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He shifted as gently as he could in the car seat - trying to get comfortable, impossible. His bum throbbed on every bump and now it was starting to itch - he badly wanted to pull his pants down and scratch and sooth his bottom; he needed ice to get rid of the stinging, but of course - that he could not do. He shook his head and he didn’t care if she saw him; he wasn’t angry about being caned - more like badly shocked, and it hurt like fuck - but he’d get over it; he was very pissed off about missing-out on his holidays on the Coast though - and he’d make her pay for that, he’d give her the silent treatment for at least the whole weekend - maybe longer - as long as he could keep it up, it drove her nuts when he stayed silent - she is so garrulous.

A caning had never crossed his mind as a possible consequence. Plenty of others things had but not being caned; and it hurt so much, he was amazed at how hard she was be able to swing that stick - he sort of wish he could have seen it. He looked out the window and focused on the radio tower in the distance, trying to block out the pain and was left with a sense of uneasy respect for the cane and the person driving the car. Although he’d never admit it, he was way too stubborn for that.

The slow drive home in the traffic was normally a chatty affair between them - well at least from Mimi’s side of it - but now for the first time ever, it was silent and tense, even on other occasions when he’d been sent to her for discipline she’d usually berate him the entire trip, but not today, today she actually did something about it, she’d threatened to do something to him for the last year, he’d dismissed her warnings as idle, but what was worrying him was how angry she got, and the strange way she spoke to him. Telling him he was now her slave - what the fuck does that mean. Or was it all a put-on, just some sort of front to terrify him into behaving the way she wants him to. He question if she for real; is she really was that angry, and her smell - what was going on? Christ what’s that all about - he smelt her pussy, he was sure of it. He closed his eyes and tried to picture what it must have looked like to her.

Mimi was not the only one that had been scheming, Jason had plans of his own, and he’d been trying so hard lately to initiate a response from her, any response - sexual or otherwise, he didn’t care just as long as it was something - he’d been dangerous in his actions.

He wondered if she’d always think of him as her little nephew, and was hoping she wouldn’t; he thought things where changing between them, he was sure of it - last Friday night he massaged her feet for the entire length of the movie - his hands ached and he had her feet and shins slicked with massage oil but he refused to stop; and she got look, that look that his secret girlfriend got when they were having sex; he saw her eyes glaze and her nipples harden through the T-shirt, he watched her breathing shorten and he dragged little girlie giggles from her when he tickled her, we had such a good time he thought and he saw those signs, Could he be that wrong, his brain burned so much for her.

He’d flashed her on occasions at home recently, taking a very daring chance the other day while she was sitting at the kitchen table doing school work; he casually walked right passed her - out of his bathroom and into his bedroom totally naked and with a raging erection, he was positive she’d say something, that he’d get a reaction from her, he was so horny and he didn’t care about the consequences, he just had an overpowering urge to expose himself to her. And she looked at him, straight at his cock and he saw her swallowed hard and a stupid look came to her face - a look he could only put down to uncomfortable embarrassment and then she just looked back to her books; she ignored him for the rest of the day.

He thought there where only two things that could have happened; one - it would be the start of something sexual; two - that she’d be disgusted by his actions and take appropriate steps to punish him. But nothing happened and in his innocents he had no idea what he was doing; but he loved her and craved her attention.

His brain played back that scene over and over as they drove home - and he realized that she did do something - he did get her attention, he got a response from her, a caning was not what he wanted, but, it was something.

Another pot-hole in the road jarred his memory back to the now and he winched: and as they got closer to home he thought about last night and what happened.

He’d had his shower straight after helping her do the dishes; he’d gotten so horny watching her bum wiggle in her cotton shorts as she scrubbed the cutting board. He wanked in the shower but not all the way, put on his thin summer pyjama shorts, no shirt and went into the lounge room where she was watching telly. He headed for the couch and laid on his back with his head close to her body, he turned on the pillow to watch the TV. Mimi was sitting a little sideways in the chair with her feet up, almost facing him, her head turned towards the idiot box.

He was thinking there is no way she could not see him. His cock took no time at all to harden again and strained in his thin pyjama pants, pulsing under the material.

There is absolutely no way that she can’t see me, he thought - he could see her reflection in the black edge of the TV screen. His excitement grew as he realised she was actually looking at his cock while the add break was in progress, he could see her face, just make out her head turning to look over his body, he clenched his arse cheeks together and contracted his groin muscles making his cock strain against the material. - “Oh god your looking at my cock, I can see you, Mimi you’re looking at my cock” Mimi shifted in her seat and got up.

Fuck no - don’t go Mimi. The kitchen light went on and he guessed he must have spooked her badly; thirty seconds later she poked her head around the door and calmly spoke to him.

“If you want to go to the Gold Coast tomorrow you’d better have all your things packed and ready, I won’t wait in the morning, we have to drop your gear at Blake’s before school and I have to be there by eight, we get up at six. So off you go and check everything, then you go to bed, you’ll need sleep, goodnight and no mucking”

Fuck, that was it; that was her response, she didn’t come to kiss me goodnight either, bloody hell! I’ve spooked her badly this time. His thoughts angered him slightly as his plan had failed dismally to get something out of her.

He waited; waited until she went to bed and the huge old house was quiet; he masturbated loudly and for as long as he could, moaning and slapping his cock against his belly, making as much noise as was possible without being stupid.

She has to hear me, her door is open, it’s always open, please Mimi, come to me. Please please Mimi come to me. Turn on the light, catch me, please catch me wanking, even if there’s no sex…I want it so badly.

His fantasy grew as his slicked hand slid as slowly as possible up and down his dick and as his tension built his movements turned fast and noisy; every time the palm of his hand came up over the head of his cock his body tingled and he felt an orgasm bearing down on him, the nerves in his toes tightened and sweat ran down the side of his face and he could not stifle the moans, and even though he’d had intercourse with the Mackenzie girl, it was always sneaky, rushed and uncomfortable, wanking in his bed was still his biggest pleasure. Come on please Mimi, come and scold me, get angry with me, put me over your knee and spank me, oh god - yes please spank me, my beautiful Aunty, angry and sexy, oh fuck you are so sexy, oh god I want to lick your arsehole stick my tongue in. His juices squirted up his belly and chest as he climaxed, his moaning would have giving his orgasm away to his listening aunty.

Jason made a sudden grab for the panic handle on the car door as the wheels dropped off the edge of the road and pain serge through his skin as the hard seats of the old Volvo showed no mercy. He pushed his hand into his lap to hide his erection. Jesus Christ I’m hard all the time, what’s happening to me. Oh no she’s going to hit this one, bloody hell, why’s she doing this.

The worn out suspension made it akin riding on a timber packing crate and he sucked air through his teeth; this time he couldn’t restrain himself and glanced sideways at her. He wanted to say something - should he? Why are you driving like a fucking blind woman, can’t you see the edge of the road? He would have loved to have the guts to yell that at her. He focused on her image in his brain as he leaned forward in the seat tyring to telepathically covey his abusive message to her - as if she might hear him, as if it that might help - but he knew there’d be no sympathy today.

Mimi glowed inside, she deliberately hit as many potholes and bumps as she could. Never taking her eyes from the road - but on that last one - she could feel his glare on her. Her mouth curled into a slight smile. Waiting for the green light she strained her peripheral vision at him just for a second, he was staring out the window. All this time together, he had changed so much in the last few years, she wondered if what she had planed was going to work.

Her empty stomach ached, she’d not had time for any lunch, and her body was running on toast, one apple, sweet biscuits and who knows how many cups of sweet tea. The afternoons events dominated her thoughts; she had so many mixed emotions about what had happened. As she sat there a feeling washed over her and just for an instant in those few seconds she wished she hadn’t done it - just like always, she wanted it, she needed it, she revelled in that caning and the control and power she felt; the intense orgasm she had - one of those special almost mind fuck orgasms; only woman can know those, she loved it; but once her orgasm subsided and the deed was done she felt strange, empty, the same feeling she got after sex, sex was not satisfying for Mimi, she’d never found the right partner, she needed more, more of it, more dominance. It was like a switch, if she turned it off in her mind she was ok, if she started to think about it - she could easily succumb to that little demon lurking in her.

