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Femdom teasing ideas

This is a list of suggested ideas and activities for Dominant Women to use on their submissive men. I've written this list because I enjoyed compiling it and I hope people will continue to send comments and additions It could be used as a starting point for couples who would like some new ideas or don’t know where to start. This list is not meant as a “how too list” but just meant to spark ideas for the newly dominant woman, as I suggest she finds her own style.

Here are a few fantastic ideas on how to tease, humiliate, punish, and torment your favorite male submissive. . Have fun!!

  • -As a basis for various games a couple rolls of the dice to see where his future lies, spin the wheel… someone mentioned using the daily lottery numbers for determining the 'punishment of the day'…)

List of teases:

  • - Tease Your slave to get him to the point where he'll “Do Anything to please You”
  • - Make him strip naked while You keep Your clothes on.
  • - Don't let him masturbate or touch his cock without Your permission at any time while he is Your slave.
  • - Have him kneel before You and kiss Your feet.
  • - Tie his hands and have him undress you with his mouth/teeth. Old stockings make great ties if you have none.
  • - Have him address you as 'Mistress' or any name you feel good hearing, I find my name just doesn’t set the ‘scene’ as well as mistress and gives My subs a verbal enforcer as to who is in charge.
  • - Have him kiss Your ass…make him beg to kiss Your ass.
  • -Scratch him with your finger nails.
  • - Tie his hands behind his back. Have him kneel with knees spread naked in front of You while you read or watch TV, occasionally nudging his balls or penis with Your shoes.
  • - Use some strong string (kite string), tie a slip noose in the end and tighten it around the head of the penis, tug on it, pull it shake it, lead him with it, whatever pleases you.
  • - Show Your slave your panty crotch, make him smell it, but no touching without permission.
  • - Tie your slave spread eagle to the bed and tease him for hours. Make sure he has a big hard on, but once he does only touch it when he needs just a little more encouragement, don't let him cum.
  • - Either order him to stay erect, or don't give him permission to have a hard on… either way, punish him if he fails!
  • -Put on his favorite lingerie and tease him with Your beauty.
  • -Tickle him. Pinch his nipples.
  • -Sit on his chest and find out what he would do to be allowed to kiss your nipple. let him almost kiss it but pull away, make him beg !.
  • -Squat above his face, make him reach with his tongue to taste the crotch of your panties…get more promises
  • - Make him lick the dildo clean.
  • -Blindfold him and make him lick you to several orgasms. Take a break, cum back and do it all again.
  • - Rub his face against your pussy or sit on his face, but gag him with your panties or a gag so that he can't lick you.
  • - Tie his balls off to something behind him so he has to tug on them to smell Your panties or kiss your ass…stay just out of reach.
  • - Masturbate in front of him. Use a dildo or a vibrator. (little hint look him fair and square in the eyes)
  • - Put the base of the dildo in his mouth and make him satisfy You with it. Do it so his nose presses between Your ass cheeks. He'll be Your little brown nose and love it.
  • -Make him wear a cock ring (a watch strap or cat collar works well)
  • - Tie him down to the bed and tie his hands to his penis but do not give him permission to cum with harsh punishments for disobedience.
  • -Take a break, put some worn panties over his face and leave the room for a while and let him think about what else you might do.
  • - Put Your worn panties over his head so he can smell your odor.

List of Humiliations:

Once he'll “Do Anything to please You” here's some ideas that will keep Your slave attentive and in his proper place, and will hopefully be entertaining for You.

