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A Change of ownership

When my mind clears a little I look at the clock and realise I have wasted over 5 minutes of my available time standing there in my maid uniform, my panties held out my now softened cock and panties covered in drying cum.

I race back to the bathroom, take of the cum filled panties and wash them thoroughly, padding them down with a towel and hanging them out desperate for them to dry quickly.

Miss Tees cock is next to be cleaned up and as my mind still races with the scenario that I am in.

My cock hardens again as I wash it clean and I roll my own eyes as I know I don’t have much time to prepare for the guests to arrive and a stiff cock will not go back it in its restraint.

I try to clear my head and get on with my preparation.

I reaffix my head dress, flatten down my skirt as best I can, readjust the blouse so it is presentable for Miss Tees guests and try and get rid of the flushed “just cum” look in my cheeks.

God I only have 2 minutes left to be back in the foyer and I frantically check to see if my panties are dry.

They are still damp but will have to do , I reattach my restraint to my cock and balls and pull the panties back on.

I race to the foyer and stand almost at attention and await Miss Tees return.

The beads of sweat appear on my brow although it is not hot at all, my mind is consumed with my experience, my dressing, my naming, my inspection, my giving of my cock to Miss Tee.

I feel my arousal against my restraint as I stand still and try to stop the thoughts in my head.

Then the sound of footsteps approaching, Miss Tee appears though the archway from the lounge area.

“andii” she calls with out offering a sideways glance “have you cleaned up that dirty mess in your sissy maid panties? ”

“yyessss Miss Tee” I reply

“Good, now lift your skirt and show me ”

I reach down to the hem of my skirt and using 2 hands lift my skirt to present my panties to Miss Tee for her inspection.

I get a cursory glance, no more no less and cannot help noticing the wry smile brake across Miss Tees lips.

“good boi and I see your restraint is back in place u dirty little sissy maid” , she chuckles and finishes “You will need it on ! ”

“Now go and pour 5 glasses of champagne and have them on a tray in the lounge ready for the guests”

“You are to greet each guest at the door , welcome them to my residence and escort them into the lounge where you are to offer them a glass of champagne.”

“DO you understand andii !” you bellow

“yyess Miss Tee” I stammer in response

“Good, don’t fuck it up ! oh and andii” as you turn on your heel “put your sissy skirt down now”

“yes Miss Tee” I respond as my skirt drops to my thighs.

The doorbell rings and my heart races, I move to the door and open it smoothly.

“Good evening” I say my eyes lowered and head slightly bowed

“Good evening boy, Mistress Emma to see Miss Tee” I hear the response

“Welcome Mistress Emma, Miss Tee is expecting you may I take your coat and show you to the lounge ?”

My eyes lift slightly and I see that attached to a leash in Mistress’ hand is a sissy boy dressed in a short short skirt and halter top. He is much younger than me.

“Now petal, my boy will take my coat, direct him to the cloak room and then escort me to the lounge, don’t dither petal”

“yes Mistress Emma” I say

Her sissy boy takes her coat and I point him to the cloak room as I bow and wave my hand toward the lounge entrance, I do not think it is appropriate to walk in front of a Mistress so I quickly scoot around to the other entrance of the lounge and proceed to the tray of drinks I had prepared.

I take the tray to Mistress Emma and half bowing offer her the tray to take a drink.

“Why thankyou petal”, and I go and return the tray to the table and return to the door.

Next to arrive is Miss Laura and Mistress Peta who also have subbies on leashes , girls this time who I am ordered to show to the cloak room,

Then Ms Maggie arrives with a sissy boy in a leash he is similarly dressed as me in a maids outfit.

She announces “well I was not sure how Miss Tee’s new domestic help was coping so here is a another sissy maid boy to help with proceedings”

“Yes Ms Maggie” I say, “thankyou Ms Maggie”, I find I am captivated by her voice her demeanor “Now little one take this boy to the cloak room with the others and show me to the other guests” she states.

I feel her glance over me, I sense something but I don’t know exactly what it is. I direct Ms Maggie to the lounge and race around to tray of drinks to offer a glass to her.

The chatter amongst the Mistress’ is somewhat restrained polite chat and sipping of drinks as Miss Tee arrives .

I am standing in the corner holding the tray aloft, unsure of what to do.

“Welcome my good friends” says Miss Tee “I am so glad we can confer at this time” I walk to Miss Tee and offer her the last glass on the tray.

“I hope that little andii here has been diligent in his duties and made you feel welcome”

Some muttering yes's occur with polite smiles until Ms Maggie announces “Yes Tee he appears to be a fine canvas for your training”

Tee laughs and says “it is obvious that he is new isn”t it”

“But we love our playful new excitable puppies don’t we Maggie” says Mistress Peta and they all laugh.

