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Paul came to life, when the sun outside had moved. It was now filtering through the half open curtains, and hitting him in the eyes. He could hear a lot of talking down in the courtyard and wondered what was going on. He walked to the window and looked down, the Greens were there talking to Shannon. She was dressed in her riding breaches and boots, she also had a white shirt on that was unbuttoned most of the way down. He could see that the Green boy that was close to her was giving her a lot of attention. He could not hear what was being said, but at one point they all laughed, and he noticed Shannon glance up at the window still laughing.

He stepped back and got dressed into his normal clothes, and walked down the stairs to have a small breakfast and coffee. While sitting at the table he started to reflect on what he had said, and what he had agreed to the previous evening. ‘Paul had no idea why Shannon had asked all those questions? She had caught him off balance, and on low ebb, and he had even less of an answer to why he gave her what she asked for? He thought of what happened the previous evening, standing by the gate exposed in women’s under garments. He would have felt less embarrassed if he had been naked. The clothes felt strange but it was not unpleasant, he did get a bit of a buzz being dressed like that. How far would Shannon take this, and how far would he let her go?

He knew the very first time they dated that she was very dominant. He was beginning to wonder if he did what he did last night, was it because he was in fear of being exposed or because he wanted to be exposed? He never thought for one second that she would do what she had threatened, as he knew that no matter what that she loved him as much as he loved her. He had told her that she could do as she pleased with his blessings, but how far would she go and what would she do he wondered.

He thought about those Green boys and he started to tremble with fear, he had a feeling of jealousness run through his body. He thought of the Greens in bed with Shannon while he had been away in London working, and his head started to spin. It made him wriggle in his seat when he thought of Shannon outside flirting with them. Paul wanted to go outside and find out what is so funny, was she telling them what she had done to him last night? An even worse thought was could it have been them that saw him outside the gate and tooted? What did she mean, when she told him she would humiliate him while with others, with whom did she mean, and how would she humiliate him? The talking stopped and Shannon walked through the door, on seeing him sitting there she said “Good morning lover.”

'Good morning Shannon what’s it like outside?”

“Really fresh, no wind but it is on the edge of being cold.” He looked at her, and saw that her nipples were pointing through the shirt material, and she was wearing no bra. He could see the dark ring of flesh that surrounded her nipples quite clearly. Then he thought of the Green boys seeing the same thing, was she exposing herself to them on purpose. When she was dressed as she was now, there was no mistaking the shape of her body.

Shannon kissed him on the side of the cheek, as she walked past to make coffee. And when she sat down opposite he asked, “Would you ever leave me Shannon for someone else?”

The question rocked her because it was the last thing she would expect him to say. “Of course not Paul, whatever made you ask that question?”

I have a lot of strange feeling running through my body at the moment and I am feeling a little insecure. I don’t know why, maybe it is because we are expanding our horizons. We are travelling an unknown route, and I am also a little frightened where it might lead us too? Last night I passed a lot of power and control over to you, and things are moving fast in an unknown direction. Before it is completely out of my control I would like to know what the ground rules are, so you will have to tell me. I will do all you ask at any time, because I trust you to look after me, but I would rather die than lose you to someone else.

It fills me with excitement, knowing you have the ultimate say over my life, but don’t throw me away if it goes pear shaped. The thought of not knowing what you can or will do to me is filling me with dread, anticipation, and shoots adrenalin through my veins. I would like to say that I want to remain a man, but I will still dress as you wish me to do so. You obviously think that it is part of the game, but what I am saying I don’t want to go all the way. Maybe this is our destiny, because last night I have never known lovemaking like what happened in the car. It was fast, furious, powerful, and with extreme passion. I also sense this is a good way to go, I also trust you Shannon with our lives and marriage.”

“You and I will always be together Paul, and I thank you for your trust. When you were looking out the window into the courtyard, while I was talking to the Greens what did you feel?”

“Jealous, I felt that they were lusting after you because of the way you were dressed. The nearest one to you could not take his eyes off of your breasts, and I know that all of the Green’s were undressing you with their eyes.”

She smiled knowing that he was correct, and it had given her a feeling of power over them. “I will make you more jealous as the game progresses. I might even hurt you a little, so that you rise to a new height to satisfy my sexual desires. I will torment, torture and tease your mind, I will build you up and leave you flat. Humiliate and treat you like dirt, but I will never stop loving you, it is only a game we are playing.

