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Longbob(messages can be forwarded via Admin) images and text ©
Roley Poley He was always the cowboy captured by the four Indian maidens. He always ended up tied up while the girls devised ever more painful and humiliating punishments for him. FF/m CBT Bondage
Birthday The girls plan a birthdayFF/m Teasing
Test A hapless male bound, little did he know, He was going to be helpless, naked against the wall in the silence of the perfumed room. With his arms and legs were spread wide, held by silken cords. FF/m teasing Bondage
Hand knowing fingers, teasing delights. There was a sheet of silk, glistening gold, stretched tight. What was beneath it was unseen, but known. For from out of the center of the silk jutted a male organ. F/m
Ordeal for twoKevin opened his eyes slowly. As consciousness returned so did awareness. He found that he couldn’t move. He gradually realized that his hands were restrained and that he was completely helpless, splayed in the form of across, naked and vulnerable. F/fm


James (messages can be forwarded via Admin): images and text ©
Bonnies cross Original art MissBonnie taunts her victim. The room is dark, lit only by a few candles, obscure shadows fall upon the walls. A cross sits by the wall, a bed draped in purple near the other. The silhouette of a man and a women stand in the center of the room. Miss Bonnie kisses him on the neck, tasting him, tasting his apprehension. Slowly she runs her hands over his chest, up and down his body. Softly feeling him, caressing his body. F/m mummification Bondage
Black panties“Uh…” her soft and almost inaudible gasp resonated through out the room. He couldn't look back, he knew all to well the trouble he was in. She had returned from shopping early, and stood by the door in shock. F/m Femme
Mr.Johnston's secretarySecretaries are often not what they appear. Mr. Johnston was in for a huge surprise F/m chastity


AnnonaMiss (messages can be forwarded via Admin) images and text ©
Pretty BoiHe made such a pretty girl. My hand in his hair is gentle, fingers dancing over his scalp and down to his neck. He stares at me in confusion from his customary place naked at my feet; I almost giggle, knowing he must be wondering why I am being so “nice”. F/m Femme
The Bench “Damn it, damn it, I hate it when I'm late, gawd I'm going to be sorry for this” I grumbled softly to myself. Buzz… Buzz… giggling to my self I realize I might get away with it she's not here, she's late also. Soon he would bound and waiting F/mm Bondage Anal ProDomme
School Daze young and in need of correction. Cain was sent to my school by his worried parents who had had enough of his “wild” behavior which included sex with girls, women and even other men. They even confided that they suspected he masturbated quite often daily. F/m Corporal


CBTpete images and text ©
Rememberhow can he forget! As he woke and his eyes sorted out the kaleidoscope of colors into discernible objects he then realized the seriousness of his situation. He was naked, and securely bound to an odd chair. His legs were spread as the chair seat was in a “V” shape. F/m CBT
Burglar Chapter 1There was a flight of stairs, ascended looking for the bedrooms and the jewelry. At the top of the stairs he entered the room on the right, it was unlike anything he had every seen! There was a sling suspended from the ceiling, a torture table, hand cuffs, and whips! His cock went instantly erect!F/m CBT Non Consent
Burglar Chapter 2he wanted was her things of value. Hours later she arose from her slumber, the previous session merely an afterglow to her body. She stretched and sat upright. Looking down she saw her slave, pete.F/m CBT Non Consent
Burglar Chapter 3What a life altering mistake he had made, breaking into the dungeon to rob the place only to be captured and turned into her fantasy slave. She had never met a slave who should withstand such intense CBT, in fact just thinking of what she had already done to him made her wet with desire.F/m CBT Non Consent
the War revisitedAs I took my position I thought about all that had transpired leading up to this.It started so innocently. An asshole flamed Ms Norma Jean on her Yahoo Group. Well being the Southern Gentlemen that I am, I could not stand by and allow that to go unanswered! My reply was in true Southern form, and then I apologized to the Mistress for his total lack of Manors..and accused him of being a Damn Yankee.CBT Bondage
Weight LiftingHow much weight can he lift for herF/m CBT bondage


horace images and text ©
Will you submit Bill knelt on the floor, shaking, blushing and cowering. His head was down, his shy face piercing the floor and his long, dirty blond hair dangled, nearly touching the floor. He was short, scrawny and timid looking: Almost innocent. He was in the house of a woman he'd just met, and his light brown eyes were lost in contemplation. He ran the events that had led to this moment in his head over and over and over again. The whole thing was almost surreal, or absurd evenF/m Forced bi Anal
DommeDeannaWhen the young woman turned around, Keith was caught entirely off guard. What was he to say in his drunken, awe struck stupor? He stood there a blushing, stuttering statue, incapable of finding the words to explain such an awkward situation. He wasn’t the type to barge into girl’s rooms and spy on them. However, he found he would not have to explain himself. She had a warm, inviting look on her face as she finished tying the pony, and sort of understood his alcoholic buzz. She was stranger but she wouldn't be for long F/m
Biker BitchIn the distance, I hear loud motorcycles, and they're getting close. I eventually realize that they're not on the main street a couple blocks away, but right behind me, and coming fast. I pretend not to notice and pick up the pace. They finally stop, all three of them. There's a wall to my left, a bike to my right, a bike in front of me and a bike in back of me. I notice the riders are all girls. F/m *NC * Violence blood anal
Captiveheld captive against his will. She's right. I'm short, scrawny and terrified. As her lean, powerful body approaches me, I simply stand still, with my heart racing. When she finally reaches me, she puts her hand on my mop of curly hair and pushes me down to my knees. She orders me to lick her boots. I sit on my knees, stunned in confusion until she leans down, grabs me by the neck and chokes for a good few seconds. Breathless, I regain my composure and put my mouth to her right boot. I lick slowly and carefully, obeying her command. After the right, I move to the left. I start kissing her boots after I lick them, and she is pleased. She tells me I'm being a good boy, and she orders me to undress F/m *NC* bondage anal
Laundry Roomfoot service & clean clothes. In this fantasy, I've been in my old apartment building's basement, doing laundry in the laundry room. It'll be extremely late, maybe 3 AM when I'll hear the noise of boots approaching slowly. F/m foot worship


