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Jason’s Wicked Aunty CHAPTER 1

Jason Davies stared at his watch longer than necessary as it played an unrecognizable electronic tune to indicate 3 pm; he needn't have considered the beeps as he knew all too well what time it was. For no more than eight feet away was a gold faced cuckoo clock, it no longer chimed or allowed the little fake bird to dance past its doors and had probably been in the same spot since the school opened … but, it still work well enough to remind him how slowly the last 47 minutes had passed. He sighed, cupped his hand over the watch to muffle the sound and looked back to the Silky Oak door below the old clock. He stared at the slightly flaking paint and considered the door would have originally been stark white, but years of heavy cleaning with sugar soap had turned it slightly grey and in the afternoon sunlight it reminded him of the color of the tiny mushrooms that grew along the fallen logs near the local creek. Christ how much longer do I have to wait. Jason’s brain was almost blank of thought now as it switched from random split second images of his surroundings then back to the clock. The intensity of the electronic bell caused a tingle in his spine as it signaled the sound of the ending school day. Thank you for that, now I can get the hell out of here. He lifted he eyes and looked at the ceiling to give thanks to an imaginary force for ringing the school bell. He moved his butt on the unforgiving timber chair just as the large office door in front of him opened. “You're not going anywhere Jason, just stay right there and I'll be with you in a minute”
His Aunt Mimi lowered her reading glasses slightly down her nose and stared straight into his eyes. “But I've got to go, I'm going with Blake for the holidays, you know that.” Jason’s plea was genuine as he screwed the cloth of his trousers with his fists and stood-up.

“It’s all been taken care of, just be quiet for a minute” The Headmistress turned to her young secretary who was filing the last of the school reports into manila folders. “You can go now Heather; tell Jeffery… Is it Jeffery? The new grounds man, to lock all the rooms, the cleaners will be in on Tuesday. Tell him to be sure everyone is off the grounds by three thirty, and then he can go. I will lock the gate on my way out. Ok” “Ok Miss Davies, I'll see you in a few weeks” Heather pushed shut the filling cabinet draw and wasted no time in tapping the red “away” button on the switchboard, picking up her handbag and walking past Jason, giving him the slightest of evil smirks on her way past.

“What’s going on Aunty, can’t I go too” Jason pleaded watching the secretary walk past as his Aunt pushed the door open and motioned him into the office with the flick of her left hand. Jason rolled his eyes and walked past her with a deliberate stamp of his feet and a loud sigh. “I don’t trust you to stay put if no-ones got an eye on you, just sit down over there and I’ll be with you in a few minutes” She motioned the 18yo towards the old style leather couch up against the widow. He listened to the yelling, giggling and general fracas of school teens as they made there way through the gates to their chosen destination for the two week school break. Jason Davies was the only son of Mathew and Michele Davies, both dead. Mathew died of a heart attack when Jason was just two years old and his mother Michele suffered a severe brain hemorrhage a year later, his Aunt Mimi would tell him that his mother died of grief over her lost love. He never really knew them, he had memories, images mostly but that was all. Looked after by his Grandmother and Mimi until his Grandma past on when he was 12, he was then left in the total care of his Aunt, Michele’s adopted sister. Much younger than his mother he guessed but he was not even sure how old his Aunt was, maybe late thirties, he tried to find out once but was scolded “You never ask the age of a lady” he was told. So he thought fuck it and never again bothered to find out. He always bought her a present for her birthday though as she was his only family and even if he didn’t show it, he did love her very much, more than she could possibly imagine if the truth were known. Not like a Mother or Sister or even an Aunty love, his love for her was and always had been real love. At first it was like a love you'd have on a pop star, a crush maybe, and now at 18, his love turned to another directions, he was infatuated with her, emotionally and sexually, she dominated his thoughts and fantasies on a daily basis. He could never show his true feelings of course and he was resolved with being in love with her but knew he would never be anything more than her little nephew. He played up as much as he could at school just to get sent to the office, just to be with her, even though most of the time teachers were reluctant to send him. At home in the last few years he was deliberately naughty just to get her attention; but she always sat him down and gave him long lectures on manners and good behavior and he would try and touch her on ever occasion he could get away with, hugs gentle touching, massaging her feet was something that he'd been doing lately, almost every Friday night it had become a ritual. He'd do it everyday but he didn't want to arouse her suspicions. Jason was not the only one in the school to have a strong feeling for the Headmistress …….. for Mimi Davies was a strikingly beautiful woman, 5 foot 10 inches tall, very feminine figure, long dark brown hair she always kept in a tied back for work and deep blue eyes, she was wonderfully kind and caring and the best teacher in the school for many years and not one member of the staff and few students over her time ever had a bad thing to say about her. She was deceptively intelligent and used intellect and psychology as her weapons and as existing Headmistress of the girls, no one was surprised when she was offered the position of temporary full head of the school by the school board as the aging headmaster had suffered with long bouts of gout and was finally retired 5 years early.

