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My Aunt, my Domme:Chapter Nine

Aunty Pat and Anita called to collect me for the return drive home around 7pm. Ebony had been true to her word and had “fucked my brains out” after lunch, with the occasional visit to her torture chamber for some punishment games. So I was pretty exhausted by the time the car arrived to pick me up!

Luckily, so was aunty! She and Anita had spent a hectic day satisfying the general's demands, so Aunty Pat only demanded one relaxing bout of cunnilingus from me on the drive home.

The next morning, after breakfast, I put on sox and a pair of Nike trainers for my pony boy session, which was carried out this time by Anita, who enjoyed three orgasms on our way round the route.

This morning, she allowed me to enjoy a relaxing plunge in the pool minus the whip and cunnilngus additions on our return and was standing by in a shiny little PVC bikini ready to hand me my towel when I emerged naked from the water.

As I dried, Anita informed me: “Report to your aunt's bedroom, she wants to talk to you.”

I knocked on aunty's door and entered. Aunty Pat was sitting on the side of the bed wearing her stunning PVC playsuit, with its open front for her breasts and crotch. It was her favourite outfit for punishment games.

Aunty looked at me and patted the bed beside her. “Sit here, darling,” she said, in a low voice. I did so.

Then she turned and looked intently into my eyes before kissing me gently on the cheek. “I'm afraid I've got some very bad news, Rick, very bad indeed,” she told me. I was only 20 at the time, but I wasn't stupid. I knew immediately it concerned my father. “What's happened to my father, Pat?” I asked. “I'm afraid he's dead, darling,” she replied. “I've just had a call from your stepmom, something about a yellow sports car and a truck on the M4, is it?”

I nodded dumbly. The yellow sports car would be the Lamborghini, which father always drove too fast for his expertise. Then the tears began to flood down my cheeks.

Aunty Pat leaned against me, patted me on the head, soothingly, and I pressed my face against her lovely big boobs, my tears cascading over them.

Then, to my surprise, I felt myself licking and kissing at aunty's big breasts. My tears were still flowing, but for some reason I needed to obtain comfort from her lovely 40-inch mammaries. I licked and sucked and soon her nipples were hard to my touch.

I pushed aunty back onto the bed, then climbed aboard, amazed at how, in such a moment of grief, my cock could stand up to rigid attention. Aunty sighed as I plunged into her and then she resumed stroking my head, comforting me with small words, as I pumped and pumped my way to a pulsating ejaculation.

The next day, I was packed and Anita, dressed once more in her sharp little chauffeur's outfit, and Aunty Pat, dressed in very formal black, took me all the way to Los Angeles for a night flight to London.

I was met at Heathrow by Johnson, father's faithful retainer, in the Rolls - why couldn't father have been driving the Rolls on the M4? - and we drove to the Mayfair apartments, where my stepmother was waiting.

Karla, a stunningly-attractive 35-year-old brunette, was dressed in a simple, stark little black dress which did nothing to hide her fine figure. Her big brown eyes were red and rimmed with tears and exhaustion. She gave me a tender hug, the first time she had ever showed me any outward emotion.

On the table in the lounge newspapers were scattered, The Times, the Independent, the Daily Telegraph and the tabloids, all with large stories about father.

The heavier papers carried obituaries on him, and the Telegraph even had a mention for me. “The dashing 20-year-old Rick, like his father a devotee of fast cars and fast women on the night club circuit, is destined to take over his father's empire,” it raved. Stupid fucking reporters!

The funeral was, thank goodness, a quiet affair, although several members of Fleet Street's finest managed to snap pictures of my poor stepmother in all her grief, the bastards!

About a week after the funeral, Mr Snipcock arrived at our Mayfair apartments. My father's trusted solicitor was ushered into the apartments by Johnson and received by my stepmother and myself in what had been father's office.