Xboi images and text ©
M'Ladynew 'un we have for you, M'lady“ From neck to toe, She wears black, the gleaming, glistening black of oil on water as only hi gloss PVC can create, offering a liquid fluidity to Her movements. Violently pointed boots, an impossibly high heel that She manages with grace and a natural comfort as though She was spat out of Her mater wearing such. Limbs sheathed in the reflective fabric as though a second skin and kissing the swell of pale, globe-like breasts midway between the bow of Her collar bone and the dark shadowed V that directs the eye to Her décolletage.F/m Anal


DB (messages can be forwarded via Admin) images and text ©
Groceriesfor the one he would gladly eat olives for. He stood in the queue waiting the cold had made his skin into goose flesh, and he was sure people could see the outline of the black plug he held within. His nipples tightening made the small subtle clamps bite deeper and here he stood trying to calm himself, his body invaded with Her, his nipples on fire, collecting the groceries she had told him to fetch.F/m oral
Her feetunder her feet he found freedom. he’d been laying there awhile, on his back, Her feet upon his face, heels a gentle pressure over his eyes Her toes pointing downwards, gently resting on his chin. Every now and then when She giggled at the programme She watched She would bring them together, squeezing his nose and cutting off his air, and during the adverts he could tell She was bored F/m breath play
LateA Domme is kept waiting. Knackered he climbed from the car, stretching his back as he walked towards the house, music was blaring upstairs and he smiled, She was happy, listening to the words he hummed them as he pushed the key into the lock “these boot are made for walk…..”.F/m public
My TormentressThe journey to his beautiful Tormentress. I am writing this in a nice little café. The sun is warm upon my shoulders and the scent of fresh coffee assails my nostrils as I wait. A text arrives and grinning my thumbs fly across the pad in reply. Just thirty minutes before she arrives, hardly anytime really, not nearly enough to tell you about her, and most certainly not enough to tell you about us. F/m public


Budgie (messages can be forwarded via Admin) images and text ©
Jason's wicked auntie chapter 1Jason Davies was the only son of Mathew and Michele Davies, both dead. Mathew died of a heart attack when Jason was just two years old and his mother Michele suffered a severe brain hemorrhage a year later, his Aunt Mimi would tell him that his mother died of grief over her lost love. He never really knew them, he had memories, images mostly but that was all. Looked after by his Grandmother and Mimi until his Grandma past on when he was 12, he was then left in the total care of his Aunt, Michele’s adopted sister. Much younger than his mother he guessed but he was not even sure how old his Aunt was, maybe late thirties, he tried to find out once but was scolded “You never ask the age of a lady” he was told. So he thought fuck it and never again bothered to find out. He always bought her a present for her birthday though as she was his only family and even if he didn’t show it, he did love her very much, more than she could possibly imagine if the truth were known. Not like a Mother or Sister or even an Aunty love, his love for her was and always had been real love. At first it was like a love you'd have on a pop star, a crush maybe, and now at 18, his love turned to another directions, he was infatuated with her, emotionally and sexually, she dominated his thoughts and fantasies on a daily basis.F/m Corp
Jason's wicked auntie chapter 2continuing story of a subs journey: He shifted as gently as he could in the car seat - trying to get comfortable, impossible. His bum throbbed on every bump and now it was starting to itch - he badly wanted to pull his pants down and scratch and sooth his bottom; he needed ice to get rid of the stinging, but of course - that he could not do. He shook his head and he didn’t care if she saw him; he wasn’t angry about being caned - more like badly shocked, and it hurt like fuck - but he’d get over it; he was very pissed off about missing-out on his holidays on the Coast though - and he’d make her pay for that, he’d give her the silent treatment for at least the whole weekend - maybe longer - as long as he could keep it up, it drove her nuts when he stayed silent - she is so garrulous. F/m Corp
Jason's wicked auntie chapter 3continuing story of a subs journey:She heard footsteps and blinked several times opening her eyes wider, trying to get some clarity, her heart pumped blood so strongly through her body she could feel her pulse tighten the skin in her neck. She clenched her fist a couple of times to get the blood flowing, her palm still stung from the smacks it’d performed on Jason’s bottom the night before and she probed the air beside the bed for the old cricket bat.F/m Corp
Suzanne when she triedI studied the familiar sights from my childhood, for some reason that day they were very clear to me; in the hot late January afternoon all the memories flooded back. It seemed like only yesterday but it had been twelve years since my parents sold the family home next door and moved on. A little bit at a time our old place had been radically altered by the three subsequent owners; my bedroom window that I stared out for hours was gone - replaced by cold aluminium sliding doors leading onto a weird looking deck, the wonderful big above-ground pool was gone, the trusty old garage gone; everything had changed, it was such a shame, the current owners only used it for holidaying. I shuddered at the thought that I had the chance to buy it from the previous owner and didn’t - I should have, but you can’t go back, I can’t recapture my childhood, turn back time. I had my memories now … they’d have to do.F/m corp
Feast or Famine chapters 1-8He loved them both, was it love or a sickness: Frederick Hermann Ulrich Schnaufer hated what his life had become. He looked from the books to the vein of cracked plaster on the ceiling as the full moon amplified his insomnia. He squinted and traced the dancing shadows from the twisted branches of the old gum tree, he looked out the window - past the darkness to gaze at the stars beyond - but there was nothing there. Sighing at the frustration he felt about his situation he again looked back at the ceiling. The same shapes appeared, just as they always did on nights like this. He could see the images of his childhood all over again, the pattens his mind mingled together; a horse pulling a cart down a rutted road; a long nosed witch stirring a scolding pot; a naked woman with her arms open. He rolled over and closed his eyes tightly. Nothing changed day after day for the last few months and he knew now it never would. He could see his entire life laid out before him and unless he made the change himself, he was doomed to repeat the pattern set by his heritage. F/fm Corp


