I knew this day would come. Ever since I arrived at the Compound six months ago, I knew I would one day be brought before a woman I’d never met, a woman with more power over my life than I ever guessed would be possible. My new Mistress. My owner.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was handpicked specifically for her. It wasn’t until after I arrived here that I found out what my future would be. At first, I was afraid, I admit it. I may have come here of my own free will, but I didn’t really mean for this lifestyle to be permanent. To be all encompassing. I thought it would be a fun vacation from reality. But as the days and weeks went on, I realized that this life was exactly what I wanted. Exactly what I had always secretly wanted.

From that first day on, I was being trained for service in the stable of this powerful woman. I didn’t know what she looked like or even what her name was. I only knew that she had chosen me. And I slowly began to look forward to the day I would be brought to kneel before her. That day has arrived.

I was very nervous, but I knew that my training had been thorough, and I would pass her inspection. Or, at least I hoped so. With all my heart, I hoped so.

As nervous as I was, I tried my best to hide it, to not think of this as an audition or a test. “Obey her,” was my mantra, as the door of the guest cottage opened and I was ushered in. Other than the long, old-fashioned dark cape that was draped over my body, I was completely naked. No collar, no leash, no bindings at all. My training —— and my need to please her —— guided me.

As soon as I had entered, I kneeled on the floor and bowed by head. Hands untied the cape from around my neck and undraped it from my body. Then I was naked. And believe me, I felt it.

“Close your eyes,” she said softly. “Keep them closed until I tell you to open them.” She then ordered me to clasp my hands behind my head, and remain on my widespread knees, but to lean back until my shoulders touched the floor, so that I was lying on my back, but still kneeling. As soon as I did this, I felt her hand between my spread legs, sliding up my inner thigh to cup my balls. She began caressing them, slowly at first, but then with more vigor. My breathing accelerated and I prayed that I wouldn’t disgrace myself then and there.

“Whom do you belong to?” she asked as her hand began to wander over my genitals. “Who owns these balls, this cock, this asshole? Who owns every orifice in your body, every bit of flesh, every part of you, inside and out?”

“You do, Mistress. My body, my soul, my life belongs to you,” I panted.

She then ordered me to stand up and open my eyes. That’s when I saw her for the first time. She was beautiful. And nude. But I didn’t dare let my eyes leave her face.

She walked around me, sliding her hands over my chest, shoulders, neck, and down my back. “Walk to the sawhorse over there and bend forward over it. I wish to inspect your ass more closely.” After I was spread over it, properly displayed, she began to touch me. Intimate is the word that popped into my head. Despite the numerous inspections I had to undergo here at the Compound, I felt that this was the most intimate. And the most important inspection of my life.

Headmistress Princesca and her associates and guests have a particular fondness for ass play —— both giving and receiving. And although I didn’t realize it before my arrival here, I was very definitely anal erotic.

I now felt my new Mistress’s hands touch my ass. They were extremely gentle as they softly caressed my smoothly shaven skin, pressing to feel my muscles underneath. She was learning my body, I realized. Memorizing me, as well as testing my reactions to make sure that I had indeed learned all I needed to in order to fulfill her expectations. Her requirements.

She slid her finger down the groove between my cheeks and pressed her thumb against my asshole. Although I had been fucked up the ass innumerable times since my arrival here at the Compound, I wasn’t lubed up now and the pressure of her thumb was hurting me a little. She then used some of her own juices to make her thumb slick and returned it to my asshole. It poked in right away and she wiggled it around inside me for a minute or so. Her other hand grasped my erect cock and gently squeezed. Then she let go and ordered me to get off the sawhorse and kneel down before her.

When I was again on my knees, she stepped so close to me that my face was pressed against her pussy. “Worship me,” she ordered softly.

I opened my mouth, sucking her pussy flesh inside. I sucked hard as my tongue began licking every intimate part of her. This is how I was trained, and I guessed that this was how she wanted it done. I breathed in deeply of her somehow familiar scent. Something in my brain exploded and all I could think of was that I was home. Home. What a wonderful word!

Her hands rested on my shoulders. As I wrapped my arms around her pulling her pussy closer to my open mouth, I began caressing her legs and ass. I then used my hands to pull her ass cheeks apart and I held onto her body that way for a while. She ran her fingers through my hair as she pulled my head even closer into her. And then, when I heard her breathing accelerate and she began panting, I quickly poked my little finger into her ass.

She came . . . with a sigh.

But she didn’t push me away then. Instead she kept holding my face against her. And I continued to lap at her pussy —— more gently this time —— licking away all her juices as she regained her breath.

“Very nice, my dear.” Then she pushed me away and walked over to get something from the cabinet in the corner of the room. When she returned I saw that she held a tube of lube in her hand.

“I have been supervising your training. Headmistress has kept me well informed of your progress, and I’m very pleased with you, my dear. I even watched you during my occasional visits here. And, although you hadn’t yet served me personally, I made certain that my tastes and desires were incorporated into your training. I expect that you won’t disappoint me.”

She turned around and I watched her ass move as she went to the bed and made a huge mound of pillows in the middle of it. Then she kneeled on the bed and lay face down upon it, with the mound of pillows propping up her now-upraised ass. She held her arm out to me, the tube of lube in her hand, and beckoned me. “Come to me, Robert. Pleasure me well, dear.”

For a moment I stood there, not breathing. Then I gulped air into my lungs and quickly climbed up onto the foot of the bed, sliding my body on the sheet, just like a snake would, until I reached her and buried my nose between her widespread ass cheeks.

I was home.

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