“We know your penchant for such trainable puppies” adds Emma

“More drinks andii, quickly petal the ladies are waiting”, says Miss Tee with a wave of her hand and I scurry off to fetch more champagne.

“Get the other boys and girls into the kitchen to finish the meal preparation”

I run to the cloak room and direct the others to the kitchen and race back with the champagne.

After drinks the ladies move to the dining room and are treated by both sissy maids, the girls and the “toy sissy boy”

During the course of dinner I overhead parts of many conversations, particularly in relation to the training of subbies, how femdom was becoming more common and numerous other topics.

The understanding of how a penis behaves when it comes, the control exerted by a Mistress to maintain this control, wow, I thought these ladies know more about my cock than I do !

I was feeling pangs of jealousy though because every time sissy toy boy entered to serve. Miss Tee seemed interested in him, just her glances her attention, it made me uncomfortable

I was so at home and now it was as though I was competing for Miss Tees attention. I tried harder and harder to maintain “silver service” level attention to detail during the 3 course meal.

I think Miss Emma noticed the attention of her toy sissy boy that Miss Tee was showing and I still had a strange feeling that Ms Maggie was paying particular attention to me. I did not understand what was going on but it did make me happy.

All the subbies both girls and the sissies worked extremely hard to make the meal exemplary for their Mistress'.

As the after dinner drinks were poured Mistress Emma seemed to take the lead.

“Well ladies it is wonderful of Tee to host our gathering and all are to be congratulated as to the manner in which your subbies have been presented, I am sure you all agree “

General nods and yes's from around the table.

“Now as we discussed there are 3 sissy boys and 2 girls here ladies for us to choose from”

My mind raced as I stood in the corner listening to what was happening, it clicked we were to be traded amongst the ladies.

I couldn’t believe it, there I was so happy that Miss Tee had taken me and now I was faced with the distinct possibility of being traded to a new Mistress.

My knees shook.

“andii “, Miss Tee called, “get the others into the lounge and line up against the wall so we can view you, you all have 5 minutes to sort yourselves out”

“yes Miss Tee” I responded

Going to the kitchen I told the others we were to be lined up in the lounge room for an inspection all hurriedly straightened skirts, adjusted cock restraints and chastity belts, checked in compacts to touch up makeup and then headed for the lounge.

There was surprisingly little talk amongst the subbies so being new I didn’t try and make comment , they all looked like they had more experience than me.

There we were standing in a line as the ladies entered the lounge with their drinks.

Walking in front of the line of sissys and girls carrying out an inspection as a military commander would looking each of us up and down some spending more time in front of the sissys and not paying any attention to the girls and vica -a- verca

Miss Tee paid particular attention to Mistress Emma toy boy I noticed feeling disheartened.

Ms Maggie did pay me a slightly more inspection than the others I also noticed,

The ladies then went and sat on the lounges and quiet discussion ensued.

Miss Emma announced ” now petals turn and face the wall, sissys remove your restraints, girls remove your chastity belts place them in front of you on the floor bending from the knee of course, remain bent from the waist place your skirts up on your backs and the palms of your hands against the wall.”

We all turned not daring to glance sideways, I removed my restraint and panicked as my cock stirred , I have so much to learn I thought to myself. I bent from the waist and placed it on the floor lifted my skirt so it balanced on my back and put the palms of my hands against the wall. not moving my head my eyes glanced sideways and all the petals we as directed restraints and belts on the floor bend over sissy boy panty butts poking out girls bare butts pointed towards the Mistress' seated on the lounges.

Conversation continues amongst the ladies as we must have been quite a sight I wondered what an outsider would think of such a display. The conversation level was inaudible to us and I was getting concerned as to what was going on.

I concentrated hard on maintaining a still position so I hopefully could hear the conversation.

I could not.

Then I sensed some commotion well it seemed to be commotion but all it was was Ms Maggies sissy maids skirt sliding down off his back he reached to replace it and then the words from the ladies suddenly became audible.

“Where is your paddle Tee ? Maggie announced “that stupid boy of mine is so careless letting his skirt drop ”

“On the side board there Maggie, I” ll have andii fetch it for you.”

“andii get the paddle for Ms Maggie” “quickly boy” she bellowed

I let my skirt drop and fetched the paddle from amongst a range of items on the side board, it was more like a dungeon display than a side board, there were crops canes whips cuffs butt plugs floggers of varying types cock rings cock cages various restraints and a myriad of objects that I did not know what they were so I quickly handed the paddle to Ms Maggie,

I am new but I did, know what was about to happen next !

