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“I think I shall call you ……… andii , yes that is a nice feminine name for my little sissy slut maid”.

My mind races, andii, she stated.

Andii the sissy slut maid.

This is my new persona, know only to Miss Tee.

My naming for Miss Tee is as though I have been signed over to her, that I belong to her, my persona of being a sissy slut maid belongs to Miss Tee.

“oh thankyou Miss Tee”, I say when my mind stops racing.

I cannot see your face but I hope that you smile. I am still bent over from the waist my panties exposed to you my cock hardening against the restraint at the thought of being named by Miss Tee.

You remain silent. Your gaze firmly upon my hard cock constrained in my panties.

“Stand up” you command

“yes Miss Tee” and I stand my head bowed slightly forward

“Let me look at you andii “ you say “turn and face me”

Slowly I turn and bow as I look toward you.

I see your smile and am gladdened that my presence pleases you.

“Well little andii” you say as you approach me, lifting my chin with your finger tip.

You circle me, walking slowly, flouncing down my maid skirt.

“You have pleased me andii” you say as you stand hands on hips looking up and down inspecting your creation.

“Your dress is acceptable”

I smile, “oh thankyou Miss Tee” I say as I bow

You reach beneath my skirt and hold my cock in its restraint thru my panties

I jump slightly at your touch, my cock wants to explode but the restraint means only a dribble of precum leaks into my panties.

“This belongs to me , doesn’t it andii” you say as your squeeze tightens

“Yes Miss Tee “ I respond gingerly

“This pathetic little cock of yours belongs to me and me only” you say through your grin

“yes Miss Tee, my little cock belongs to you Miss”

“Good and don’t you forget it andii” you say as you squeeze even harder and turn away.

“Now andii we do not have much time before the guests arrive.”

“Yes Miss Tee” I say although I am conscious that my cock is dribbling pre cum into my panties from your touch.

“I need to bath and prepare for my guests, but before I do I might see how useful you can be for me”

“Yes Miss Tee, how can I show my usefulness Miss” , I say

“Tell me your name” you command

“I am andii Miss Tee.” I respond

“What is your full name sissy boy” you bellow

“andii the sissy slut maid Miss Tee”

“And to whom do you belong ?”

“Miss Tee “ I say bowing with respect.

“Get on your knees andii you sissy”

I kneel

“Come here before me” you command

I start to stand , and you call “crawl on your knees sissy boy”

I crawl towards you on my knees shuffling almost.

You pat my head as I arrive before you. Almost stroking my hair.

“Take off my shoe andii”

I remove your shoe, revealing your exquisite toes.

“Suck them sissy, suck my toes sissy andii “

I take you toe in my mouth and commence to suck and twirl my tongue around each toe one by one. My mouth caressing you foot kissing softly and licking and nuzzling your delicate foot.

“Good boy andii, now move to my calve” you command

I hold your foot in my hand and move my tongue slowly over your ankle gently licking and caressing you skin. My hand cups your calf muscle and my tongue traces along your skin intertwined with light kisses. Moving up and down kissing and caressing. My mouth moves towards your knee.

I suddenly feel Miss Tee's foot kick me sharply in the ribs and I jolt upwards in surprise and a little pain.

“Did u tell you to move higher andii “

“no Miss Tee”

“Well do not ever think that you know what I want” you say

“Yyyes Miss Tee forgive me Miss Tee”, I stammer

“Quiet sissy slut and continue to lick my calves”

My mouth returns to your calve muscle working around over your shin as you sit your leg moving up and down flexing your muscles reaching your other leg against the side of my head on my shoulder holding me between your calves.

“You are very happy there, arn’t you andii ”

“Oh yes Miss Tee” I respond

“get used to it sissy boy” you laugh

My cock is now a constant stream of precum in my panites, I am worried what u will say. I hope I am not made to show you. And continue to lick and kiss your calves .

Suddenly you pull your leg away and stand and say “That is enough for now andii, “

“Stand up and let me look at you” .

Slowly I stand

“Is that little cock of your hard for me andii ?” you say as you grin

“oh yes Miss Tee “ I respond

“Lift your skirt andii and let me see my sissy boys hard cock straining his panties “ you say

I lift my skirt and my cock is hard and strained against the silk of my panties, a wet spot is at the front of my panties from the precum leaked .

“Well andii” you say as you point to my aching cock “you have soiled your panties have you ?” looking at the wet patch against the head of my cock

“yessss Miss Tee” I stammer bowing my head.

“Well andii you cannot present yourself to my guests with stained panties can you”

“No Miss Tee “

“Take them off” you command

“Yyyyes Miss Tee” I say as I reach to try and slide my panties down

“Leave them around your ankles andii”

“Yyyyes Miss Tee” , I stammer as I stand my panties around my ankles head bowed.

“Now, lift your skirt again for me “

“Yyyes Miss Tee,” I stammer

My cock is rock hard in its restraint and still dribbling precum, god I am so embarrassed yet feel so content in the humiliation being forced upon me.

You approach me and flick my cock with your finger lifting it and letting it fall back in its restraint. You grin.