A replacement was in the pipeline but all concerned squabbled and petitioned for this headmaster and that. Meanwhile Mimi had run the school basically for 2 years while the old head was only there off and on as he let Mimi take control. He was a nice and kind man and encouraged her to use her full potential. It was his glowing reference that had given the green light for her to take over in his absence and she ran the school more efficiently than it had been in decades. Attendances were up, the few trouble makers weeded out, teachers of high caliber in place, and you could say it was all down to her. And most of the staff vehemently pointed that out at every staff meeting. They’d tell her it was only a matter of time before the old farts on the School Board saw what a great job she had been doing and make it official and full time. But she was only 37yo and realized that her age was against her to become full time head, and she predicted it would not be long before an aging old dictator was bought in and then things would go back old style again. Even though she knew she was valuable to the school as she had done a great job she realized that the board wanted age to show its strength. But she knew that while she was there, she’d done a good job - all except for one rotten apple in the barrel so to speak - her nephew Jason. Mimi’s thoughts ran thorough and purposeful in regard to her nephew, his behavior was embarrassing for her, he got away with murder at this school in the last 2 years and she had to put a stop to it, he was a right little shit, but she blamed herself as she had spoiled him too much and kept him cocooned from the outside world as best as she could. He was incredibly intelligent, naturally gifted at sports and speech, very handsome and physically well proportioned and fit, but unfortunately he was also very immature for his eighteen years. He was liked by some of the pupils and detested by others, but the teachers, the teachers had him as a thorn in an almost perfect school. You see this was the year 1980 in a private Christian school in the outer suburbs of Brisbane Australia. Very conservative, very affluent and all totally controlled and contrived by the wealthy few percent. Mimi had thought long and hard about Jason, and what to do with him, and she had been preparing for this moment for months. She watched him for a few seconds as he strained to look at the window, she sat back with his folder in her hands and stared at a blank spot on the page. Waiting for the right moment to act on her plan. As luck would have it the timing of his latest misdemeanor was perfect for her; two weeks holiday, that gave her the needed time to break him in properly. She had considered this so many times over the last year and how to handle this situation and he just turned 18yo, so it was now or never. As his guardian at home she knew that he took little notice of her anymore, no matter how many times she’d sit him down and have one of her little chats to him - he’d stare blankly into space and not even try to discuss any problems. She new he was changing, he was a young man now and she knew also that he had some strange behavior ticks lately. She could hear him masturbating at night, he showed no discretion to his actions, he’d walk naked into the bathroom showing off, and she tried to avoid any conscious actions in this direction, knowing full well that he was looking for her attention. But was the attention to her and for her, had he grown from childhood to an adult and did he have sexual feelings for her, or was it just a sign of arrogance or stupidity. But parading past her from the bathroom the other day with a full erection showed there was something not right, he was either trying to initiate a sexual response from her, or he was just being a plain dickhead.

She had no way of knowing without making a move, and that’s what she was about to do, but in her own way, not his, for she intended to subdue this young man and pull him into line once and for all. She wanted no more nonsense from him. He was smart and cunning to skirt around most situations with doubts about his guilt, any other school would have expelled him long ago or at least he would have been subjected to lots of corporal punishment, but that was banned the previous year by the Federal Government, and she had made up her mind that a severe punishment was the only thing she could do to try and break him, she needed him under her control and she was hoping that he was old enough to handle it mentally - this was her last resort. His Aunt Mimi sat back in the leather chair and tapped the end of her pen on the manila folder that held the particulars of Jason’s poor behavior over the year. After a long silence she moved forward in her seat and motioned the young man to sit in front of her.Jason looked at the folder and a typed sheet of paper that was to one side. He couldn’t make out what was on it - but he did see the word contract at the top.

