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My heart races in anticipation of first meeting my Miss Tee . My mind has been in a spin since first receiving her acknowledgement. I never thought it would happen. Resigned to the scenario that the exploration of myself in the facet of servitude would never become a reality. All the secret inner thoughts held in my mind. To be able to please my Mistress by living out these thoughts. To have them become a reality rather than a fantasy . The act of submission, of serving, to be the one who by their obedience gives pleasure to my Mistress being in the flesh and not a surreal activity makes my heart and mind race.

“Patience.” she says “Patience.”

My excitement makes its almost impossible to comply. I must learn. Learn that she is the one who will direct my longing. Direct my mindset to please her. Make my wanting meaningful by channeling it for her pleasure.

Knowing this does not make my anticipation lessen. It heightens it. My arousal from the simplest contact from her only heightens. It does not dissipate as it would with someone not wanting to serve.

Having been given a fleeting glimpse, by on line discussion, of the joy to be found by being upon my knees, at her feet my Mistress. My hardness showing my aching, longing to know that her pleasure derived from my state. The intensity from such a surreal encounter being so great. It makes me want to explore this in reality.

I need to please you Mistress. “bows”

I harden when I think of you. My mind is consumed with wanting to receive tasks that will please you. To have some insight as what I may do to please you is my desire.

I have so much to learn. So much to learn to know how to please you the most.

I hold onto your words hoping to find a hint of what may please you. Not wanting to suggest, as it not my place. I take comfort from your questions of me. Of what little I know of you.

To imagine being summoned to present my self before you. To be stripped naked and kneeling. Awaiting your entrance to the room. To hear you walk into the room my head bowed. To feel your crop gently under my chin to lift my head to be able to gaze upon you. My aching and longing will be obvious, my hardness will be my give away. I so hope this will please you Mistress.

“Stand” you say.

Slowly I stand, eyes averted to the floor as you circle me. I so want to make a good impression. I worry that my body does not please you, I worry that my erection does not please you. I worry that I do not please you in any aspect.

“’Well andrew” my heart races at the sound of your voice

“You have things to do”

I am silent. “Answer me !” you bark

Nervously I respond “yyyyes Miss Tee”

“In that room you will find your clothes and your duties” your words are firm and controlled. You turn on your heel and start to walk from the room. “Quickly sissy boy” you say as you depart.

“yes Miss Tee” I respond.

My mind is a blur. I have so anticipated this day. I so want to please you. I take the direction to remain as a form of acceptance.

I walk to the door across the room and open it gingerly. Not knowing what will confront me.

On the couch is a note. My eyes scan and also see hanging a maids outfit, white apron on a short satin skirt, white petticoats, the black satin top with a lace trims that buttons over the shoulder. Eye shadow, bright red lipstick, rouge and mascara set near the vanity mirror. There are also panties, stockings a garter belt and a bra laid out on the couch. A “cock” restraint is also sitting prominently on the couch.

I pick up the note and start to read.

A dinner party is to be held. The guests will commence arriving in 2 hours. You are to dress in the garments you see laid out. Dress in these garments andrew. Pay particular attention to detail. I have left you a cock restraint as nervous first time sissy boys have been known to have little accidents in their panties. You are not to ruin your clothes.

Dress and complete the preparation tasks for the dinner party. I will be observing you but I have things to do. Do not disappoint me andrew. This is a risk that I have taken using a novice for such an important event.

I gulp.

I read the remaining items that detail the preparation for the dinner party. Lists of cocktails etc that are to be prepared for the guests arrival, details of serving protocols no detail left unspecified.

I scan the garments set out in front of me. Knowing I do not have much time I pick up the cock restraint. I do not want to soil my panties.

I put the leather restrainer around my cock and tighten the straps. I pick up the bra and fasten it behind my back. The panties slide up my legs and my cock pushes against the restraint. The feel of the lace upon my skin excites me, and I blush even though I am alone. The suspender belt fits snuggly around my waist and then I delicately roll the stockings up my legs carefully as not to put a hole in them and fasten them to the belt. Next I step into the skirt and lift the top over my head adjusting my bra beneath it. Fasten the shoulder straps. The head piece is next and it fits snugly upon my head and I fasten it with bobby pins to my hair. I apply the rouge and the mascara and then carefully the red lipstick.