It was the build up she liked as much as the event this day, all the scheming and preparation, the hours of planing and watching him - and when it came time to act it out - with all the pieces in the right place - she had to do it, she had to try it - take that first step, that’s what she liked, she loved that power to control.

It was just like the illicit sex affairs she once had whenever Jason went away for the weekend; she used to safely feed her demon that way, it started soon after she caned those two school girls.

She used to head down to the Gold Coast, browse the stores, buy leather outfits, she adored leather - skirts, pants, and gloves, she loved leather gloves and wore them a lot in winter, anything leather: she’d do the few sex shops, buy some toys, a bit of pornography, and then go for some night life; she’d pick up men in bars, younger men only - the younger the better, it wasn’t hard to do - she understood that she wasn’t a classic beauty - and she was 39 years old but she was still very pretty in the face with good skin and even features, a straight smallish nose, slightly pouting lips and eyes fairly wide apart. Her body was ok, not skinny - more of a full figure even though she thought her bum was fat - in reality it would have been called sensually full and far from fat - but she had big boobs, that got the young guys interested. Low cut tops and lots of red lipstick. And she’d get the one she wanted every time - just one per trip and then fuck them stupid and run home.

It was not the sex that she desired; it was the control and the power that she could wheel over those poor hapless foolish young men - some probably the same age or just a little older than Jason and one or two virgins amongst the dozen or so she scored on those trips. She loved the virgins - all that power - especially on the courtship how they’d grovel and promise their world to get her attentions - they’d spent outrageous amounts of money paying for food and alcohol, First Class hotel rooms and taxis.

She’d loved seeing the dejection and panic on the faces of those she’d cock tease then drop, that’s what she got off the most - pure power of the pussy. She’d have a little sexual pleasure now and then, only if they went down on her and they knew what they were doing - but usually they had far too much alcohol on-board to perform well enough to satisfy any sexual holes in her system. She’d never had an orgasm with any of them, not even close and as soon as it was over she’d feel empty.

She knew it was absolutely extraordinary behaviour on her part - especially for a prim and proper Headmistress of a Christian School - and one of such a large standing in the wealthy community. And she worried about being caught - but that was all part of the thrill too - and she almost did get caught - about 2 seconds of being recognized by one of her teachers as she moved through the foyer of a motel with a young man on her arm - so that was her last trip.

But there had to be something more, something more to her life and her sexual being; she was getting so horny lately so anxious - especially in the last year since she stopped her little excursions, much worse that ever before in her life; and Jason started parading around showing of his youthful body and cock all the time, that did not help her - she defiantly had a thing for younger men, she’d put it down to missing out on relationships when she was young, she sometimes had silly fantasies about going back in time and doing all the things she missed out on. She spent her youth studying and schooling and then working and looking after her Mother and Jason, that seemed to be her whole life wrapped up neat and tidy and she was angry that she’d missed out - she had that angry streak in her - even if she kept it buried - it showed itself now and then - just like today. She smiled inside, she could control it though.

Is this a phase for women, did they build up sexually in their mid thirties - she had no one to talk too, no point of reference to gage herself. When the tension built she masturbated during the night, it was her relief, her only sexual relief - but unlike Jason, she was very discrete. She had a small dildo but vaginal penetration was not high on her list of satisfying activities, she bought a variety of sex toys that she would probably never use, or so she thought - but she liked the look of them, like the big black strap-on dildo, it looked so powerful and she loved her leather cloths: when Jason wasn’t home she’d sometimes try out her cloths and toys.

They moved slowly in the turning lane, the traffic lights only letting a couple of cars through at a time and her mind drifted back to last Saturday, Jason had gone somewhere …. she put on the silky black lace top and sharp cut leather vest, black leather pants and high heal lace up shoes and black leather Vampire gloves; then she completed it with the thick black strap-on over the top of the tight fitting leather pants, she stood in front of the full length mirror in the study … it looked so powerful to her. She pulled hard on the fake cock and the leather straps pushed into her crotch, she wore no underpants and the soft black hide bit into the folds of her pussy. She felt power - she so wanted to grab one of those grovelling men, bend’ em over and fuck the crap out of them, make them scream and beg for mercy. She planed that one day; she’d do it to one of those poor bar hopping silly young creatures. Tie him up and fuck him hard, cane him too. Or Jason, could she do that, would she be able to do this to her nephew, would she be able to gain that much control over him, she wanted to, she hoped to ….. She wanted to fuck Jason in his arse with the strap on - she leant against the office desk - she wished she had a real cock and she watch herself in the mirror as she repeatedly pulled hard on the dildo - forcing the strap to rub against her clit, she help out with her fingers and climaxed quickly.

Distant car horns sounded as Mimi shut her eyes and pictured Jason on all fours, bottom up and that nasty big black dildo stretching his tight virgin anus. She shook her head and took a slow deep breath. What am I thinking, get it together - concentrate on your driving or you’ll kill the both of us. She was cranky now, cranky she was fantasising like an idiot; cranky with herself that she’d caned him at school too; she wanted his discipline to be done at home, but it was too late; and it wasn’t like he was one of her one-off lovers either, she couldn’t run away from him. Fear of the unknown future, that’s what churned at her insides; she really wasn’t cranky about caning him - he deserved it and she enjoyed it and its trimmings and she’ll do it again; it was the terror of the unknown future that made her confused between anger and fear. She felt queasy.

Her thoughts ran quickly as she waited in the traffic. It’s too late to go back now, I’ll have to see it through - but how will he handle it, will he do what I want - if he doesn’t succumb to me, if he goes against me, the whole thing is fucked and destroyed, our life, my job, the more than 8 million dollars that’s sitting there waiting for the both of us to share, everything will be doomed, this has to happen, just a few more years to go and the lot will be ours, no more solicitors or parasite accountants hanging around doling out the cash. I dread the thought of being a cranky old headmistress, but that won’t happen, there’s my money there to fall back on and if I want out I can … but I want to see the world and have pleasure - I want Jason to be the wonderful person he was and I want that money, the power and that boy. And I will get him. Oh Christ and fucking shit I do love him, I know he’s young - I know that, but he’s so ripe for the picking - not some drunken misogynistic man who’s only concern for a women is what she cooked him for dinner or the wasted male that thinks the only thing a woman is good for is something to lie on while he’s having a fuck - I’ve known so many of those men that slobber on me trying to get me to be there’s - Yuk. That’s why I like boys - I know it is …… clean and untarnished. I have Jason and I’ll train him up - I’ll make him ready for anything, even other woman. I’ll teach him everything, and when the time comes for him to leave me - if that day comes - he’ll be ready.

Mimi realised the step she took today, that caning; was probably the most significant action she’d taken in her whole life. It was a life changing day; she was tired and wanted to be at home.

But the days not over yet, I have to carry it through and I have to confront him tonight about what happened, he’ll say nothing, he’ll probably hide in his room but whatever happens I’ll show no mercy, not let up a tiny bit, no more wanking for him, no more stupid behaviour from him - walking around naked, showing off like that, I have to turn him now. Can I do it - will I be able to do it? All this time and all this work - if I can just turn him, make him obey me, change him enough to - no, what am I saying - I don’t want him to be like those grovelling boys at the bar, they’re disgusting, fuck it - I don’t want him as a grovelling fool, I don’t want him to be weak - it’s easy for men to be weak if they think they’re going to get a fuck. No he’s too strong willed for that, its better he is strong. It will take a very strong man to be able to be with me and what I have planed. And that’s what I want, I want him to do as he’s told and instinctively know what I need to be happy - I want to turn him around - not break him into a wimp.

It sounded so stupid in her head to say that to herself; but no more nonsense, she’d have to intervene now, right now before he started sticking his dick into girls. She couldn’t let some slut come along and parasite herself to him, take their money from them, she’d looked after him until now, as well as her dying mother; she’d put her life on hold, she had to continue that, she was entitled to her prize, the power the money would bring would be a nice icing on the cake. I have to make him mine - it’s true, it is true, her brain sounded an alarm, you do want him don’t you? The demons voice was clear and strong.

“Come on - what’s taking these bloody lights so long?” she growled and Jason squirmed at her words, the first spoken on the trip; but he had no intention of saying anything.