‘There she is, on about the humiliation once again, what does she mean, how would she humiliate me?’ “Why were the Greens here anyway, I thought no one came here at the weekend?

“They don’t normally, but to move one of the pieces of machinery, they needed heavy lifting gear, and I could not get it here until this morning. They have been here most of the week working on the farm, I’ll tell you this lover those boys have got a hell of a lot of muscles on their bodies.”

“How do you know” he snapped, and wished he hadn’t and added “I didn’t mean to sound sharp?”

Shannon knew that she had hit his jealous streak once more, and it gave her satisfaction that she could play on that. “I have to take some money down to them tonight, and I told them I would drop it into the Bell Public House to them.”
“I can do that for you, if you want Shannon.”
“No its ok, I have to talk to them about the stables anyway. I have planning for a swimming pool, Paul, and those workers will be here on Monday. I just love the start of summer, because it means that you can put lighter clothes on.” Once again she saw his eyes move over her body thinking of the men working on the farm.

“I think we will all be getting made redundant soon, there is a giant takeover of the firm that’s going on, and I think they will be slimming the staff down. I will have to find another job if that happens, and I’m damned if I know where?”

“Why do you have to work, I have more money than we could ever spend coming in, and then you could be down here all the time. You could sell your house in London, it’s a seller’s market at the moment, and I don’t know what we need two houses for anyway? If you do find another job up there, you could always commute by train, the station and a direct route to London is half a mile down the road.”

“I was thinking of selling the house, but I only kept it because I thought you wanted me to. I can put it on the market Monday. I think it will be a fast sale, because it is in a good location.” Paul was thinking ‘that at least he would be here to keep an eye on the Greens, and now the builders. He knew that Shannon would not be unfaithful, but he felt so insecure being married to such a beautiful person.’

Shannon smiled thinking ‘he is very jealous and falling into my trap, I will soon have him where I want him. “Come on lover, let’s go for a walk I will show you my plans for the farm.”

It was a few hours later, and after an evening snack that Shannon called him up stairs to their room. He walked into the room and asked “What’s the problem love?”

“There isn’t one, I just want to show you some more toys I have bought, take your clothes off, and I mean all of them.” Paul stripped off and Shannon said, “Stand there with your hands at your sides.” He did as she asked and stood looking into a full-length mirror. He watched her go to the drawer and pull out what looked like a long fat leather belt, and she then put it around his waist, and buckled it up tight. Then she took hold of a thick leather strap with a D ring on and that was put on his wrist, and then she did the same with the other wrist. She took out two more straps and put one just above each of his elbows. Then a thin belt was took out and put on the top of the dresser. She took some tiny locks out, and locked the D ring on the cuff to the D ring on the belt and again did the same with the other wrist. The long thin belt was threaded through the D rings at his elbows then that too was buckled at the front. Try and move she told him and she saw that he was bound tight. “Good” now she took out two more straps and bending down she buckled one to each of his ankles. Now come over here to the bed and lie down with your feet touching the frame at the bottom. He again did as she asked, and taking one ankle at a time she shackled his feet to the corners of the bed with a lock and small chain. “Let me think now what have I forgot she asked out loud? Ah yes I remember” and she went to the drawer once more. Putting her hand inside drawer, she took something out and brought it over to the bed. Shannon then got on the bed just behind him and lifting him up so that he rested on her knees. “Now open your mouth” and as he did so she pushed the ball gag in and buckled that up.

Shannon then got off the bed and walked to the bottom and looked at what she had accomplished. “Are you ok Paul?”

Mmmmm he replied through the gag.

“I will take that as a yes.”

“Now I have to get ready to go out, so I will take a shower first.” She stood in front of him, and took off her riding breaches, and then looking at him she slowly undid the buttons on her shirt. She threw that on to the chair, noticing Paul’s manhood was now standing erect. She pulled her knickers down to her knees and arched her back, at the same time slowly playing with her pubic hairs. She could see that Paul had not taken his eyes off of her for one second, and she was enjoying torturing him. She completed the strip while smiling at him then walked out of the room to the shower.

