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gag safety in consensual Femdom scenes

Gags are devices that are inserted into the mouth to muffle sound & increase the feeling of helplessness. Gags come in many sizes, shapes & materials. Everything from the ball gag to the penis gags to inflatable gags. Gag and muzzle play is wonderful for a variety of bondage and dungeon scenes or to spice up bedroom fun too. Gags are a very powerful instrument, when used in the correct way and for the right purpose, both from a psychological point of view (usually their main purpose) as well as from a purely physical and practical point of view. Many submissives find that being gagged exacerbates their sense of helplessness within a BDSM / Femdom scene, and desire to be gagged for that reason. Gags also have connotations of punishment and control, and are therefore often also used as a form of humiliation to the wearer.

Gags and Silence

In practice, no gag is effective enough to completely silence someone without inhibiting breathing. Most gags that do stop the sub from making intelligible speech still allow loud inarticulate vocal noises to call for help. For example, many people think that using a gag will help prevent complaints from neighbors. Guess what, it is very likely exactly the opposite occur. Want to know why? Well, If there is one very distinctive sounds (no matter how faint) the average TV-veiwer has gotten used to (psychologically programmed) the faint sounds of a gagged person, especially hearing it through walls, from behind bushes or from the trunk of a car. You won't believe how many even wake up when they hear a sound that “sounds like” a gagged person and call the police. A gag can be useful to suppress outcries of pain provided the sub has been taught to BITE in it to fight the pain instead of shouting, (which is another energy burst). The gag doesn't muffle the cries - the gag is supposed to be an alternative for shrieking and crying.

safety with gags

Placing a gag on anybody is very risky, as it involves a substantial risk of asphyxia if the subject's nose is blocked by the gag. Using a gag on somebody who is ill, or affected by some condition such as the common cold, catarrh, or the flu, is also quite Dangerous and can be life threatening.

Sizing a gag

Most gags have been designed by people with little or no experience in Femdom power exchange, and usually only made to appeal to certain fantasies and create sales. So, whatever you do when you go to buy a gag: buy a small one. In the BDSM/Femdom-situation the objective of the gag is to humiliate, both through creating a saliva problem as well as through the fact that any more or less coherent speech is impossible and reduced to funny sounds. The main objective is to remind the submissive in a physical way that he is not supposed to talk. Some types of gags may serve other purposes as well, such as to bite in (to help fight or cope with the pain), steer (in pony play) or train (for oral sex)., a gag very frequently serves as a pacifier in the same way it does for babies. Being able (or being allowed) to suck on something can be comforting.

A gag that is too big will be too uncomfortable to keep in for any length of time (and usually that is exactly what you WANT a gag to be used for), because it will create cramps in the jaw muscles and a gagging effect if it is too long. There is no need for the gag to go in any deeper than halfway down the tongue.

There'll almost always be room enough to let a sufficient amount of air flow around the gag. And - unless he has a cold - he can breath through the nose as well. The fear of not being able to breath is largely psychological and - although not very rational - something that most slaves will have to learn to overcome.

The main danger of a gag is that it will interfere with a submissives breathing. Do not leave a gagged submissive unattended. Make sure the nasal air-way is completely clear. Always double check your gags. Attach any mouth stuffing to the gag itself so it will not slide down the submissives throat

Tips for using gags

  Never leave the sub out of sight and preferably be in a position where either the domme or someone else - if that is an option - can monitor the facial expression of the sub on a more or less constant basis (which is one reason why having mirrors in your dungeon can be very handy). The first signs of lack of air are the eyes widening (“popping out”), lips turning blueish and the facial skin turning either red or pale. Unexpected heavy sweating - on the forehead - is another warning signal Inability to breath is mostly a matter of panic. It should be dealt with. Always remove the gag instantly, because you should respond to panic seriously, regardless if there is a logical reason for it or not. .. Make sure there is some sort of non-verbal warning signal or safe word. Humming SOS in Morse code (three short - three long - three short) is one way, but not always handy. A bell to ring is the most efficient safety tool. An old and not always practical advice is to give the sub a ball or a set of car keys in his hand, he can drop if he feels he is in trouble. That signal may be too subtle and may be overlooked easily. If he has to drop something, let him drop something that makes noise when it falls, so you have a double warning signal!!the submissive vigorously nod their head UP and DOWN. (Most subs can shake their heads from side to side but hardly any nod)

Have the submissive grunt in a recognizable pattern, such as two short grunts then pause then two more (tunes can be fun)For our more talented submissives: learn the deaf alphabet and teach it to your dominant (Great if you need a submissive to focus…and not let their mind wonder) Make sure - whatever the restraint, bondage or position is - a gagged sub can always tilt his head sideways (when laying down) or bow it (when the head is in a more or less upright position) so he can expel excess saliva. This is humiliating, but always a better choice than choking. Never gag anyone suffering from heart or lung related diseases, regular hyperventilation or claustrophobia, someone who is on heavy medication or psycho drugs or suffers from diabetes or seizures.

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