petcat, images and text ©
Miss Davini In her clutches how could he help himself? Mistress Divini wanted her robe 20 minutes ago and is in so much trouble. Lets hope he makes it in timeF/m Vampire


sean, images and text ©
The BaronessBaroness always gets her way: I was hauled to her penthouse, where I was stripped , tied to a chair, and had electrodes attached to my penis and testicles. as I awaited my fate, the Baroness strutted coolly into the room.F/m smoking


Xboi, images and text ©
chairathe sound of angels: This therapy is experimental….but I assure you… will do wonders in your life You don’t know me very well……..but soon…….very soon….I am going to be all that you think about……all that you dream about…….all that you live for. F/m Hypno
Beyond BootsI know what you have been thinking about, lately…..and it’s ok, sweetie, because I put those thoughts there. And as you stand there, in front of the exotic shoe store, pretending to be looking for a gift for your wife, you see my reflection in the glass. You turn round quickly to see me. But no one is there, nothing at all, but my scent.F/m Hypno
Dr AstillMy first trip to a psychiatrist was making me very nervous, indeed. I had felt very confused for about 25 years now, and several trips to therapists, a failed marriage, an identity crisis, and bouts with depression had convinced me that I needed to try something different….something more. F/m Hypno

on my leash

On My Leash: images and text ©
On My Knees“for MissBonnie” :You are soo beautiful, your female slave is staked out on top of the coffee table. You command me to kiss her breasts. The sound of a voice commanding someone to give pleasure, it is strange and wonderful. Slowly you direct me to move slowly across her body. Slowly, silently I move down her trunk. She can hear the crop against my skin, she assumes it is my ass and you hear me wince and feel me recoil as you reprimand me for moving too swiftly. I am between her legs now, licking sucking, pleasing.F/fm


