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{Part 10 ~ The Final Chapter}

He woke first, not sure where he was for a moment. He had another wonderful dream of his Mistress and felt his cock growing hard again. But then in his disoriented state his cock actually felt really heavy. His eyes fluttered open, adjusting in the darkened room and he heard someone else breathing, and close. As he got his wits about him he jumped as he realized there was a hand on his cock. That was the heaviness, there was a person laying beside him…hell, in his arms. He was confused for a moment, and tried to move but the grip tightened on his growing cock.

“where ya think you're going mister?” a groggy but familiar voice said. “Just be still a minute.”

Then he realized, it wasn't just a wonderful dream but the reality of their first meeting. His Mistress still lay in his arms half asleep. She felt warm, soft, relaxed and so good he didn't want to go anywhere once he had his bearings and realized it was real this time and not another dream. He pulled her tighter and happily complied with her wishes.

She too laid, happy to be relaxed in his arms. So comfortable and warm she didn't want to move but knew time was growing short and he did have that reunion to get to today. About that time she heard the clock strike the hour. He heard it too, for the first time in fact, he'd been so preoccupied before he hadn't even taken notice to it. He counted them out in his own mind…four bells. Already his mind was thinking of excuses he could use to cancel his remaining plans for the weekend to just stay here with her. He did after all have the babysitter for the weekend. He rather be here than visiting his old college cronies anyway.

“Did ya hear that sexy man?” She ask. “It's four AM.”

“Yes I did.” Came his reply.

“What time are you supposed to be there?”

“I was thinking about that. You know I do have the babysitter for the weekend, I could call. Tell them I don't have one…”

“OHH no ya don't. You aren't lying to your friends on my account and then end up regretting it at some point. You made your plans and you're going to carry through with them as planned. End of discussion!”

His heart sank, “but..”

She cut him off before he could say anymore.

“I said you're going! Lets not start the day with me having to give you a spanking for talking back or arguing with me, mmkay?” The last bit she spoke with sarcasm and a chuckle.

“So for now you're going to get up, go get your clothes out of the car and you can have a shower while I get some coffee ready and then you my dear are going to cook me breakfast. I still don't believe you cook eggs that way. I want bacon and toast too. And I'll let ya wear clothes even. Wouldn't want ya to get bacon splattered on this”, she laughed as she shook his cock. “I have after breakfast plans for ya and we need that hard cock in tact.”

She kissed him, rolled him over and patted his sweet ass.

“You better get moving before it gets daylight, that weird neighbor guy is up at the crack of dawn, if he sees you out there naked he'll be wondering what the crazy neighbor lady is up to.”

Before he got up he rolled back and caught her up in his arms again and kissed her soundly on the mouth, long and deep and again thanked her for the wonderful night. She laughed and told him he was welcome…

“And just imagine what we could do in a whole weekend Charles? Now get going, I'm hungry”

Grudgingly he got up off the floor, he didn't realize how stiff and sore he was till he went to get up. He put a hand down to help her, she was no spring chicken anymore either and he figured she'd appreciate the helping hand. And she did, also stiff and still sleepy, she always was. He wondered what they were thinking? Acting like teenagers rolling around on the floor like that, geesh! He had to admit, it was the most fun he'd had in ages though and he had no regrets, even if his back was complaining and his knees screamed. Stockings and shoes lay helter skelter on the living room floor, her crop still beside the chair and the wrinkly blanket all dry now bunched up on the floor. What a memory he had now. One he hoped he never forgot.

She got up and went toward the kitchen, he heard the beep of a microwave. She reappeared…

“what are you waiting for, go get your clothes. I'm certainly not going out in that cool morning air.”

She reached for her cigarettes, lit one and sat on the chair waiting for the microwave to finish heating the water for their tea and coffee. He walked toward the door, opened it and peeked out, looking to be sure the coast was clear.

She had to laugh, “ohh you chicken shit, just go. The only one that might see you is that skunk that visits regular and he won't care.”

“Are you serious?! A real skunk?!”

