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Magnificent Splendor

The hornets were on the screen door
A warning of the coming storm

He didn’t understand the meaning
Didn’t know he was about to become unborn

Laying in his easy chair
Taken by surprise
She came through the sliding porch door
Like a raging hurricane
Knocking him on the floor

He felt her leather glove
On the back of his head
Looked at her boots
Nothing above

So black
Easy to sink into
And disappear

Feeling heat
As lips pressed in
Her hand pushed harder
Helping his mouth become one
With her dominance

Numbness ensued
He heard her breath
Commands whispered
So close to his ear
Nothing to fear

“You’re going to want me
In such a special way
You’re going to want me
Acting on everything I say”

“You’re going to love me,
Like you never loved anyone….

Clothes melted off
Focus was lost
As I followed her footsteps
Whatever the cost

Knees and hands so cold
As they crossed the frosty grass
She walked in warmth
Magnificent splendor in control

We entered the realm
We had never been in before
She knew it well
Suspended me with skill

I felt her warm body
Against my cold back
Hands wrapped around
Over my mouth
Over my nose

Hearing only her breath
Her voice
Her breath
Her whispers
Her whispers
No fear
She was there
I went black

She woke me
With her whip
Saved me

I thought….
‘This isn’t how it should be”
As pain erupted

Strokes kept coming
I grew weak
She inhaled my energy
My will
My soul

She whipped me and said,
“You need me”
She whipped me and said, “You want me”

She whipped me and said,
“You love me”

Again……and again…….and again………

I was somewhere else now
And heard her bootsteps
Walk across bare wood

Only hearing my heart beat
Feeling my skin throb
She touched my shoulder sweetly
My ass tenderly

“Now”, she whispered softly
And I knew

She whipped me…..
“I need you”, I whispered

She whipped me…..
“I want you”, I whispered

She whipped me
“I love you”, I cried

I hung in exhaustion and thought I heard her smile

She closed the door behind her…and I spent the night

I had such sweet dreams
As I hung there

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