Tip 2: if you're like most of us never remember to change the batteries add spare batteries or stick to Chem sticks.
  • Medication
  • Uses: medication for health purposes. For example: heart medication, insulin, etc..
  • Candy/sugar/orange juice/juice
  • Uses: low blood sugar, re-energizing
  • Tip: Sports drinks are also good for re hydrating in a hurry if mummification play turns sour.
  • Lubrication - water soluble lube
  • Uses: fisting, intercourse, anal and vaginal play
  • Sharp's container
  • Uses: temporary play piercing(needles, bloodied pads), bio waste
  • Tweezers
  • Uses: Splinters from caning, loosening knots
  • Cotton swabs
  • Uses: first aid
  • Tip: padding for mummification
  • Panic snaps
  • Uses: quick release
  • Emergency contact numbers/addresses
  • Uses: for emergencies.. Locate directions of nearest hospital
  • Headache medication
  • Uses: headaches and mild pain relief after play
  • Tip 1: if used when play piercing it will thin blood and create more blood flow when needles are removed.
  • tip 2 medications used prior to play can lead to blood thinning cause increased bruising.
  • Paper Towels
  • Uses: clean up of blood, excretions
  • A compact blanket
  • Uses: to cover bottom/submissive after play; aids in diminishing shock; helps enhance emotional feelings of warmth and safety.
  • Bolt cutters
  • Uses: metal play(handcuffs, chain)
  • Extra keys
  • Uses: Extra keys for the same lock and kept separately;
  • Hint: universal keys that fit ALL locks (keyed the same)are well worth the initial investment
  • First aid knowledge and CPR Certificate
  • Users: Any emergency in or outside of play.

Additional Items

Additional things you might like to consider including in your kit it away from home:

  • hot water bottle
  • thermos of boiling water (for either hot drink or to fill hot water bottle.)
  • herbal tea and hot chocolate packets.
  • Change of clothes / dressing gown / soft robe /warm socks
If you're playing in a public space it's always nice to keep a robe in your kit. It helps a lot for after… when you're done with your blanket but may not want to get dressed yet. If you play pretty heavy and there is usually blood involved. Robes are great alternative to damaging “good clothes” Even without the blood it's nice to be able to wander around comfortably while you're “coming down”.

Cardiac Arrest

Make a difference, learn first aid today.

Did you know that over 6,000 people die of out of hospital Cardiac Arrest every year. That's 18 people every day. If you were the first person on the scene of one of the cardiac arrests would you know what to do?

The Red Cross is the world's largest provider of first aid training. You can rely on them to offer you courses which are of the highest standard and delivered by high quality, experienced instructors.

Trained first aiders can also help in many other situations.

If your play partner is unintentional injured or has a Cardiac Arrest, would you know what to do? First Aide courses Australia First Aide Courses Britain First aide courses USA First aide Courses Canada basic first aide National Center for HIV, STD, and TB Prevention

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