“What’s going on Aunty, it’s the holidays now, and I am supposed to be going with Blake’s family to the coast, you know that, how am I going to get there if they leave without me?” “You have no idea, do you?’ she looked him in the eyes. “What” he snapped at her. “We are not at home now, you will treat me with the respect that this position deserves” she slammed her hand down across the desk in frustration. Jason cringed at the noise. “What do you want me to say Aunty - sorry Headmistress, it won’t happen again” Jason’s smugness showed through his complete lack of respect for all others around him. She tossed a sheet from the manila folder to him. “Read that out aloud to me please” He picked up the paper and studied the first few hand written lines before speaking. “At five past two this afternoon Jason Davies disrupted the classroom and verbally abused his History teacher Amanda Jones. He displayed complete lack of respect for her and the class and in the course of the verbal abuse he” Jason stopped and looked at his Aunty. His eyes shifted to the wall beside her and he swallowed hard and licked his lips. “Go on Jason, read it”! She demanded in a raised tone. “He, he……oh Aunty do I have to, you know what it says, why are you doing this” “Read it now!” The young man looked back to the sheet of paper and continued. “He called her a stupid cunt and told her she should get the fuck back to teachers training college.” Again Jason stopped and rubbed his drying lips with the back of his hand. Sweat formed in his palms as he realized that he had actually gone way over the boundary this time. “Keep going” Mimi said softly “This abuse was witness by me, My Bryant and Mr. Burns from English in the next room as we both entered the class at this time - upon hearing the yelling.

I note this statement to be true signed by, Amanda Jones, Alan Bryant and Ted Burns. Jason swallowed hard as her lifted his eyes to his Aunties. She had a slight gleam of relief. For the first time she finally had him at the disadvantage. Three witnesses attesting to his bad behavior. Not just other school children complaining about his nastiness towards them, but three reputable teachers. She had him by the balls and she knew it. “Well, Jason, this my young nephew is expulsion for you” her lips curled into a wicked evil grin. Jason’s eyes blackened and his mouth dropped open. “You can’t be serious Aunty, you’re joking, tell me you’re joking” he pleaded. “Oh no - indeed I am not joking, verbal abuse of this nature is well and truly beyond picking up papers at lunchtime or detention after school, this my lad is expulsion - pure and simple, and I would be backed by every teacher, every P & C member and every parent. So what do have to say now you little smart arise” Mimi could not contain her emotion any longer and she let it show. She loved the boy dearly, even though they where not blood related, a strong bond had formed between them over the years, she put her romantic life on hold to look after him. She just wished that the real, kind and loving Jason that was here only a few years ago would come back.

“But I’ll lose my inheritance if I am expelled, you know that” He franticly bounced his leg in nervousness and rubbed his thumbs against his fingers. “Oh I know you will, and I know that you have been ever so smug showing off that you’ll be a millionaire when you turn twenty one - I know all about your little tricks and mind games and arrogant behavior ever since you discovered and understood the real meaning of your inheritance. I never should have told you, you’re far too young to handle it”. “But you’re in control Aunty, in control of all my money until I get the rest of it when I’m twenty five - if you expel me you won’t get any money either” his pleas where almost desperate to make her see the stupidity of her potential actions. “Oh Jason, do you think I am worried about money, I earn $40,000 a year here, and if I am put to full time head, I will go to $48,000 plus a big fat pension, don’t worry, it’s enough for me. And don’t forget the house of your parents; it’s in my name, not yours” She looked at him and could not contain her smile. He said nothing, anger screwed his face and then it softened as he tried an alternative approach. “Please Aunty, please, I’ll do anything, I promise, I’ll apologize to Amanda, please, I’ll change, I’ll do anything you say, please, don’t expel me” Yes, I have him, Mimi was ecstatic inside, and she covered her emotions before proceeding. ‘Oh really, you’ll do anything, hum. So you mean that if I devise a punishment fitting to your behavior you’ll have no problem with it” she reached to the folder and pulled a sheet of typed paper as she spoke.

