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The Bench

  “Damn it, damn it, I hate it when I'm late, gawd I'm going to be sorry for this” I grumbled softly to myself. Buzz… Buzz… giggling to my self I realize I might get away with it she's not here, she's late also.

Buzz.. buzz… “Oh thank you merciful goddess mother nature,” I smile a worrisome smile “I'm safe.”

“Oh sweet baby have you been waiting for long?” her voice echoes, almost dripping in sarcasm. The result causing my already anticipating cock to bugle further is its cloth encasing. I smile thinking god all this reaction from a voice. The door swings open and there stood my Goddess the woman of my dreams but also my waking night mares. Today my goddess.. Tomorrow who knows what! I stood unable to move my eyes darting over her body, her curves, her ever supple breast I longed to touch, to feel the silken material of her blouse, the coarse harsh leather of her whip. I longed to feel the secret places that not many were privileged enough to touch.

“Drop to your knees” my reality focused back into the world of the here and now. My goddess was talking and here I am thinking off my cock. I fell to my knees not thinking of what I was doing. It was a reaction I had never thought about, all I cared about was my goddess “Follow me, Now.” in an instant my knees were moving I was transported back to baby days like a carefree child following its mother. The rhythmic click of her high boots echoing off the polished floors, the floors that not so long ago I had tenderly licked clean for some distant infraction. Not wishing to upset my Goddess I hastened my pace, my knees aching at the harshness of the cold floor. Her perfume filled the air like a tropical flower daring me to pick it, I was lost somewhere in the echoes off time.

“Clothing off, and wait in position.” I knew at once what she wanted. I removed my crumpled gray suit, not daring to look at my goddess for chance of drifting off into my own thought and loosing track of my task at hand. After I had removed all my apparel, I glanced up at my sweet tormentor “And what do you call that ?” she said pointing at my now fully erect member dripping precum, my mind wandered to all the previous encounters I had had with my Goddess. My reality once again snapped forth into focus and I lowered my head in shame and licked up the precum as I had been taught.. The sent of my own self and floor wax filling my nostrils and taste of my own bodily fluids sliding down my throat, my thoughts free off constraint.

Suddenly the sharp sting of leather on my buttocks. The sweet touch of my tormentor at last, before I knew it yet another, then another I lost count at five and was grateful for not having to count off for my sweet Goddess. My cock twitching and jerking with every stroke, my precum pooling where I had just cleaned. As quickly as she had started she finished. I heard the clicking of her heels as she left the room. I dared not look and kept my focus on the floor, my cock now returning to a semi soft state. My mind wondering “why does this lady have some much control over me?” “Why do keep coming back?” “I am a powerful man and yet she can bring to my knees with a notion of her hand.”

“Johnnie here now” I crawled to her willingly never once looking in those eyes, deep blue eyes, the eyes that said so much, the eyes that could tear my soul apart, the eyes that could make me feel like I was the only person that could satisfy her. Stopping at her feet I lower my head to rest on her now stocking clad feet. Her toes raising and now tilting my head. Those eyes now peering into my soul, looking into places no one had ever been. “Never keep me waiting again” with that her foot was firmly shoved into my waiting and eager mouth. Tenderly I sucked each toe in turn, lovingly I licked between them, her soft groans echoed in the candle lite semi darkness. My goddess was mine. I was hers.

“Legs”… I continued up her legs savoring the sweet smell of her pussy, stealing the occasional look at her upper thighs, the creamy perfect skin where her delicate lace stockings ended, the forbidden zone I ached to enter. Her fingers entwined in my hair urging me ever upward, nearing my goal. The forbidden fruit would soon be mine. “Ouch” my hair is sharply pulled to extent I can feel it being removed by the roots. “No, you always ask permission!” she snapped. I knew better than to argue, my flesh still feeling the heat from the leather only 15 minutes prior.

“Bench” I positioned myself over the spanking horse annoyed with myself for not being quicker and more adept at pleasing my Lady “Now my sweet, today I'm going to leave your hands free unbound, as a punishment for trying to use them on me.” Little did I realize in my aroused state of pleasure I had tried to grope my Lady Goddess and for this I knew the penalty would be high and she knew my reaction from previous floggings that I would most certainly try to use my hands to cover my butt.

“Now Johnnie you are too count, loud clear and strong. Miss one or waiver in your voice I start again, and keep those hands clear they will mark and be visible we can't have that can we now.” From the corner off my eye I noticed the heavy wooden paddle raise I told myself to relax let go, go with it, but initially my buttocks clenched at the blow… “One, thank you Goddess.” The thud forcing my eyes closed. “Two, thank you Goddess.” my cheeks relaxing “Three, thank you Goddess.” The subtle soothing warmth creasing my body, soon enveloping me. Time seemed to last an eternity, my hands staying fixed by my side as if bound by invisible rope. I would not falter. I would see my Lady smile. “20, thank you Goddess.” Tears welling in my eyes, sweat running in torrents from my brow.

