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Sexual Power for Women

This entire e-book is free and I really appreciate author Georgeann Cross's for her generosity in making it available to us. Read the account of her adventures in the gradual process of real life domination of her partner and see if it sounds a bell for you. The insights she provides are helpful to anyone who is trying to figure out if Dominance and submission is a true part of their sexual make-up. Also helpful for anyone wanting to understand the dynamics of this kind of sexual relationship.

Sexual Power for Women A Real-World Guide to Sexually Enslaving Your Man by Georgeann Cross


  • Chapter 2 In which the author gives an account of herself and this work
  • Chapter 4 In which we examine the anatomy, the physiology, and some of the psychology of male sexual response, from a practical point of view
  • Chapter 5 In which the reader is invited to take an inventory of herself for the purpose of gauging how well female domination might suit her(Trustworthiness - Empathy - The ability to communicate effectively - The ability to act strategically - A talent for teasing- Attractiveness - Confidence)
  • Chapter 6 In which we explore the advantages a man may find in being a woman’s love slave (-Sexual excitement - Love-Intimacy - Escape from responsibility - Permission to reject overwork-Motivation-Knowing what’s expected-Avoidance of performance anxiety - Altered consciousness)
  • Chapter 7 In which we meet a couple that eschews female domination but still makes good use of some of its techniques
  • Chapter 8 In which we consider the logistics of bondage(- Comfort, food, drink and drugs-Positions, materials, knots, toys and safety)
  • Chapter 9 In which we survey some of the ways a man might be persuaded to accept sexual slavery in a new and uncommitted relationship
  • Chapter 10 In which we continue our survey by tracing two unusual routes to female domination
  • Chapter 11 In which we make a microscopic study of some valuable psychological techniques(-Suggestion - Staging struggles for control - The ultimate tease-Attention)
  • Chapter 12 In which we conclude our survey by looking at relationships with no history of sexual penetration
  • Chapter 13 In which we address the ugly problem of violence(-Bad men-Countermeasures - Wearing the black belt
  • Chapter 14 In which we note that marriages are different
  • Chapter 15 In which the first of many young wives take charge
  • Chapter 17 In which two jealous tyrants are taken down just one notch
  • Chapter 18 In which we contemplate some insurmountable obstacles(- Retarded ejaculation - Childhood abuse-Sex role - insecurity - Alcoholism)

Authoress information:

All material on in this section of Web site is Copyright © 1997 by Georgeann Cross.

Georgeann Cross finished writing Sexual Power for Women in 1997.No one would publish it. The reasons are left to the reader’s speculation. A few copies on loose-leaf paper have been in circulation ever since, passing from woman to woman. One early attempt to post the work on the Internet was aborted in July of 1998 by the sudden death of the Webmaster. The entire text of this long-suppressed work can now be read here. Neither Georgeann Cross nor the proprietors of this Web site assume any responsibility for your use of the material presented here. We recommend that you treat the material as fiction, offered only for your entertainment.

If you find typing errors, please write to .We’ll fix them at our earliest convenience.

Georgeann’s work is also available as a PDF file, which you can print on the traditional loose-leaf paper to give away or carry around with you.To view or print the file, you’ll need Adobe Reader.If you don’t already have Adobe Reader, you can download it free from the Adobe Web site. The size of the PDF file is 1.2 megabytes.We recommend that you download it and then process it with Adobe Reader, because attempting to work with a large PDF file in a browser window may cause your computer to freeze.Though it’s possible to download the PDF file by clicking the link, waiting for the download to complete, and then clicking the Save icon in the new window, you’ll find the process less frustrating if you right-click the link and select Save [Link] Target As in the context menu.In most systems, this will allow the download to proceed asynchronously, and will also give you a running indication of its progress.When the PDF file has been downloaded, you can open it immediately or at your leisure

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PDF File for Single-sided Printing If you’re trying to maintain an up-to-date copy of Georgann’s work on paper, you can see what’s changed.The last change was made on August 22, 2005.

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