pleasernow (messages can be forwarded via Admin) text and images ©
DaniHe could still remember the day she told him that she wanted him to be her slave. It was one of those long late summer days that dissolved itself into a magical evening aglow with the lingering colors of a splendid sunset. The windows were open and they sat together both of them nearly naked, looking out towards the low clouds their blurred edges lit with pinks and yellows. Janey was leaning back into her chair with her chest elevated, her beautiful C cup breasts just starting to sprinkle with a few chilly bumps from the gentle breeze caressing them. Dan was exhausted from the incredible sex they had just shared.cuckold F/m
Margarite&bobbie Chapter 1I was right to trust her, she has never lied to me. But she amazed me when, After we had been married a year, she informed me that I would not be having sexual intercourse with her any more. She told me she knew that I would be amply satisfied if I were occasionally allowed to kiss her ass. I laughed when she said this- I thought she was kidding me, but she wasn’t.F/m
Margarite&bobbie Chapter 2The next few days were uneventful. As Margarite and I settled into our old routine I hardly thought of the new man in her life. When I did it was ever so briefly. After all there was nothing I could do about it. In all likelihood, he would not make the grade with Margarite. cuckold F/m
Margarite&bobbie Chapter 3Yes, well I do spend a lot of time reminiscing while my wife is out partying and I had thought that Ralph had become her new primary lover but apparently I was wrong because the next evening, I was just finishing up the dishes, when I heard the phone ring. F/m
Margarite&bobbie Chapter 4It was one such afternoon noon when I found out about an important change in my life. I was on all fours in front of the chairs occupied by Margarite and Susan. both of them had their feet placed firmly on my back, while I supported the weight of both of their legs. this had gone on for about 45 minutes and my wrists were numb for lack of circulation. cuckold F/m
Margarite&bobbie Chapter 5fter I had kissed her feet for a minute or two, she told me to stand. I slowly rose up before her, keeping my eyes lowered as usual, expecting to be slapped several times for my tardiness. In fact she only slapped me once and was about to repeat the act, when she looked at me softly, tilting her head as if in sympathy and putting her arms around me, gathered me into her presence and enveloped me with kisses until I was covered with lipstick and the heavenly aroma that always identified her true essence to my most vulnerable inner self cuckold F/m
Margarite&bobbie Chapter 6Susan stood up and turned toward me. She was wearing a white camisole, which fitted her closely, accentuating the uplift of her 36” breasts. She had a casual way of blowing you away with the staggering effect of her fabulous body.cuckold F/m
Margarite&bobbie Chapter 7When I arrived at my old house (of course it was hardly mine anymore) I noticed that quite a lot of mail had accumulated on the entry table. I opened a small box that was addressed to Margarite and was mailed from a company called “Restraining Orders”. It contained two new black leather slave collars, one male and one female. cuckold F/m
Margarite&bobbie Chapter 8By the end of that day I was exhausted and also I have to admit, a little confused. Was I to be allowed home after the ceremony. Should I go by Susan’s and pick up my clothes. I guess it wouldn’t matter much one way or the other, for I had few pieces of clothing: two aprons, seven pairs of panties, one set of “acceptable street clothes” and no other possessions really, unless you count a few legal pads, in which Margarite would sometimes insist that I write pledges of my devotion to her, and some pencils.cuckold F/m
Margarite&bobbie Chapter 9I was nearly unconscious by the time I realized that I was nearly upside down. My body was bent and my genitals hung over my face, dangling their contorted fruit in front of me. At this point I began to here the sounds of people entering the room.cuckold F/m
Margarite&bobbie Chapter 10As I lay in bed the following morning, I was aware of some discomfort around my anus and scrotum. I remembered the candles and the hot wax and was relieved that I knew the cause of the irritation in my rectum. cuckold F/m
Margarite&bobbie Chapter 11Lindy had been taken to the piercing studio shortly after our last group get-together and had both of her nipples and her labia pierced. This was very painful for her and many weeks were spent nursing the sensitive and angry red looking nubbins that had been so alluring when I first saw her.cuckold F/m
Margarite&bobbie Chapter 12splashed a bit of body powder onto my scrotum and tightly wrapped the nude colored stretch tape around their base. I continued this process until they were bulging straight out in front of me and the words, “Douche Bag” could be plainly seen. I then clipped the ring in the tip of my penis to the higher ring that hung from just below my navel, stretching the penis painfully until the two rings snapped together.cuckold F/m
Margarite&bobbie Chapter 13The next few weeks were among the happiest of my life. I was back living in “my own” house, with my beautiful wife and her retinue of slaves, of which I was growing fonder every day. There were a few times when I was forced to perform homosexual acts with Ralph or other men whom Margarite wanted to entertain.cuckold F/m
Margarite&bobbie Chapter 14This brings me to the present time and in concluding my story what I have to relate may seem to be even more cruel and heartless than anything I have written up to this point.cuckold F/m
Nathan goes to Philly There was nothing about that first evening with his new mistress which Nathan was ever likely to forget. Sitting on the train the following day, he remained in a happy trance. A sea change had occurred in his life and a world of happiness and anticipation had blossomed within him that nothing could erase. Suddenly the train jerked forward and Nathan fell wistfully back into his seat, still somewhat numb with sexual exhaustion. No, he had not had sex with Pamela. She had told him not to ever expect that. She would expect him to service her orally and if his talents were appropriate there would be other options as well. F/m


enzo, images and text ©
The chatIt was the first chat. He was new at this. He didn't know if this was the right thing to say. He didn't know how to be a submissive, he knew his ex had said she'd never wanted to be a Domme, and he'd always need that, and she left. He had been confused he had never considered this and just assumed the small things they'd done everyone did, but when she'd said that, he knew in some deep hidden place, it was true.F/m


cheshireboy, images and text ©
The MistressIt was Halloween at midnight. She sits on the edge of her four-posted bed, legs crossed. Her black bra, skinny panties and killer heels glint in the ethereal light. Four red silk scarves tied to the bedposts trail in a breeze from an open window. ‘Come here,’ she says.F/m


markasub (messages can be forwarded via Admin) images and text ©
The two slavesIt was a warm, sunny day – too warm for the Mistress or her slaves to be indoors. Much better to be outside, naked, having fun, she mused.F/fm oral

spank me

spank me, images and text ©
Cockold Mistress“why don’t you help me get ready for my date?”: I arrived at the appointed time, rang the doorbell, and waited for Mistress to let me. I was more nervous than usual because today was to be special. Today, Mistress would be playing a most unusual role; today, Mistress would be my wife. F/m cockold


moonstruckexdom, images and text ©
Gates of hell chapter 1The meeting penned for Mistress Lunas pleasure:I stared at the hotel room door. My heart pounding. We had finally worked out the logistics of a meeting and I was about to knock on the door of the room we had gotten. In knew she was in there…waiting. The woman who had met me as an equal, had an initial attraction, a failed submission, a flurry of anger, a reunion, my submitting to her…all this passed through my mind.F/m D/s Oral
Gates of hell Chapter 2The shudders of her climax had barely slowed when Mistress Luna grinned and stared down at me. 'I do love the way the gates of hell fit my cock, Charles. But there are some things that need to be done. I think I did say I prefer my cock shaved, didn't I?' As she said this she pulled on the tuff of pubic hair still visible behind the gates of hell. 'But let's do this the right way'.F/m D/s Chasity Bondage
Gates of hell chapter 3Heaven on Earth:I was still reeling from being collared as Mistress Luna sat back and smiled at her handiwork. 'I always knew I would have you submit to me' she laughed and deep inside I knew she was right.F/m D/s Chasity Bondage Oral
Gates of hell Chapter 4Total submission: Freshly shorn, I lay there in something like shock. Her words still echoed in my head “Never”“Forever”, until it became a litany. But cramping muscles brought me back to reality. F/m D/s Chasity Anal
Gates of hell Chapter 5Public announcement: When she untied me, there was very little of the Dom left in me. She had taken my core beliefs in myself, held them in her hand, laughed at them and remolded me to fit her whim. She had used me for her pleasure, every private area, every inch and opening of my body felt her will. She bent me to her will and she claimed her ownership.F/m D/s Chasity Bondage
Gates of hell Chapter 6Needs fulfilled: The lesson did not take long to begin. Upon entering the room, she told me to strip which I did without question nor hesitation. Once naked, she had me sit in an armless chair that was in the room. Quickly, she tied the collar, my arms and legs to the chair, immobilizing me.F/m D/s Chasity Bondage Oral