“I, I……I’ll do detention for the rest of the year, whatever you want. Please don’t expel me”. He taped his fingers nervously on his knees waiting for her response. “Very well, I thought it might come to this so I have prepared a little contract between us, a formality if you will, but if you want to remain here and I know you do then I want you to read this carefully and sign it. It will be binding between us and if you waver from this - I will expel you instantly, do you understand” He nodded as he took the paper from her hand. He studied the sheet, I Jason Davies do here by agree to do exactly as I am told by ……. and it went on to spell out in simple terms that he was now at the absolute mercy of his Aunt. No matter what she instructed of him he was to do without question. He hesitated and looked at her. “This is blackmail” his teeth clenched to restrain his anger. “Yes, yes it is, and either you sign it, do as you’re told or you can piss off and kiss your inheritance goodbye” she raised her eyebrows. “I….I… could go to the cops with this” Mimi couldn’t help but giggle, “What you, go to the police and tell them what, with a written statement from three teachers as to your behavior today. They’d laugh at you and pat me on the back.” She tossed the teachers statement in front of him and it fell onto the floor at his feet.

“Pick it up” He bent forward picked up the paper and put both sheets onto her desk. “Ok either sign it - cop what you have coming and let me help turn you into a decent young man - or you can fuck off and find your own way in life, it’s your choice”. Her language surprised him - he’d not heard her say fuck before. He reached over and took the pen from her hand and signed the paper. Mimi stood placed the sheets into the folder and walked to the filing cabinet, when she had safety secured the paperwork she locked the draw. “Excellent, this will be your new beginning to life, and I am looking forward to your training” “Training, what do you mean, I am not a dog” he snapped at her. “Oh you are full of it - but that will soon go.”She walked to the office door as he turned his head to watch her, she locked it and turned to the metal locker, he watched her reach in and pulled out a school cane. His eyes nearly bugged from his head.

“You… you can’t be serious, no you’re….. not please tell me, you’re not going to cane me” he stood and backed away from her as she moved towards him. “No more nonsense, pants down and bend over the chair” she swished the cane through the air and reached out and grabbed his collar with a strong grip. “Fuck off!! You must be joking - you can’t cane me, it’s not right - you’re my Aunty, caning is banned, it’s it’s not allowed anymore, I will call the school board” he tried to struggle free from her grip but she was stronger than he expected. He briefly thought about punching her in the face and running. “Fine then have it your way, piss off, you have just broken your contract and you have lost your inheritance” she let him go and walked back towards the locker. “No no - Aunty, please, I am sorry - I’ll do it” his voice was shaky as he moved towards the chair. “OK then, this is you one reprieve, another outburst like that and you WILL be on your own, understand” “Yes Aunty” She walked over and again swished the cane through the air.

