Roley Poley

David walked up the driveway to the old farm. It hadn’t changed much from the days when he used to come here as a kid. Still the same old orchard, the same trees around the house, the steep hill out the back He had spent time here as a boy, visiting his cousins who had lived here. Amanda, Sam, Claire and Alice. All older than he was. He hadn’t seen them for nearly eight years. Now Amanda, the eldest, had inherited the farm, and the girls had invited him up for a reunion.

As he got close to the house four figures emerged. All female, tall, dressed in jeans and T-shirts or crop tops. They greeted him warmly. “David, David, how good to see you again. My, you have grown into a spunky man.”
This came from Amanda, the eldest of the four. She was a 22-year-old blonde. Her long golden hair was parted on one side, and a gleaming fall swept down covering almost half her face before resting on her breasts where it rolled smoothly under. It was a style that spoke of lots of time spent in front of a mirror and of pride in her hair.

The other three girls stood grinning at him. Claire and Alice were identical twins of 19. There hair too was golden, and both wore it waist length, straight and free, with long deep eye-skimming fringes. The last of the four girls, Sam, had her red hair in a long pageboy style, the ends of the burnished copper silk resting heavily on her shoulders before gently rolling under.
All four girls exuded a sensuality that almost smoldered. How they had matured – they were all gorgeous. They escorted him into the house and made him welcome. That evening they sat around and reminisced about the days when they had played together at this place.
“Remember cowboys and Indians?” laughed Sam.
“Cowboy” corrected David.
Vaguely disturbing images came back to him of those games. He was always the cowboy captured by the four Indian maidens. He always ended up tied up while the girls devised ever more painful and humiliating punishments for him. And they were always reluctant to let him go. But there were also the pleasant memories – fishing, eating fruit in the orchard, rolling over and over down the steep hill behind the farm.

The next day it was decided to have a picnic lunch at the top of the steep hill. After lunch they all relaxed on the grass. David had brought a book to read, as had Amanda. The other girls were talking together. Claire took a comb and sitting behind Alice began to comb out her long blonde hair. They were close to David and he could hear the soft hiss as the comb glided down the beautiful blonde silk. Sam now sat in front of Alice, applying a coating of lipstick to Alice’s’ pouting lips David struggled to contain his mounting excitement Wow, this was so erotic. He could feel himself becoming aroused, so rolled onto his stomach. Pretending to be still reading his book, he instead fixed his gaze on the sensual tableau in front of him.

Clever, but not clever enough. After a couple of minutes Sam spoke.
“Hey, David’s perving on us. He’s staring – seen something you like, have you?”
Three other heads swung to look at him.
“He’s pretending to read his book, but he isn’t,” Sam continued, “he’s really been staring at us. And he’s just rolled over onto his stomach. Bet if we looked he’d have a hard-on.”

A smile spread over Amanda’s face, and Claire and Alice giggled.
“Roll over, David,” commanded Amanda.
Red faced, David muttered something about ‘reading his book’ and stayed as he was, aware of the telltale pole that would be visible if he did roll over.
“Alright, we’ll do it the more interesting way – roll him over girls.”
Before he could move the four girls were upon him. He was no match for them and was easily rolled over. Claire and Alice held one arm each, and Amanda sat on his legs. Sam knelt beside him and patted down his groin. Immediately, like a brass rubbing, his erection showed through his trousers. The girls chortled in triumph.
“Oh dear, you are a naughty boy,” admonished Amanda. What are we going to do with you? What do you think girls?“
“Well,” Sam smiled as she still caressed his erection, ” I think we should have a look at this. I would really love to see how our little David has developed over the years. Let’s strip him.”
At this the girls grabbed for his clothes. David bucked and twisted but to no avail. He was quickly stripped naked, and again found himself helpless in their grip, naked and exposed. Sam now sat astride his chest. She leaned across him to pick something up. As she did so her heavy hair, fragrant and soft, enveloped his face. His penis throbbed to life again.
“Well how about we start with this?”
She held up the lipstick she had been using on Alice. Slowly, watching his reaction, she unscrewed in front of him.
“Like it David – I think it’s your colour, isn’t it? Let’s try it and see.”
David twisted and squirmed as she brought the tube near his lips. Immediately Amanda grasped his testicles and squeezed.
“O.K. David you keep very still and let Sam make your lips nice – otherwise you are going to have a lot of pain here.”
Sam began to apply the lipstick to the mouth of the suddenly docile boy. The other girls laughed and taunted him.
“Oh sweetie, that is your colour,” laughed Claire. Sam finished and put the tube down, looking critically at her handiwork, and smiling in approval.
“Hey, I think we should do some more work on David. I didn’t bring a book up here and need something to do. How about we tie him in the triangle like we used to -they will still be there,” Alice suggested. The girls readily agreed, and David found himself being dragged to a group of three small trees that he remembered only too well. They were spaced at just the right distance apart to allow a victim to be spread on the ground, bound hands strapped to the base of one tree and legs spread and ankles bound to two others. The girls were able to quickly produce tights to do the binding with and he was soon stretched tightly on the ground. Helpless and with his legs apart exposing his genitals to their tender mercies.

