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Please note this section Called Femdom 101 (or the Beginner Guides) is ALWAYS under construction and being updated within our community sites walls, listed here is a small sample of just what this one small section contains .

Designed As An introduction for those new to BDSM Femdom and searching for answers.

We are writing this from the experiences of others and our own experiences. This is by no means a complete 'how to BDSM' or 'How to become a Domme guide' or 'sub guide'. It is meant as a guide to those who seek a greater understanding, or who are interested, but don't know how, or where to start in Femdom, or a Female lead relationship. Or for that matter, if it is even for them.
Thought out this guide we will attempt to summarize the basics and then further link to some of our other on On site Resources that contain other more detailed information. Or other relevant threads as further reading on the topic.
Our goal is to answer commonly asked questions with as little or as much information as you require in an easy to follow, and understand format.
This collection is designed as a starting entry point.

covering topics such as:

What are the steps? phases? of Femdom
People are always curious about, what are the steps in BDSM.

How do I find a real time Domme?
This one of the most asked questions within Femdom. You can improve your chances. Have you done all you can to increase the odds in your favor?

How can i get my wife to sexually Dominate me?
We get many questions from married male submissive, masochists or fetishists asking for ideas and information or advise on this topic. Some are just thinking about this activity, unsure of themselves and their lover's response, a bit worried about the outcome, but ready to take the plunge. Others are just beginning to play Dominant/submissive games with their lover, both parties are open to the concept, and they are seeking more ideas and suggestions on creative D/s play. A few are trying to convert an unwilling or uncooperative spouse, and are deeply frustrated. We don't have the answers but we can help YOU, to help yourself.

Looking for a Cyber Partner?
Looking for a Cyber Partner but had no luck? Is it you or the elusive Femdom female that is hampering your search. Maybe you just haven't found the right place to chat?

Survival for new Dommes in chat rooms.
Internet Chatroom can make or break a new Dominant. While our chatroom supports new Dominants, others do not. HNG and wannabes are riff. How you can make it work for YOU.

How do I get a Mistress to accept my service?
Domme receive constant PMs, and Emails to take on a submissives for training. Most of the correspondence we receive are sorry indeed. :(
Would you really like to write a introduction that will have a higher chance of standing out for all the right reasons? Try our free programs “Help me find my Domme?”

My partner told me he wants this
“Your partner has approached you with a request. You know it is important you see it means a great deal to him, but you have no idea what it could be. He is flushed, excited, nervous, and a little tentative to talk to you. Clearly this is very important to him and most likely then, to you! Then he blurts it out. “I want you to be my Mistress” So what now? please note this is a basic outline for more in-depth answers and solutions try one of Free Programs “Help, my partner wants me to be his Domme”

Sex and Femdom
Many people from and outside BDSM Femdom community question the necessity of sexual intercourse during the session. Indeed, where is a place of sex in BDSM Femdom and is it essential for such sort of relationships?

CNC: where the Femdom knowledge resides for the beginner to Newbie.An introduction for those new to BDSM Femdom and searching for answers.

This is by no means a complete 'how to BDSM' or 'How to become a Domme guide' or 'sub guide'. It is meant as a guide to those who seek a greater understanding, or who are interested, but don't know how, or where to start in Femdom, or Female lead relationship. Or for that matter, if it is even for them.

Basics of Female Dominance
This section of CollarNcuffs is for those females wanting to learn more about a type of relationship known as Dominance and submission within BDSM Femdom practices. It is designed as a beginners guide to Femdom to exploring Femdom for themselves.

Styles of play and equipment uses (how to)
ok so you've figured out this is, what you want, but your still lacking skills and techniques to continue, you've read our Basics of female dominance Then, take a deep breath and consider these suggestions, who knows maybe some will interest you: The following items and techniques are not recommended for beginners, but are included so that when, or if you decide, you have the information at hand to ensure that the play continues to be safe and consensual.

