Collars and meanings

In the world of BDSM and Femdom , collars can play many roles. And can carry many protocols, depending on their intent and who puts them in place. In stating this, it should be known that this is generally the way things maybe, but not always. As each person’s desires and ideas normally fit their own needs. The explanation for each type of collar is indeed my view although it may be generally shared by many.

One of the things I cannot stress enough to new submissives is to make sure your ingurgitation of what a collar means is the same as person offering it. Often there can be a huge disconnect


Protection Collar

A Protection Collar is given to a submissive or slave who is without a Master or Dominant, or worn by an owned sub or slave where their Master or Dominant is not near. This collar serves as a means of keeping a sub or slave safe until they are under consideration. This would allow them to be more part of group events and munches without fear of being used or abused. In the case of an owned sub or slave, the protection collar insures their owner’s wishes and desires are respected when they can not be there.

Collar of Consideration

This collar is often given when a Master or Dominant is seeking out a sub or slave for ownership; some would say it is like an engagement ring. This collar lets others know that a sub or slave is being sought by One and therefore is not seeking a Master or Dominant at this time.

Training Collar

The Training Collar is seen more in long-term relationships. It’s worn during a sub’s or slave’s training period. Some use it as a public play collar because a Collar of Ownership maybe too formal or delicate for play. Training Collars are also considered a stepping stone on the path of ownership.

Fashion Collars

Fashion Collars are worn normally as a fashion statement. Many different groups (i.e., Goth, punk, fetish) will wear them. They hold no real meaning. This collar should not be confused with a Public Collar.

Collar of Ownership

The Collar of Ownership is that given to a sub or slave when a Master or Dominant decides to own the sub or slave. This collar is normally seen in conjunction with a long-term relationship that may have a contract or agreement in place. This collar may be given in many different ceremonies. High value is and should be placed on this collar. A Collar of Ownership is not given normally without thought and a true desire to accept the responsibilities of owning someone (and being owned).

Public Collars

A Public Collar, although sometimes hard to recognize, is worn in place of the more traditional collar during more public (vanilla) outings. This collar can be represented in many ways (i.e., a broach, pin, or bracelet). This is normally chosen by the individuals involved in the relationship

Play collars are worn for scenes only.

They can be worn between people in vanilla relationships who like the occasional BDSM play. D/s couples who don’t feel it necessary to wear a collar all the time, or even strangers at BDSM clubs or parties who are only playing together for one scene. Putting on a play collar can be like putting on lingerie–it gets you in the mood to play and can help put you in subspace! A collar may be more part of a costume than a D/s symbol in pet play.

Digital Collars

While most people picture some sort of physical collar in their minds, the practice has been adopted for use online in the last decade or more. In forums, chatrooms, and other Femdom spaces, submissives will sometimes mark that they’ve been collared. This is typically a signifier of a long-term relationship and may mean other dominants cannot speak to them without their dominant’s permission.

One example involves submissives using symbols such as brackets that look like a collar and possibly a leash next to their dominant’s name. For example:

{submissive}~Dominant this was very popular inn online chatrooms in the early 2000 to 2010s it has now seemed to fall out of favor.


There are many forms of collars and almost just as many protocols that follow them. These protocols, like the collars themselves, fit the desires of those who place them. If you’re not sure of the meaning of a collar ask, most will tell you. In some cases subs or slave are not allowed to interact with other Dominants or Masters without permission of their owners (this may also be true in the case of a Protection Collar). RESPECT its meaning and the wishes of the Dominant as well as the sub or slave by not forcing yourself upon a collared individual for an answer. If a request is to be placed on subs or slaves, seek out their owner(s). All negotiations between subs and slaves wearing collars should be with those who put the collar in place.

As stated in the beginning these are generally accepted ways but are not always the same for each person. They are guidelines and normally when followed the respect given will be returned.


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