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Chapter 3.

It took her a few moments to realise but she knew she was awake, and she hesitated for a few moments more before lifting her head halfway off the pillow. Her eye’s seemed glued together as she struggled to gain her vision, only to see blurred dark shapes. Her dream broken just as the green demon was urging her to force her fist into Jason’s anus; the young man groaned and struggled against the bright white rope which bound his hands and feet to the bed. The demon laughed in Mimi’s darkness, she couldn’t see the demon but it was there, always lurking not far away, in her dreams, in her thoughts.

She heard footsteps and blinked several times opening her eyes wider, trying to get some clarity, her heart pumped blood so strongly through her body she could feel her pulse tighten the skin in her neck. She clenched her fist a couple of times to get the blood flowing, her palm still stung from the smacks it’d performed on Jason’s bottom the night before and she probed the air beside the bed for the old cricket bat.

“Jason, is that you?” Her voice was croaky from way too many cigarettes and her sight strained in the emerging light as the shadow moved quicker. But she realised it was daylight, that’s all; daylight showing itself in the hall, its just shadows.

She squinted a few times and rolled over, opening up one eye again to look at the clock. It was five am and she needed more sleep. The fresh morning air shocked her lungs into a cough, making her head pound and her chest ache; shivers went through her body; her bad dreams had made her frightened and cranky at the old house, it gave her the creeps, full of sad memoires and dark pain. “Fuck the cigarettes and fuck this house” she groaned the words but no one was within earshot to hear her complaint and she dropped her face into the pillow and moaned.

Pausing for a few seconds at his bedroom door she looked into the room, as she did most mornings, and as usual he was face up, his head tilted back, pillows and doona where on the floor and the sheet was down around his knees, his arms splayed out to each side like he was on a cross. His chest rose and fell in slow action – deep in sleep. Her eyes followed his youthful torso as they always did. She’d watched him grow from a boy into a handsome young man and in the warm morning with his naked body in full view she focused on his throbbing cock, enjoying the sight for a second or two before she realized something. He’d shaved.

She tiptoed into the room for a closer look, scanning the bed and the surrounds. A tube of lubricant on the floor under his bed, a twisted tea towel and large wet spot under his bottom, he hasn’t wanked - surly not, if he’s wanked I’ll fucking thrash him. A flash of anger gently stung her face in that few seconds and she had no qualms about waking him as she walked over to the bed; she probed her index finger into the wet spot and brought it to her nose, it didn’t smell at all, certainly not like semen anyway, then she spotted blue plastic sticking out from underneath his back and smiled as she realised he’d got the medical ice pack from the freezer for his severely spanked bum. Wet sheets…but not from wanking… well that’s a start she thought.

She went about making tea and pondered the bad nights sleep, bad dreams, the past day, and she was still trying to come to terms with all that’d happened. Standing at the sink her skin tingled at the memory of yesterday’s orgasm – and then another good one last night, they were welcome relief. She was getting the hang of this Mistress thing, finally she thought as she studied the palm of her hand before lifting the glass of water to her lips and swallowing down the aspirin. Slowly pouring the hot water into the teapot she placed the lid on as she yawned. Making tea the old fashioned way was an enjoyable ritual for her every morning, and it gave her time to reflect and think before she had to face anybody. Jason always knew well to say nothing until she’d taken that first sip of hot tea.

She rubbed her hand across her face and caught her reflection in the kitchen cabinet glass. I still look ok, even in the morning. She had a serious case of bed-hair and flattened it out with her hand - but other than that she looked good, a few crows’ feet lines when she smiled and her bright blue eyes showed little red veins this morning, but, I’m still very fuckable she thought. She cupped her ample breast and then squeezed her bottom, even her arse had not started to spread yet, she had not changed her dress size since she was 21 and that she was more than happy about. She made a mental note to keep up her walking regime around the school grounds every lunch, convinced this was the key to her youthful figure.

Her smile faded quickly as her gaze shifted to the fruit bowl, her cigarette craving grabbed her – she’d been off them for two weeks now but after the stress and emotional swirling of yesterday the sight of the packet of unopened Benson and Hedges was just too strong. She reached across pressing her stomach into the bench, warning her of a full bladder; in anger of her weakness she snatched the cigarettes and matches, threw them on the tea tray, and headed out the back door as quietly as she could.

Her crotch itched for attention as she walked towards the pool, she could feel herself getting moist, she was horny and she mused over the fact that she was almost never horny in the morning. What the hells going on with me. I’d love to go in there and sit on his face, make him lick my arsehole – god yes, that’s what I need, I need my clit sucked on, I need my arsehole tongued out, I need fucking so badly; this is not me, who’s in my head. She stopped, closed her eyes for a few seconds and waited for the sensation to pass.

With the tea tray on the large sandstone table beside the pool she walked a few paces towards the garden. She looked left and right, even though there was no need, as the five acre estate had six foot high security fencing and an electronic gate, but years of suppression showed through for a second. She squatted down lifting the long T Shirt from around her bottom and emptied her bladder on the lawn. “Oh god that’s so much better” she voiced her relief directly to the uninterested red and black spotted lady beetle as it happily chewed on the edge of a shiny green leaf in the garden in front of her.

The sun reflected thousands of sparkles from the pool surface as the timer kicked in for the automatic filter system – a slight burble and bubble and it was away. She struck a match at the end of the cigarette and considered getting her sunglasses from the car as she sucked in a huge lungful of air and smoke; it stabbed harshly at her throat - her head spun instantly as nicotine swirled once more in her system. A smile crept to her face as she watched the smoke swirl and drift over the pool in the gentle morning breeze; she did like smoking, and giving up two weeks ago made her cranky, she’d given up for lots of reasons, but right at that moment she could not think of any of them and maybe not smoking had somehow even partially contributed to the foul moods she seemed to be getting into, who knows, was it a trigger for her actions with Jason. She shook her head and dismissed such nonsense.

Now, down to business she thought. Sipping her tea she opened the novel to the page marked with the folded corner and pressed down with her hand, looking through the steam from the hot tea she smiled at the printed line at the top of the page: page 117, “Camille’s‘ Resistance”, “An Erotic Tale of a Mistress and Her Subjects”. No not erotic she thought, it was pornographic, but not erotic – but it did give her wonderful ideas – ideas about her own situation and how to handle things in her real life. The novels she’d bought from the sex shops were all rubbish, they did nothing to stimulate her, but, she was searching for others experiences, even in fake nonsense like this; it was research, that’s all. Silly books she thought, all so dramatic and forceful, there were no real insights into any characters, they held no reflection on life, everyone beautiful and everything worked perfectly, the subjects all obeyed their Mistress and Masters. Now if only Jason would do that. But she continued, as this was the last of the set of five she’d bought, she wanted to get through it and throw it away. And then a plan came to her, just out of the blue as she was in mid line of the novel; the Mistress had caught the well muscled handsome stable lad spying on her as she bathed, she promptly had him roped down over a stool and then she flogged his bare bottom with a riding crop, then she had her number one female submissive anally rape him with a monster strap-on dildo. The stable lads hair was pulled hard as the young blond girl slammed the fake cock into him and he was ordered to orally pleasure her Mistress’s crotch while she sipped champagne. It was quiet a brutal piece of literature, but it gave her an idea. The hairs on her arms straightened and her nipples hardened. She’ll keep that thought in the back of her mind.