Alice, Claire and Sam then busied themselves devising torments for their hapless victim. Amanda was content to sit and watch, enjoying the entertainment and taunting David. Alice had produced a couple of pink ribbons and these were used to tie around David’s’ testicles, one around each. They were tied low down on each sack and pulled tight, causing David to cry out in pain. Sam then amused herself flicking the now purple sacks with her beautifully manicured fingernails. All four girls laughed as he moaned and writhed, trying in vain to escape the tormenting nails.

Amanda now rummaged through her bag and produced her brush, along with another object that she threw to Sam.
“See if you can make use of that,” she smiled and began to brush her hair. Sam caught the object and held it out for the twins to see. It was a metal ponytail grip, beautifully made and enameled, with sharp teeth and a strong spring.
“Well, we certainly can’t use it on this as it is,” pouted Claire, fingering David’s now shrunken penis. “Let’s see if we can get some life back into it.”

The three girls began to tease the timid organ, gradually coaxing it back to erection. Their skillful fingers played and stroked, teased and tickled, until, despite David’s pain and humiliation, it stood rigid. Then, as the others laughed and encouraged her, Sam placed the strong springed clip around the helpless organ, allowing the teeth to dig in down the tender underside. David writhed and groaned in pain. Sam moved the clip, allowing the teeth to score more of the tender skin. The girls all laughed at David’s discomfort, enjoying every second of their entertainment.

Leaving Sam and Alice to the joys of the torment – they were now forcing flowers into their victims urethra, Claire went to the picnic hamper and returned with a small packet.
“Look at what I’ve got – we can do some Chinese torture now,” she smiled, producing a packet of toothpicks. They went to their victims’ feet and began to force the toothpicks under his toenails. They did it slowly and deliberately, savouring every scream from his lips.

“Oh David, do hold still. How can we get these into the best position if you keep wriggling? Oh, did that one hurt a lot. Poor sweetie. What happens if I move this one around under here – oh, beautiful – you scream like a girl! Sam, maybe we could give him a manicure and take a nail off- hee hee – doesn’t like that idea does he?”
Amanda got up.
“He squeals like a girl, doesn’t he?’ she laughed, and then tiring of the entertainment, wandered off to the side of the hill. There she stood, staring of into space, as David’s screams got louder. She turned and sauntered back to where the other three girls were busy enjoying themselves.
“Girls,” she said, “I think maybe poor David has had enough for today.”
“Oh, not yet,” pouted Sam. “We’re just getting started.” She began rearranging the flowers sticking out of his penis, provoking another bout of moans and sobs.
“Well, lets give him a choice,” Amanda smiled. “David, would you like us to stop playing with you?”
“Yes, oh yes please stop it please,” he pleaded.
“Well, my sisters will be disappointed, but maybe if you let them do one last thing, they will stop. Let me think. I know – how about a rolley- poley down the hill like we used to do. You’ve done that a lot before haven’t you? And you used to love it. Would that be ok? Rolley -poley, or more play with my sisters?”
“Yes, yes – down the hill,” he gasped
The other girls were now looking a bit nonplussed, but catching the wink from Amanda joined in the game. Acting together, they carried their struggling victim across to the top of the step hill and lowered him to the ground. As they did so Amanda nodded down the hill. Her sisters followed her gaze and broke into giggles.
“Oh yes, good one ‘Manda,” laughed Sam.
“We just need to get him ready now’” said Amanda. “I think perhaps we need to make sure he stays nice and straight as he rolls. Perhaps a branch ….”
A few minutes later saw David tied to a rigid pole in such a way that he was prevented from curling up into a fetal position. He would stay in the position he was launched in until he reached the bottom of the hill. Alice wasn’t happy though.
“Look at this’” she pouted, flicking David’s shrunken penis. “I think this should share in the joys ahead.”
“Yes,” laughed Sam, her copper hair gleaming as she moved her head, “let’s get his cock involved.” So saying she began to tease it with her fingers. The other girls quickly joined in, stroking and teasing him to hardness. Alice began to tickle him with her hair and Claire quickly followed her example. When he was rigid Sam took a length of ribbon and loping it around the base of his penis, pulled it tight before tying it off. “There, that should keep it up until he reaches the bottom. Ready for your roll, David?” He nodded tearfully, glad that his ordeal was nearly over. The girls moved him into position. David looked down he long hill. Then just as they pushed him he began to scream, and scream….

The four girls watched his progress from the top of the hill.
“It’s interesting how things change over the years,” observed Amanda.
“Yes,” agreed Claire. “There never used to be a single stinging nettle around here. Now look – the whole hill is just covered in them!”

Orginal story & art work by Longbob ©

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