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What is studyBDSM & studyFEMDOM?

studyBDSM is an online cyber Adult learning environment to ‘support’ your learning and knowledge of Femdom BDSM topics and practices to work in conjunction with our already freely available resource section and our Femdom Community at CollarNcuffs

This section of was built to serve the purposes of a readily expanding need for Femdom resources and education for those wanting to explore the world of Female Domination via Internet in either a real time experience, or cyber domination and submission training online for no charge, 100% free.

With the introduction of the Internet it has opened the doors to many seeking or exploring their own personal sexually. More and more, adults are discovering they have an interest in Femdom but are unable to obtain the skills and information they needed to incorporate Femdom into their own life.

Due to the nature of dominance and submissive training you don’t just want to jump into a scene without knowing more about it. Femdom is dangerous especially with someone who doesn’t know anything about it and some one could get seriously hurt if you don’t know what you are doing. And yes! to answer your question there have been deaths linked to BDSM activities because proper precautions were not taken..

This lifestyle is far more intimate and intimidating then most people ever realize. That’s why most people don’t get involved because they realize it is just too much for them to handle. Shyness, cost, or distance issues can also often impact on the ability to get to training centers [in person] to obtain much needed skills and resources. Lets face it Cities are bigger, traffic is bad, and we are busier with families and work pursuits than ever before. In this economic climate cost is also increasingly a limiting factor. Pre Internet that used to mean you couldn’t learn and become skilled at Femdom BDSM or what ever your kink interest is.

Some in there journey into the BDSM Femdom alternative lifestyle now turn to the Internet for the answers, as it now almost available in every home. Most try to absorb information wherever they can find it. Often the endless Google searches yield little or nothing but porn, or you realize BDSM training was far more complicated then you ever thought it was, or your not quite sure if your paying for a training course that has the content your after.

At CollarNuffs know there is a lot of information surrounding the Kinky and Femdom lifestyle and even more confusion. Everybody has their opinion. Some people agree on certain subjects others don’t. It’s hard to tell what’s what. Oh there are a few sites around that will give you tiny bits of the puzzle, here and there. But we found NOTHING that would show a complete beginner what they needed to know on the kinky lifestyle.

Our goal at, studyBDSM and studyFEMDOM is to simplify this growing need and make Femdom education, resources and ‘ Femdom how to’ and ‘learning BDSM’ more readily available, all on one site for those that require it.

Electronic communication is the way of the future, so we have embraced it and all it has to offer. We ALL can use online activities to deepen our understanding by sharing our ideas with others at much greater distances–others with whom we would not have been able to communicate previously. While we here at studyBDSM would hope that we would never lose sight of the tremendous value of being in a classroom situation or Femdom study/ learning/ skills center, the Internet is providing us with ways and alternative measures of sharing ideas globally and of maintaining contacts (internationally as well as locally)

If you would like to explore the world of Female dominance and male submissive / slave relationships at a closer level, we may just have your answer with one of our Femdom online skills or entertainment programs; programs that are convenient , 100% free and accessible for adults interested in Femdom pursuits at a beginners or intermediate level.

All programs are located on contained within specially prepared private group settings, ran in a friendly relaxed manor, you will never need to leave CollarNcuffs. All programs are totally free with no hidden costs to attend, as is all of That is right not a cent to pay, 100% Free of charge.

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What Our Participants Have to Say

This free site gave me my sanity back…. when my very kinky husband dropped a whole’lotta “FemDom” stuff on me.

I’m not a kinky person, I needed down to earth help to understand what my husband was asking of me.

The site is very much a Female dominant only niche site and really does have an inviting “come in, have a seat and get comfy” feel for noobies.
What I love so much about CollarNCuffs as a non-kinkster who needed answers:

It is not an online meat market! It’s not a “porn site”. It offers adult conversation on sex education as well as education that helps take the intimidating edge off Female domination and BDSM.

It is real people trying to help people who are trying to make heads/tails of navigating the FemDom way of life in a peer to peer environment. It’s done in frank common sense speak.

The site owner is a stickler for keeping order and keeping members as safe as humanly possible in the world of internet cruising. The site is free and it is kept free of anyone wanting to make a profit from the FeDom lifestyle…

You will find people who are willing to answer questions and help you find information about FemDom as they chat about life overall. It’s like a local coffee shop that is a little bit risque, with a whole lot of “havin a good time-goofy” LOL.


Great website.

Lots of real people with real advice and good counsel. Not a hook up site.

Absolutely would recommend to anyone serious about the lifestyle.


I don’t get to munches or study centers and am pretty much homebound with my submissive hubby, so it does wonders for me to be able to interact with ‘real’ members of the Femdom community, without the internet, and the access it has given me to such great information, I probably would have never been exposed to Femdom or it’s wonderful concepts.

This site has truly changed my life and I love it. All made possible by learning online. Thank you MissBonnie and those at for all your wonderful educational recourses and material.

Dame Delights

Fantastic free Femdom site. I would have no hesitation telling others about it. For those wishing to explore Femdom or learn of the ways of BDSM, it is an oasis of free Femdom resources and knowledge. I found every thing I needed to become a Domme. I would recomend Collarncuffs to any woman wanting to start out, or learning to train her submissive husband in the arts of Femdom.

It was wonderful to meet real people who do this every day and aren’t just there for the money, or wanting money. Every thing was free. Thank you MissBonnie and MissBitch for every thing.

It was wonderful to meet real people who do this every day and aren’t just there for the money, or wanting money. Every thing was free. Thank you MissBonnie and MissBitch for every thing.


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