“Morning” Jason appeared at the back door in his shorts, his chest bare and he far too bloody handsome for his own good Mimi thought. She was a little startled but controlled.

“Good Morning Jason”

“I thought I could smell cigarette smoke, you couldn’t hold out hey?” he smiled as he knew she’d circum again to the dreaded weed. “You owe me a movie now”

“I know, but it’s your fault Jason, you stressed me out so much yesterday” she was cranky at his interruption and smugness about her habit. She folded the novel over to hide the pornographic image on the cover and pulled her T-shirt towards her knees; he walked closely to her as she watched him carefully.

“Stop Jason” he paused. “You’ve got a huge pimple on your back; I told you to stop eating that rubbish from the school canteen, didn’t I? I’ll bath that for you later, but no more crap from that place. If I had my way there’d be no junk food allowed at my school at all”

Jason had brushed aside yesterdays caning and dramas and had already moved on in his head. He treated the incident as just a more extreme talking to, he was used to the attention that he instigated and revelled in it. Obviously he sensed she was in a shitty mood for some reason but cared little and deciding to lighten her day with his usual childish antics he took two steps and fell into the pool. Cold water splashed out and sprayed her and she grimaced. His head surface to yelling.

“Now why did you do that? You did that on purpose to wet me, why do you act like a child all the time? She brushed at the pool water on her leg. “Not a good way to start the first day of the holidays is it? Look! Look what you’ve done; you’ve wet me you little shit”.

“Oh Mimi, where’s your sense of humour” Jason giggled and dunked his head.

“I don’t have one when it comes to you – not lately anyway.” She picked up the tray and walked off in a huff, pissed off that he’d upset her peaceful start to the day.

Jason was floating on his back as his Aunty approached the pool.

“Jason, get out of the pool now and come here, don’t make me ask you twice” She stood near the table as he approached her dripping wet.

“What, what now? He was curt and then he noticed her hand behind her back.

She grabbed his ear and pushed him to the table. “What did I tell you last night? Did you think I was joking?”

He saw the cane swing in front of him as she pushed his back and his chest to meet the sun warmed table top.

“Mimi, what are you doing” He protested but made no real effort to get away.

“What does it look like you idiot, don’t move or you’ll only get it worse” she pulled at his wet shorts and the water logged duds fell down his legs. His cock twitch as the excitement of her attention was again on him and he said nothing as the cane swished through the air and smacked his damp bottom just as hard and enthusiastically as yesterdays caning and he winced on the first stroke; but his right arm was under his belly and his hand was on his cock, not intentional, but it was just how he landed when she pushed him over the table, he pulled at his dick as she smacked the cane in. The heat on his bum was sensual and he was hard by the forth stroke. She took her time and left a good few seconds gap between hits but was a little curious as to why he was not reacting the way she hoped, he didn’t move, just groaned on each hit, she swung the rattan stick in harder and noticed his hips starting to move like he was enjoying it. He was quick enough to let go of his cock before she spotted him as she grabbed at his arm and pulled him up straight, then she spotted his erection.

“How the hell do you get hard while I’m caning you, this is not what’s supposed to happen, bend over again and keep your hands on the table, you where touching yourself weren’t you? Now you’ll be caned until you lose that, do you understand, you are not to get pleasure from this”

She took a step back, lined up his red welted backside and let a powerful stroke fall in the centre of his cheeks, she’d got the swing just right and the flick action caused a nasty hard cracking sound, she followed it with 6 quick strokes, using all the evil stinging force she could muster, harder than yesterdays, they even made him grunt and on the last stroke he shot up and begged her to stop, his erection now gone.

“I told you Jason, if this is the way you want it, then I’ll oblige you, now you know I was not kidding. Oh and Jason, by the way, why did you shave your pubic hair off, it must have been last night, what’s that all about?”

“What, my what?” he looked at her as he continued to rubbed the sting from his bum.

“I asked you why you shaved yourself, you know what I’m talking about – your shaved groin” She pointed at his cock as he fumbled trying to pull his wet shorts over his drying legs.

“You must have done it last night because it certainly was not like that yesterday; you’ll hide nothing from me, I saw you this morning when I walked passed while you where asleep, why have you done that Jason, hum, or would you like to bend over for another six?” He looked at her, shrugged his shoulders, ran and dived cleanly into the water. When he surfaced she yelled at him as she held up the cane. “You will tell me Jason”

Of course he couldn’t tell her it was because he knew her secret – and copied her.

He started swimming laps, Mimi went inside after his first lap; he was relieved as he didn’t want to be integrated on the shaving question any further. If he told her the truth – she’d explode – if he lied and she found out, she’d explode – either way was not an option.

He came inside a little later, showered, dressed, ate, cleaned up his mess in the kitchen and vacuumed the part of the house they occupied and all without being asked to. He walked over and kissed Mimi on the forehead when he’d finish and she was a little shocked at this change in him. Not a Saturday went by without her grinding him down verbally before he started moving in the mornings. The day went wonderfully from then on.

A few hours later and there was no talk about canings or shaved groins. All seemed to be forgotten on that subject and his recent bad behaviour. They went into town and had an early lunch and as he’d won the bet with her about her smoking they went to the cinema to catch a Saturday matinee. Not a particularly interesting movie to the 18yo and he did annoy her with his constant wriggling around in the seat on his sore bum, but he never said anything during the movie, so that got him a few brownie points with his Aunty. They did a large grocery shop and back home. It was diner time by then and they enjoyed roast chicken with all the trimmings and a nice bottle of white wine.

They sat silent as they watched the Saturday night movie and the atmosphere was better than normal and she was impressed with his changed attitude. The canings had done some good; no problems at all – only this mornings pool incident and then he was well behaved all day so she was happy. But, she knew he would be back to his old tricks before to long, she was hoping he would be great like this all the time, but she knew him too well and she was well aware that she was still yet to break him properly into submission.

