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Of course all of our resource sections are needed by new submissives but often just a starting place is required. We have created this small section for those needing that place.

As MissBonnie likes to say “knowledge is a submissives shield”

Collar meanings 

BDSM Collars mean different things to different people. In the world of BDSM, collars hold significant meaning and symbolism. While the specific interpretation may vary from person to person, collars are often used to represent different aspects of power exchange and commitment within a Femdom relationship.

Chivalry or weakness 

Submissive traits, chivalry or weakness? When it comes to discussing submissive traits, the question of whether they are manifestations of chivalry or weakness often arises. While some may view submission as a sign of weakness, others argue that it can be a noble and honorable trait associated with chivalry. Let’s delve deeper into this topic to gain a better understanding.

10 commandments 

Subs if you can do this your Mistress will be pleased. submissives often look for new skills but they often over look the “self” work needed for perfect submission.


What is it? Subspace refers to the trancelike state some submissives experience during BDSM play. While subspace can feel different for different people, many describe it as feeling “light,” “floaty,” or “like mush.”

Does that mean “subspace” is just a fancy way to refer to dissociation? No! But there are some similarities. Both are out-of-body experiences that involve feeling disconnected from reality. The key difference is that most submissives claim subspace as a happy or euphoric rush, whereas dissociation can be a detachment from your whole being — including your ability to feel.

sub space drop 

Understand what it is. How to work with it and how to treat it.

degrees of sub 

Food for thought, where do you see yourself and your submission. saving your a sub or slave can so many things to different people, but how do make sure your on the same page.

sub V’s slave 

While the boundaries and dynamics of each relationship are unique, it’s important to recognize that being a sub or a slave is a personal choice. Submissives typically have more agency and control over their experiences, whereas slaves willingly give up their autonomy. Communication, trust, and consent are crucial in both roles to ensure the well-being and satisfaction of all parties involved.

It’s worth noting that the definitions and expectations of sub and slave can vary within the BDSM community. Some individuals may identify as switches, meaning they can switch between dominant and submissive roles, while others may prefer specific terms like “bottom” or “pet.” Ultimately, the most important aspect of any BDSM relationship is clear and ongoing communication to ensure that all parties’ desires and boundaries are respected.

starting out sub 

You’re submissive, so what now? where do you go from here? What next? are you even making the right decisions?

D/s Marriage 

How do I introduce my vanilla wife to D/s and start a Femdom marriage. Some sage advise from a Domme who has been there. Are they even possible and sustainable


Any man can become “multi-orgasmic”

On Being Submissive

does Erotic submission and desires undermine their masculinity?

Cross Dressing

Cross-dressing can be a way for individuals to explore different aspects of their identity and express themselves in ways that feel authentic to them. It allows them to play with gender norms and challenge societal expectations. It is important to create a safe and accepting environment where people feel free to express themselves without judgment or discrimination. At CNC we have a huge selection of resources on this topic

The importance of Honesty and trust

Explore the dynamics of Femdom relationships, focusing on the essential elements of honesty and trust. Learn how mutual consent, open communication, and respect for boundaries foster a healthy and fulfilling connection. Discover strategies for maintaining emotional intimacy and dealing with breaches of trust, ensuring a resilient and thriving relationship.

The Joy of Male Submission Within Femdom

Explore the psychological and emotional dimensions of male submission in Femdom relationships. Learn how trust, vulnerability, and the desire to please foster deep connections and mutual respect. Discover the benefits of male submission for both partners, including personal growth, emotional bonding, and a deeper understanding of each other’s needs and boundaries.

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