She wanted to get home; she needed to be in her own bedroom and have some solitude for a while - soak in the bath, that’s what she’ll do. All day at work, so many people and so many interruptions to her thoughts, and then out of the blue, his actions an hour before school finished had suddenly pushed her plans into top gear: her carefully thought out plans; she’d always had it in mind to use corporal punishment on him for his next big screw-up - she had the cane ready at school just in case - but she had no idea when that would take place.

She’d wanted to do it at home; she had it prepared for home, set up the study, that’s were she wanted her power base to be, the school was dangerous and she was hoping no one heard his screams and cries today. Maybe if it had happened earlier, she never would have caned him, if there were others around, the secretary, anybody; she’d not have done it there. She should have waited until she got him home - but it felt so right this afternoon though - there in the old Headmasters Office, now her own nest of power - it was on her ground, she felt powerful there.

Her thoughts went back a few hours or so and she remembered the feeling in her empty Herstomach as Mr Bryant stood in her office and informed her about Jason’s behaviour in class, he handed her the written statement by himself and the other teachers and her limbs felt heavy and her palms started to sweet. This was it - the moment she’d been waiting for.

She got the contract from the filling - she’d typed it out a few months before - she also had a copy at home hidden in the study. She had so little time to mentally prepare; tingles of excitement went through her body as she read both pieces of paper to herself. She locked the office door quietly and took the standard school cane from the cabinet and sung it thought the air - leaning up against the edge of the desk she pulled up her skirt and rubbed the cane against her clit - and she kept rubbing - almost to an orgasm - timing it so she was on the edge when the bell rang. It was the anticipation of what she was about to do - she got so worked up that there was no way she could stop - she did not want to stop it - and it was now done. She wanted those feelings at home - she wanted power there; she thought about how she felt so ordinary and subdued at home; she never got those power feelings in the lounge room or kitchen, there was no one to hover around her, make her feel important, no one she could take charge of.

But now she will - the study, it will be her office at home - no it will be her punishment room, now she would have some power there. Mimi had gone to great lengths to create an atmosphere in the study. Jason never went in there; he’d probably not been in there for 5 or 6 years and she spent the last year slowly making it more like her place of power.

When corporal punishment was banned in schools the old head told her that it would be the end of disciplined youth in the country, we’d (teachers he meant) would be held to ransom by the bleeding hearted do-gooders and smart arsed children. Not that the old head threw the cane around much, but he certainly did use it when it was necessary. And of course most boys - if they were honest - were afraid of its sting and the shame that a thorough caning bought with it. And the one cane he used … the same one Mimi used on Jason was the same she used on the girls two years prior was to be put into storage in the old shed at school.

It was a silly little ceremony for the old Master and as she had also used it - he invited Mimi to witness the retiring of the implement. And in that shed on that very day that Mimi’s plans turned another wonderful corner for her - for in a darkened corner tucked out of the way and under the cover of old sugar bags he showed her the implements of the past. He lifted a long dark wooden box, dusted its top and placed in on top of an old desk.

His voice croaked as he traced the letters with his hand “The Imperial Cane and Strap Co, North Yorkshire Tannery, Tannery Lane, Hardacre End, North Yorks, England - now Miss Davies these men did fine work indeed”

He opened the box to reveal three other canes and he placed his outgoing cane in its position - a neatly royal blue felt lined depression. He pointed to the smaller cane

“See this one; it’s called a Junior School Cane, lighter than my standard, more whippy and flexible. I used it a few times on grade eight boys, not as severe as the standard, gentler on their hands, and useful on tight trousers too I might add, good for the classroom in the old days” he then pointed to the cane above the one that he’d placed in there.

“This one’s the senior cane, a very robust chappie, denser - heavier rattan than the other two and as you can see longer and thicker, this is a serious instrument of correction indeed Miss Davies. I remember my first year as Head, used this on a senior boy, a terrible lad, utterly obnoxious; he’d punched one of my teachers and I top and tailed him …that’s six of the best on his hands and six of the best on his behind…well he bleed and I had terrible trouble with his parents and the school board over that, but it was long ago and things were different, although I never used it again” he paused and tapped the last cane in the box to be identified to her.

“Ah and then there’s this little fellow” He ran his weathered index finger alone the length of the large cane with the curled handle. “This Miss Davies is what is known as a reform cane, notice how dark it is, it’s very solid and heavy, hard in texture but extremely flexible. A real old fashioned Victorian thrasher, I never used it - way to devastating on the lads. More suited to a bare backside canning of criminals I should imagine. You’d never use this on hands - you’d break the fingers with this one. Well look at this would you, I’d forgotten about this little devil, lets see here” he pulled out a dark brown strap from the top of the lid and in the half light of the old shed he adjusted his glasses on his nose to study the text that was stamped into the leather.

“A two tail Lochgelly tawse, well well well, I haven’t seen one of these swung ….. oh since I was a lad myself. The girls used to cop this one, hard on their bottoms - the lads on there hands. I do believe it would have stung like crikey. Look at this will you, it’s got the teachers name on it. Mrs McKenna. I think she was way before my time Miss Davies”

Mimi said nothing about the strap or the canes; there was nothing for her to say. She let the old gentleman drift in nostalgia of his past days. He placed the strap back and closed the case.

“What’s this Headmaster?” Mimi lifted the edge of an old sugar bag to reveal a dusty red colour, it was leather.

“Well my dear Miss Davies, that’s another implement from days gone by. I doubt that’s been used in fifty years” he pulled back the bag and she looked hard at the object, tilted her head and tried to get a perception of what the hell it was.

The old Master gave a few quick coughs and was a little excited that he knew exactly what is was. “It’s a caning bench my dear girl. Look, see you bend the perpetrator over: just about right hight for your middle, then you commences the thrashing; see there are leather straps there to secure legs and hands if the silly’s try to escape, this sort of things not been done for fifty years. You know I doubt anyone knows this is here; we should get rid of it you know, all this paraphernalia, clean it out. Make a note Miss Davies, organise that for sometime this year will you there’s a good girl, I’ll leave it up to you - as I do most things now my dear. No, throw all this old corporal punishment equipment out - its era is gone now”

There was a tinge of sadness in his old voice. Not so much that the use of the cane had passed its time, he released he was of that era - and he too would soon face a similar fate. His gout pained him and she helped him up the narrow steps into the schools quadrangle. It was one of the last times the old Headmaster appeared at the school. He was soon after retired - just like the cane.

During the year Mimi did just that; late one afternoon she took the box with the canes and casually walked to her car and put them in the boot. No one noticed and she removed the standard cane from is place and tucked it under the carpet in the Volvo. She then organised a small local truck firm to come to the school and they packed up what they were told to. They were to deliver the canning bench, an old school desk and black board to the Davies Estate and she left the school at lunch time to be there for them to carry the things into the study.

“What is it love?” the truckie looked at the caning bench.

“It is truly a classic piece of furniture, designed pre World War 1 - English made beautiful timbers and red leather padding, you know, I don’t really know what it is - but it is visual, it complements the study don’t you think, I’m guessing some sort of frivolous thing for hanging something over, drying cloths, who knows” she knew too well the truck driver was as thick as a bag of hammers and she offered no other information. “It needs some work Misses - the leathers still good but it could do with some oil”

“Yes it could - I’ll look forward to doing this one up, as you can see, I am into antiques, the school desk and free standing blackboard are classics - the desk has got a made in 1895 marking in the brass”

The truck driver looked around the study and shrugged his shoulders as Mimi signed the sheet on his clipboard and handed him a twenty dollar bill.

“Thanks love, anytime you want something shifted ‘round here - just give me a yell” he nodded at his young off-sider and they were gone. She gave the caning bench a quick clean up and realized the leather was the same colour as the couch in the office at school. They must have been made by the same firm to complement each other in the Heads office. It was fairly heavy and she pushed into position in the centre of the room, just where she had planned, the canes where then added to an old timber umbrella stand close by and the tawse was placed in the hook on the caning bench - possibly the very spot it was meant to be. The desk and blackboard would be seen to later and she locked the room and headed back to school before the bell.

Excitement grew in her belly and she stuck the standard cane under her coat and into the top of her long skirt. She placed the implement into the locker after she had a few run thoughts with it, listening to that wonderful sound it made. The office was now hers, for the time being anyway, so it was safe there - and ready for use if the need arose.