It was about fifteen minutes later when Shannon walked back in to the bedroom. She was drying herself with the towel and when she had done threw that on to the floor. “What shall I wear” she was talking aloud for Paul’s sake? “I think I will put a thong on tonight what do you think Paul I have that little see through one?” Mmmmm “I will take that as a yes too. Hold up stockings tonight, because that will make it easier to go to the toilet” and she put them on. She walked over to the bed and sat on the edge, then leaning over she took hold of his manhood, “Wow that’s hard, and big. Do you know I’ve been wondering about your manhood, if you have all that flesh with only have a medium sized body? Although don’t get me wrong, it’s a very nice medium sized body Paul? I wonder what size cocks those Green boys have between their legs, because they have well developed bodies?” As Shannon was speaking she was gently rubbing her hand up and down his shaft.

“I wonder if there is any way I could check them both out, you know take a look? I will think on that while I’m talking to them tonight in the pub. I heard them talking about me the other day, they thought that I could not hear them. One said that he would like to part my hairs on my cunt, and suck my tits.” Shannon never spoke this crude in front of Paul and she was doing it to exaggerate the story she was telling him. “Hearing them talking about me as if I were their whore was turning me on, and I was getting quite hot between the legs. I wonder what it would be like having a great hairy chest pressing against my tits while I was being fucked by one of them.”

As she was talking, she was playing with his manhood while he was watching her playing with her own. Shannon stopped playing with Paul’s shaft to lay back against the end of the bed, she was still playing with herself, and now her other hand was massaging her breasts. “Yes I can see it now that huge cock pushing into my sex, stretching it to the limit. Then as he thrusting his enormous cock into my body, I would be pushing against his loins just to get that extra centimetre of flesh inside me.” Paul could see that her body was moving as if she really was being fucked until she relaxed, by doing so showed him that she had had her orgasm.

Shannon stayed in the position she was in for a moment then as if she had just been pushed she jumped up. She looked at Paul with his cock stood up in the air like a flag pole and smiled, “Sorry lover that will have to wait, I am running out of time,” and as she stood up she said, “Fuck my thong is wet” and she slipped it down her legs. “That’s better I will be a lot cooler anyway without knickers, I will only be there for a few moments. Now let’s see, I will wear my little black dress, I don’t have to wear a bra with that because it’s backless.”

Paul tried to shout please don’t wear that, but all that came through the gag was a load of garbled noises. “I thought you would agree to that, I know you like it, do you know that apart from this dress and stockings, I am naked as the day I was born. Shannon then after putting on the dress applied her lipstick and eyeliner. She stood up and turned around “Well what do you think; I don’t want those Greens thinking that I don’t know how to dress?”

“O God, please don’t go dressed like that” Paul shouted through the gag, but once again all that could be heard was a burble of noise. A tear was coming from his eye, and Shannon took a hanky and dried it saying, “I won’t be long it’s nine now I will be back by ten. I know you wanted to come, but it would not be right to take you out in the cold again tonight.” She walked out of the room and out of the corner of her eye she saw him trying to wriggle free and smiled.

Paul heard the door close and the car start, then it pulled away down the drive, he listened until he could not hear it any more. ‘He was thinking that she had dressed up for those Greens, was she trying to seduce one or had she already done so? Then he shouted through the gag, “Why did I agree to all this. I am going to lose her, and it will be my own stupid bloody fault, I’ll kill myself, that’s what I will do. Please don’t do it Shannon,” he felt his tears come once more.

He must have fallen asleep because the phone next to the bed rang, and the answer phone took over. “I know you can hear this Paul, it’s a bit noisy in here only there is a dance in the pub tonight. I might now stay until closing, sorry about the noise but there are a lot of people in this pub. Don’t worry about me the Green boys are taking care of me,” then he heard her say “No don’t do that” and there was the sound of a slap. “One of the green boys said he would bring me back if I have too much to drink, love you” and then the line went dead.

Paul had hardly heard her because of the noise in the background, he shed more tears because he knew she would never drink and drive. He just lay there thinking of the inevitable that she would be brought back by one of the greens, and he would take advantage of her being drunk. He cried some more and then slipped into sleep knowing that he was losing her, to fitter and far stronger men than he was.

He was awakened by the sound of a car pulling up and the door being closed. Then a man shouted something but he could not tell what it was. He heard Shannon say “sh my husband is asleep, but thank you for doing that” and then he heard the car drive off. He then heard the front door close and Shannon walking up the stairs. She almost fell through the door, looked at Paul and laughed. “Wow what a night, do you know what the time is? Oh you can't answer” and she laughed again saying “Then I won’t tell you that it is two in the morning.”