Cold suddenly raced across my reddened ass cheeks, “Wow you like that don't you baby.” she said, as she fingered my ass hole “Yes my Lady I do.”, “And why do you like it Johnnie” she stated in a almost monotone voice as if she knew the answer “Because I'm your whore, yours to use in any way you see fit.” and with that she insert a another finger in to my waiting eager ass hole with that she removed her pleasing pleasurable fingers and roughly inserted a plug about three time the size off her slender fingers the burning was immense as my hole struggled to accommodate its larger size “Hehe ohh poor baby can't have you enjoying this too much can we.”

“No my Goddess” but secretly in side I was begging to taken and used as her toy.

As I opened my eyes to sneak a look at my sweet tormentor she was positioning herself in front of me. My cock longed to be hers straining up against the hard wood of the spanking horse wriggling proved to be of no use “ohh that cock of yours annoying you, mustn't scratch it on the wood my sweet little boy”, and with that my hands are bound. “Now you be a sweet dear and wait here. I have some errands to run.”

I could feel the precum pooling beneath me. The heat from my paddling spreading across my body the dull yet gentle ache of my ass longing to be hers as it learned to accommodate the now comforting plug. What passed seemed like an eternity then I heard it, the sound, like music to my ears, the heels I longed yet again, to lick clean. The heels that once had ass fucked me. The heels of my sweet tormentor.

“Eyes closed and maybe you'll get a nice surprise, mm but maybe not.” I snapped them shut with out a second thought, drowning myself in my sweet world off hidden delight. Click click. the heels drew steadily closer. “Eyes open.” and there before me was my Goddess in all her glory totally naked I feasted on the magnificent sight, the firm rounded breasts I had only dreamed off touching, sucking and creasing, always there taunting me. The nipples I longed to take in my mouth, and feel harden under the warmth of my tongue… The waist I desired to hold in loving embrace. The pussy I fantasized wrapped around my cock, inserting my tongue into its silken depths ,the same pussy driving me to endless orgasms night after night as I lay in my bed alone like a perverted teenager whacking off in the darkness. The arms so strong yet feminine. The hands so slender that could bring pleasure or pain. The strapon she held… As I squeezed my eyes to focus it “Ohh baby are your eyes stinging from your sweat, let me fix that for you” her hand in my hair caused my all ready stiff member to harden to steel, but again only pain insured as my hair was pulled and I was forced to look yet again into her eyes. The eyes I so wanted to drown in. It was too intense I wanted to cry. I closed them it was then that it dawned on me she was blindfolding me “Suck it slut, show me you want to please me, take it all” The strong taste of latex in my mouth I resisted the urge to gag. “You love to suck my cock don't you , you worthless little cock sucker.”

I screamed in pain a sharp pain spread across my naked shoulder my goddess had moved her now booted foot to rest on back. As I sucked feverishly, I could hear her pleasuring herself as I sucked her cock the aroma of her pussy making me wriggle, to at least get a little taste of the sweet nectars in my mouth. “More, that's the boy” 4 inches, 5 inches, I sucked for all I was worth my ass twitching feeling the fullness of the plug 6 inches. “Stop.”

My plug was slowly being removed. My lady was going to take my ass. “Relax now boy, your of no use to me if your damaged” God it felt so good she raised my ass, so as to accommodate the dildo.. In and out she trust over and over again the tip of the dildo doing its jobs probing my prostrate. It wasn't long before I was in ecstasy. My Goddess' hand had found my stiff member and worked it to perfection, the immingled feeling of my ass being rammed to its capacity and my dick being pleasured was too much to bear I was going to cum. “Goddess, may I cum, I beg you please let me cum this time” I said in almost too begging voice fearing her response, “No I'm not finished” came the harsh stern reply. I held on with all my might. Even thoughts of naked old men could not clear my thoughts of Cumming, but then nothing. She had let go off my bulging member and her cock no longer pounded my now over stretched ass. It was then she laughed a high pitch cackle, happy kind of laugh, and removed my blindfold it took a few seconds to realize what had just surpassed.

My ass was once again being tormented “Johnnie, doesn't Simon have a wonderful dick, and he gives the best hand jobs” there was little I could do but just lay there and except another mans cock filling my ass, the sounds of my Goddess yet again pleasuring herself to orgasm, filling my ears. Finally allowing myself to melt to the pleasure I was receiving, and Cumming in felt like a loud thunderous clap. “Oh the humiliation of being serviced by my chauffeur, the same chauffeur I had ordered to drop me off one block always for fear of getting caught. I was once again snapped back into reality “Same time next week Mr. Howard or will you be sitting in parliament?”

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