Mr Snipcock read the will, and quite honestly it was all way above my head. I was trained in engineering, not legalese, so at the end of his dreary recitation, I asked: “Now, Mr Snipcock, could you please translate into simple English for me and, I assume, my mother.”

The doddery old solicitor smiled indulgently and nodded: “Of course, Master Rick. It will be my pleasure.

“Your father has left his homes in Paris, Wentworth, Manhattan and Sydney, Australia, along with these rooms in Mayfair to your mother, plus an annuity of 10 million pounds. “He has left the residue of the estate, his industrial empire, his fleet of cars - er, minus the Lamborghini, of course - to you. You will receive an annuity of 20,000 pounds a year until you are 30 years of age.

“In that time, you will be under the care of your stepmother, who will administer the expenditure of your annuity. You are, in effect, to be her ward until you reach 30. Then the estate devolves to you, except the properties, of course.”

My stepmother stood and smoothed her dress over her lovely thighs and bum. “I think it's all very straight forward, Mr Snipcock,” she said in her slight American drawl. “Thank you for coming, Johnson will show you out.”

She rang a bell and Johnson arrived to remove the old man from our presence.

Karla then turned to me. “When that slimy old bastard has left, you can give Johnson the rest of the day off. I don't want him snooping around. And when Johnson's gone, I want you in here - nude!”

The word “nude” rang out like a pistol shot. And then, of course, it dawned on me. I was now under her control! And her first example of that control was to order me to report to her naked!

Johnson eagerly accepted his day off, there was a race meeting at Ascot he wanted to attend and could he take the Rolls? I gave him permission and he was soon out of the house. In my bedroom I stripped and was interested to see that the thought of reporting to Karla naked had caused me to have an erection.

I tapped on the door to my father's study - now her study! - and heard her answer “Come!” I stepped inside and closed the door.

Karla smiled at my nudity and the erection it revealed. “Very nice, Rick,” she commented, “bring that thing over here.”

I walked to where she was seated, and she spun the swivel chair around and placed her mouth over the helmet of my erection and sucked sweetly on it. Christ, she had a great mouth!

Pulling back, Karla then handed me an envelope. “There's a letter in there which Aunty Pat put into your baggage before the flight from LA,” she informed me. “Remove it and read it to me.”

I found the letter and pulled it out, then placed the envelope back on my father's - wrong, again, HER desk. I started to read. This was the letter:

“Darling Sis,

Hope everything is clearing up for you now after the awful bereavement. Here, as you requested, is my report on Rick's slave training.

We were lucky to find on his arrival that he was into lovely ladies and female domination, so it was easy to get his training started, although even if he hadn't bought the magazine in that LA sex shop, we'd have found another excuse very quickly!

Young Rick is extremely useful at cunnilingus and gives lovely orgasms. Anita - she sends her love, by the way - says he is also a very competent fuck, although I can only report on one fuck from him, which occurred under somewhat trying circumstances, so I will excuse the rapidity with which he came.

He is an accomplished pony boy and with very strong shoulders and neck muscles which can provide his rider with several orgasms during a lengthy ride.

Young Rick is very stoic when undergoing floggings and can even maintain an erection during many whip games. He is also quite capable of staying erect during mild cock and ball torture!

He also has a penchant - hope I've spelled that right - for water sports, keeping a hard-on while worshipping at piss-smeared pussy and even while drinking the stuff! You're going to be a very lucky lady!

I hope you approve of the way he's been trained. I look forward to working him over with you when I visit in a month or two.

All the best, your loving sis.


“Thank-you, Rick,” smiled my stepmother, “that was an excellent report card. You have obviously been a very capable student, but then I thought you would.”

I was still stunned by the fact that it had obviously been Karla's intention all along to have me turned into a slave!

Karla then picked up the envelope and shook dozens of glossy colour prints from it. She pored over them for some while, asking me questions about some of them, wanting to know who some of the participants were.

“Who's this?” she asked, pointing to a print showing Ebony smearing me with her pussy on the rubber mat, the first time I had met her.

