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Patrick ~ Part 3 ~

What now?

Gagged and blindfolded, I'd been chained to this sawhorse for I don't know how long, my ass tortured, and, just now, my rectal passage was thoroughly lubricated. And it was at that point that this guy, John, walked in —— evidently having been sent for by Headmistress Princesca.

But for what purpose? Was he here to take over this torture session? Or . . . was he here to do something else to me? And which of these possibilities was the lesser of two evils?

I waited. I held my breath and truly began to tremble, my imagination running wild.

“This worm,” Headmistress informed John, “was caught spying and masturbating. He has seen fit to ignore my rules. He thought my Compound and my Mistresses were here to bring him pleasure. He thought he had the right to do whatever he wishes. Were it not for the fact that my dear friend Mistress Raven referred him to me, this worm would be off my Compound right now.

“I was led to believe that this worm was fully trained —— not to my exacting standards, of course —— but certainly to a level that I will accept for admittance. I was misinformed.

“He has disappointed me. And that I will not permit. He needs to be retrained —— from the bottom up. He needs to be taught to respect a woman's superiority. I give him to you, John. Teach him well. You have thirty days to see to it. During those thirty days he is to be in seclusion —— away from all women, with only you and your minions for company. He is to know only a man's touch. A man's voice. A man's scent. A man's taste. With every degree of intimacy that entails.

“Thirty days from today, you will bring him to kneel before me. I will expect to see a considerable amount of improvement. His hunger to serve me must be absolute.

“As for right now, his transgressions against my rule have not yet begun to be punished. Mistress Amy, you may continue.”

And with that echoing in my brain, Headmistress Princesca left the cottage.

John spoke. “Mistress Amy, before you resume, may I inspect his body?” Amy gave her consent and I felt a large palm touch the back of my neck. The hand moved over my head, the fingers ruffling through my hair. John squatted down in front of me. I felt his warm breath in my right ear, as the hand slid over my chest, tweaking first one nipple, then the other. Then the hand was joined by another and both moved down my arms, turning them a little to see my muscles move.

John straightened up and walked around to stand behind me. He put both his hands on my shoulders and slowly dragged them down my back. I felt his fingertips touching the welts on my ass cheeks, pressing each mark, testing my reaction. Then he covered both my cheeks with his large palms, and grabbed them, tightening his grip on my still-raw flesh until I screamed into my gag. He let go and squatted down to inspect the clamps that completely covered my scrotum, wiggling an odd clamp here and there. I felt his breath on my dick as he peered at it through the cage that held it immobile. He stayed there for over a minute, twisting the cage a bit in every direction.

Then I felt his hands on my ass again as his thumbs gripped both sides of my asshole, pulling the already-stretched-apart cheeks until my well-lubed asshole gaped open. Again, I felt his breath on me as he gazed at my hole before suddenly sliding one long thumb into my anus. He then began moving his thumb in and out a few times, scratching my insides with his thumbnail on every in-stroke.

“There is time enough for that, and more, later, after I've finished with him,” Mistress Amy admonished him gently. “You may use him as you please beginning tonight, John.”

He immediately let go of me and stepped back, giving her plenty of room to swing. I heard her footsteps cross to the wall in front of me again, and she removed something from a peg. More swooshing sounds as she again took her place behind me, but this time the sound was a higher pitched “wizz” as she swung. Then I felt pain. Agonizing pain. I guessed that she was using a flogger, but I couldn't tell exactly what kind.

Normally, I don't mind a flogger being used on my ass, not when it was in the hands of a woman, and definitely not with my ass already sore from my earlier beating. But this time, Mistress Amy purposely kept hitting the same two spots on my tender cheeks, over and over again. She didn't stop until I had counted forty-nine, although it may well have been fifty, since I was suffering unbearably by the time she finished.

But was she finished?

I guess she wasn't because she decided to smear more of that foul, burning cream on my poor ass. She again took her time, rubbing it in thoroughly, clearly enjoying my agony. Then she stood back and watched while I squirmed.

“You've got quite an erection there, John,” she laughed at him. “Tell me what you'd like to have happen next.”

“I think you can guess, Mistress.”

“Yes. But is it me or this worm that you'd like to fuck? Right now at this moment. Be honest, John.”

“You, of course, Mistress.”

“Right answer, John. Come here and kneel before me. I wish to feel your tongue. Start with my pussy and then move to my asshole. After that . . . I'll decide later.”

I heard him drop to his knees and begin lapping at her wet nether lips. Hands were stroking, moving, rubbing. Breathing accelerated. She began moaning. And he continued bringing her closer and closer.

I heard it all. All while I was next to them, tied up, blindfolded, gagged. Her moaning was driving me wild, and my caged dick was in a terrible state. I desperately wanted relief. I needed to come.

Mistress Amy caught her breath and held it as she came. Her long shuddering moan echoed throughout the room.

She ordered John to stand up. Then she walked in front of me and, with her fingers, rubbed her juices across my upper lip. I inhaled deeply and she applied some more on my nostrils. I couldn't get enough of her scent.

While she was doing this, she must have signaled John because, all of a sudden, I felt his dick push against my asshole. He grabbed hold of my hips as he gave a mighty shove and penetrated my ass to the hilt.

“Work him well, John,” ordered Mistress Amy with a laugh. She then leaned against my waist as though I were a piece of furniture. And then she kissed his lips. “Bi men are so easy to please.”

(End of Part 3)

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