Whipping Rope

Whipping is a technique for binding the ends of rope to keep the separate fibers from unraveling. Not only is whipping to maintain the appearance of the rope ends, but clean, neat whippings make the rope much easier to work with.

To whip your rope, you will need a very strong, thin string or twine. Make a ‘U’ near the end of the rope, and lay it against the rope to be whipped.

Using the longer end of the whipping, wrap the rope tightly, keeping the individual strands of the twine/ rope close together, make sure you can see none of the underlying rope between them.

Continue to wrap until you have done approximately 15-25 mm (1/2” to 1” ) of whipping, depending on the size of the rope. The loop formed by the ‘U’ in the whipping should still be visible, and the working end of the whipping should be on the same side.

Pass the working end of the whipping through the loop, and pull on the other end of the whipping. The loop should disappear under the wrapping. When you believe it is approximately in the middle of the wrapping, trim the ends of the whipping flush.

It is easiest to whip rope ends before cutting your rope. If you are going to cut your rope in lengths, whip on each side of the intended cuts, then cut you rope between the whippings.

A handy trick I use is to whip the ends different colors for different lengths. example blue=6ft yellow=4ft that way I always what I’m grabbing.

Article by MissBonnie © CollarNcuffs.com Images: MissBonnie

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