The Volvo rattled along the road just a few streets from home. She had her weapon back in the boot, the standard school cane tucked into the edge of the carpet - but she was intending to introduce him to the Senior Cane very soon

The Volvo rattled along the road just a few streets from home. She had her weapon back in the boot, the standard school cane tucked into the edge of the carpet - but she was intending to introduce him to the Senior Cane very soon.

I’ll do it tomorrow, yes - I’ll do it then - when it feels right - I hope his bums not too bruised - it has to be formal, and it will be like a proper place of discipline ……oh thank god, home, I need to sort out my head.

She lined up the driveway but her concentration on driving was not quite with her and she missed it by a metre. Jason winced as the car turned in and the back wheel bumped over the gutter.

She’s not going to make it - ouch, Jesus Mimi, your driving is shocking. Fucking bitch, she’s hit every pot-hole and lump in the road on purpose. He wanted to yell at her and questioned whether she had any feelings for him at all - but of course - only in his head could he abuse her.

He eased from the car and grabbed his school bag and the suitcase he’d prepared for his holiday - Mimi had instructed Blake’s parents to leave his holiday stuff at the boot of her Volvo.

Jason grimaced, I’m pissed-off, missing out on going to the Coast, I love it there and that caning, Christ what the fuck is in Mimi’s brain, why did she do that, this was NOT supposed to happen to me, something’s gone astray.

He gathered up his belongings and walked slowly from the garage to the back door; his skin rubbed in his trousers and was tender on every step.

I’ve planed everything, only if I had a chance to work on her just a little more, showing myself off at home, I saw her look at my cock, I saw her eyes bulge - we were just getting closer, foot massaging, maybe, just maybe - I thought she’d respond; nah, who the fuck am I kidding. Why the fuck did I argue with that dumb fuck teacher today, she’s fucked everything. That smell, Mimi had that smell, what’s up with that, did she get off on caning me, Christ, I know that smell; she can’t have been horny - not while she did it, not while she caned me. But maybe she’s freaky, maybe she’s like me, a freaky perv, maybe she likes sticking stuff up her bum like I do, could that be right, I wish it was ….. don’t be an idiot, she wouldn’t get off on that, she’s not like that, she’s way to controlled for that, nope she lost her temper, although…. Maybe she is freaky…. she does have a shaved pussy; I know that secret about her, I’m going to shave myself in the shower…….. Who am I kidding, she just got angry, I suppose I was asking for it, that fucking stupid Amanda, she caused this, telling me I didn’t know what I was talking about, I know more about the Roman Empire than she does, she was so fucking wrong today, and I can prove it, I can show her the book that has the correct answer - my answer. Fuck it, who am I kidding.

He waited for the door to be unlocked and watched her walk inside. He looked at his aunt; he wished he could say what he was thinking as she looked him hard in the eyes, she tapped his top pocket where his wallet was. He knew what she wanted - there was no exchanged of words. He shook his head and she pulled out his wallet opened it and took out the two hundred dollars that he’d had for his holiday money. She counted it and stuffed it into the pocket of her skirt. He was as shitty as a cornered cat.

And in his fantasy head he told her off. What the fuck do you think Aunt Mimi, I suppose you thought that I needed that punishment, you’re trying to show me that you’re the boss, that you’re the dominant force around here, you don’t have to you know, I know you’re the fucking boss - there is nothing I can do about that - I love you so I’ll do what you want; but it won’t work if I know I am right, I’ll still fight, I’ll fight when I’m right and no amount of caning is going to change that, and I was fucking right today and that stupid bitch Amanda was fucking wrong and she fucked up my holiday.

Real anger hit his chest. He wasn’t really angry with her, not his Mimi, pissed off that he didn’t get a chance to explain or defend himself but he loved her, he worshiped her way too much for that, he wasn’t even angry about the caning, even though his arse still thumped - he was angry about the thought of losing control. He wanted her to dominate him, but he wanted to control it at the same time, he wanted to call the shots - he wanted to manipulate everything - just the way it was in his fantasies of female domination: it was for his sexual gratification; he wanted to be touched and toyed with - by her. He wanted to stand up to her and tell her, “ok, you can spank me gently now and then you can suck my cock and finger my arse”.

But he knew it would never happen like that, he’d love it to, but it was his fantasy and he knew she was smarter and mentally stronger than him, he knew now that she had total control over him - that stupid inheritance, she didn’t have to do this, he’d never not give her anything she wanted, he’d always look after her. He wanted his inheritance and she was blackmailing him. And deep down he really didn’t think she’d ever have anything to do with him sexually, but it didn’t stop his fantasy.

He watched her put the empty wallet back in his pocket it just seems all a little too dramatic and contrived today, as if she had it all planed out, she must have set this up, it that the truth, has she set me up. Did she type out the paper today; it looked old, not freshly typed. What was the truth? Truth….. I hate the truth, I just want fantasy, and that’s why I’m angry - it was truth and I just didn’t want to face the truth - I hate the truth forced into my head, I like my fantasy world.

There was no need for instructions or words, they’d been coming home together forever and the routine was set; house opened, bags there - shoes over there and they peeled off to their bedrooms.

The house had some serious history - old and extremely large but well maintained; they had a gardener-come-handyman and a retired couple come around twice a week in winter and four days a week in summer, they were well and truly needed to keep the place clean and tidy. Carpenters and alike were summoned when needed; money was no object at this point - the left over fortune was vast by the days standards and there was more money made on interest and investments than they could ever spend at this point. The household spending budget was adjusted quarterly by the accountant and issued by the solicitor: money was very generous. Mimi had been in charge of the money since day one - the day after her sister died and she was no thief - she only took exactly what was needed and no more. She opened a secret bank account in Jason’s name and put all the leftover house-keeping into it - at last check there was around thirty two thousand after 16 years of saving. She planed on using it to by a new car for each of them - and if his behaviour was better she would have already done so but she’d wait until he straitened out. And her own salary went straight into a fixed deposit account which she only touched to have her little trips and buy her toys and she had built up more two hundred thousand dollars of her own money. If all went well with her and Jason she’d eventually add it to the combined monies - but it was her secret fall back stash just in case. Of course Jason had no idea how money worked, but he didn’t need to either, even if he was eighteen years old he was still a school boy and showed no real signs of maturity - as he proved today and she was determined not to bend him with filthy lucre before he knew how to control it and make it work for him. She knew he was shitty about her only giving him little bits of pocket money at a time, and she also knew him; and that if she gave fifty dollars a week up front that he’d get up to no good with it.

Jason lay on his bed and closed his eyes; the dull throb in his backside reminded him of the feeling of a green ant bite, that pulsing feeling. He tried to control it with thought, mind control like a Jedi Master …. Make it leave his system, but when he squeezed his bum together - it was still there. He opened his eyes to see the sun reflect through the ornate bevelled window glass and a rainbow flashed through the dust and damp floating in his room, the effect was more than a little magical and for those few seconds his eyes followed the rainbow until it disappeared into the hand plastered cornus in the corner. He wondered again … as he had on many occasions …what goings on must have taken place in this room, his room, the place he made his life plans, lived - had fantasies and masturbated.

And as he did when ever he was in this type of mood, the reflective mood after a bad day (that was an understatement in his brain) he wondered about the hundreds if not thousands of people that had walked the floors of this old house.

Originally built as a returned serviceman’s private hospital for the well-to-do, it had be used from the twenties until the early 1950’s. The grand hardwood building was strong in build and almost muscular in its design; it had been refurbished into the Davies home and finished 2 years before Jason was born. Jason’s father was what was known as “old money” being inherited wealth down the generations from the early settlers that made fortunes in property farming and building. His father was a top line construction engineer who made a very successful living designing dams. The old hospital had sat idle and empty for a few years following a property dispute between shareholders. He sniff out a scheme and bought the run down place at auction. His tenacity and arrogance showed through on the day - he intimidated and out bid all on the day. Then he legally and savagely attacked the position of the sellers and their agent; he brought in construction experts and alike and had the property condemned due to faulty electrical wiring and other minor issues - there-go causing a legal problem with the sale, he renegotiated his position and settled the property at just over half of the passed-in action price.