“You will get 48 strokes, I have worked it out” “48, are you mad, it is only ever six, no one gets 48” “Shut up and listen Jason, it’s six of the best for each time you have been before me in the last year. Each time this would have warranted six of the best from the Headmaster. Think yourself lucky, I am going to cane your bottom, I could cane your hands, but I am afraid of my poor aim and I don’t want to break any bones.” “What?” Jason looked at her in disbelief “Not all the strokes today……. but you will receive them over the course of the holidays. If you waver in the slightest from the contract you will get six of the best for each act of misbehavior - do you understand. I was going to give you 12 now but you will get an extra 6 for swearing at me; now shoes and pants off - I mean right off and bare bottom then over the chair please” Jason said nothing and turned to face the chair.
He flicked his shoes off and thought about how he was not wearing any underpants as he undid his belt and pushed his pants down over his bottom and he kicked them off his feet and lent over the chair with both hands on the arms. He was slightly excited, the coolish air swirled around his cock and he started to harden. I’m sick in the head, I’m naked below the waist before my Aunty, the women who is the centre of my masturbation fantasies, the woman I spy on through the keyhole as she showers and shits; his cock was fully hard as the first stroke cut him. Swoosh…. CRACK! It thumped into his exposed cheeks and took a second for the pain to register with him. “Christ!!” He screamed standing up and turning his buttocks away from her while he tried to rub the sting away. Mimi’s eyes shifted to the exposed hard penis of her nephew. In the few seconds she focused on it she’d realized it had been so long since she’d had sex, his cock started to slacken and she shook herself back to reality and looked at his face. Jason’s eyes were shut and his face screwed in pain. Relief; he has not seen me looking at his cock - Jesus he is hard, what’s wrong with him. She thought “B..B. bend back over the chair, I will not tell you again” she said trying to be convincing and stern, but her voice wavered. He resumed his position just-in-time to feel the next stoke thrash into him. Crack. He squealed in pain. “Do you have to hit so hard” he questioned her.
“This” crack ……. as another stroke landed just above the last. “Is a punishment” crack, the cane hit just below the folds of his bottom at the top of his legs. Jason yelled in pain and thumped the arm of the chair with a clenched fist. Crack “And a punishment” crack “is meant to hurt”, crack “or there would be no point to it” crack “would there” crack crack crack crack.
She counted twelve strokes as she applied the last four hard and fast. She intended another 6 before she was through with this session and the other canings would take part at her whim during the course of the school break. The pain was too much for Jason and he slid down onto the floor as tears welled in his eyes. He frantically started rubbing his bottom with both hands. As thoughts ran through her head about what happened two years prior to today’s events Mimi decided to give him a few seconds to come to terms with the pain before proceeding.