“Ebony,” I replied.

“Ebony, mother,” snapped Karla.

“Sorry,” I stammered, “Ebony, mother.” “Ah yes, she's the black bird you fancy,” smiled Karla. “And yes, this next picture shows you with a very nice hard on as you work on her smelly pussy. Wonderful!”

And with that, Karla stood and turned her back to me. “Unzip me, Rick,” she ordered, and with trembling fingers I ran the zip at the nape of her neck down.

As it ran past her shoulder blades I saw gleaming black satin straps, then over the small of her back more gleaming black satin from her garter belt. I ran the zip down to the hem of the dress and saw that she was not wearing panties! Her buttocks were sensational!

“Throw it on that chair, Rick,” said Karla and I obeyed, tossing the little black dress away.

The long-legged beauty then turned to face me - and I fell in love! Her bra was a quarter cup job, revealing lovely firm breasts - at 36 inches nowhere near the size of Aunty Pat's but incredibly mouth-watering nonetheless.

Karla obviously shaved her pussy. There was merely a small splotch of dark brown hair at her mons. Beneath it her sex was shaved, the lips red and inviting.

Her lovely legs were encased in gleaming black seamed stockings. Her black high heeled stilettos similarly were agleam in the study's bright lighting.

“Kneel, Rick,” said Karla, trying but failing to hide the excitement in her voice.

I knelt below her, my cock straining and aching for her touch once more. Then she placed one foot up on the chair by the desk, completely exposing herself to my gaze, her calf shapely in the black sheath of the stocking.

“Kiss me,” she ordered.

I raised my head to her pussy and kissed at the sweet-smelling snatch.

“I think I'll start the way I intend to carry on,” Karla said, looking down at me in a haughty manner that I was soon to know very well.

“Open wide!”

I opened my mouth. She urinated.

And she tasted just like Aunty Pat …..

                                         The End


That was all a few years ago, as I explained at the start of this narrative. I've now inherited the industrial empire and my stepmother, now an extremely attractive 51-year-old has remarried, some Swiss watch tycoon. I think he's a submissive!

Anita saved her earnings from Aunty Pat and has now opened an extremely discreet dungeon premises in Beverly Hills. I visit from time to time and enjoy her services. She's put on a bit of weight, but she's still a great fuck - and a great domina!

Aunty Pat still lives at the place outside Flagstaff, is now 54 and hasn't put on an ounce. She's married to some Hollywood mogul. I hardly ever see her, her visits to Karla are in Geneva and I understand the movie mogul is a possessive type. Knowing Aunty Pat, I'd also bet he's a submissive type, too!

Ebony - now 56 - now lectures around the world on her speciality subject, the rapidly-diminishing Amazon rain forest. She also appears often on television discussing the rape of the jungle and has written a book. I still have the pictures of her playing with me all those years ago.

The little Latino gardeners were arrested by the police. The man they'd been over-zealous with in the brothel had hired a private detective to track them down, but he dropped charges when they agreed to be deported. Both now work in a Mexico City brothel, double teaming as “The Princesses of Pain”.

Whatever happened to Paula and Bobbi I don't know, and don't care.

I am married to a lovely little blonde, some 10 years younger than me, and we have two delightful children. She has absolutely no interest in dominating me, but then a lot of wives don't, do they?

I maintain my interest in female domination by using a large house specially equipped for the role in a quiet part of Reading. There I can whistle up on call an exquisite black lady - as a reminder of Ebony - a lovely young blonde and a raven-haired young Asiatic beauty. Each is extremely capable when it comes to female domination!

On top of all that, I sometimes find the need to masturbate. I'm not unfaithful, like so many masturbators, who need vast libraries of porn to keep them going in the stroking department.

I still stick with that wonderful femdom magazine I purchased all those years ago in LA. You may remember me mentioning it, it was entitled Mistress Knows Best.

I'll say she does!

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