He was cunning and ruthless; some of these attributes had befallen his only son. And he made the house his heart life’s project, taking six years of refurbish but not finished when he and his wife welcomed Jason, their first child to the new home. Grandma and young Mimi were invited to live there right from the word go as there was no other family - none on his side and they were tight and close and very protective of each other. Of course the loss of her step sister and brother in law crushed Mimi and her step mother drastically. You should not out live your children Grandma would say - it a bad bad sign for life - and she aged rapidly after that. But Jason was not really affected; he was much too young to remember his parents at the time of their deaths.

The house was sprawling in size with 2 stories, 12 large separate bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, but the upstairs was now totally shut off; as were most of the other rooms.

When his Grandma became bedridden they only used a small section of the house and when she went they shut most of it off all together.

The converted hospital read as follows.

Jason’s bedroom was originally the hospital Matrons Office - reasonable in size and with a good view of the western side of the estate, next to him was Mimi’s room - joined by a door…that had a stand alone wardrobe blocking it…which very large and airy: it was the original In-house Surgeons office and Doctors rest room as it was called in the day, complete with individual climate control air-conditioning … as it had no windows… and a separate large bathroom and toilet - the two rooms that had the partition removed to make one large bedroom for possibly two staff to live in at some future point as both Jason and Mimi’s bedrooms were refurbished to be the maid and cooks apartments for the Davies family of the future - fortunately the old style hospital type floor and wall tiles had been replaced and it was not too drab in its colours.

Jason’s bathroom was at the back entrance, there was the back door and then a strange huge dog legged section with a large timber sliding door encasing the 10 forty gallon hot water systems as well as the commercial type meter box for the electricity and other assorted electrical components and fire sprinkler systems. His bathroom -sort of backed onto the edge like an after-thought - as it was incorporated in the late 1940’s to cater for wheel chair bound patients and it opened into the kitchen, it must have been very distasteful to the staff of the day to be subjected to this, but they were indeed very different times. His private bathroom consisted of a huge shower and toilet designed for use with an old style wheel chair - with clamp holes in the tiled shower floor to stabilize the chair - but the clamps where now long gone, a huge drain hole that was no doubt designed for human scat to be flushed away dominated the centre of the shower, lots of stainless steel rails and hand grips and padded vinyl seating that was due very shortly to be replaced made out the internals of the old shower. It had no curtains or doors and it was cold and unforgiving in appearance - almost horror movie stuff, but Jason didn’t care. He had no bad vibes about this room and as it was his job to keep it clean it was made it all the easier for him - he sprayed the lot with pure bleach, left it for a few hours and as there was a high pressure water tap - he’d hook up a hose and just sprayed the lot clean. No scrubbing required.

The old front entrance to the house was never used - it was hardly touched in that section and showed its legacy as a hospital with its massive front doors that swung open to a large under covered porch and drive through area. Opening the front doors was a chore in itself and it went straight into the part of the house that was closed off when Jason’s father died 16 years before. The old reception was still intact - it was almost like time had stood still - the counter, old phones and even patents files where left in the dust of six years of construction and 16 years of neglect. His father had been methodical in his approach to refurbishment. He did one room at a time and left the others exactly as they where when the hospital was abandoned lock stock and barrel right down to the surgical instruments and morgue tables in the basement. But fortunately all that stuff had been removed and remodelled - just the front entrance and one doctor’s office left to do - nothing there had been touched as it was the last major section to be renovated and internal wall and supporting structures were to be removed and modified. It was to be turned into a spectacular entrance and parlour with its polished timber floor. But now it would never be done and that entire section was closed off - just like the rest.

Mimi and Jason always came home around the westerns side of the house, parked in the large open carport and used the back entrance which led straight to their tiny living section via the huge restaurant sized kitchen - updated 20 years prior but still showed it’s commercial heritage - the kitchen was were he and Mimi did most of their day to day’s; of course they cooked and eat there, but they also did most of their living there too as they sat at the round table and talked, studied and did their school work. The lounge where they watched telly and on occasion listened to the stereo was converted from the original staff dining room. Other downstairs rooms included a very large dining room which was originally the main surgery, sewing room converted from a day surgery and on the other side of Mimi’s bedroom was what had been a six bed surgery recovery ward was now a massive study lined with hundred of classic novels and books of reference, antique furniture and odd collections of bits and pieces from the world travel that his parents had done in their short lives. There were two more guest rooms converted from private patient rooms, one at each end of the sunroom but these rooms had not been opened for many years.

And then there was the sunroom, the huge long room ran the full length of the left side and around to the front entrance of the house. It was the original major ward and supported 60 beds and catered for most of the recovering patients and it was the room that made Jason cringe the most in the entire house, he never went there and never even acknowledged its existence anymore. Even Mimi had to admit it gave her the creeps sometimes - that was one thing they both agreed on. Mimi used to take her mother there and she’d nap in the afternoon sun. But even Mimi had not been in there since her mother died - strange noises had always come from that room, mostly at night but sometimes in the middle of the day, both Mimi and Jason could swear they heard crying and screams, but that was sensibly put down to owls and other animals squawking and chatting noises that seemed to echo and amplify though the old building.

Mimi shut and locked those doors and all the doors leading to it and they heard less noises after that - they where well away from it and on the opposite side of the house. But old Mr Tripcony didn’t help - with his stories of death and nastiness of the returned tortured solders. Jason had not been in there for seven years, he won’t ever forget that day.

He was rolling marbles down the smooth wooden boards of the long sunny room - just playing and he noticed a marble flick sideways. Investigate he did, and found funny little cuts into the timber floor boards, there were quiet a few of them too. Being curious as little boys are - he ran his hand over them and then went to his room and got his magnifying glass, inspected and noted the shape of each one, fingered and flicked at the edges with his finger nail. His Aunty didn’t know - she looked, but was unconcerned with his discovery. “Grandma - what are those things, there’s funny little holes in the floor in the sunroom? Come see”. Grandma was old and frail in her last years but sharp as a tack.

“Stop your nonsense Jason, leave it be, it’s nothing”

“But grandma, how come they’re there, the floor is smooth everywhere else?”

Again his grandma told him to mind his P’s and Q’s and find another place to play. Days later he saw Mr Tripcony walk towards the sunroom with the big bass broom and he followed. He’ll know. Jason’s inquiry was the worst move of his youth and still haunted his brain - for the chips in the floor boards had a story all of their own.

“You see young Jason, so the story goes, two solders - best friends since childhood went to war, the First World War, but they had both fallen in love with the same young woman in their teenage years and tension grew between them; but she picked neither before they were shipped out. And as it would have it - they were not separated in war but together they fought side by side, entrenched in stench and blood and as their comrade’s bodies piled around them they made a pact - a pact of sacrifice. If they made it out alive, either of them - the first to make it back home would look after their beloved, marry her and that was that - they shook hands. A push came, men screamed and the enemy was close - retreat sounded, confusion and gun shots rang out, explosions and death and terror. One man made it out unscathed; the other was found dead, shot in the chest. And then thirty years later and in this very spot right here, a meeting took place, with two men. A young dark haired man came to visit a man in his fifties, a patient, he was a retuned solder that had been in a car accident, apparently his wife died in the accident but he was not too badly injured. Yelling started and then there was a struggle. The men fell to the floor in this very spot and then there was screaming, terrible screaming. The dark haired man stabbed the patient - and kept stabbing him - with what one learned witness said was bayonet from a World War One issued full wood .303 rifle. Those marks are from the point of that bayonet as it was plunged through the mans body - through the extra thick linoleum and into the floor boards time after time - of course he died right there”

Tricpony pointed at the dints in the timber floor. A young Jason’s eyes grew wide and he backed away. “But Jason, heres the strange thing - the murderer was subdued by the orderlies and sedated by a doctor, they took him into that room there and the murder weapon was left beside the body - blood covered the entire floor right to that wall, you can see where it seeped through the lino and into the timber - see the dark stain around those dints” Triponcy pointed to the floor and he was right - there was a slightly darker colour in the floor boards there.

The old caretaker lent on his broom and continued his story. “When they removed the murderers bloodstained shirt to see if he was injured there was a huge scare in the centre of his chest - just like a bullet wound and deep cuts in his arms - done with something very sharp but all well healed - they were letters and it spelt out “murder” on one arm and on the other was Ted”. Tripcony sighed - his breath raspy after a lifetime of camel cigarettes - he lifted his cap of his head and ribbed his eyes with the back of his hand.