She kissed him good night, a little longer than usual, her lips softened against his and in that instant of contact she opened her mouth and she touched his lips with her tongue before she pulled back. His eyes showed surprise and she smiled.

“I told you – if you’re good, there’ll be pleasure. If you’re bad – they’ll be pain. Warning though – no wanking – I really need to trust you on this one, you promised me you’d do whatever I said. So, go and bring me your lube please” He hung his head and said nothing. She watched him walk towards her with lube in his hand and his erection showing in his pants, he handed her the tube and a wicked evil thoughts flashed in her brain; she must be patient. She looked him in the eyes. “If you need to do it, just go and have a cold shower”

“I promise I won’t do it” he sounded convincing. But she still raised an eyebrow at him.

Days followed similar to that Saturday – they’d not gotten along so well in ages. Jason talked openly and frequently. Crying in her arms a few days later she finally got him to admit his love for her and he admitted his intense sexual infatuation for her was very real and not just a game. He sobbed about his confusion on growing up and the feelings he had and he hugged her as his embarrassment flowed when he admitted his spanking fantasies and anal stimulation antics were getting stronger by the day. He admitted he went out of his way to get her attention, to the point of stupidity so she would chastise him. Even all the crap he pulled the last day of school was just to get her attention; he hated not being around her. He begged her forgiveness and told her that he needed her to be strict with him, that he was indeed hopeless and he wanted her to pull him up when he was childish and stupid. He wanted to grow up.

At dinner one night he blurted out that he’d had sex on more than one occasion with one of the girls at school and although Mimi was not thrilled about it, at least she could now jump on him at her leisure and he’d have some idea what was going on. And through it all Jason had stayed true to his word for the first time. He’d abstained for masturbating that whole week, even though the tension was really starting to build in him.

They did a lot of touring around and picnics that week. Trips into the city on a few occasions and the Thursday she drove him down the coast to see his school friend Blake; they stayed until late enjoying fish and chips on the beach before the long drive back home - it was a good all-around day and Jason behaved better than he’d done in two years – just like the old days. But she was still going to keep up the pressure if she wanted him as her true submissive. He was by no means submissive enough yet. She didn’t want him to be a grovelling wimp, and she was pleased with his change but she still would not hesitate to execute her plan if the opportunity arose. She was well aware of his ability to manipulate her with his smiles and boyish charm; she fell for it sometimes and cursed herself later.

It had been one week since the day she caned him at school and she was contemplating giving him the strokes she owed him. She’d warned him on more than one occasion in the last week that although things had changed between them, he was not going to get out of his punishment. Her little punishment room was all set up and she was thinking that at some stage over the weekend she’d formally introduce him to the punishment bench and the senior cane. She would also fuck his brains out as soon as she was ready. She’d been having fantasy’s herself about the strap on she’d so longed to use on him and went over plans in her head about initiating the situation. Considering that she’d probably just come straight out with it and tell him she was going to fuck his arse off. The thought made her incredibly horny.

She could barely hold herself together; she was seriously wet as Jason massaged her feet; her eyes flicked from the TV to the handsome young man as he sat on the foot-stool in front of her. He worked on her feet and calf muscles and her Achilles tendons – his hands slick with rose scented massage oil. He actually got a few moans from her as he worked the back of her legs and delicately fingered the tender flesh of her shins and knees. He leaked self lubricant from his erection as she opened her legs a little and he moved his hands up and around her inner thighs close to the crotch of her frayed denim shorts; he was getting carried away and time burred in his brain, he wanted to dive his face into her groin, his nostrils felt the fire of her scent.

“Are you ok down there” her voice broke his trance. He said nothing and moved his hands back.

“Before you get carried away and orgasm in your pants, its bedtime”.

He sighed, moved a hand to his crotch and pushed at his erection.

She smiled at him and held his hand. “I know you’ll be as horny as hell, but you have to have patience. You must show me you can stand the heat, be a man and have some control, which means keeping your hand off your cock, understand. You say you love me, you’ll do this for me”

She pushed her hand through his hair and in a quiet but stern voice she continued. “You can’t play with yourself tonight anyway, for I have a little surprise for you; but first, a proper good night kiss to keep you – well, lets just say, thinking of me, while you lie awake tonight”. She giggled. She was ecstatic – the teasing and power appealed so much to her. She moved in the lounge and leaned forward kissing him full on the mouth and he responded this time and their tongues intertwined together exploring each others mouths franticly. He leaned forward into her and she grabbed his arms.

“Not bad Jason, Sue Mackenzie’s taught you well, and she looks so innocent and virginal”. Mimi smiled and Jason felt huge inside. For the first time he almost felt on equal footing with this dominant woman.

“My surprise tonight is that I’m going to tie you up to your bed head” Her face beamed at the thought of restraining the hapless love struck young man and being in total control.”

“Pardon” Jason was in disbelief of what he’d just heard.

“You heard me, I want you to do this for me Jason, and if you love me, you’ll do it. You’ll have pleasure too, I’m not going to cock tease you forever, but you must be a man about this - for me”

She stood and held his hand walking him to the hallway she picked up the large paper bag from her bedroom door.

He looked at her hard. “I got to pee Mimi – before I go to bed”

“Come on”

He followed her through her bedroom to her ensuite. “This is not fair Mimi, I won’t wank I promise”

She said nothing and walked him to the shower, she wanted to watch him pee, it was something she had a slight fetish about and now the barriers were down she had no reason to hold back. He looked at the toilet and then at her, she pulled down his pants and pointed him to the shower tray, held his hands behind his back with her left hand and looked over his shoulder at his cock, she reached around and took it between fingers, just behind the gland and pushed it towards the shower floor. His erection throbbed in her fingers and he breathed deeply.

“I can’t go like this Mimi – I can’t pee when I’m hard”

“Well stop being hard you dickhead, god you’re a fool sometimes”

“Well what do you expect – I’ve been rubbing you for two hours, I see the wet spot in your crotch, we just played suck face for five minutes and you’re touching my cock” his tone was at his whining best.

“Watch it Jason, the cane is on my dresser”

“Well you’d better get it then Mimi, cause I can not piss when I’m hard” His voice had a hard edge of frustration to it and she took her hands off him, pulled his t-shirt over his head, grabbed his neck hard with her left hand and bent him over. She drew her hand back and smacked his bottom as hard as she could, causing an “ouch” from him, again she swung a hard smack onto his bottom and her hand stung from the hit. She pulled his neck and looked over his shoulder at his still throbbing cock.

“Jesus Jason” She reached in and turned on the cold tape.