“You want to cum don’t you my little sissy slut andii ?” you say seductively

I do not know what to say. I desperately want to cum . My cock has been aching all day since my arrival and seeing the clothes laid out for me to wear. It has ached more and more as I dressed, as I applied the makeup as I prepared for you Miss Tee. What should I say I do not want to do the wrong thing.

“Well my little sissy one” you say lifting my chin on your finger “do you want to cum andii ?“ as you look deeply into my eyes in affirmation of your dominance over me

My mind races I soooooooooooo want to cum , cum so bad but I need to do what pleases Miss Tee.

Finally I say “ My cock belongs to you Miss Tee. If it pleases you Miss Tee I will cum for you Miss Tee” bowing my head

You smile. “Good boy andii” you say patting my head. “You understand who that little cock belongs too, it belongs to me, Miss Tee “

“Take off your cock restraint andii and pull your panties back up I want to see your cock outlined in the silk” you say as you sit back on the couch.

I do as instructed slowly releasing the restraint mechanism allowing my cock to spring free to its full erection.

I can feel you stare, I hope so much that my cock pleases you, I place the restraint on the floor and reach to pull my panties up over my cock. The material feels so soft against my rock hard cock. My cock twitches against the material feeling its softness.

“Now my little sissy boy andii “ you say “ Lets see how much control I have over you” you grin.

“Yes Miss Tee” I say as I bow to you.

“Who does your cock belong to andii ?

“Miss Tee” I respond

“And what is your new name ?”

“Sissy slut maid andii, Miss” , I respond. My cock twitching as I state my new name to my Miss.

“Does you cock feel at home in your panties andii ?” you ask

‘Oh yes Miss Tee” I respond. My cock dribbles more cum into my panites

“I can see that your cock is dribbling andii, did I tell you to dribble ?”

“No Miss Tee” I say but I cannot control my excitement.

You smile wickedly, “I like your cock wrapped up in silky panties andii, under your flouncy skirt, that is where your cock is to remain whenever I want it . Do you understand ?”

“Yes Miss Tee, of course Miss Tee” I say .

“I think I can make your cock cum just from my instructions it should do as it is told be obedient like its sissy boy owner” , you ponder aloud.

“Yessss Miss” I stammer, my cock straining harder and harder against the panties.

“You need to be obedient andii, you understand that don’t you, your whole purpose is to please me and me alone” you state matter of factly.

“Yes Miss Tee” I respond.

“Good, now when I tell you, and not before your cock is to cum in your panties. At my command. Do you understand.”

“Yes Miss Tee”

“Move closer to me andii, come and stand next to the couch.”

I walk slowly forward my cock aching against my panties as I hold my skirt aloft so you can fully see my hard cock.

“Stand there “ you say

“Now andii, you are my sissy slut maid arnt you, do not respond andii, listen to my words. Your cock belongs to me andii, it is to be trained to pleased me andii, your cock needs to learn to respond to my voice. You laugh, I’m almost training a puppy” you say and laugh again. “Lets hope I don’t need to rub your nose in your accidents andii !”

“Is your cock listening to me andii ?” I nod as my cock twitches,

“I can see your cock twitching andii is it twitching to please Miss Tee ?” I nod again

“Make it twitch and move more andii, make your cock dance for me , dance in your panties andii. “

I reach my hand forward to move my cock and you say loudly “ Don’t touch it andii make it dance on its own. You cock needs to be obedient as well. “

My mind is a blurr, I am standing in a maids outfit my hard cock straining against satin panties and being instructed to dance for my Mistress. I can not comprehend my position. But it is so wonderful.

My cock moves in my panties, I see your smile, I so badly want to explode the build up of tension from the days events has been monumental.

“Dance for Miss Tee “ you say talking to my cock, “dance and squirm for me “ you say giggling to yourself

I feel my balls tighten . I so hope u want me to explode soon. I can hardly control myself.

“Miss Tee’s dancing cock” you muse aloud smiling, “Is your cock listening to me andii ?

I nod.

“Make your little cock cum in your panties for me andii, pump your panties full of your cum, do you understand , fill your panties NOW ! “

My cock shudders, my balls contract my knees weaken at your command, my cock obeys your words and starts to jerk and pulse in my panties pumping the cum from my balls into my panties filling them .

Oh it feels so good to release. You watch my panties fill and ooze with my cum. You smile as my climax relaxes. My panties filled with a sticky mess of cum.

“Good boy andii, who does your cock belong too ? you say smiling

“to Miss Tee” I respond

“Pull open your panties andii show me my little cock covered in you cum.”

I pull the elastic forward with a thumb hitched each side and my cock is covered in a sticky mess of cum and is still straining against the silk material of my panties.

You smile and pat my butt.

“Go and clean yourself up before the guests arrive little one “ you say “we cant have a messy panties when the guests are here”

“Go now sissy maid andii “, you say as you turn and leave the room . “You have 15 minutes before you will be required “

“Yes Miss Tee” I say.

I stand dumbfounded, my hands still holding my panties out with my cock covered in cum in side them. I feel fulfilled.

I know this is where I belong . In the ownership of Miss Tee.

I quickly hurry to clean my self up not knowing what lays ahead of me when the guests arrive………..

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