“Now the funny thing is young Jason that it turned out that the dead man on the hospital floor’s name was Ted, and was indeed a returned solder from WW1. But as for the murderer who took old Teds life, well that remains a mystery to this very day, you see after the police were called and the doctors thought they had the murderer under heavy sedation and locked in a room they went about calming other patients and trying to get things in order. When the police arrived to make their arrest not only had the murderers weapon disappeared …… so had the murderer, he was gone, totally vanished from a locked room and no trace was ever found of him or who he was, of course it is well known that it was the ghost of his dead comrade, returned to make Ted pay pennants for all those years ago when he murdered him in the foxhole so he could be the first home to claim the bride”.

Tricpony smiled at Jason and started sweeping.

Jason screamed “Aunty Mimi” and ran out of the sunroom. He never went back in. Mimi told him the story was not true - just a silly old tale from a silly old man. She did inspect the spot again with the nicks in the floor boards and her body shivered. After that day she didn’t go back in there save for a handful of times, and not in the last five years.

The upstairs bedrooms and baths had been totally converted from one large wards - the service and patient elevator in the middle of the house next to the stairwell had been dismantled and was now a dark void. All rooms were connected with the original hospital intercom and panic button system - some of it updated by Jason’s father and some of it still worked.

But now the doors where shut - the rooms silent - all the voices and screams from the past long gone and sheets lay over the furniture.

As a child Jason had enormous fun; he’d spend hours exploring the house and yard; there were so many hidy-holes for an innocent kid to play - and he’d muck around forever - constantly annoying his aunty when she’d spend half an hour looking for him at dinner time.

But not now - now it just scared the shit out of him - he had bad vibes in most of the rooms except were they lived directly and when the inheritance comes through he and Mimi had already decided that the place would be sold and they’d find a new cheerful house to live in… and as naïve as Jason may have been, he was intelligent, and he realised what an old hospital represented; pain, suffering, death and even murder. He never saw the hope and health of the recovered and healed sick - his brain was overshadowed by his imagination of old horror movies and novels about demented doctors and sadistic nurses and old curses. Now he never went into any other rooms but his, Mimi’s, the kitchen, lounge and his bath. Sort of limited him but he didn’t give a shit.

Upstairs was creepy too, he remembered hearing his Grandma coughing and calling out to Mimi in the middle of the night. Her room was right at the end of the hall upstairs and he’d not been up there since she was alive - but Grandma was moved to the local hospital for her last few months alive - which Jason was always sort of pleased about. Both his parents had died here and the thought of this house taking his father, mother and grandmother would have to too much.

The joint was fucking haunted … in his mind anyway, not all of it part parts of it …he’d heard way too many noises as a child, he was positive they were screams and cries for help, when he was young he’d run to his aunties bed and hide under the covers as she comforted him. Mimi had the ventilation and air conditioning ducts to the sunroom and the others that were not used blocked up with heavy insulation. Not because she feared ghosties in the night, it was just to ensure that the air only circulated was in the part of the house they used. After she did that, Jason heard no more strange noises.

He stood in the shower and carefully shaved his pubic hair off, it took longer than he thought and he went through three disposable razors; shaving the hair off his balls was the hardest and he shaved the hair from his arsehole and bruised bum cheeks as well, the feel of the razor gave an excessively strange contrast on his skin, skin that almost felt like it had hardened up since the caning, it felt slightly tougher. Beautiful and smooth in his entire trunk region and when he’d finished he looked into the mirror, his cock stood to attention as the skin screamed and felt stretched and new. He stroked himself and inserted a finger in his rectum, enjoying the delicious sensation, he tried to concentrate on the days memories, the caning, his aunty - her smell, but the pressure from his hand pushing into his bruised bottom became too painful and he’d realised he’d been in the shower for a suspiciously long time. So he left his wank for later that night.

He put on shorts and t-shirt and lay on his bed - his hand gently feeling the fresh skin, waiting for her to make a move. He’d, give her the silent treatment for at least the weekend - longer if he could, annoy the crap out of her. A hissing sound ran along the pipes in the wall above his head, he heard the solid stream of water hit the cast iron tub, her bathroom door closed with a familiar click from the old tongue latch.

She pulled the shower curtain back and eased into the hot water, her skin tingled with slight pain for a second - but it was wonderful - she twisted her hair up and laid back, trying to erase the days thoughts, just for a few minutes. She checked out the razors on the edge of the bath and picked the newer of the two and started at her ankle moving up - making her skin smooth and hair free. She did this everyday, as well as something else she’d been shaving for the last few years. She carefully felt around her pussy and moved the razor over the prickled hair that was just starting to grow. She shaved herself the first time after seeing some pornography in a sex shop. It intrigued her no end to wonder what it would feel like being hair free. She remembered the first time she attempted to shave, and also remembered that half way threw it she’d wished she never attempted it. But she spent ages carefully shaving and making herself bald, and once she’d done it, she vowed to keep it that way, she wasn’t going to waste all that time just for a one off, and besides, she liked it. It gave her tremendous sensual feelings over her skin and that was enough for her to keep hairless. She felt better in the bath _ reenergised a little _ but she was hungry and looked forward to a nice big dinner.

She poured a wine and took the steak from the fridge. Jason walked into the kitchen and looked out the back door for a dozen seconds before shutting and locking it for the night. She forgot herself for a moment and was about to start chatting and then remembered.

He took several potatoes from the pantry filled the sink with water and started peeling them. There were a few odd looks between the two in the preparation of the grilled steak and chips, a frequent Friday night feed; and each had there allotted task; she cooked the steak and he did the chips in the deep fryer. But not a word was spoken; it was tense and uncomfortable but he refused to talk - he’d done it before.

He was not going to apologise, he knew she wanted that, she wanted him to formally apologise to her. He could see that look on her face, but he was going to be stubborn, he was good at that game. She usually gave him a glass of wine every Friday night or even a beer - never even asked him just poured him one - but not tonight, stalemate.

Eating was totally silent except for the knives and forks clicking the plates - they seemed extra loud. And they looked at each other but said nothing. It was more than tense as Jason made a grimacing face without thinking, as long as he didn’t move he was ok, but, he moved on the vinyl chair and stinging surged through his bum. She caught the look on his face and smiled. He saw red and his mouth screwed in anger at her obvious delight. Her smile grew wider and she gently put her knife and fork down beside the plate, sat back and opened her arms - palms up, head cocked sideways and eyebrows raised - she flicked the fingers of both hands in a “come on gesture” just like a prize fighter taunting an opponent; she openly invited him to have a go at her - it was there real first communication since the caning - he gritted his teeth and looked back to his plate.

Chicken, I have him; he’s not going to oppose me, if he want’s to play the silent game, I’ll go along until I’m ready. She was happy.

As per usual Mimi washed and Jason dried the dishes - it was awkward and he stared at the dishwasher as he dried. His love for her was strong, but she did things that annoyed the fuck out of him; like this dishwashing business, he wondered why she refused to use that machine, always making him do dishes manually.

And the car, why the fuck doesn’t she get a new car, that was his mothers car, it was 20 years old and it was stuffed. He hated that Volvo; he had his license, had it for a nearly a year now - but he was not allowed to drive the car without her in it; and of course he had to ask her for money if he wanted his own car, she’d have to approve a car along with the solicitor, it could only be bought if it was to further his education - a figure of $3000 maximum. It was all carefully stated in the will, twenty one was the age he had to be before he got control of some of his decisions it drove him nuts. But the will was so old; people back then when his parents wrote that will didn’t need to have cars like they do now. He wanted a car and he’d have to beg for it to get it, there’d need to be serious grovelling at his aunties’ pleasure and at this stage he was not prepared to do that.

It was like all things he wanted; he had to beg for them. Maybe that’s her game; he made a mental note to do some research in the library over the holidays, he had to find out a bit about this kind of behaviour, his and hers. Fuck money; he had to ask her for money to buy a soft drink; she was fucking tight with the money, watched it like a hawk, and almost always wanted to see the receipt. It was a wonder she didn’t frisk him when he’d come home from the shops. When he bought condoms he pretended he lost the receipt and told her he bought pens and books. She actually made him go and get them to show her. But he was cunning enough to have pinched some from the newsagent. He was getting a little sick if this sort of stuff. But his love was strong and blind and she’d always say, it’s for your own good; that was her favourite saying to him.