His bottom stung from the warmth of her smacks and he turned his head and looked at her goggle eyed. “Smacking my bum with your hand is not going to make me go soft Mimi, it just makes it worse, I told you I can’t pee when I’m like this, it won’t come out”

“Do not take that tone with me young man, you’re just hopeless, turn around” he moved his body slightly and before he knew what she was up to her hand slapped down hard on the head of his cock and she quickly grabbed his arms again as he arched his back and groaned with pain; his cock slackened and now stung in tune with his backside.

“Now – do it! Or I’ll get the cane and I won’t stop until you’re soft” she held his penis and a hard stream of urine flowed and he felt so strange to have another hand on his cock when he peed.

She looked over his should. She was fasciated by all this with the young man. Her demon controlled her insides; her voyeuristic kink was getting harder to fight as she felt the pee flow through his penis with her fingers. She had to admit to herself from time to time that she could so easily have been a man, she liked the natural dominance men showed and now she could explore him and use him to experiment with her innermost thoughts.

“Done, right – come on” she squeezed his cock slightly and a few drips of warm urine rolled on her fingers, she stuck her hand under the shower and turned it off.

He was hard again by the time she pulled the sheet up around his chest, his hands firmly roped to the bed head, not uncomfortably tight and the rope was soft, but he knew he’d have a bad time sleeping.

Mimi was aglow with sexual energy and torment was on her brain. She wanted to tease him so badly – she had one more thing in mind tonight to seal the deal.


“No, and what if I want to go to the toilet during the night?”

“You hold it until I wake up”

“Jesus Mimi that’s cruel”

“Cruel – you want to see cruel; I’ll show you cruel Jason” She reached over and stroked his cock through the sheet, milking him, she kept up a steady rhythm for a good 30 seconds, he moaned and breathed deeply and his head lolled back. She grabbed his scrotum skin through the sheet and tugged gently before moving her hand away; his cock pulsed as a small wet spot appeared on the sheet.

“Don’t stop” the young man pleaded to her.

“Are you kidding? You don’t tell me what to do”

“Please Mimi, please wank me”

“You don’t deserve any pleasure yet, you haven’t earned it. I believe you made me a promise, do you remember what you begged for in the office the day I caned you?”

He looked at her and shook his head. “Um, I promised I’d be good, and” A smile lit up the handsome young mans face.

“So you forgot about this then did you”.

Her words purred from her throat as she flipped the button on her shorts, pulled down the zip, tuned around and pushed her shorts and underpants down over her bottom and to the floor. Quickly she turned off the light as her heart raced and the juices flowed in her system, and before she lost her nerve she knelt on the bed and lifted her leg over straddling his face.

“Lick my arsehole clean I think is what you begged for” She lower herself and spread her cheeks with a hand, moving down on his face until she felt his nose bump against her skin. ”Stick out your tongue” She barely believed she’d said those words out loud; there was no going back.

He lifted his head and licked at the air until he found her, she guided herself to his mouth and he lapped and slobbered, experience in technique matter little to her as this was the moment she’d been longing for, probably just as much as he had and she quivered instantly as his hot breath moved over her genitals. He tried to talk and she shushed him. Her aroma from hours of foot massaging was strong in his nostrils and his just-growing whiskers scratched at her sensitive skin, she breathed deeply enjoying the moment, over and over he lapped and pushed his tongue at her puckering hole, he had little chance to take in the sensations, she was slightly musty in smell and taste to start with but soon she was pure hot clean skin and his cock strained; his brain was not even working on any thought that made the slightest bit of sense.

“Push your tongue in” her voice just above a whisper, soft and loving. He pushed harder and the tip of his tongue found its way into her. All he could think of was how strong the little muscle was, squeezing and resisting his tongue, he pushed further wishing in that instant that his tongue was long like a snakes.

Trying to make an in and out rhythm she assisted with gentle movements as he dove as deep as his face would let him, his jaw starting to ache, and his nostrils sniffed for oxygen as his smothered mouth was to busy to breath. His neck stained and he pulled tight on the rope and the bed groaned at the pressure of his strong arms. Her fingers bumped into his wet chin as she franticly rubbed herself. She squeezed her thighs into his head and moaned and shuddered and pushed down hard as his nose struggled to suck in air.

“Oh fuck!!!” Mimi grunted the words almost like she was annoyed, she took her hands away and fell forward as her orgasm shuddered through her quickly. Her face in his groin she felt the heat of his cock radiating through the sheet close to her cheek. Before it went any further she lifted her leg back over and lay on her back beside him for a few seconds. In the limited light that drifted in his bedroom she rolled her head and looked at his erection lifting the bed sheet.

“Thank you Jason, you owed me that, you be good, and there’s plenty more where that came from” she giggled like a schoolgirl and patted his arm.

The young man said nothing as she rolled off the bed, picked up her cloths and walked out the door. He was in awe of what just happened, totally mind fucked - in shock, he couldn’t focus on a clear thought, his body ached for his own orgasm and he pushed himself against the sheet and lifter his legs – thinking he could initiate some relief, he pulled at the rope attaching his hands to the bed head, but it was a useless. The light in the hall disappeared meaning Mimi wasted no time in going to bed and the shadows bounced on the ceiling of his room as the trees and moon did there nightly shadow puppet dance. “Fuck” he half yelled and growled as he closed his eyes and concentrated on the features of her face.

“Jason, go to sleep or you bottom will glow some more” Mimi’s voice echoed down the hall like she was wired to a PA system and he closed his eyes and tried to think about the up-coming dentists visit.

Morning came swiftly for him, surprised by the ease at which he fell asleep after last night; but his dreams were crazy and vivid, sex upon sex. The water flow through the pipes along his bedroom wall indicating Mimi was in the shower. He lifted his head off the pillow and his hands were free, the rope beside him on the bed; she’d obviously just untied him as his wrists were itching and showed fresh rope marks.

Oh fuck I’m so horny. His erection was painful and his bladder on the verge of explosion.

His brain was unable to take the pressure of his sexual urges and what had happened, her bum in his face, his tongue in her asshole, her scent was still in his nostrils, he licked his lips hoping to still taste her, he put his hand to his face and sniffed hard. He didn’t know what to make of his feelings as he rolled out of bed.

He concentrated – his cock was fairly hard but he pushed his stomach muscles and peed. Oh Christ what happened last night. His thoughts ran fast as he bit the condom wrapper, spat into it and rolled it onto his cock. I’ve gotta have a quick wank, she won’t know, just a quick one while she’s in the shower, what she don’t know won’t hurt her he told himself as he quickly made his way through the kitchen and lounge and back up the two metre wide hallway to the darkest side of Mimi’s bedroom door, his erection bouncing the whole way. He looked through the open door where he could see the reflection of her bedroom in the dresser mirror, just to make sure her bathroom door was shut and safe for him to enter.