I did notice however that the “petals” were quite a sight displayed butts pointing out, panty clad cocks between there legs or pussy lips exposed and pouting.

“Get back in line andii”

“yyyes” I muttered and hurried back to my position lifting my skirt and making sure it was secure.

“step out of the line boy”, was bellowed at Ms Maggies sissy,

“ lift your skirt again and hold your ankles you are not a very good example of my work are you boy ?” “you have dropped your skirt you dirty sissy,” then I hear a “crack” as the paddle strikes his butt whack whack whack 3 more times

I hear a slight whimper from him

“pull down those panties you filthy sissy slut and learn to respond to my paddle” *whack whack whack whack whack

Ms Maggie paddled his behind and then suddenly told him to get back in line and not be so careless in future ” yes Ms Maggie” he whimpered and returned to the lineup.

The conversation then seemed to return to the level it was previously as if nothing had happened.

An eternity seemed to pass until Miss Emma announced:

“stand petals turn around to face us and lift your skirts”

We did as instructed and the “military inspection continued, each of the ladies now brandishing a crop or a cane or alike and using to poke and prod the petals displayed before them.

I tried to remain focused looking forward but was frightened as I observed metal probes being run along the girls pussy lips, knowing glances exchanged between the inspectors, crops and canes being traced along the outline of panty clad cocks , mine as well starting to bulge from the whole mind blowing scene.

The treatment afforded to the girls was far more penetrable than to the sissys and I wondered why. Why were their vaginas being probed with implements and the sissys were being treated far more gently ? I did not understand but I also was very thankful. My butt was at least.

Ms Maggie approached me crop in hand.

She stayed in front of me and looked at my panties barely covering my arousing cock and then I felt the tip of the crop lightly run up from my cock tip to its top,

As if she was making a tracing of my little cock with her crop up and down then down the left the crop then tapping my balls from underneath then back up the other side.

The pearls of sweat mounted on my brow.

Each of the ladies had appeared to make a choice of “petel ” that pleased them.

Miss Tee, as I suspected had aligned herself with the “toy boy” and seemed delighted that his cock was huge well much bigger than my useless little thing.

I was disappointed but also excited that Ms Maggie had seemed to take a liking to me. I had sensed it from the time that I opened the door there was something a connection between us. I could not understand but this soften the disappointment of Miss Tees rejection.

“well ladies” Miss Emma announces “are we satisfied with our choices ?”

The mental capacity kicked in ! I was part of a slave swap meeting a thing that was traded freely amongst others no input no thought of the subbie just a swap meet of Mistress' .

Wow I thought. I was stunned and somewhat frightened by the paddle display given by Ms Maggie previously. Given that she appeared to have chosen me. I did however feel strangely content that I had been chosen at all was an honor and to be chosen by the one Ms that I had an instant mental connection with well that was uncanny.

The ladies returned to there seats and proceeded to take another drink from their glasses.

Ms Maggie turns and says to Laura who has chosen her sissy boy, “better give him a caning now Laura so the little slut knows who is in charge” the ladies all laugh.

Laura stands grabs a cane from the sideboard and walks to him bend of you careless sissy slut and proceeds to belt his bare behind with the cane stroke after stroke after stoke until his butt looks like a tiger striped and starting to welt.

All the ladies are laughing and drinking watching the display.

“oh I enjoy these evening ” said Miss Peta, watching the petals squirm as they wonder who is next , more laughs emanate from the room and more fear is felt amongst the petals.

“this might be fun ” said Miss Peta “if it is alright to use two of the sissys?”

“of course” respond Miss Tee and Ms Maggie

I gulp, geeez what is planned for me !!!

“Excellent” said Miss Peta, “now I want to see a cock fight!!” she chuckles

“Two sissy boys slapping their cocks against each other through their sissy panties that should be entertaining” she stated smiling

the others laughed and chuckled and I panicked. I had never had a homosexual encounter of any kind, never touched another guys cock and now I was going to be made to rub my cock against another cock while I was wearing panties !!!

I could not believe where this journey was taking me my mind was almost blank.

Next thing I knew one of the girls was removing my skirt and leaving me standing there with my cock half mast in my panties, the other girl was removing “toy” boys skirt and his cock although still flaccid was far bigger than mine.

“Come on girls”, encouraged Miss Peta, “fluff them up we cant have a soft cock sissy fight” hails of laughter cascaded around the room.

The girls proceeded to “fluff up” our cocks running their hand up and down our cocks reaching into our panties finger tips delicately dancing and making our cocks harder and harder.