Dominion Dairies/MissBonnie

MissBonnie (messages can be forwarded via Admin) images and text © 2001-2010 The dominion group
Anthony01I was the lead pony boy in the Compound's stables. F/mmm oral fuck Pony
David 01When I first came here, I was just one of the many slaves here.Or so I thought. I didn't realize then that Mistress Princesca had special plans for me. F/mm d/s Bondage
David 02I am Princesca and it is my pleasure to demonstrate for you my newest invention. I call it the 'Displayer' and it has many uses. It positions the slave, quite comfortably, in such a manner that his cock, balls, and ass —— or for the female slave, her clit, vagina and ass —— are offered for discipline. Positioned this way, the slave is made available for anything.F/mm d/s Bondage flog anal
George 01I was standing there in Mistress Gwen's private chamber, legs spread, bent over, with my hands touching my toes. She was standing behind me, correcting my pose in minute ways. Obeying her, I arched my back and pushed my ass higher. But she grabbed my hips, angling them up even more. Silent encouragement spurred me onF/m d/s flog oral
Jason 01whap with the paddle on my burning butt. “Slap!” Another whap with the paddle on my burning butt. That makes eight. Only two more to go and then I could relax. I kept telling myself not to cry, not even to whimper.And I was concentrating all my energy into not moving a muscle. FF/m D/s Bond flog
Jason 02 I've had countless enemas since arriving here at the Compound, and yet every one was a little different. I knew the basic routine, and yet the variety of Nurse Katherine's technique makes each one unique. FF/m D/s anal Enema
Jason 03virgin ass to her strap-on.FF/m D/s oral
Jason 04“I had this dildo specially made just for you”F/m D/s anal
Michael 01lead pony in the stables. My last owners were a dominant married couple. They liked to include me in their lovemaking sessions, and although I had tried my best to do whatever they wanted, I didn't think they were very happy with me.They never spoke to me except to give me an order. Forced bi M/m D/s anal oral
Michael 02“Michael. Your former Master and Mistress released you to my care. You are mine. To do with as I please. To use in any manner I require. You will soon learn exactly what my needs and desires are, and you will make certain that you fulfill them exactly as I wish.Forced bi M/m D/s anal oral flog
Michael 03I was once Owned by a dominant couple…I now belong to King. I am a slave, I have no choice but to welcome Kings cock into my anus and thank him for the pleasure of being used.Forced bi M/m D/s anal oral
Nickolas 01My name is Nicholas. I've been a slave here at the Compound for five months. Although I'm not officially owned by anyone —— not yet anyway —— I'm being trained to prepare me for next summer's slave auction, where I hope to be purchased by a loving Mistress. My dream is to devote myself completely to her —— whoever she may be —— in hopes that she will find me worthy and keep me with her always. F/m D/s oral Bondage oral anal flog
Patrick 01My job is to literally do anything that needs to be done here. Pruning, weeding, mowing, propagating, mulching. I'm extremely lucky. Being out of doors, working with my hands in this beautiful place is sheer heaven for me. Naked and barefoot . . . and as close to freedom as a slave can get here. Mistress Bonnie- completely naked!F/m D/s oral Bondage oral anal
Patrick 02There I was, sitting on the grass, my mind and body still in the afterglow of orgasm —— by my own hand, which I knew was strictly forbidden —— and finding Headmistress Princesca standing there looking down at me. I'd never seen her so furious. F/m D/s oral Bondage oral
Patrick 03He was here to take over: Gagged and blindfolded, I'd been chained to this sawhorse for I don't know how long, my ass tortured, and, just now, my rectal passage was thoroughly lubricated. And it was at that point that this guy, John, walked in —— evidently having been sent for by Headmistress Princesca. BI F/M/m D/s oral Bondage oral anal
Robert 01Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was handpicked specifically for her. It wasn't until after I arrived here that I found out what my future would be. At first, I was afraid, I admit it. I may have come here of my own free will, but I didn't really mean for this lifestyle to be permanent. To be all encompassing. I thought it would be a fun vacation from reality. But as the days and weeks went on, I realized that this life was exactly what I wanted. Exactly what I had always secretly wanted.F/m D/s oral anal
Sean 01Sometimes I cut and style hair for Mistress pleasure, today I would be put to the test (written for Longbob).F/m D/s oral
The caged ProdominaA return to lifestyle lost for a prodomme. Today would be her lucky dayF/m D/s oral


ajoz (messages can be forwarded via Admin) images and text ©
Patience~Part1My heart races in anticipation of first meeting my Miss Tee. My mind has been in a spin since first receiving her acknowledgment. I never thought it would happen. Resigned to the scenario that the exploration of myself in the facet of servitude would never become a reality. All the secret inner thoughts held in my mind. To be able to please my Mistress by living out these thoughts. To have them become a reality rather than a fantasyFemme
Patience~Part 2Dairy of a sissy maid: she has plans for me!Femme
Patience~Part 3A change of ownership: I try to clear my head and get on with my preparation. Femme