She had long showers on Saturday mornings – maybe for twenty or thirty minutes – she always washed her hair. He poked his head around the corner and tiptoed over and carefully knelt down in front of the large brass keyhole with his knees on the soft fluffy mat at the door. He scanned the bathroom - peering through the steam for a glimpse of her having her morning shower. Where is she? He squinted and cocked his head to get a better look; grabbed his cock and slid the condom up and down his spit slicked member – knowing the condom would protect him from leaving any trace of his sneaky behaviour. He’d been using condoms for a little while as he almost got caught once when he was left trying to wipe the cum of the door. She mentioned a few months back that there was a “funny strain” on the mat at her bathroom door and wondered how it got there, so from then on he’d been wanking into a condom to stealth his behaviour at her keyhole.

“What the hell are you doing!!?” Her yelling from behind shot through his body as she thumped the floorboards striding towards him. She grabbed his hair and pulled him away from the bathroom door before his brain could react and he fall back on his outstretched arm to stop himself going right over, his hand still wrapped around his dick as Mimi’s eyes darted up and down his body. Jason’s eyes bugged and his mouth open and closed but no sound came out; she let go of his hair as she tried to keep the towel around her chest to keep her modesty intact at this dreadful turn of events.

“What the fuck! What are you doing, you’re wanking at my bathroom keyhole, spying on me? You little prick! After all that’s happened, after last night, and you have a condom on. You’re a sneaky little shit”

Disgust flowed from her words and total blackness flushed her face as she made a good show of her anger. She lent forward and slapped his face hard, the force of it pushed him up against the wall. He sprang for the door but she grabbed his hair on the way through and he towed her a few paces before she pulled him up.

“No you bloody don’t” she growled at him.

Again Mimi could not believe her luck, she’d set this up perfectly; he was so predictable. She turned on the shower, shut the door and quickly tiptoed out and waited in the dark recess of the old lift. She gave him a fifty fifty chance of coming in this morning for a perve and a wank. He walked straight past her, she was amazed that he didn’t see her or even sense her presence as she watched his sneaky behaviour. She saw the condom on his cock and must admit she mentally gave him ten points for being cunning. She studied him in the reflection of her mirror and gave him just enough time to get a rhythm up on his cock – making sure he was nice and hard for her surprise.

She’d known for ages that he was peeping through the keyhole while she showered. The first time she heard the floorboards creaking she thought he might have been snooping in her room again like he did when he was younger, and then she found the evidence of semen on the bathroom door and that combined with the dark spots on the mat just confirmed her suspicions. Even though she found no cum on the door lately, she new he was still doing it, and after her remake one day about the funny mark on the mat she thought he had been squirting in a handkerchief. He went through Christ knows how many hankies and never blew his nose. But she understood that an eighteen year old would be wanking at every opportunity and just giggled to herself about the situation.

Her loving sensible half didn’t want to set him up and catch him, but the niggling demon was too strong and even as she heard him coming through the kitchen she was wishing over and over in her head that he was bring her a cup of tea – but as he turned the corner and she saw him naked with a condom covered erection her heart pumped painfully in her chest for a few beats. Deep down she suspected he’d still be sneaky and behave like a child given the opportunity; she knew he’d not stop. She was very disappointed and now committed to thrashing this bullshit out of him once and for all as she’d originally planed.

There was no approaching him about his sneaky wanking behaviour – that would have led to denial and lies and not solved anything. No, she’d be planing something like this for age’s and now it had all worked perfectly. This was the best thing she could have done in hindsight; it gave her the reason to break him in now, good reason, and with his guilt, she was sure that within the hour he would be hers totally.

Jason tried to shake her off and her towel fell to the floor in the struggle as she grabbed him solidly by the arm throwing him on the bed. His eyes blinked as he focused on her naked body.

“What the hell is wrong with you? Are you fucking mental you stupid child?” She reached for her robe lying across the top of her duchess. She knew he responded well to this sort of verbal abuse, it had always weakened him, even though she’d never used swear words on him up until recently, he always went to water instantly.

“I can’t believe you’d do this after all we’ve been through this week. I warned you about this – why did I go to all this trouble if you just disobey me like this? Answer me” She pulled on her robe; Jason still hadn’t said a word.

“For Christ sake answer, you’re just full of bullshit aren’t you, your promises are worthless” she looked at his cock as he lay frozen in place. Water welled in his eyes and his cock was now limp and looked ugly as the condom shrunk around it.

“Now don’t start that crying crap, I’ve never seen an eighteen year old cry so much, for once in your life be a fucking man will you, Jesus what is wrong with you Jason?” She tied the cord of her dressing gown and opened the bathroom door. Steam poured out and she disappeared.

Tears ran down his cheeks as he tried to sober his brain and get his emotions in check but panic and shame ripped through his body like a jet of cold water. The shower noise stopped as the taps squeaked, the pattering of water drops echoing in the bathroom. And before he could focus any clear thoughts she stood in front of him with her bathroom rubbish container and shook her head.

“How long have you been perving on me? And for fuck sake take off that condom” Jason looked into space and didn’t answer.

“Answer me Jason” The room was eerily quiet for ten seconds before Mimi clicked her tongue loudly.

“I knew I couldn’t trust you, I fucking knew it. That’s why I tied you to the bed last night; I thought that would make you understand that this is not a game. I thought we had a deal, you said you would not wank, you said you’d do as you were told, you told me that you loved me and you do this shit” she waved her hand at his groin. “And after what we did last night, I’m just bloody embarrassed now”

He still said nothing, wiped the tears from his face, took a deep breath, sniffed and pulled off the condom dropping it into the bin she held.

“Right, if that’s the way you want to play it – then I’ll oblige you, you act like a fucking child and I’ll punish you like one. You’re going to regret this Jason because I’m going to thrash this shit out of you once and for all. Fifty strokes for what you’ve done this morning and an extra six for not answering me – and that’s added to the thirty you still have owing – can you add up – that’s eighty six and you’re going to get them right now.” She grabbed him hard by the hair and rolled him off the bed. “Get into the shower and tidy yourself up” She pushed him into her bathroom and watched as he showered. “Clean yourself properly” she watched his every move and through out the whole ordeal he never uttered a sound. He was full of regret and shame.

She turned him around when he was dry and tied his hands behind his back with the cord from her dressing gown. “Now go to the study doors and wait for me. Do not fuck around; do not try to get your hands free. Understand?”