They moved silently into the lounge room and watched the telly sitting in their allotted chairs - close to each other, but separated by a small table.

Mimi was getting anxious, she needed to talk to him - enough of this silent crap - he was still strange about today, and she was just the opposite, she was now more content and relaxed.

Sitting there in the dark while the TV blurred into the background of her mind; her little demon visited. The caning made her feel so good, she closed her eyes and thought about different ways to approach him, knowing the wrong one could be disastrous. She’d played her bluff today and it worked, she never would have expelled him of course, and she still won’t; but she had to keep the bluff up until she had his balls in her hands.

She went and got the obligatory Friday night chocolate and coke from the fridge - put the chockies on the table between them and he quickly picked up a few pieces but said nothing.

He should say something. She was waiting for a thank you, anything. They squinted at each other in the dark room for a few seconds and Jason lifted his can of coke to his mouth, and stared back at the TV.

There was no foot massaging tonight; Mimi wanted that massage so badly too, her feet ached and her brain ached and she needed some human touch. She almost asked him to do it, she should have, it would have been a perfect way to break the ice - she should have said in a friendly joking way - massages my feet slave, which would have been smart, but she just could not bring herself to say the words.

After all she’d been through, all she’d done in her life; she was starting to get nervous. It wasn’t nerves about fronting Jason and talking to him about the caning she could do that no problem, it was nerves about how to tell him what to expect in the future, the future with her as his Mistress, the future that would unfold for them both - and it all depended on how she approached it, the wrong way could backfire on her, it was a defining moment between them and she knew this could be the start of something that would change their way of life together.

I’ve got to say something, but it has to be the right thing. She needed to put her stamp on the day, show her authority - at least give him some idea of what to expect - she didn’t want her position eroded, she knew him too well and he’d never say anything about what happened, he never did, anytime he screwed up and was scolded or got detention or even sent to his room at home, he did it in silence - he always gave her the silent treatment whenever she had to discipline him; just like he’s doing now, once he went the entire weekend without uttering a word after they’d had a fight over his pocket money and he abused her and she slapped his face. He stormed off slamming his bedroom door and didn’t talk her until the following Monday night.

He’ll want to give me the silent treatment for a few days - but I can’t allow it. She had to speak to him before bedtime; she had to at least say something. Do I tell him now, do I go in hard, and what do I do, start out evil or soft - I could drag him into the study and introduce him to the caning bench and the senior cane, show him that is what he can now expect - no, no I can’t do that yet, I’ll do that but not tonight. What is he going to respond to better? I have to do it now, I have to keep him on edge, and I’ve got to be the Mistress. He’s going to try and give me the silent treatment for days….but I can not let that happen I have to break him now. Oh yuk yuk fucking yuk I hate this, why am I so indecisive about this.

She was working herself up unnecessary, her head started to pound, and she dug into her skull for her little demon, where are you when I need you. Get a grip Mimi, you want to be a Mistress, you want to be his Mistress, you’ll have to start now, get up right now, face him and tell him that he is your slave and if he fucks up he’ll be punished, if he’s good his rewards will be pleasure; tell him that you’ll cop no more crap, be hard, go in fast and hit him with both barrels, pull no punches and be crude and rude …….. Thank you demon.

Her guts tied in knots and butterflies thumped against each other, her heart raced and sweat beaded across her top lip, oh fuck here we go - hard and fast, mean and nasty …. here we go - here we go…. Fuck fuck fuck.. I hate this I hate this. OK, one, two, three.

Wiping the sweat away from her mouth with the back of her hand she made her move so fast it took Jason by surprise, right in the middle of a scene in the movie; she took a step, bent down and placed both hands on his cheeks lifting his face to get eye contact. He looked at her and blinked, startled like an animal in the headlights.

“Are you ok?” neutrality showed in her voice. His eyes lowered and he said nothing.

“No, open your mouth and talk to me… are you alright?” Again nothing and he tried to look around her to the TV. He was determined to keep up the silent treatment - he gritted his teeth and turned his head towards the hallway

“Jason, come on, don’t play this childish crap tonight or I’ll go and get the cane and thrash your bare bum right here - straight on top of todays caning, I mean it, now speak to me”

Again he stayed silent and blackness filled him. He was not going to let her win - he couldn’t - he had to show her he was strong, it was to be a battle.

“Right if that’s the way you want it” Mimi’s hand went into his hair and she made a fist, dragging him from the chair and towards the sofa. She let go of his hair and dropped herself into the big soft cushion; with speed from her hands she pulled his shorts right down his legs to his feet, the boy wore no underwear and put up no protest at all and before his brain had a chance to formulate a plan of rebuttal to his predicament he was across her lap.Oh fuck she’s gonna spank me - I don’t believe this - this is incredible. She’s really gonna do it - my dreams, my fantasy - Oh god I think I’m getting hard.

“Play this stupid game will you - then you will be spanked until you say something and I can assure you it will hurt.”

Her hand came down extremely hard on his bare bottom - right onto the darkest bruised area on the left cheek and nasty pain made him draw in his breath. Any thought of an erection was not happening now as she thrashed away with her hand faster than he thought was possible: she kept her palm moving all over his bottom and the top of his legs - very hard and very fast, no time for him to have any break from the pain - he had no idea how long she spanked him for but the pain was going from bad to fucking nightmare level and he tried to keep it together - tried to suck it up - he shut his eyes and he sucked air through his teeth but it was no good, he was broken - spanking shouldn’t hurt this much. Oh fuck I’m such a wimp - I can’t take it anymore - no, crap I have to give in.

“No - no more please Mimi - that’s enough I’m sorry, it’s really hurting please stop - you win, I give up” He wasn’t crying but he was close. She was glad he gave up - her arm was about to quit on her and the palm of her hand was stinging.

They were both breathing heavily and as her lay there across her lap she studied the colour of his bottom. Reds and purples and blacks - no pattern like there was today - the bruises had nearly spread together to form big dark splodges.

“Ok are you ready to talk to me - can I let you up - or do you stay across my lap for more, what’s it to be?”

“I’ll talk - I’m sore - I can’t take anymore” she moved her hands from him and he slid onto the floor and pulled his shorts up. “Now after that nonsense from you I’d like to discuss a few things with you like an adult” She stood and walked over tuned off the TV and switched on the lamp. Jason sat back down in his chair and winched - squinting a little he watched her drag the foot stool over in front of him - now you stay here for a minute - I’m going to get a drink.

She sat down in front of him and sipped the can of coke and then offered him some. He eagerly slugged down half the can before she took it back.

“We have to talk about today, you know that, you want to ignore it but that won’t happen, not anymore - time for you to grow up. You understand that every time you give me crap I will punish you - be it the cane or my hand or whatever I can find, understand”


“Good because there is more to happen between us, do you understand that?” She placed her hand on his arm and a tingle of warm pleasure moved him. He looked at her face and gave her a knowing nod.

“Jason, we have to do this, we have to talk about how we feel about each other, this crap can’t go on any longer, I’ve put up with it solidly now for too long and tonight it stops; tonight you tell me the truth about your feelings, about what’s happened or at least try to anyway” She paused and took a deep breath.

He rubbed his hand over his face from his eyes to his chin and focused on a spot on the wall above the TV. “Jason come-on, look at me, you know today was an accumulation of all the bad behaviour that you’ve been going on with - all your nonsense at school and the crap you’ve subjected me to here lately. Do you know how embarrassing you are to me at school, how I cover for you? Do you ever show the slightest bit of thanks for the way I look after you at school and all the slack you get cut? You’re 18 years old Jason, why do you behave like you’re twelve, I’ve got grade eights that are more mature than you”

He blanked her out as he’d heard this one before, it was her standard mature speech - but she caught his attitude and poke him in the ribs with a finger. “Are you listening to me, and by the way, that paper you signed - you know that contract between us, it’s important to me, and I expect you to keep your end of the bargain, I’m serious about that, it was not a joke. Contacts are between people who can’t trust each other, that’s why I did it. I can’t trust you, you’ve told me a dozen times in the last year that you’d be better behaved, that you’d be good and not cause problems. But you don’t - you keep on with the same bad behaviour over and over” she paused and waited in case he wanted to add anything. He lower his face towards his lap.