Aradia, images and text ©
Scene One Acts 1,2,3A Domme plans: I slip out of My skirt and slide My strap-on harness in place. Again I step behind you, this time with a tube of lubrication in hand.F/m


syfer, images and text ©
Meet the new armythey were the new Army: The auditorium was filled with a hundred nervous soon-to-be-former civilians. They eyed the uniformed women stationed near the exits with a mixture of lust and apprehension; the appearance inspired the former, the attitudes the latter. Like every new batch of recruits throughout history, these were wondering just what the fuck had happened that they found themselves here.SciFi F/m
strange Her in the nightshe was the stranger that filled his night:There’s someone on the balcony. It isn’t possible, but there she is, and it is most clearly a she, her body silhouetted by the glow of the city. She enters the apartment, gliding with a sleek elegance, and steps into the glow of the lamp, looking down at me sprawled on the floor. Her skin is the color of cool milky marble, her long straight hair raven black. She looks slightly exotic to me, Mediterranean, entirely nude.SciFi F/m
Swords across the Pontuswell-horsed wenchs partake of sword play of another kindSciFi F/m


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What a difference a day makesStrolling into his department was always a good part of the day, but soon that would be changing! but for the better or the worst was the question?F/m


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the Markerwould you do something for me? She laid out the towel on the carpet between the corner of the bed and the chair. Taking his hands in hers she led him to where she had placed the towel and stepped back.. He looked slightly puzzled as she slowly began to unbutton her shirt, starting at the bottom. ‘I’d like you to undo your belt and pants …just undo them.’What did she have in mind?F/m


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And they met part 1They finalized the plans via instant messenger that morning. She told him to use the side entrance as that one went directly into the pub. She also told him to sit across from the bar, to choose a booth along the wall….she had plans, she would see to it that this was a first meeting he'd not soon forget. After all, first impressions are the most important are they not?F/m
And they met part 2She was thrilled to be finally in the parking lot. The ten minute ride seemed to take hours. She got out of the car and told the driverF/m
And they met part 3She spied his car in the lot and headed straight for it. Waiting for him to step up and open the door for her. As he did, stepping in front of her she slid her hand across his ass. F/m
And they met part 4ow underway, naked from the waist down and locked-up tight. He listened intently as she gave him directions. Turn there, straight through this light. F/m
And they met part 5She buttoned up her coat as he reached for his pants. “what do you think you're doing?” She ask. “you won't be needing those, and as a matter of fact take that shirt off now too.” F/m
And they met part 6“Alrighty then sweet cheeks, turn yourself around for me. And put your arms behind you back too. You know it'll be fun getting to do this to a actual person finally. Those bolts of fabric I've been practicing on just aren't the same.” F/m
And they met part 7She spread her legs wider and watched with a grin as he shuffled on his knees, careful not to lose his balance and fall over until he got turned and was facing her. She stood, her crotch in his face and she looped a finger in either side of her thong and slowly slid them down her body.F/m
And they met part 8She extended her arms out and snapped her wrists, the blanket floating down like a lazy cloud, landing on the floor behind him and the gentle breeze caressing his skin as it touched down.F/m
And they met part 9She sat down on the blanket beside him. Reaching over she placed a thumb and index finger in the o-ring on his gates.F/m
And they met part 10He woke first, not sure where he was for a moment. He had another wonderful dream of his Mistress and felt his cock growing hard again.F/m


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First meetingIt was the first meeting: He wasn’t nervous. Nervousness is about self-preservation, concern for safety. No, the feeling inside him was quite the opposite. It was exhilaration, thrill at the risk of meeting a true dominant sadist.F/m


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Ravens collaringRaven had trained for a year in preparation for this day, and he had spent an even greater deal of time fantasizing about it. His Priestess, Lilith, had come to him last night with the news, “My dear Raven, you have finally earned your collaring”. She then divulged the rules he would have to follow for the next twenty-four hours. He was not allowed to speak, eat, was only allowed to drink water and absolutely no masturbation! F/m


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The GaurdianThere is a place that exists inside of me. It is a domain of euphoric bliss and boundless freedom where I am unfettered by doubt or fear or shame. A place where I can leave behind my inadequacies and failings, where I can lay down the armour that I wrap around my fragile self, and be safe, calm and at peace. I have explored the borders of this uncharted land but always with the knowledge that I cannot stay. Time will eventually discover me there and with grim inevitability return me to the place where I shed my skin, where I must again don the masks and guises of strength and courage and return to the world where I am bound to remain.F/m


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The red bumThe time had eventually come to have some leave, having just spent a spell in the jungle of Belize. I had been writing to a ProDomme I had replied to in a magazine, and had arranged to meet Her in Her London rooms, whilst I was staying at a Services Club. She had promised a long session and only taking a tribute for what She would take for 1 hr.F/m