“The study, that’s stupid … w w what for” he looked at her and desperately wanted to scratch his arm in nervous anticipation. Mimi smacked his face sharply and he took a step back in shock as she yelled. “Because I fucking told you to - now do it”

He stood at the large doors for a good 15 minutes. She’d showered to, he could hear the pipes, but they stopped ages ago, what was taking her so long.

He was so ashamed of his actions now, he slid easily between child and adult, and he was aware of that. He did want to grow up and say goodbye to his childish ways but he fell prey so easily to the old habits. Now he was genuine in his shame as he’d never seen her this angry, and he was sad, confused, angry at himself and scared, he could not make up his mind about his feelings, he loved her so much and he didn’t want to hurt her, just his crazy feelings for her made him do crazy things, why can’t she understand that. He wished he could turn back time, he should have brought her a cup of tea and a rose from the garden this morning. “Why, why” he said out loud; but his brain froze in mid thought as she walked around the corner. The young mans eyes widened at the sight coming towards him. “Mimi” he said softly.

The tall beautiful woman was dressed in a black two piece leather suit and crisp white shirt. The hem ended just above her knees and a pair of matching leather gloves dangled from her hand; the cane was tucked high under her arm and her dark wet hair was pulled back tight in a ponytail. For the first time in years she’d made her face up with full makeup and bright red lipstick. But it was the shoes that took him by surprise – he wondered how in god’s name she could walk in those high heels. The shiny black shoes clicked ominously on the bare timber floor as she moved with deliberate weight to her walk. She was now well over six foot tall and she looked down into his eyes and her look was different, very different. He started getting hard but his heart pounded with fear at the vision in front of him, she glanced at his growing erection but said nothing as she unlocked the doors.

The large room was furnished with a variety of antiques – he remembered some, the timber desk, the rosewood cupboard, the contents of which he could only guess, bookshelves filled with dark coloured bound books, all even and neat. He hadn’t been in the study since he could not remember but wondered why there was a free standing old style school blackboard against the wall beside the desk and an old style school desk to one side. But in the centre of the room a strange looking apparatus, bright red buttoned leather over old dark timber, it looked like a cut down vaulting horse. Jason stood at the open doors in the hallway looking into the room as she walked in and put the cane into an umbrella stand among more canes. She took a dark leather strap from the side of the red leathered furniture.

She looked at him and pointed to the floor next to the red apparatus; he understood her physical instruction and shuffled into the room.

“It’s a punishment bench if you’re wondering – you and it are going to be acquainted very shortly. But first you will answer to me about your masturbating at my bathroom door, and don’t give me the silent treatment or this strap will leave terrible welts on your legs” Mimi placed her gloves on the desk and sat down on the edge and dragged the leather strap through her hand. Jason lifted his head a little and swallowed hard.

“I’ve been doing it for a while, um, a long while I spose, but not all the time” Jason stammered as he told her he’d wait until she got into the shower and then come in and masturbate while she was in there, he swore to her that he didn’t see much as there was usually too much steam to see through. He didn’t offer anymore details.

Mimi kept her emotions frozen as he blurted out his clandestine masturbation habits at her bathroom door and was actually relieved that he’d confessed the truth and not told her it was the first time. There was silence for a good thirty seconds and she moved off the desk.

“So, what do I do about this Jason? This behaviour from you is outrageous. I told you not to touch yourself, you promised me you would not, but that’s not the issue, the issue is the lies and deceit that has upset me more than anything. You wanted a real relationship, you wanted your fantasy to come true, you pledged your obedience to me, you even said to me that you understood about submission and female dominance. You started all this, parading around naked, being deliberately naughty to get into trouble. You got my attention. You wanted me as your Mistress, you told me that. You’ve made your intensions as plain as day for months. Do you understand what I am saying? Look at me!” He lifted his face to hers.

“I’ll be the big bad bitch here Jason, if that’s what you want, no skin off my nose. In a strange way I hoped that after last night you’d have been a man about our changing relationship, come to see me as soon as you woke up. That would have told me that you were no longer the brat teenager, that you were ready for the next step. But no, you confirmed my suspicions that you are still a boy in a mans body. So now I will break that man free; destroy the nasty cheeky lying boy in you with the most severe of thrashings.

Jason mumbled something as she spoke.

“Well, you have something to say to me Jason”

“Just that, don’t get angry or anything, but I just wanted to know, where were you this morning, when I was at the bathroom door, I didn’t see you in the bedroom?”

“I was in the hall, you walked right passed me, and yes I set you up” He blinked stupidly at her. “I’ve known forever that you were wanking at my door, did you think I would not eventually step in your wet spots when I walked through the doorway. I gave you a hint that I knew, remember the remark about the stain on the mat. Did you think I was that stupid? I tell you Jason, you know you deserve this thrashing. Perving on me and masturbating and then not even having the sense to clean up your mess, you only have yourself to blame. When we spoke about our lives the other day and you fell into my arms crying about all the bad things you’d done to me, just to get attention over the years, you said to me that you needed guidelines and you loved me and you’d do as you were told and begged me to look after you and help you be a man. You agreed to be punished if you fucked up, didn’t you.”

He moved his mouth and started to defend his actions. “It’s not my fault, I, I, you were …..”

“Oh shut up Jason, I’ve had enough of your bullshit; truly, I gave myself to you on a platter last night. You had it all. You say you’re not a virgin, you told me you understood signs from the girls at school, you boasted about your sexual prowess with that silly MacKenzie girl. Did you not see my signals? No. You’re full of shit. You lied and I can’t trust you. So now I will break you. It’s your own fault. So do not whine about it.

The young man spoke softly. “I’m sorry”

“I know you’re sorry Jason, but I’m still going to punish you. I mean business this time. You’ll never forget this punishment. Do you understand that I love you too? If I had no feelings for you I’d leave. You would kiss both me and your money goodbye and I’d smile. But I love you to, I want you to, but as you can not show me truth and trust or the slightest bit of intelligence, and as you delight in trying to manipulate me with you silly nonsense, I’ll now show you who is truly in control, for I fear that you will never change your behaviour unless it’s a show of brute force on my part”

“Please Mimi, I promise not to wank anymore”

Mimi’s eyes moistened and she turned her head. “See; see how you’ve hurt me, it’s not about you or your dick, don’t you understand that. I tested you this morning. I untied you on purpose; you had two choices, come to me as a man or come to me as a boy. You chose to be the sneaky stupid boy. You see Jason I don’t really give a fuck about your wanking habits, I couldn’t care less, you can pull your dick till you wear the skin off for all I care, don’t you see, it’s not about that, it’s about what you promised me, it’s about trust between you and me. You promised you’d obey me and then you sneak” She walked to the door. “I need a minute, I can’t do this while I’m so upset with and you do NOT!” She swallowed and held herself back from crying……”Move from that spot” she walked away to calm herself.

