Writers Guide to Submitting Stories

We’d love to see your stories /poems on CNC, this article is to inform intending authors about the requirements of CollarNcuffs and its associated sites

What is this site is about?

As you may have already guessed this sites deals with Femdom topics mainly covering but not restricted to:
Female Dominating either male or Female submissives
cuckolding, hot wife
Domestic servitude
Small penis humiliation
various humiliation scenes
anal play and strapon play
Enema and prostrate milking
pony and pet play
flagellation and corporal scenes
Self Bondage or bondage scenes
Mummification, confinement scenes.
Latex & Spandex, leather and lace, lingerie, Fetish and general clothing
foot, shoe, boot and hose fetishisms
Bondage, suspension, movement restriction.
Hot and steamy short stories containing sexual intercourse, where the Dominant may not be in a Domme role, but is not in a traditionally ‘submissive’ situation
tease and denial, orgasm control
Doll & Femme Transformation
Urolagnia: golden showers, water sports
Fantasy: Vore, Trash & Buried , blood play
Fantasy: Giantess

So what type of stories do we use?

Any dealing with the above subjects or those containing content of generally accepted Femdom practices.
Fact or fiction
Stories that promote our Femdom “lifestyle”
What type of stories don’t you use?
Any stories containing:
Pedophilia, sex, abuse, incest or eroticism involving children under 18 with a immediate family member.
Underage: Descriptions or depictions of child sexual abuse or any other exploitative or offensive descriptions or depictions involving a person who is, or appears to be, a child under 18 years.
No scenes that involve children are allowed on CollarNcuffs.com in any form or nature.
Rape or non-consensual forced acts of a sexual nature unless it is clearly marked as fantasy.
Death, stories involving murder or scenes that cause the death of the character ie: breath play that goes wrong; bondage resulting in death.
Bestiality or sexual acts involving animals (not vore)
Drug Use, any scenes involving drug use. We here at CNC promotes S.S.C practices.
Necrophilia, interfering with a corpse.
Extreme Scenes what is extreme will be determined on a case by case basis by the Admin team.
Maledom play of any kind.

But I’ve seen some stories containing this?
Yes there are some stories containing death/non consent, but these usually involve fantasy and are non-violent in nature. There are also some containing non-consensual acts, or implied family association (not blood related)~ but again these are fantasy and clearly marked as such with descriptions of content. If you have a story that contains these items please do send it to us for consideration.
We don’t have any under age stories and if you see any please let us know.

There are NO stories containing Pedophilia, sex, abuse or eroticism involving children allowed any where on CollarNcuffs.com

Okay, so how do I submit my story?

How do I start? The basics…

Spell checker: First run your story through one, although all stories on this site are checked this end too. Spell checking takes time that could be spent on other site projects. Most current word processor programs used to write text will have spell check function.

Format of text: Please take the time to format your story or poem such as line breaks, paragraphs, chapters, and punctuation. We regret this cannot be done for you and will published as sent. All we ask is that member reading your story/poem is NOT confronted with a wall of solid text, and text is easy to read. No one expects perfect, and no one will judge you for grammar or composition(we are sure what you reading now contains errors lol so who are we to judge). Erotic fiction is for the passion, it not our passion to become grammar Nazis, or spelling Police.

Title: Choose a title for your story. Check it’s not already being used. You’d be surprised at how many stories get sent with no title.

Author: Submitted stories/poems must be your own, stories by another author tend to get lost while awaiting permission to use on the site. All or most of the stories/poems you see on this site are there with the permission of the author, we try to contact each one to seek their permission. Our Members stories will be given preference over non member submissions

Name: Could you indicate what member name you wish to use as author.

Contact Details: Could you also indicate whether you wish to use your CollarNcuffs site profile link. Please note that by including your e-mail address you can expose yourself to praise or criticism, also be aware that ‘spamers’ troll the web looking for e-mail address’s to use.For safety we recommend linking to personal profiles rather supplying an Email address alone.

Sending: All stories must be sent as an attachment to an e-mail or as an email itself. See below for more details.

Images: If your story contains images could you please also send them as a separate file as we have great problems with word documents containing images not copying across to the web. Again all images must be your own work, or have copyright approval from the owner.

Length: You need to make sure that the length of your story isn’t too long, as a rough guide the average story is about 8 word pages long. If your story is longer please break it down into more manageable chapters for easier downloading and readability. Each chapter can be named if you require it, although it is not necessary.

Plagiarism: Please do not send stories that copy text from other stories in whole or part. Plagiarism means “use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own original work” (source wikipedia).

Using characters from another authors stories (EX: writing a part two) is permissible as long as acknowledgement is given, but as a courtesy it would be better to email the author prior to posting the story on CollarNcuffs.com to check if this is allowed with the original Author.