“No Charles it's a fake skunk. Of course it's real silly man, ya think I make this up as I go? Actually I think there's a whole family of them. Where I live you'll see all kinds of wildlife out there. Ohh shit hope the bear doesn't get ya, that'd be worse than the skunk!”

She said that with such seriousness in her voice and her eyes got so wide, he did feel a cold fear course through his body.

“Just kidding, I haven't seen the bear in ages.”, she laughed at his discomfort. “Seriously though you do have to keep a look out for that skunk, he wanders through here all the time, almost daily in fact.”

She chuckled and by this time he had no idea if he was to take her seriously or not.

He went out the door before she filled him with anymore dread and she got up to fix her tea and his coffee. She finished and went to the door to look out the window to see where he was. He was just getting to the top step from the drive, he still had the walk and another set of step to get up on the porch to go yet. So she hit the porch light and giggled as he sprinted the rest of the way, trying to hiding his bouncing cock & balls.

“Mistress, why'd ya have to go and do that.”

“Because it humored me, I knew it would be worth a good chuckle. And Charles, take a break from the 'Mistress', please, just Miss will do now.”

“OK 'just Miss'.” He said grinning wickedly.

She glared at him…“Charles no one likes a smart ass at this hour of the morning, just because you don't 'have' to call me Mistress doesn't mean I'm NOT your Mistress anymore. You'd do well to always remember that one.”

She couldn't help smiling at him anyway, he was cute this hour of the day.

“coffee's out on the table, better drink up and hit the shower. Then you can make my breakfast.”

They sat, him with his coffee, her with her tea and a cigarette. Enjoying each others company, talking about his reunion and his friends he hadn't seen for a year. He finished his cup and she showed him the bath, she already had laid fresh towels out for him at some point and everything else he needed was already in the shower. She kissed him and told him to hurry. And left the room.

He was quick to his task, the hot water felt good as he let it wash down over his stiff body. He began to feel the tightness in his arms now, being bound like he was was telling on his body not being used to it. In the mean time she was getting what he'd need for cooking ready in the kitchen, no time to waste she thought. I'm still not done with that body of his yet. One last look around and she was sure everything was ready and she headed back to the bath.

The glass shower door slid open and he was surprised to see her lifting a leg over the edge of the tub and stepping in with him.

“When was the last time you washed a woman Charles?” She ask him.

“It's been ages for sure.” he answered her.

“Well, you're going to today mister.” With that she handed him the bar of soap and he soaped up her soft body, starting with her back as she turned that to him first he bent his head, kissing her neck as the water splashed down over them both. His hands slid all over her body, washing her breasts, sliding down her belly as she melted back into his hardness. His cock growing again, feeling her soft ass against him. His whole being wanting all over again. She bent, using her ass to push him away. Turning she said…

“OK Mister, I can see if this continues you will be late for sure and you are going to make me something to eat before you leave. So we will get you washed and then I'm kicking you outta here.”

She was smiling the whole time, he however wasn't. He looked like the child who'd just broken his favorite toy. Crestfallen, she almost felt sorry for him…but again, not quite. He handed her the soap and she turned him around and worked up a rich lather and massaged and rubbed the tight muscles that were causing him stiffness. Between her fingers working their magic and the hot water it was working, he was feeling much better. The stiffness leaving his tight muscles. She then soaped up her hands again and worked his cock back to hardness again while he shampooed his hair. As soon as he started thrusting back, she reached for the spigot and turned the hot water off, he was blasted with a cold stream that put a quick end to his thrusting. He heard the chuckles behind him.

“Miss, that was just mean.”

“Yes and you'll get over it, now you're done, get rinsed off and go make my breakfast while I finish. I wanna see ya do those eggs don't forget, so wait on me before ya put them on. Everythings out for ya, if I forgot anything just rummage around you'll find it”

He rinsed off, got out, toweled off. Shaved, brushed his teeth, combed his hair and dressed while she finished.