The glow from the flame reflected in the mirror, she drew back on the cigarette and looked at her reflection. He’d gotten to her. She tried so hard to stay strong. She knew too that she had problems. Why was she so infatuated with him, he was 18 years her junior? She spent long night’s awake self analysing her situation, she’d just come to accept that she had fetishes above and beyond what was considered normal or even sane in the conservative world she walked. She sacrificed her youth to be his surrogate parent, she had no long term boyfriends ever – she fucked lonely men in bars, silly and desperate husbands cheating on their wives. Jason was going to be her first real boyfriend and long term lover. She was 37 years old now and life had speed past her so fast, she’d missed so much of it. But she could not deny her feelings, she loved him, no doubt about that, but was he just filling a huge hole that was left in her, her lost youth. She so wanted to be eighteen years old again and be with him at his age. She shook her head at her stupid thoughts. She knew that no matter how much they loved each other and how secret they kept there relationship, that he would eventually stray for younger flesh. She knew that, the age gap was too great; but she was prepared and had planed to not leave it to long before she got a suitable submissive girl to introduce into their lives. She had the perfect one in mind. Manipulation and skill were going to be needed. Jason would seek younger flesh to fuck eventually, that was inevitable, but she would still control him, if the younger flesh was in her stable, she might be able to manage it.

Amanda Jones was her target. A huge task was ahead of her, she knew it, but it was Amanda that was the logical choice, she was young enough for Jason, incredibly attractive, intelligent, great body, totally submissive to Mimi and bisexual. Jason and Amanda already had a funny sort of relationship as it was. He talked about her incessantly for months when she first started at the school and when she rebuffed his silly awkward advances to her for friendship he went the other way to make her life miserable. But Mimi knew that he carried a small spark for the attractive blond, even if it was just sexual - it did not matter.

Mimi had control over the young History teacher for the two hard a dark secret; the love struck Amanda had seduced her sexually frustrated headmistress six months prior, when Jason was away for a weekend with his friend. After a few bottles of champagne it all got surreal and strange and then suddenly the sexy young women started kissing Mimi, before any words were exchanged they were naked on the lounge floor and going hell for leather. It followed that they’d spent some time together since then in brief secret sexual release meetings as the opportunities arose. They never actually discussed the sex acts or approached anything verbal about the affair. Just when they were on there own – they would lock lips without a word and that would be it. Mimi had not ever considered herself bisexual or any other label that may have been attached to sexual activities, she was lonely for adult company, sexually frustrated most of the time and a true lover of beautiful things and Amanda was indeed beautiful.

Mimi picked up the black leather gloves from the desk and slipped them on her hands slowly, stretching and smoothing the leather carefully between her fingers as she moved around to face him.

She gently placed a cool leather gloved hand around his cock.

“I do not want you hard for this punishment, I know you get hard at the idea of being spanked and caned. I saw your cock grow that day in the office and even at the pool you were hard, I saw you pulling yourself - I’m not an idiot, I know your punishment fetish is strong. But you’re not going to get any jollies while being caned today, so I’m going to release your seed. But don’t think this is any sort of reward or favour. I know once you have orgasmed the caning will be even more painful and intense and once this is over, once you cum, once this thrashing is done with, your new life will start and you will be at my mercy, are you prepared to go ahead with this, to be my slave.?”

Jason’s brain ached and his cock stung, in that moment he would have signed his soul to the devil and he instinctively took on his part.

“Yes Mistress”

“Good answer, I like being called Mistress, so for that little piece of foresight from you I’ll take off six strokes” Her grin was wide and her nipples hardened. This was it she thought, this was the feeling she liked.

She began to pull on his cock and watched it harden in her hand, she could not deny her own excitement at this power, the power to totally control this young mans emotions was pleasure to her, she felt so dominant in that moment.

Jason sucked in air as the sensation glowed in his body, tingling from his toes up. The sight of this woman was pure pleasure to his eyes as they shifted to her hand and then to her face. She moved her hand up and down as pre-cum leaked from the eye of his penis and slicked the leather glove; she leaned forward and spat on the head of his cock and moved the palm of her hand up and around the saliva to lubricate her glove even more. Mimi was sort of fascinated actually, she’d never masturbated a man to orgasm before, her groin tingled but she reminded herself that what she was about to do, the severe caning was to be pure punishment - full stop. She pulled and rubbed and then probed the eye of his cock with her gloved finger as his breathing deepened and she watched the head of his penis swell as clear liquid dribbled from the end.

“I’m gonna cum soon Mimi, I mean Mistress, I’m gonna cum soon, oh god that feels so good”. He moved his hips to meet her hand movements and she moved to his right side with her head over his shoulder looking down – just to see what it looked like for a man to orgasm. “Stand still Jason”. His head went back and rubbed against her cheek.

“Can I cum please Mistress, I going to cum, can I get a hanky”


He arched back and his juice spurted a metre and a half as she pumped him, he pushed his bound hands against her leather skirt but she grabbed his arm and pulled him close. She watched in fascination as he spurted a weeks worth of build up onto the timber floor. White gooey globs plopped audibly and his breathing was sharp as she kept her hand moving on the shaft of his cock, he grimaced as the ecstasy turn to intense sensations. “Please – that’s enough, please stop”.

“Get the towel from over there and clean that up” She looked at the folded white towel on the chair and pulled at the knot on the purple cord freeing his hands.

Still breathing hard and wide eyed from his sexual gratification he wiped the liquid from the floor; she took a tissue from the desk and looked at the thick string of white juice that was on the finger of her glove. Jason’s head was bowed as he cleaned up and she licked his juice off the glove without his knowledge. It was heaven to her, among many of her fetishes she loved the taste of semen, she could not understand why, she never tried to fathom it out, she felt sick and disgusted sometimes when she’d think about it, but when she was horny, it was a different story, and his was so much sweeter than she’d expected, she smiled thinking it was probably the enormous amount orange juice slugged down.

“Right, it’s time, come on, quick, over the bench”

She started buckling his hands to the punishment bench and turned off her emotions, she had to be cold and clinical about this or it wouldn’t work, she turned on her headmistress button.

“You will receive eighty strokes – seventy with the Senior and ten with the Reform cane. It will be ten strokes and then a five minute break and then another ten and so on and ten strokes at the last season will be with the senior, you won’t have time to recover between each season, need I say that I will apply the strokes with the utmost of force that I can muster. It will be agony for you and you will regret your actions”

Secured in place with wrist and ankle straps she stood and tightened a thick leather strap across his back. She almost didn’t go ahead with it but she quickly picked out the cane from the stand and moved behind him.

