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If you are planning to copy our material for your personal use, or for sending a page to a friend, you are welcome.
(Just please keep the copyright and link information at the end of the page).

Uploading it into a website, blog or group? please don’t, not even for promoting our site.
Why should they visit us if they have already read the article?
If you want your visitors to read our material, just put a link to our site.

If you want the people in your group to read some specific page on our site, put a message or a document with a comment and that page’s link (access the page and copy the address that shows at the top of your browser, including the “http:”).

Please don’t copy the whole article We here at are all for free information, but please remember creating all this material takes a lot of research, study and work, and is only fair that you let us decide whether we want it copied or not and where we want to show it, so please CONTACT US asking for our permission (or the Author or Authoress) if you wish to list the whole article in tact.

As we are continually updating the articles as we find errors or add improvements, any copy of the articles will become outdated very fast. You may be giving away out dated or dangerous information which has since been corrected…Would you like to be responsible for harming another?

It bothers us when we find the same article on several sites, and we don’t want that to happen to our visitors (especially because the second time you read it, you don’t remember that the other had given credit to someone else, so you don’t know who is the original author).

If you are one of our visitors and you already read one of our articles elsewhere, please tell us where you found it, so we can do something about it.


About Copyrights

Most countries now adhere to the “Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works“ from 1971.
By this convention, all work is protected (copyrighted) as soon as it is in tangible form (for instance, this page will be protected as soon as I finish working on it and save it to disk). It is not necessary to register it or even to put on it a copyright notice (but we try to put one at the end of each page).

So, if you are planning to copy pages, drawings or anything else from our site, or from anywhere else that does not state clearly that the author has put it on the public domain, (and we don’t) you are violating a copyright.

There are some exceptions about reproducing parts of a work (giving the due credit) for comment, criticism, or other purposes, (it is called “fair use”) but uploading a full page to your site for others to read IS NOT FAIR USE, and IS NOT LEGAL.

It doesn’t matter if you are charging or not for it. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t intend to take credit for our work or that you had the best of intentions. It doesn’t matter whether you conserved our copyright notice, acknowledged us as the authors or put a link on it to our site.

Also, most hosting companies (including groups like those of Yahoo or MSN) state in their customers agreements that they cannot exhibit materials they don’t own, so you are not only violating the Intellectual Property laws, but also your contract with your internet provider.
ALL text submitted to this site and community, unless otherwise stated is the property of studyBDSM studyFEMDOM©

Thank you for not displaying our work anywhere else 🙂

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