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A Christmas Femdom Santa

It was the festive season the hustle and bustle like every other year but something seemed different at the store this year. Decorations were up and the usual chocolates, plum puddings, and all the other trimmings for dinners and entertaining were on display. The crowds down from previous years but then the economy sucked both plants in town had closed during the year and many workers still had not found employment. Even Mother Nature had not been too cooperative the weather was chilled but the white powder had not fallen in any true amount so the skiers had not even been visiting.

Saturday night before Christmas the snow had fallen yesterday so hopefully the slopes would be open tomorrow and sales would pick up. The usual crowd of teenagers killing time and getting out of the cold walking around the store keeping him on his toes not the time of year to be losing gross due to sticky fingers. Watching them he noticed an empty spot on the bottom shelf, the sugar was missing, the bakers had depleted the stock a good sign making a mental note to bring some more out from the back, he followed the shoppers around making sure that the young folks were not filling their inside coat pockets. Experience had proven that a friendly hello and a watchful eye kept the teenagers from lifting too much and sneaking past the cashier without paying. As they left the store he headed to the back room and loaded up two bales of granulated sugar.

Kneeling down he began to put away the sugar filling the void. As he turned back to open the second bale his reflection shown back at him from the shiniest black leather boots that he had ever seen, every detail of his face reflected back into his mind, as his eyes trailed up the leather wrapped around the calves of a sturdy leg, covering the knee and giving way to a mesh stocking that ended up disappearing under the shortest of black leather skirts with a wide white belt that had the reddest felt top tucked in. The felt top trimmed with the white fluff of what one would think was the lining of a cloud, holding back or restraining a pair of moving mountains, his eyes continued slowly savoring each new discovery as the scent of this miracle before him seemed to unwrap itself the long neck giving way to the soft looking skin of a cosmopolitan cover girl, with the most sparkling emerald eyes. Long curls of dark hair framed this picture of boy hood wet dream fantasy.

His soft brown eyes met hers for the first real time and were locked into a gaze that could not seem to be broken. Her mind seemed to be speaking directly to this kneeling male consuming his every breath through the eyes of a confident magical goddess. Riveted to the spot his spine sturdy, his shoulders squared and with his next breath he sucked in his stomach and just seemed to plead for direction. With a slight nod of her head she motioned for him to rise, and without delay he rose to stand in front of her waiting for the next command. Clearing his throat he stammered, “May, I help you?”

As the sweetest smile broke out on her face she whispered, “You already have!”

With that she reached took his hand and led him back to the store asking along the way, “is there an employee lounge where we can talk without interruption?” “Yes.” Came his reply as he walked with her into the back and up the stairs to the lunchroom, with each step the heat radiating from her hands into his was taking him deeper and deeper into unknown territory.

Reaching the safety of the employees lunchroom he picked up the phone and told the cashier that he was upstairs and would be taking a short nap and please do not disturb him. The smirk of the sensually dressed Santa Lady was enough to make every bone inside his body feel like a burst of radiation had turned them into lava, never before in his entire life had such warmth spread through him so instantly. His male member springing to a heaviness and fullness, that he had not been felt since his late teens, the outline of the package showing through his trousers bringing a warmer smile radiating from this Mona Lisa like beauty. She was controlling her new pet without him even realizing what was happening to his life.

“I came into this store to purchase some treats, but I stumbled upon you,” like syrup the words flowed from her mouth. This simple statement unlocked an inner chamber deeply hid inside his mind. Reading of such dominance before his sheltered life never opened remotely to him believing in such an occurrence. She had entered into his store and with just placing a shining boot between his thighs and looking straight into his eyes had him under a hypnotic like spell. His world was now shaken but at the same time opened to a volcanic like energy source captivating and taking him along the heat wave.

Conversation did not seem to be needed just gestures and looks and within seconds he was on his knees again kissing the top of the boots, making his way up following the seam to her knee, upwards the tongue darting in and out of the mesh tasting the sweet salty flesh of her charm. Moving at a controlled pace edging closer to the edge of the leather skirt the smell of leather meshed with a permeating scent, that of a woman in heat, more alluring than Channel #9. Her hands now taking his head and guiding it away from the treasure with a grip on the ears she raised him up to stand before her. Keeping him at just the right distance she leaned in and softly licked around the outside of his mouth teasing him with a pressure that only the tip of a tongue could exert. The emerald headlights keeping his brown passages, stationary and wide open, letting her gauge the reaction and interior response of her latest actions. An experienced Femdom guiding and directing males to the sweet surrender of submission, she had from the moment he took the plunge of looking at her boots and than lingered up the body to her eyes, knew that he would be a perfect present for herself.

Moving like a cat she captured his mouth with hers opening the lips and playing tag with his tongue, moving her hips in a gyrating motion rubbing against him feeling the arousal so hot, his manhood straining against the fabric of his trousers. Femdom Santa had entered his mind captured his soul and released the submissive pet all in a matter of minutes using not words, not naked flesh, not promises but a confident sensual look and a festive costume that the unsuspecting worker was powerless to fight. As she reached for him the doorbell rang and the dream escaped as the UPS courier delivered his Christmas present.

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