“I’ll have to face Amanda when we go back and I’ll have to tell her what punishment I gave you. I can’t say what really happened, all I can tell her is you were not allowed to go away for the holidays. So one thing you will do over this holiday is write an apology to her and you will hand delivery it with flowers and chocolates - before the entire class and the other two teachers and you’ll apologise to all of them including the class, and we’ll buy her something private for you to give her”

Jason cringed at the thought and shook his head in a slight no response, she reached out and held his hand. “Oh yes you will do it”

“But she was wrong, she was wrong and I was right”

“Wrong, wrong about what?”

“Nothing, just stuff about the Roman Empire and she ridiculed me in front of the class, that’s what started it”

“I see, so you abused her instead of having a discussion or in-fact you should have approached her after class and informed her that you believed you had an alternative idea and invited her to debate it after some research” Mimi raised her eyebrows and picked up a piece of chocolate and popped it in her mouth.

Jason looked at his Aunty. Fuck she’s clever, and she’s right, that would have been so much smarter - I could have really hit it home to smart arse Amanda, presented her with the facts. Why didn’t I do that?

“Ok now, listen to me, alright, no more nonsense, I’ll come straight to the point no more bull shit” she held his hand tighter and licked her lips. “Right first up, there will be no more noisy masturbating - that stops as of now, I mean all masturbating stops now, do you hear me”

Jason turned bright red within 2 seconds, heat swelled in his face and he looked to the hallway, he desperately wanted to run to his bedroom, being confronted like this was not part of his fantasy.

“Don’t look away from me. And what’s more no more walking around naked, no more showing off your erection like you did last night, and the other day, I know you do it to get my attention - but it’s just ridiculous and childish” She took a deep breath and Jason tried to get out of the chair, his heart thumped and he swallowed hard. Mimi put pressure on his hand and she shook her head. “Stay there”

“You wanted my attention, now you have it, and I mean it, you do as you’re told. I have to be strict with you - do you understand that, you’re just hopeless”

His eyes started to water and Mimi felt a pang of pleasure - her stomach pains eased and her nipples tingled - her power button came on - her confidence glowed over her body, now she was ok, she would not hold back, I have him, I was right, he’ll succumb I just have to keep on him. I knew it, I was right all along and he’s mine now and I will not hold back. I should have done this two years ago, come on little demon. Mimi shifted a little moving even closer to him. He pushed further back into the lounge chair trying to keep her at a distance.

She had him - a huge surge went through her and she actually tingled down her spine like the old “walk over your grave feeling” her breasts swelled and she sighed relief. She was right to have done this, it was perfect timing.

“So - no more wanking in the bed or anywhere else, if I hear you, I will come in, just like you fantasize about”

Jason’s mouth dropped open in disbelief. She knew - she fucking knows what I think, how could she. She fucking knows everything, I don’t believe it.

“You look surprised Jason, I’m not an idiot, you’ve been parading around here for weeks showing off your body, masturbating loudly at night, trying to get my attention, you wanted me to come to your bedroom - is that it, you thought I’d jump on you and have sex with you or something stupid like that, hum - is that what you thought?”

He swallowed and looked at the can of coke on the table - desperately trying to block out her words. no no, stop it, don’t say this shit, it’s just fantasy.

“But it won’t be like you think Jason, I am not going to do what you want, I do what I want, do you understand - I am the boss, I am your boss and you do exactly as you are told, you signed that paper and I will hold you to it, but it’s not just that piece of paper, that’s not what binds us ….. This binds us” she pointed at his heart. “I know how you feel about me; I’m hoping you’ll be man enough to tell me. Can you do that; can you tell me how you feel about me?”

“Don’t Mimi please, don’t make me” he sniffed and was on the verge of losing it and he looked at the little pendant that hung from her neck as it flashed in the dimly lite room. “Oh don’t be a baby, you’re 18 - Jason look at me, you need me, you know you need me, you’d be lost without me looking after you - you know that don’t you, hum. And I’m telling you that no one else would have put up with your stupid behaviour, do you think for one second any other woman would have done that, they’d be out the door like a shot. Or is that it, are you trying to get rid of me; tell me I’m wrong?”

‘No… no. you’re right, don’t leave me Mimi, please ….. I, I can’t live without you, I promise, I’ll do what you say”

She leaned over closer to his face to deliver her last punch. “Than no more bullshit from you; if you’re old enough to get a hard-on for me then you’re old enough to do as you are fucking told - have you got that?……. I have a little surprise for you tomorrow and I will finish your punishment and I warn you if you screw-up and go against what I say, if you start wanking or being stupid, even if it’s three o’clock in the morning, I’ll come into your room and thrash you, do you understand?”

She shook his arm and he looked away in total disbelief and recoiled sightly at her words, never ever in his wildest dreams did he think that he’d hear her talk like this. His guts squirmed and his full bladder caused pain in his stomach. The silence in the room could almost be could be felt; Jason’s breathing was so heavy she could smell the sweet mix of chocolate and coke on his breath, he looked like he was about to explode in tears; she had to continue, she had to give him a little light at the end of the tunnel.

“You will be punished, I’ll finish the promised caning and every time you disobey me or annoy me even in the slightest you will be punished. You will learn the hard way. But listen to me, if you behave, if you want to grow up - then I’ll reward you, do you understand me - you’ll be rewarded, do you understand what I am talking about”

“Yes” He sniffed but didn’t cry, deep shame and regret, regret he’d ever done anything sexual now froze his thoughts; and in the dim room with the lamp light behind her back he could see through her top, just a little; he could see the shape of her ample breasts show through her thin white shirt, she hardly ever wore a bra after her bath at night and her hard nipples made him focus on her chest. But he felt no sexual urges, no tingles of desire, just the cold hard facts, cutting and crude - it made his penis shrink in his pants and sting as his bladder pushed against his insides.

“Alright come on, off to bed, more of this tomorrow, we’ve got lots more to talk about, there’s more that I want to be sure you understand about us, what we are doing, anyway, don’t worry” Mimi felt unsure about what to say for a second and waved her hand to dismiss her inner monologue.

“But don’t be too upset, listen, look at me, I told you apart from the left over 24 strokes of the cane from today, which I will finish; the rest is up to you - if you behave there will be pleasure - you go the other way and there’ll be pain - a minimum 6 of the best every time - it’s your choice. And you know I don’t shut my door, I hate doors shut when I sleep - especially in this creepy old joint, our beds are twenty feet apart, I can hear you fart, so be aware of that, I’ve always heard you. As to what happens now, I guess I’ll just have to make it up one piece at a time, alright” she paused as his mouth moved to make words but nothing came out. She leaned into him and kissed his lips gently for a second and he moved back from her.

She said nothing more; got up and walked to her room - her bedroom light brightened up the hall. He turned off the lamp and went and made sure the back door was bolted properly and then to his toilet and emptied his straining bladder. He sobbed gently holding toiler paper to his face to muffle the sound - got an ice pack from the freezer and a tea towel, went to his bedroom and turned off the light. He was absolutely exhausted - he warped the ice pack in the towel and eased in under his bum - shut his eyes as the sting throbbed through his body. Surly he was not going to have to put up with this every day. Mental note - don’t fuck up tomorrow. Sleep soon washed over him - almost against his will.

Mimi lay in bed wide awake, her thoughts bumping into each other, she loved him, she knew that much, but she had cruel intensions to torment him, mentally and sexually - she couldn’t help herself, not really hurt him - but play with him, like a cat with a toy, he was so ripe for the picking, the power that this day had on her was overwhelming, she had tremendous excitement about taking his virginity - she’d have to do that fairly soon - maybe in a couple of days time - he’d need some pleasure or he could lose interest pretty quickly; she was sure he’d was still a virgin - she’d kept a close leash on him. He was still pure.

In the darkness of her bedroom and in her mind, her inner demon stalked her again; those feelings that she’d repressed for her entire adult life were now too strong to stop, that demon released by her caning of those girls two years prior, that’s when she changed, and that’s when Jason changed, was it all some plan that she could not understand, manipulated by some mystical source. Were there lives together like this destined to happen; a Mistress and her young slave, coming together in perfect timing?

All this preparation - is it really about to come to fruition, have I prepared everything, can he handle it - will he be able to handle it, I think he can.

She loaded her finger with saliva and gently moved her hand under the sheet and down her body. She sucked in air and closed her eyes. Pleasure came to her in the darkness of her bedroom

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