She took a deep breath and tapped his bottom with the cane a couple of times. “Jason, time has come for you to grow into a man, I am hoping that the very formal thrashing you are about to receive will open your eyes up and make you realise that beyond being naughty, disobedient and cruel to get attention and show off which is all your behaviour has been about over the last few years that there’s a whole wide world of wonders out there far beyond your imagination. No doubt as I proceed with this caning you will be begging my forgiveness and pleading for mercy. You will cry, scream and yell during this punishment, but do not curse me or call me names. Do you understand? When this is over you will be forgiven for all your sins, and we will start a fresh. I am sure you will not again return to your childhood ways. If you have any inkling to do so – you can cast your mind back to this morning and remember the brutal sting of this wonderful implement in my hand. For you have the power to control your future, a future of happiness and love, or torment and weekly thrashings, your choice. For I promise you Jason, I will make this a Saturday morning ritual if you do not change you schoolboy attitude?”

Mimi was well pleased with her rehearsed speech; she’d written it out and read it to herself a dozen times. She tucked the cane back under her arm, took a few paces, stood in front of the nervous young man and studied his face. She stretched the leather gloves on her fingers out of nerves, bent down and kissed his forehead. “Jason, I hate say it – but this is going to do you the world of good, and in a little while, when it’s over you’ll thank me for it, next week, next month, but one day you will thank me for this.”

“Please Mimi, no, please don’t, I promise I’ll never do anything wrong again”

She ignored him and walked to her position and measured her length to his taught youthful buttocks, tapping lightly for her mark as he squeezed his cheeks together.

“Relax your bottom Jason or it will only hurt more”

Twisting her body she brought the cane back above her shoulder and let go with full force and a deliberate whip action. It exploded on his bottom with a loud crack and he grunted, bucking against the straps that held his limbs in place. It was as if a red-hot wire had been placed on his skin, the evil thumping sting from the senior cane was unbelievable, he had no where to go, strapped down he could only buck against the soft leather that was tight across his lower back. “Seventy nine to go” she informed him quietly.

He was sweating and tears ran down his cheeks by the time the first ten had been delivered, hard and deliberate on each swing she measured and took her time, ensuring she got a good whip up as she delivered the canes stinging message. And during that five minute interval she walked around in front of him and wiped his face with the same towel he used to mope up his semen from the floor. He could smell the pungent aroma of his own juices.

She tapped his bottom several times lightly with the cane and laid it across both cheeks to measure for the stroke to start the second session. Red welts coloured his flesh evenly from the top down. His fear grew again and he gritted his teeth as it cracked into his flesh with no less force that the previous ten had.

By the time Jason was halfway through his punishment he was crying loudly, when exactly he started he didn’t know, but he started yelling and screaming for mercy as well, begging her to stop, promising her anything and everything. She never spoke, just wiped his face between sessions and walked around the room, occasionally smoked and probed at his bottom with her gloved fingers to inspect the carnage as she waited for the five minutes to abate.

And then finally she spoke. “Ten to go”. She exchanged canes from the stand in front of him and showed him the Reform cane.

“This is your nemesis; you will now feel its terrible sting. And while it burns into your bottom - realise to yourself why this is happening. If you had not fucked up and acted like a child, if you had been mature about our relationship, we may very well have been fucking like rabbits right now. And Jason I do like to fuck. And while I do get jollies from caning you like I did at school, you now know that was a play caning don’t you. I don’t get jollies from this sort of thrashing, and you dear boy get nothing but agony. So Jason, one last time ask yourself which direction you’d like to take our life. Pleasure of sex, spanking games, toys and fun, orgasms and joy, closeness and love, or, you spend your life buckled to this caning bench getting thrashed. Which will it be? Think about that. I can be your sexy Mistress - or I can be your evil bitch tormentress.

Jason sniffed, his limbs numb from being tied up for so long, but the pain in his buttocks was insane and overtook any other feeling in his system. He looked at the thick cane in the gloved hand, he promised himself that he was cured of playing mind games and fucking up to get her attention.

“Please, I’m sorry I’ll never ever be bad again, please stop, I beg you to stop.” He struggled against the straps around his limbs one last time and begged her one last time. “Please Mimi, please no more” He cried loudly as she tapped the cane on his bottom.

“No Jason, you will get this full punishment. Sore you will be for the next week or so, and it will remind you that here and now you grow up. I tell you what, you want a light at the end of the tunnel it’s this, today you will move into my bedroom and sleep at my feet on the fold out camp bed, and if you gain my trust you will be in my bed and a thrashing like this will never be repeated, it’s your choice. Now brace yourself for the last ten”

She showed no mercy as the larger cane swished through the air and bit hard into his swollen bottom; a slightly different crack sound, if anything she put more pepper into her strokes than she had done before, her own arm ached for an end to this caning, she was glad it was almost over. He screamed in agony and cried uncontrollably as again she applied another with the same full force.

Blood had now formed in pin holes on his bruised and blackened bottom and started to run like tears down his flesh and she almost stopped, but there was only a few to go and she aimed the cane higher. She was not getting any jollies from this, even her demon had gone quiet, but she was determined to show him no ground.

She cradled him in her arms for two hours as he sobbed and fell asleep. His punishment over, a new life was about to begin.

Jason looked at his bottom in the mirror of his old bathroom; it had been a week since he used the shower in there. The bruising was better this morning and for the first time he could walk without feeling any pain or pressure on his skin. He probed a finger gently at the slowly disappearing dark stripes and winced at the memory of last Saturday.

He heard the toilet flush as he approached the bedroom door and hesitated for a few moments, just stood out of sight in the hallway and waited, hearing the bedsprings move and the bedclothes shuffle, he continued inside.

“Good morning, I have a cuppa for you”. He carefully held out the cup waiting for her response, she smiled at him. “Good morning Jason” She lifted her head and held up a piece of paper in her hand. “I liked this apology letter you wrote to Amanda; it’s very charming and shows you have indeed grown up in the last week, but what about you finish off the letter with an invitation to dinner here next Saturday night. I think she’d like that, don’t you? And then we could give her the present we bought her”

The sparkle in Mimi’s eye’s told Jason that she was up to something, what though, he won’t even try to guess, but he would never again question her or defy her.

“Okay, I’ll rewrite the letter after breakfast”

Mimi lifted the bedcovers to reveal her naked body. He put the tea on the bedside table and pushed his pyjama pants to the floor and snuggled in beside her. They kissed as her hand went to his growing erection.

“One week a man and you’re doing exceptionally well.” She purred and rolled on top of his body – smiling as she guided his cock inside. She nudged her face into his neck and squeezed her thighs tight.

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