The Baroness

knew that I was in for a rough time as soon as her hulking bodyguard slugged me into unconsciousness outside the embassy gate after she had me ejected for snooping around. I had almost discovered the secret of her arms dealing apparatus , and then she had turned the tables on me……………….Baroness Fontaine now had me in her grasp.

I was hauled to her penthouse, where I was stripped , tied to a chair, and had electrodes attached to my penis and testicles. as I awaited my fate, the Baroness strutted coolly into the room.her bodyguard placed a plush love seat in front of me and she regally sat down. she was attired in a gold lame robe and matching turban. her tanned, sexy body was practically on display, as the robe was loosely tied. on the table next to her was her cigarette case, a gold cigarette holder, and an ornate crystal ashtray. there was also a switch box that was attached to the electrodes on my groin. her bodyguard produced a lighter upon seeing that she was placing a thin brown cigarette into the holder. she exhaled a thin stream of scented smoke into my face, and her bodyguard slammed his fist into my face. the Baroness chuckled lightly at my pain, and asked me what I was doing at the embassy. I instinctively kept my mouth shut, as I had been trained to do in the event of torture. she peered into my eyes, trying to gage my tolerance for pain. she told me how interesting the testicles were, that they were the cause of the greatest pleasure. she inhaled and blew more smoke into my face, telling me that they were also the source of the greatest pain. she then pressed the button on the switch box at her side with the mouthpiece of her cigarette holder. waves of untold agony surged through my body, accompanied by the Baroness’ evil chuckling. she instructed her bodyguard to bring her a glass of champagne, as it seemed like she and I were in for a long, nasty session. three hours later, when I was pitifully sobbing over my devastated testicles and begging her to kill me , I agreed .the Baroness then instructed her bodyguard to draw her bath, as she was going upstairs to sexually enjoy her girlfriend and would be back down in about five hours to continue my destruction. as the hulking bodyguard left, she stood and slowly ground out her cigarette on my tortured penis. I merely accepted this additional pain as part and parcel of what remained of my pitiful life. the Baroness was now my Deity, having the power to decide on a whim the moment of my merciful demise. I could hear the click of her heels on the hardwood floor as she strutted away…….

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