Other: Please also include any ideas, restrictions, conditions etc. Would you like an outline-description or ‘teaser’ added to your personal section in the stories? if so, please include it, please keep in mind space, up to 80 words. Non submitted outlines-description of contents, will include a random extract of the submitted text.

Please Note: We will not repost secondhand materials or imcomplete/partial stories. If your story is posted on another website please inform us. We will not link to return sites I.E your pay-site or an other that promotes sales of merchandise, personal blogs or other wise. Return Links are provided to CollarNcuffs members profiles only.
What Format can I send them in?

We have access to Microsoft Word , Microsoft publisher, Open office, note pad, and word pad so please send in your stories in some format that we can open.
Please don’t send stories in PDF format, unless the document is unlocked we can’t excess the text. If sending a PDF is your personal preference please not include images in the text
Please don’t send us any in DAT or EXE format, due to the many viruses out there we delete these files without opening. This also goes for any unknown formats
Please send them as an attachment to an email and don’t forget any instructions about your material eg: email address, titles, forewords etc.
In the event you do not have any of the above text program please contact us and we will suggest a solution, rather than adding to the body of the Email.

Where do I send my stories?
All stories should be sent as an attachment to or as an e-mail to: CollarNcuffs@collarncuffs.com with ‘story’ or like in the subject line to ensure you don’t end up in a spam folder.

What happens next once you receive my story?
CollarNcuffs will usually try to send you an e-mail letting you know we’ve received your stories, but sometimes we are forgetful or are just flat out, so accept our apologies in advance! ‘CNC are a free site and our staff are unpaid for what they do.

We will try to prepare your story for the site, this may take a couple of weeks, sometimes longer. We like to do story updates once a month and often leave them to amount for bulk posting and uploading.
Stories that are very long will take longer to re-edit or prepare, be patient! But let us know that you’re still waiting if we take too long. We do have a preference for stories NOT requiring editing.
When your stories are posted to the site we will try to send you an e-mail advising you that your story has been posted to the site, but again see above. Alternatively you might like to enroll for our update newsletter.Our update newsletter lists all the sites updates, news and happenings, also the newest story and resource material updates and additions.

Please feel free to email us if you want to, we don’t mind and we don’t bite!! (much)

Can I change my story?
Sure you can, just send us the revamped version or edited parts you wished changed. Extra chapters are also welcomed.

What if I change my mind?
You remain the copyright holder of the story, if you wish to remove the story from CollarNcuffs.com please let us know and it will usually be removed as soon as possible.
If you wish to change your stories in anyway or your details please let use know.
If you have any concerns about your story, your privacy or anything please let us know.

Why should I send you my story?
Why? Because we asked nicely!
You get it, because you’d like to see it on the web and share your thoughts with others.
We know you’ve enjoyed reading others stories and decided to make your own.
You don’t want to be making your own web site takes up a lot of time, commitment, and has a cost.
Because you like to show off 😛
Just because! you don’t need a reason

Thanks for getting this far, We hope that this information page is of some use to you. If you have any questions etc. Please just write to us and we will try to answer your query.

By Emailing your story/poem to CollarNcuffs.com you are agreeing to the below conditions:
By submitting my writing/stories/text to CollarNcuffs.com via Email at CollarNcuffs@collarncuffs.com.

I acknowledge that my submission will be used at their discretion, if the content is appropriate and the copyright is solely mine. That If any art work/pictures are supplied (by me) that I own the sole rights to dis\tribution, and allow CollarNcuffs.Com to publish it on my behalf.

I acknowledge that CollarNcuffs.Com is not responsible for any loss and will not be held responsible for any legal undertakings if the above is breeched.
I acknowledge that CollarNcuffs.com will NOT further edit my content {apart from visual aspects} and will publish as received I acknowledge that by submitting my writing/stories/text that I agree to the afore mentioned terms and conditions.

Authors retain rights to and title to their submitted works. By sending your work, the author grants CollarNcuffs.com & it’s websites a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual license to display the work.

Only submit a story if you are the author or explicitly have permission from the author to submit the story for display on CollarNcuffs.com. Authors dislike the idea of plagiarism, so do we. Please do not remove or replace another author’s or poster’s attribution from a story submission.

It is not the intention of this website(s) or its administration to host or otherwise distribute any works that are prohibited from being distributed according to the author’s copyright. As a host for stories sent in by others, from time to time we may have posted material in violation of the author’s copyright. CollarNcuffs.com has done and continues to do everything possible to ensure that no works are distributed in CollarNcuffs or it’s associated websites in violation of an author’s copyright.
If you happen to find such a work, please notify CollarNcuffs immediately for prompt removal of the work.

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