She had only caned two students before this, both girls, as the headmaster always looked after the male corporal punishment.On that occasion it was a very formal caning, if there was such an affair as they were the only girls ever to be caned at the school. The girls had stolen a teacher’s purse from the staff room, spent the money on cigarettes and food and a general spending spree of the French teachers $75; then they placed the purse back without getting caught. Unfortunately for them the service station they bought the cigarettes from had just installed security cameras and their entire deed was captured in clean monochrome footage, stolen purse in hand. It was a rather big issue for the school at the time and all parties involved including the police, the victim the girls and their parents agreed to a payback of the money and corporal punishment, it was that or expulsion and a possible court appearance. The girls were given a choice of caning on the hands or bottom, both chose their bottoms and the deed was witnessed by the school female counselor. Mimi thought it quit a nasty business having to perform it but as she was the official headmistress, it was up to her. The day of the caning the headmaster spent a half an hour going over the do’s and don’ts of correct caning procedures before the ceremony was performed and Mimi was more than a little nervous about it.
Each girl got six of the best bent over with their skirts lifted, thin cotton underpants did little to dull the experience for them and both girls screamed and cried from the pain. It was a turning point in the life of all concerned as from then on the girls were exceptionally well behaved for the rest of their school time, and Headmistress Mimi Davies was thrown into a whole new world of emotional and mental power exchange that the caning brought to her. She enjoyed it, she can not deny it now but it took her a year to admit it to herself. She even contemplated seeking therapy about her feelings on the matter, but dismissed the thought fairly quickly. She really did not know why she enjoyed it, maybe it was the lesson learnt for the girls or the power it gave her in the utter control of the situation, she could not quiet pin point it. But she thought about that day often and fantasies of a repeat where never far from her mind. Her totally dominate nature had bubbled to the surface and now here in front of her nephew she could let in all out again being fairly safe that what she had carefully setup - would not be exposed. “Ok, back into position” “That’s enough Aunty please, I’m sorry, I’ll be good please” Jason turned his body around and crawled to her clutching her legs and started crying like a baby. “Please Aunty don’t cane me anymore I’ll be good I promise, I’ll do anything, I’ll .. I’ll do all the housework, I’ll wash your car, I’ll do anything, please aunty I’ll lick the windows clean I’ll lick you arsehole clean anything” Mimi’s emotions were at the edge as he groveled at her feet, the sensations made her head swoon and her gentiles tingle, it was such a huge rush through her system as her body swelled with power and excitement almost pushing her to an orgasm. Then all of a sudden she realized what he had just said to her. “You’ll WHAT” she yelled at him, ‘what did you just say. She grabbed at his collar and pushed him away from her legs.
Jason fell onto his bum exposing his cock. She looked at his face. “What did you just say to me” she yelled “I said that I’d do anything” Jason propped himself up with his right arm and did not even try to cover himself. “You said more than that, you disgusting boy” Mimi could not believe her luck, he was playing the part for her almost like it was scripted for him, her excitement grew and her stomach tingled with knots as her eyes closed for a few seconds as she imagined Jason’s young tongue lapping at her tight asshole. ‘I didn’t mean it it’s just - it just slipped out - I am sorry” “She reached over and grabbed him by the shirt collar and dragged him to the sofa by the window, she was in heaven and the subdued dominance that had been there all her life was now almost out of control. “Get up on there, face down and arse up” she grunted as Jason climbed onto the leather cushion and she pushed his head forward leaving his bottom stuck up in the air and exposed. She pushed the centre of his back and grabbed a leg and pulled it towards the edge of the sofa and his bottom cheeks opened up to reveal his little puckered hole and his testicles and penis plopped down between his legs. “Excellent” she exclaimed and in the quietness on the late school day. The solid heals of her shoes made distinct clicks on the old wood floor boards. She walked around to the front of the sofa. “Don’t look at me, keep your face down” and as she walked back she freed her right hand of the cane and swung the free hand down hard across his bottom cheeks making him give a soft cry of “no” as she gave him his first hand spank on the bottom that he’d ever had. She looked at his balls and cock and asshole exposed and rubbed her crotch a few times through the heavy material of her skirt as the sexual pleasure radiated through her body. “Now I will warn you; if you move off there or turn your head to look at me or try to block me with your hands, I’ll cane you until you bleed, you got that” she scowled at him. Mimi was reveling in this new found power and her lust for it grew. She’d fantasized about this moment more than once and the swelling inside her made her skin tingle as Jason shook his head and buried his face into his hands; and the last thing he remembered was the smell of old leather and oil as the cane bit into his bottom. He lost perceptive of time; the pain was turning to a numbing thud. He had no idea how many strokes she applied to his bare bottom, but she was peppering each stoke with a sermon on good behavior. Crack, “lick my bottom clean would you”, crack “you disgusting little man”, crack, “I should make you do it” crack “ ” crack “you are just a fowl little grub and I will break you if it’s the last thing I do” crack “you are now my slave” crack The intense power Mimi felt as she caned his exposed bottom was now overwhelming to her. She watched his testicles and penis bounce with every stroke, but despite her orgasm building in her groin as she pushed her fingers at her pussy through her skirt in-between the swings of the cane, she never lost sight of her objective and mentally counted off 12 hard strokes before she stopped. She looked down at the red welts turning purple on his bottom and an orgasm pulsed through her body, she shivered and briefly lost balance as her insides fluttered and twitched and she squeezed her legs together to heighten the sensation. She felt the wetness in her crotch and juice run down her inner thigh as beads of sweat gathered around her temples. Jason didn’t move, he was sobbing gently and his eyes stung as they swelled with tears but he was staying as strong as he could. Mimi lent the cane against the wall and pulled his arm. She took a deep breath “Well done, ok put your pants on, lets get out of here, come on lets go home” She pulled him towards her and hugged him tightly. “This is for your own good; you know that, don’t you.” Jason fell to his knees and buried his face in the course fabric of her skirt and wrapped his arms around her holding her tightly across the backside. He sobbed gently.
“I am so sorry Aunty, I truly am, I am so so sorry, please Mimi you have to believe me” She tried to push him off but he held on. “Come on Jason, stop it, that’s enough” Jason released his grip slightly and sniffed his runny nose in hard, it was then that he smelt her sex, it was strong and pungent - he knew that smell, he was not a virgin, he’d had sex with Sue McKenzie on several occasions and knew the scent of a stimulated pussy. He instantly stopped sobbing as his brain raced with curiosity. What - what’s this all about, how come my Aunty smells like she’s all wet in the pussy after caning the shit out of me, what the fuck is going on here. Mimi pulled herself away and picked up the cane then went about gathering up her paperwork all the while avoiding eye contact as Jason put his pants and shoes back on

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