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Sally's reluctant cross dresser


“Yes this evening we are going to a Birthday party, it’s for one of my friends and you had better not drink. I don’t want you falling all over the place and making a fool of yourself and me, besides you will have more to worry about than drinking.”
“Might I ask what you mean by that statement, Mistress?”
“Of course you can,”
Sally jumped out of bed and started dressing, and once she was fully dressed, Sally went to her wardrobe and threw him a pair of knickers. “Put these on slave, they are a pair of the new ones we bought yesterday.”
He jumped out of bed naked and picked up the knickers, and she watched as he pulled them up his legs. “You don’t seem too bothered about wearing those today, you’re not moaning how come.”
Dave looked up at her as if in thought and answered, “After the humiliation I went through yesterday, just to walk out the shop with five pairs in a bag, I’m thinking I had better get your money’s worth. Also I have noticed the absence of my boxers either in the bedroom or the washing basket, and that leads me to believe they have gone to the big tip down the road, but you still haven’t answered my question, Mistress.”
“Let’s get something straight slave, I said it was ok to ask the question, but you never heard me tell you that I would answer. Now hurry up and get my breakfast, and I would like scrambled egg this morning, and I would like it without the bits of shell in it like last time.”
“Would you answer me this then Mistress, am I your slave or your cook?”
He looked at her with a frown on his face and said, “That answer was far too long and was so complicated that this slave will be in a confused state all day, with his mind in turmoil.”
“Do I detect sarcasm, because if I do, it will be your buttocks that will be in turmoil?”


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