  • - Make him wear Your panties or lingerie, dress him up as a little girl or a French maid.
  • - Make him do housework naked or dressed in women's clothes.
  • -Make him hand wash your panties and lingerie.
  • - Have him pamper you, have him:
  • - give you a foot/back/full body massage/rub moisturizer all over your body.
  • - give you a pedicure/manicure,
  • - paint your finger/toe nails.
  • - bathe you/shave your legs.
  • - Make him polish your shoes with his tongue.
  • - Make him wear a collar and lead him around with a leash, like a dog.
  • -have him drink out of a bowl on the floor no hands.
  • - cook and serve you a nice dinner. (naked is even better ;-))
  • - Make him masturbate for You, make him beg for permission to cum, don't let him, punish him if he does
  • - Always make him lick you clean after sex.
  • - Tie it off in front of the sink while he does the dishes.
  • - Dress him up like the slut that he is, wear a strap-on dildo and make him beg to suck it. fuck him. (don't forget the fuck-me red lipstick! Or the sissy and sassy Barbie pink!)
  • - Make him wear Your panties or lingerie under his regular clothes when he goes out or goes to work so that he will think of his Mistress constantly.
  • - Order him to bring himself to the edge of orgasm and stay there until you give him permission. When you give the command he must cum within 5 seconds or he will be punished and/or not allowed to cum at all. (keep him that way for 30 minutes, an hour…or as long as you want)
  • - Make him screw himself with a dildo.
  • - Attach a leash to his balls or cock ring, and lead him around with that.
  • - Make him earn his rewards; for example:
  • -Allow him to kiss your ass after the dishes are done.
  • -1 minute of pleasure for him for 10 minutes of yours.
  • -5 minutes of pleasure for him after he makes you cum 5 times.
  • -Spank him 10 times for each minute it takes him to make You cum.
  • - If You think he's earned an orgasm, make him cum on Your feet or your ass and then make him lick You clean.
  • - go out, order him to tie himself up, be naked or dressed up as a girl and be kneeling at the door for when You arrive.
  • Ride him around as your pony boy…spurs? a riding crop?
  • - Order him to bring himself to the edge of orgasm and stay there until You give him permission. When you give the command he must cum within 5 seconds or he will be punished and/or not allowed to cum at all. (keep him that way for 30 minutes, an hour…or as long as you want)
  • -you may want to curb his interest by ordering him to jerk off 5 or 6 times in a row. Use it as skin conditioner… 3 times on each foot, have him spread it around and lick them clean after each time.
  • -have him masturbate with a handful of uncooked rice if he is annoying.
  • - Lock a padlock on his balls. (Don’t loose the key! :-o)
  • -Have him wear a pink bow with your name written on it tied to his cock all day (a good way to remind them who they belong too)
  • - Give him a golden shower. (shower works well for this if you don't want mess)
  • - Make him think of a new way for You to humiliate him. Punish him if you don't think it's good enough. Make him post it to the net (and send it to me to add to the list)

List of Punishments:

If he's not performing to Your satisfaction, or you just feel the need to assert Your right to punish Your slave. If you don’t like inflecting pain there are other ways to make him uncomfortable and will still work to maintain you dominance over him.

  • -Tie him in an uncomfortable position.
  • - Tie his ankles together and attach his balls to them.
  • - Hog tied. (wrists and ankles tied together)
  • - Spank or whip him. (wooden spoon, hair brush, belt, ruler, ping pong paddle, riding crop, switch, cat-o-nine tails (look in the kitchen heaps of play toys.)
  • - In a chair with his knees pulled up to his shoulders - good for spanking and everything is exposed and vulnerable.
  • - Tie up his balls and cock with a long leather thong, clothes line, or boot lace. Use a long piece, and wrap the base and balls repeatedly. Do each ball separately. Tie tight loops around his shaft from base to tip then tie the end off back between his legs and up to a belt or to his handcuffs.
  • - Make him wear a chastity belt or cock cage.
  • - Hanging from the ceiling by his wrists
  • -Attach clothes pins or nipple clips to his nipples, balls, cock or wherever.
  • - Put a butt plug in his ass. Or get out the strap-on.
  • - Enema.
  • - Put Ben-gay or icy-hot on his penis and nipples.
  • - Double up on his domestic chores, make them more difficult: tie his hands; make him use a toothbrush to clean the toilet, tie his ankles with a short chain and make him wear extra high heels.
  • - Deny him orgasms for a long period of time.
  • -Put a butt plug in his ass. Or get out the strap-on.
  • - Drip candle wax on him.
  • - Have him lick You clean after you pee.
  • - Humiliate him in public…take him shopping for panties/lingerie
  • Make him do exercises (jumping jacks, leg spreads, squats, aerobics…) (Ballet is always good for a laugh LOL)

Article by MissBonnie © (Also published by MissBonnie in German Bondage guide)

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