She hurried with the rest of her shower, shampooed her hair and stepped out reaching for the other towel still laying where she'd let it the night before, neatly folded. She quickly blow dried her hair. A couple squirts of perfume and got dressed. Just jeans and a old tee shirt. Comfort was more important than sexy at this hour of the morning. And it was time he see how she lived day to day anyway. The smell of bacon cooking reached her nose, she heard the microwave beep again and on her way to the kitchen he had met her in the living room with a cup of hot tea.

“Mmm, thanks baby. I was ready for another and that bacon smells good too.”

He'd been busy, getting her breakfast ready, the table was set and she sat down at the table while he lifted the finished bacon from the pan and was about to crack the eggs into the pan.

“Oh the eggs”, she exclaimed and jumped up to see this show. “You know if they come out hard you're so in trouble. I think I'll just beat your ass for ya before you leave if I don't have any yolk to dip my toast in, which by the way I DON'T want burnt. Just lightly brown please.”

But he fussed and tended. Cooking them in the manner he'd told her about which she had trouble believing at the time but now could see it worked perfectly the way he went about it. He popped the bread in the toaster, letting the adjustments alone as he figured they'd be already set to the way she liked it. The toast popped, he buttered it sat it on the table and turned to get the eggs, which were done to perfection he noted, smiling as he set the plate before her. Then went back to get his own.

“There's also some cantaloupe in the fridge if you'd like some fresh fruit. Already cleaned and sliced.”, she told him. “Be a dear and grab that on your way through please.”

He brought both and sat, they ate and chatted, Enjoyed the food, laughed and teased and as they finished and was clearing the table she told him how good his eggs were even if he did cook them in that goofy way she'd never in her life heard of. He then began to fill the sink to wash things up…

“Let them.”, she told him. “I'll do that later, you have to leave soon. One more thing I want to show you before you go.”

After he'd finished wiping the table she said…“take your clothes off right where you stand.”

He blushed although after last night he had no idea why. It's not like after the night they shared they hadn't been as personal as you can be with another person. He was pretty sure she'd explored every nook and cranny that was a part of his body with her tongue, fingers and or eyes. In many cases all three. But still as the morning light began to break, and after the enjoyable conversation it was like visiting with a old friend and he felt very exposed yet again. But he did as told and did so eagerly, even if it meant some blushing.

As he lowered his pants his already hard cock sprang forth. He looked at her as she watched him, her grin growing and turning wicked. He loved the way her smile changed from sweet to downright wicked as she gazed at his hardness, he loved the fact that his hard cock alone could cause such a reaction in her. If he had ever had any doubt about how she felt…this would easily erase it all.

“all righty big boy, get up on that table. On your back. Be careful ya don't tip it though.”, She chuckled. “It a pedestal if ya hadn't noticed and if your not centered just right you'll tip right over.”

Carefully he did as told, sliding his weight to the center and then he felt her mouth on him again. Her tongue licking his thighs in a repeat performance of last night. What he'd thought he dreamt upon waking this morning. His breath caught in his throat as her tongue found his balls, licking and sucking them one at a time into her mouth. Popping one out to suck the other for a while. His cock twitching the whole time. She licked up the backside of his swollen prick, twirled her tongue around the tip licking of the liquids that were already beginning to ooze out. She took just the head into her mouth and sucked, grazing it gently with her teeth, then closing her lips around him to suck again, sliding her mouth down on him to bury her face in his crotch as he thrust his hips forward pushing deeper into her mouth. She pumped her head up and down, up and down again, and he moaned. His breath coming in short gasps. His hands gripped the edges of the table on either side of him and he was enjoying the feeling of her mouth on him when it was all of a sudden gone. His head jerked up to see where she'd went.

She was standing, pulling her tee shirt over her head. Her bare breasts exposed to his view. Her hair falling loose and framing her face and coming to rest on her breasts. His smile grew wider as he watched her shimmy her jeans down over her hips and she stepped out of the heap on the floor, moving forward and slid her body down his straddling his hips as the night before, teasing him with her wet cunt.