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Time with a mistress Walking to the door, making sure my ass cheeks squeezed and kept the plug in place. I opened the door and there before my eyes stood one of the most beautiful women my likes had ever gazed upon. She stood there approximately 5foot 7inches tall, long blonde hair shinning in the moonlight, framing a face that looked like an angel just dropped from heaven, a small smile crept across her face as her cat like eyes traveled up and down my naked body, the fact that my jewelery hanging from my wrists and ankles, the leather jock bunched in front restraining my raging hard on, without warning she grabbed the leather jock pulling me to her, her mouth the softness lips like a fluffy white cloud covered mine, her tongue with snake like quickness entered my mouth, the sudden rush of heat, a blast hotter than any blast furnace, burned through from the brush or her softness on my mouth straight to my cock, and igniting all cells in between. A smoothness like honey dripping down a bears chin was the taste that assaulted my mouth, all this at the door and in less time then an ice cube melting on a hot summers day. She broke away just as quickly, licking her lips, a seductive smile dancing in her piercing eyes, “the taste of Mistress I presume”, and by the way “happy anniversary tiger”. Mistress from the other room “whom is it my tiger”?F/fm
A Christmas Femdom Santa “I came into this store to purchase some treats, but I stumbled upon you,” like syrup the words flowed from her mouth. This simple statement unlocked an inner chamber deeply hid inside his mind. Reading of such dominance before his sheltered life never opened remotely to him believing in such an occurrence. She had entered into his store and with just placing a shining boot between his thighs and looking straight into his eyes had him under a hypnotic like spell. His world was now shaken but at the same time opened to a volcanic like energy source captivating and taking him along the heat wave.F/m

Aunty's Pet

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My Aunt, My Domme chapter 1 Mistress Diabolique settled back comfortably in her sun lounger and allowed the sun's rays to warm her lush, ripe body. Although she had recently entered the “filthy 40s”, she had a figure that would have been the envy of a woman 15 or even 20 years her junior.F/m golden caution* pony
My Aunt, My Domme chapter 2 Looking back on it, she realised that the entrapment and path to slavery had been amazingly simple with young Caleb. The 40-year-old domina had a well-heeled stable of sluts and slaves, but most – of necessity – were of “a certain age”. F/m golden caution* pony
My Aunt, My Domme chapter 3* I hung suspended in the metal flogging frame, my wrists held in the top corners beneath the cross bar by sturdy leather restrainers. At the base of the frame my widespread ankles were similarly bound. The height of the frame meant that my toes were just touching the smoothly cut lawn beneath me. The frame had braces at the base extending to two small wheels on each side, which made the entire contraption portable.F/m golden caution* pony
My Aunt, My Domme chapter 4 I am pony pranced By “downstairs” I had no doubt whatsoever that Aunty Pat had intended me to wait for her in what she termed “the games room”, and as I walked off I saw her talking to the two gardeners. I couldn't hear their conversation but a peal of laughter from the two younger ladies convinced me that I had been the subject of their mirth. I was also apprehensive in case Aunty Pat intended going back on her promise not to let the girls at me!F/m golden caution* pony
My Aunt, My Domme chapter 5 After an appetising lunch, Aunty Pat and Anita Armitage, her deputy-in-discipline, left to get kitted out in different outfits, which I realized was part of their penchant for always looking ravishing for their sex slave. F/m golden caution* pony
My Aunt, My Domme chapter 6 From then on, the days ran into a summery blur. Each morning, after breakfast, I would be prepared to carry ride either my aunt, or Anita, out around the property in the humiliating pony position – the dominatrix seated across my shoulders. Anita was lighter than my aunt, but not by much, so both were quite a sweat-inducing weight on my shoulders. F/m golden caution* pony
My Aunt, My Domme chapter 7The evening before the party, as we relaxed watching one of the femdom videos I had selected from Aunty Pat's wide selection of porno movies, she told me about the three ladies who had been invited along to the poolside partyF/m golden caution* pony
My Aunt, My Domme chapter 8 A couple of days after the poolside party and my embarrassingly gauche protestation of love for the statuesque Ebony, the 40-year-old black university lecturer, Aunty Pat, Anita and I were sitting having breakfast when the phone rang. F/m golden caution* pony
My Aunt, My Domme chapter 9 Aunty Pat and Anita called to collect me for the return drive home around 7pm. Ebony had been true to her word and had “fucked my brains out” after lunch, with the occasional visit to her torture chamber for some punishment games. So I was pretty exhausted by the time the car arrived to pick me up! F/m golden caution* pony
The New SlaveShe checked her appearance in the mirror. It was always essential to make a strong, dominating yet erotic statement for a session with a new slave.FFF/m CBT


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An afternoon of tormentIn all my years visiting professional mistresses, rather ironically, by far the most explosive, mind shattering episode I ever experienced and from which I never fully recovered, occurred during a visit to an absolute beginner and a complete novice at that profession. The following account is I believe an accurate record of the session as I still remember most details quite vividly, but there were some occasions where I believe I may have had moments of blackout or was not fully compos mentis for short periods.F/m caution* BLOOD Bondage CBT Breathplay


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Holodeck She passed down the hallway in her fetish gear, diddy bag in hand. Completely out of uniform, but not completely out of the ordinary for starship occupants who saunter towards the much coveted holodecks. She'd been working on this program for months on end, picking at each detail, preening over the finer points that would make this the ultimate fantasy scene of her dreams. Months ago, she'd reserved her vacation time, and now her mind raced and her body tingled at the possibilities of what was about to unfold before her, precisely according to plan.F/m Scifi


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Object of his desires His arms were starting to shake and he had a nasty cramp in his right thigh, so he was grateful that the movie credits were starting to roll on the screen. She had been using him as a footstool for almost 3 hours while she watched the movie and he was glad he would be able to move now. As she clicked off the DVD player, she looked down at him and said, “Is my pet getting a little sore?” “No Ma’am, it is my pleasure to serve as your footstool whenever you require it”, he said. “Such a good little pet you’re becoming.F/m