I turn and look at myself in the mirror, doubting that I will be able to please my Mistress. I see my cock although restrained in its harness poking a point at the front of my skirt. I so hope this pleases Mistress. I am a sissy maid. I am not my day to day person of father, husband, manager.

I am a sissy maid. I am a sissy maid dressed in a bra, stockings, suspender belt, panties, a short flouncy skirt and a cap. Why do I feel so comfortable ? I feel comfortable because I have complied with your request. This will please my Mistress. I am happy in the knowledge that I have think I have pleased you. My cock hardens with this thought and I try to push it down in the restraint. I do not want to have an accident in my panties.

I prepare the food in the kitchen and have it all laid out on the serving trays. The champagne is chilling in the ice and the glasses have been set out ready for when the guests arrive. The table is set 4 chairs in place. I wonder who you are entertaining but it is of no concern. My only concern is to please you. I recheck the list to ensure all items have been completed.

I am pleased with my preparation and then I start to think. I wonder if you are observing me. I wonder if my acts have pleased you thus far.

I am totally enthralled in my role. Sissy maid andrew.

If this is what pleases you I am delighted. I check my appearance to ensure I am immaculate in the outfit provided by you. No marks on my apron, no messy hair, stocking seams perfect and definitely no dribbles that may stain my panties. You know so much, the cock restraint has been invaluable.

I must please you.

It is almost time for the guests to begin to arrive. I wonder when you will appear.

What will the evening hold for me ? What exploration and learning will I receive ?

Have I pleased you Mistress ?

My thoughts are broken with the sound of your shoes in the hall way.

The door opens and you enter dressed in an evening gown.

I bow my head. Eyes to the floor, trembling in hope that my appearance and work has pleased you,

I hear you footsteps around the kitchen, the sound of glasses being lifted and replaced, cutlery clinks, plates moved as my work is inspected.

“Well andrew, you look most comfortable in your sissy maid outfit, let me see you properly”

“Yes Miss Tee” , I respond

“Give me a twirl andrew” , as you laugh quietly. I twirl.

“Lift your skirt andrew” I lift my skirt so you can see my restrained cock outlined thru my panties.

“Turn around and bend over andrew” I turn and bend from the waist so my stocking tops are pulled by the suspender belt and my frilly panty clad butt is exposed.

I wait for further instruction, for a comment, for acknowledgment that I have pleased you.

“Hmmmmmmm” u mutter, “this is how I like to see you andrew. You butt there for me dressed in pretty panties and your stockings”

I feel a whack on my butt and I am startled. Your hand has spanked my cheek. I feel my cock strain at the restraint. I so do not want to have an accident.

“You love this don’t you andrew, dressed as my sissy maid, your cock has not softened all afternoon has it? “

“No Miss Tee” I respond.

“Good, you are meant to be hard for me, it pleases me that you are hard and restrained, I do not want any accidents in your panties. What would the guests think! “

“Yes Miss Tee” I say as I go to straighten up.

*whack* ur hand slaps my butt

“Did I tell you to stand up? “

“No Miss Tee “ I say

“Stay as you are I said I liked seeing you bent over, I have more plans for that butt of your andrew”

“yyyyes Miss Tee ” I stammer

“First things first soon the guests will be here. And we need a new name for you andrew, a sissy boy name for you. What is appropriate for a sissy maid slut boy” you ponder aloud

I remain bent over forward my short skirt ridden up , to my frilly lace panties exposed, my cock filling the restrainer my balls aching.

I am exhilarated , I am frightened, I am exploring boundaries, I am aroused.

I am a sissy maid . I am Miss Tee’s sissy maid. It is her place to name me. I will be honored to receive a name that pleases her and defines my role.

“I think I shall call you ……………………………………….

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