Dealing with cyber stalkers
When carried out sensibly and securely, communication through social networks and other online public forums can be beneficial, both socially and professionally. However, if you’re not careful, it can lead to numerous undesirable consequences, one of which is cyberstalking.

Netiquette: The rules of conduct for BDSM world-wide web
If your chosen medium for exploring Femdom is the Internet the chances are at one time or another you will be drawn into the world of message boards, chat rooms, and online D/s… being as you are at this site, you already have begun experiencing the latter :wink: . Like any other culture, the online Femdom community has its own protocols and 'ethics' that it follows. These rules of conduct are in addition to, not in place of, basic social skills and graces.

Beginning Rope Play 101
Rope bondage, also referred to as rope play, kinbaku, shibari, is bondage involving the use of rope to restrict movement, wrap, suspend, or restrain a person, as part of BDSM Femdom activities.

A Self Bondage Primer 101
Self-bondage refers to the use of restraints on oneself for erotic pleasure. It is a form of erotic bondage which can be practiced alone.
Self-bondage is characterized by experimentation and ingenuity, and can be riskier than conventional bondage. Self-bondage requires use of techniques for self-binding as movement becomes increasingly restricted as more restraints are applied, and also requires a reliable release mechanism. Many types of bondage equipment can be applied before the one that restrains the hands. For example, leg irons can be applied, as well as gags, blindfolds, etc. For many of its practitioners, the added challenges and dangers are a part of the appeal of self-bondage, who often devise elaborate self-bondage schemes and release mechanisms, both in practice and in erotic fiction.

A Complete Newbie's Guide to Safe calls 101
A safecall is an arrangement that you make to check in with a trustworthy person when you’re meeting with an acquaintance or someone new with whom you haven’t yet developed trust. Your trustworthy person should know where you’re going to be (specific addresses), who you’re going to be with (real names), and what time(s) you will be checking in. If you don’t check in, they’ll assume something has gone wrong and will contact the local authorities.

What is subfrenzy? SubFrenzy 101
Subfrenzy: The term sub-frenzy has been around for decades, perhaps as long as Femdom, but in more recent years with advent of the internet the definition has become rather incomplete. The current definition of sub-frenzy around the internet often reads something like this:
A frantic, mania-like state where a sub will desperately attempt to experience every BDSM act they have any interest in, frequently to the point that it affects their decision-making and impairs their judgment.
We think this definition is lacking because . A definition is great but understanding and stopping it, is often better. As such, the term sub-frenzy has been limited in its application towards the specific scenario described above, while leaving a void of terminology for other scenarios that involve frenzy.
If we are focusing on the source/cause, a better definition of sub-frenzy would read something like this: A state of impaired judgment where a sub will behave abnormally or erratically in pursuit of an altered mental state. sub-frenzy is a phenomenon that affects many new submissives and even older hands. It’s that rush of overwhelming, consuming desire to experience kink, as soon as possible, often to the point of neglecting all other concerns (in some cases even your Domme if you have one or your personal safety).
Most of submissives have thought about submission long before they ever have the nerve to go looking for it, and when they do, it’s often like someone dropped a bomb in the middle of your world. You can become consumed by it. Femdom is all you can think about. Hopefully its not to late and you still have a Dominants attentions because you spotted the signs early or some one pointed you to this resource as they noticed the signs.

Erotic Humiliation And Degradation
From a technical perspective, erotic humiliation and erotic degradation usually are not quite the same thing, though they are generally talked about interchangeably or lumped together as “humiliation and degradation”. Humiliation is a mental state as in your mental state, and what humiliates one individual submissive may not humiliate another submissive.

14 Things To Try If Your Very New To Femdom And Just Starting Out
Femdom is practiced by all kinds of people with all types of backgrounds - and they play a crucial role in the fantasy lives for a large proportion of women and men. You'll find if you look more, nothing is wrong with being into kinky sex play and it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. All this indicates, in the end, is that you’re into kinky sex play, sex play that the health professionals and scientific research all now agree is good for you! but where to start?

Check back often we are always creating more!!

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