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forget me notThere was a gag in his mouth but there were no sounds of pleading, because he and the Mistress both knew that there was no mercy to be found within her soul for him. All that he had now was sadness and a realization of his fate, and like her he was most probably going over the history they shared. She looked for that little spark of remorse in his eyes but could see none, only a defiance that was alien to her looking backF/m
Shannon chapter 1Shannon had in another way told him the same thing the previous evening just after sex. Her words had been that the two of them were getting into a rut, and only after just five years of marriage. She had told him in no uncertain terms, “That they had to find a way to bring back the uncertainty. Their life was getting very repetitive, and was almost like a well read book, things had to change and change fast.F/m Femme
Shannon chapter 2Shannon had in another way told him the same thing the previous evening just after sex. Her words had been that the two of them were getting into a rut, and only after just five years of marriage. She had told him in no uncertain terms, “That they had to find a way to bring back the uncertainty. Their life was getting very repetitive, and was almost like a well read book, things had to change and change fast.F/m Femme
Shannon chapter 3Shannon had in another way told him the same thing the previous evening just after sex. Her words had been that the two of them were getting into a rut, and only after just five years of marriage. She had told him in no uncertain terms, “That they had to find a way to bring back the uncertainty. Their life was getting very repetitive, and was almost like a well read book, things had to change and change fast.F/m Femme
Shannon chapter 4Shannon had in another way told him the same thing the previous evening just after sex. Her words had been that the two of them were getting into a rut, and only after just five years of marriage. She had told him in no uncertain terms, “That they had to find a way to bring back the uncertainty. Their life was getting very repetitive, and was almost like a well read book, things had to change and change fast.F/m Femme
Shannon chapter 5Shannon had in another way told him the same thing the previous evening just after sex. Her words had been that the two of them were getting into a rut, and only after just five years of marriage. She had told him in no uncertain terms, “That they had to find a way to bring back the uncertainty. Their life was getting very repetitive, and was almost like a well read book, things had to change and change fast.F/m Femme
Shannon chapter 6Shannon had in another way told him the same thing the previous evening just after sex. Her words had been that the two of them were getting into a rut, and only after just five years of marriage. She had told him in no uncertain terms, “That they had to find a way to bring back the uncertainty. Their life was getting very repetitive, and was almost like a well read book, things had to change and change fast.F/m Femme
Shannon chapter 7Shannon had in another way told him the same thing the previous evening just after sex. Her words had been that the two of them were getting into a rut, and only after just five years of marriage. She had told him in no uncertain terms, “That they had to find a way to bring back the uncertainty. Their life was getting very repetitive, and was almost like a well read book, things had to change and change fast.F/m Femme
Shannon chapter 8Shannon had in another way told him the same thing the previous evening just after sex. Her words had been that the two of them were getting into a rut, and only after just five years of marriage. She had told him in no uncertain terms, “That they had to find a way to bring back the uncertainty. Their life was getting very repetitive, and was almost like a well read book, things had to change and change fast.F/m Femme
Sally's reluctant cross dresser 1-5Sally and Dave had been dating since high school, it was a turbulent relationship, and at this moment in time they were having a few arguments, Sally called them discussions. PDF formatF/m Femme

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Friday NightHe is sitting at the bar, nursing his second beer. He has to nurse it; She has set his limit at three, and things are just starting to get interesting behind him. She is fifty feet away, on the dance floor, doing an almost obscene bump and grind, to the music of Brooks & Dunn, with a complete stranger. The stranger has no idea that he is simply a role player in an elaborate relationship. He just wants to get drunk, and laid. In that order. He doesn’t know it yet, but tonight will be his lucky night..F/m


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Her Good Little BoyShe sat back in the chair, naked save for the thick strap-on dildo protruding from between Her legs. Beckoning to the boy, She gestured him over, Her eyes running over his smooth naked body as he crossed the room towards Her. She loved to watch his slim naked form; every inch of him was so delicious, and She knew that every inch of him was Hers alone. F/m
the first nightHe walked in to the room and let the door close behind them, finally alone. Instantly they were in each other’s arms, kissing hungrily. Suddenly she broke the kiss, “easy now pet, plenty of time for that. I’m going to go and change, why don’t you undress for me”. With a smile she walked in the bathroomF/m
The PriestessThe boy awoke, the morning light streaming in through the window on to his face, warming his naked body. Already the day was warm, the hot dry desert air causing the small room to be uncomfortably stuffy before the sun had yet fully risen. Today though, there was an electric current upon the air. Today was the day of the grand ceremony, to be performed by the High Priestess herself, in which he had been specially chosen to play a central part. He had been selected at a young age and undergone years of training in the submissive arts in order that the Priestess may join with him upon the high altar, and through him attain the sacred spirit..F/m
Tease and denial“What day is it?”“It’s Saturday Miss Bonnie”“Correct my darling, and you’ve used all three of your cums already haven’t you?” “Yes Mistress” the boy replied nervously. F/m
Another Tease and denialAnother call clicked in. “Hi, you're through to technical support, Matt speaking, how may I help?”F/m

William Boreham

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/almost a gonerI'm not sure how the topic came up, but it was around the time of some MP's death, that someone mentioned he knew someone who had accidentally asphyxiated themselves while performing a 'kinky' sex act. warning accidental asphyxiation


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"I Want To Be Yours"She had asked him to be explicit in his list of limits. She had told him once he had given it to her she would respect them but he wouldn’t be allowed to add to the list only take things off the list. He thought about it for a while and sent it to her after about an hour.F/m


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RoutineAuthor Profile: MissBitch* images and text ©when how life can become routine
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