“See what sucking that cock does to me?”, She purred in his ear. You've gone and made my pussy all wet not to mention HOT. Can you feel the heat from my pussy baby?“, she gasp in his ear this time. Her breathing quickening.

“Mmmm yes, I can feel it and it feels so good.” He replied through his own quickening breaths. “ohh Godddd I want you”, he moaned.

She was sliding on the length of his shaft again. Rubbing her own swollen clit against his hardness. Sliding up and just letting his tip brush her hole, then back down till the tip caressed her clit. Until finally he didn't think he could take anymore and she finally sank her tight pussy down on his full length. Impaled at last!!! She sighed as he moaned. His big cock filling her tight, wet pussy. It felt so good as he filled her with his hardness. She slid up and down. And he began to thrust. Their hips meeting in a rhythm that was too good to be true but neither questioned. They just enjoyed the ride. Their hips meeting time after time in a wicked frenzy, their breathing matching each other and he told her…

“I can't last much longer, you need to slow down pleaseeee.”

“I'm not going to last much longer either, fuck me Charles..harder and faster. I want you to fill me up with that hot cum”.

With her words he did, he slammed his cock one final time deep within her velvety tightness and then he felt his load starting to spill. He began pumping her again and again, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her down on him holding her tight while he sunk his cock hard and fast as she had ask all the while his cock throbbing out load after load of his hot cum.

She felt that first throb, felt his hot cum explode in her pussy. That started her own orgasm and she moaned loudly in his ear. Her lips found his as her pussy clenched down tight on his hardness, milking his cock of all it's cum while wave after wave of pleasure rocked through every bone in her body. Her mouth locked on his as their frantic tongues fought to be in each other mouths. His arms still pulling her tight, her hands cupping his face kissing him with an urgency she had forgotten she even had.

As the waves of pleasure receded and the kisses slowed, she just laid on him, spent and he rubbed her back in a slow, lazy fashion that was giving her chills. Both were needing to catch their breath. Yet neither wanted to move…at least not yet. He twitched inside her once more. She returned with a squeeze of her pussy and he chuckled.

“You know really Miss, I could just make that call and spend another night if you'd like.”

“Ohhh Charles, that is sooo tempting. But NO! We've been through this and you know, it's for the best. Anyway, maybe this way you won't wait so long for the next visit eh?”

“What are you doing next weekend?” He asked.

She laughed and got up at the same time. Reaching for her clothes as he sat up.

“Well, lets see. There's laundry to do, the yard to clean up if is warm enough out. Ya know this winter has created a mess and there's leaves to rake and flower beds to clean. Oh the list goes on would you like me to continue?”

He looked like a dejected pup, then a thought crossed his mind, She handed him his clothes.

“Get dressed.”, she told him

“I could come help you.” He ask excitedly, the smile returning to his face.

“Help me or get your dick wet you mean?” She laughed at his hurt expression.

“No not at all, I'd just like to be here. Doing whatever you ask. I'm not going to lie, if it means getting my 'dick wet' as you put it. Then so be it, I'm not going to complain. But if it means just working along side you I'd be just as happy doing that too.”

“We'll see.” she told him, “but for now you need to get dressed and get started back. I don't want you driving like a idiot so you aren't late.”

She made him one last cup of coffee and her self a cup of tea and after he finished dressing they sat and talked while they drank. She enjoyed her cigarette and he gathered his things from the bathroom. The clock chimed again, seven bells this time. In less than twenty four hours the pair had enjoyed each other in more ways than they had another human in a long, long time. If ever, truth be known. She really did hate to see him have to leave as much as he hated having to. But she knew he may regret not seeing his friends at some point in the future if he didn't see them this time. So with their cups emptied they got up, she walked him to the door where they enjoyed one final kiss before he left to start back.

She caressed his cheek, “Be careful baby. Drive safe and Maybe you'd better get a sitter for next weekend. The WHOLE weekend.” A smile widening her lips.

“I've got plans for you already.” She said before she ran her tongue up his neck sending a chill down his spine.

He flashed her a easy smile and said “No problem, I'll be here.”

And out the door he went

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