Paul’s heart sank to an all time low, as she walked across and said; “I must take this dress off. She unzipped it and let it fall to the floor, and it was then that he noticed that she had no stockings on. She knelt at his side and breathed in his face, and he could smell her favourite drink on her breath. “What’s this little thing” she asked as she started to play with his manhood that was now placid? “Let me tell you what happened tonight, but you mustn’t tell Paul” and then she gave a little snigger. “I had a dance with that Green boy, and do you know he is like an octopus because his hands were all over my body. At one time I looked around to see if there were two of them. Do you know he was looking down my dress all night? At almost every opportunity he could find he was touching my tits through the dress.”

Whenever Shannon got drunk she talked dirty. “I just kept getting close to tease him more, and while we had a slow dance I could feel his rock hard cock through my dress, and it was pressing against my pussy. It was about eleven when we all walked outside into the car park, I had a job to stand let alone walk. The fresh air hit me while the breeze was blowing up my legs, it was so cool against my pussy, and I can only remember bits from then on.

That youngest green boy said, ‘I would like to get into your knickers Miss Shannon,’ and I laughed as I answered, I’m not wearing any. I don’t know what came over me, but I pulled on the hem of my skirt and showed them my naked pussy. I now remember that I was standing by the wall although I can’t remember which one came and stood in front of me. His hands were warm as put them on my shoulder and I felt the straps of the dress being slipped off my shoulder. The dress fell to the floor, it gave me a thrill thinking that I was stark naked in a public car park. I felt his hot breath on my nipples that were standing proud and aroused with the cold. His tongue touched my breast as he gently took my nipple in his mouth sucking it while gently biting the nipple. He had one hand on my back and the other was massaging my other breast.

Owe look, your little thing is growing is that because of my playing with you, or is my story turning you on? I’m not quite sure who you are or why you are in my bed, anyway back to the story, “hick.” Then a strange thing happened, I felt my pussy lips being parted and a finger enter, but it was from another pair of hands. A mouth was biting my bum cheek, while this strange hand was playing with my pubic hair; I just love it when my pubic hairs are played with. I was getting turned on and fast, I laughed when one of the boys said, damn she’s hot and, “hick” wet.”

She could see the tears running down his face but said, “You don’t have to cry because they never hurt me. Then the mouth left my breast, and I felt my head being pushed down towards his manhood. His strength was immense and there was nothing I could do but just take his manhood in my mouth, “hick,” and suck for all I was worth. I was bent double as I felt my legs being parted, and then the pain of the other brother pushing his meat deep inside of me. Hell he was big in the sex department and just thinking about it now is making me squirm. They were both bigger than Paul’s dear little thing. I was in ecstasy for how, “hick” long I don’t know, but the one I was sucking came in my mouth, and at the same time as his brother filled my other end. One of them said, ‘I told you if we played our cards right, we would shag her.” Shannon looked at Paul’s manhood and squeezed, “Wow that is hard, I have just got to try that out for size,” “hick.”

Shannon stood up and straddled Paul, sitting on his now erect manhood. Slowly rising and falling with the movements getting faster all the time. Paul was pushing up hard as she fell, and the rhythm was never broken until once more they both climaxed together. “Wow that was bloody awesome better than whatever those green boys could do.” She lay on top of him for a moment exhausted then she said, “I have just remembered who you are.” She undid the buckle on the ball gag and let it fall to the floor. “Paul you did tell me to do as I please, “hick” I just got carried away with the drink. What are your thoughts and what must you be feeling now?”

“While you told me all that you had done I had a great knot in my stomach, and to my shame I was also aroused. I now have the fear that I am slowly losing you to those boys. I am sorry I cried, and I doubt if those boys would have done so as I feel so ashamed for doing so. The thought of you down there with the Greens, was hurting me more than you could ever imagine. When you phoned and I heard the laughter and the noise, I felt that you had stabbed me in the heart with a knife. I feel so foolish now, for ever thinking that you would do such things behind my back.”

Shannon slipped off and wiped herself, she went quiet as she went to the dresser and retrieved the keys. Still not saying anything she unlocked his bonds and took them off. Then she said “Come on lover get dressed I’ve got a Chinese take away down stairs.”

He looked at her gob smacked and said, “You’re not drunk.”

“I haven’t been anywhere to get drunk, I’ve been down stairs all the time, and as a matter of interest it is only eleven. One other thing Paul, don’t you ever feel foolish for being so in love with me.”

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