This was the most humiliating situation I had ever been in my life, dressed as a maid no skirt on and having my cock stroked up by a slut girl ready to cock fight through my panties with another sissy boy with a huge cock !!!!

“enough now girls rest back on your heels and stay close by to the sissys” laughed Miss Peta

“Begin !” she announced with a wave of her cane in the air and then taking a sip of her drink.

I froze and the toy boy stepped forward and swiped his panty clad cock against mine, back and forth against me as I could not move the sensation was indescribable. Not the cock banging against mine but the whole scene the whole scene was cascading through my head.

The girls rested on their heels not more than a foot away from our cocks brushing back and forth against each other.

“your boy’s a bit timid Maggie Isn’t he” laughed Miss Peta. You did not respond and I detected a note of empathy in your no response.

I did not want to displease my new Mistress and I started to move my hips back and forth banging my cock against toy boy’s.

“now he is getting the idea” , said Miss Tee “but his little cock is obviously in the wrong division !” she joked and all the ladies joined in the laughter of the spectacle of 2 sissy boys cock fighting in their panties.

We continued rubbing cocks against each other through our panties as the drinks and the laughter continued from the lounges.

The conversations continued as we continued cock fighting as if the novelty was starting to wane. It was, as if we weren’t there at all !! It seemed such an outrageous scene barely being noticed after 10 minutes of amusement.

“Stop now sissy boys ” yelled Miss Peta ” I’m getting bored” the others laughed and said you do have a short attention span don’t you Peta.

An evil grin appeared across her lips ” I want a slow dance until they cum, until they cum in their sissy panties and make them all sticky ' she laughed

“Oh you are wicked Peta” one of the others remarked.

“Dance sissy bois slowly rub your dirty things against each other until you cum in your panties ” she laughed louder

Toy boy and I stepped closer together and stated to gyrate our hips massaging our cocks against each other working the satin material slowly back and forth, rubbing our cocks together for the amusement of the ladies seated drinking on the lounges.

I could not believe where I was, or what I was doing but it had been a day of such thought processes. Was I dreaming ? Was I fantasising ? God I was losing it !!!!

“Lets make them cum at the same time” suggested Laura “that ought to be amusing”

“and if they don’t they are punished of course !” as the laughter rang out louder, the amusement level was gaining as the alcohol intake increased.

My sissy boy cock was aroused my balls were starting to bubble although I tried to deny it. I was straight not gay but I didn’t dare stop as I so wanted to please Ms Maggie. It was my focus, pleasing her .

She was joining in the laughter and appeared not to mind that my cock was only small in comparison to toy boy. I wanted to make her proud of her new entertainment.

It was the spectacle that aroused me, the physical arousal of rubbing of cock to cock through satin panties was not deniable but it was the spectacle that was doing it for me. Flanked by two subbie girls still kneeling waiting further instruction next to the sissys rubbing cocks.

“I will count to 5 ” said Miss Peta ” and then I want to see cum exploding in those sissy panties of yours !!! Have you got it you whimps”

1………. 2………. 3…………. 4………………….CUMMMMMMMMMMM she screamed.

Both our cocks jerked and shot gobs of cum into our panties the wet patches growing with each spurt against the satin material.

This seemed to delight Miss Peta the most, Ms Maggie sat chuckling with the others with a look upon her face that I so hoped was one proud ness of the performance of her new sissy.

“Well some entertainment is always fun” said Laura and the other agreed.

Miss Peta said “lets see those sissy cocks all covered in cum in their panties, pull them open you sluts and show us your cum filled panties” chuckling loudly.

For the second time in a matter of hours I was having a cum filled pair of panties inspected !!!

I observed Ms Maggie paying particular attention to my mess, I hoped it pleased her.

'you sissy sluts are filthy” said Miss Peta “clean them up girls ” and the girls kneeling beside us proceeded to lick the cum from our panties and cocks to clean us up as instructed by their Mistress.

“get back against the wall when your clean you pussy boiy there is more to come yet”

Time passed slowly again as the other sissy maid was sent for more drinks and nibbles, and the petals remained against the wall.

I felt breath close to my neck and then Ms Maggies voice, “you have pleased me with your display my new sissy puppy, I have plans for you boy”

My heart raced the humiliation seemed so worthwhile, to have received acknowledgment was a gift but to receive encouragement for my effort was so wonderful.

I knew from that second that Ms Maggie was the one that could use me to please and amuse her , I have so much to learn and such a longing to provide for her…………..

“All in good time boy all in good time ” Ms Maggie states .

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